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Okay, I don't feel motivated but...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I tried to weigh myself on the standing scale at work (I am an RN) and discovered that for the first time in my life I have surpassed its abilities. It tops out at 350. I sat and almost got stuck in the chair scale, to discover it says I am 352. Teetering on 352.something but it couldn't stay on a higher number so I am going with a round number of 352.

I have no energy. I am going to start slow. I will drink my water, decrease my eating and try to start walking. I was going to close my gym membership but I realized that I need to use it, like it or not. I won't start overdoing it. I will start slow and gain my energy and strength back slowly.

My husband is gaining weight too *barely* and mentioned he needs to start walking again. I will go on walks with him. I am still at work right now as I write this. I will start walking more at work in the downtime. Today is my new start. Wish me luck.

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INKYCAT 2/22/2012 4:48PM

    Good luck! You can do it!

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Valley Area Girls/Alaskan Girls/men too

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Several people have messaged me about climbing Bodenburg Butte this summer as a group or as partners.

I have climbed the butte several times, but thats not enough!

I have several of the hiking Chugach/Alaska/Valley trails books, say maybe three or so?

I am very interested in hiking as many as I can this summer, and in pushing myself up the hills... I am reading A Walk In The Woods about an unfit couple of guys who hiked the Appalachian Trail a few years ago. We have one of the most beautiful states out there, and I haven't even begun to explore it.

I have a hiking sleeping bag, tent, water purifier, hiking stove and cookware, and backpack. I want to get trekking poles, but otherwise, I am set to hike and camp.

If anyone wants to start a group that gets together to discuss over coffee, plan, or whatever monthly once trails are trekkable or slightly before, message me on here.

As a nurse I have a variable schedule that allows for me to be off two weekends a month, usually every other... and sometimes four days in a row or so. Though I only know my schedule four weeks in advance or sometimes five. I am trying to get myself used to the hour on the elliptical, will be upping my resistance, but after doing some research online, I am going to start looking at the treadclimber more, as well as the stair master. An hour on the stairmaster is equal to one and a half hours hiking hilly terrain. I could only do FIVE minutes on the pedal type stairmaster a few weeks ago, it was hard. My husband says the tall revolving stairs one is better.

This week I start that trek... If you want to camp/fish/hike out here this summer, let me know! Up for canoeing too if anyone wants to do a group nancy lake trails... you have to do several portages with your canoes and gear, thats a workout! I have taken two weeks off in end of June to do this. Let's hope the weather is nice!

Basically, I want to use the gym to get me ready to be hike savvy come summer... any suggestions on gym training? Suggestions on trails? Maybe I'll start a group?

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    Boy, Its really hard for me to commit to get together planned hikes. I would certainly try, but there are so few weekends a summer and I am distance training my horse for a competition in July in fairbanks where we have to ride 60 miles of sometimes rough trails over a two day period. If you post a date and time to meet somewhere, and you are going to be there no matter if anyone else shows up I would really try just so we could have some camaderie! Would you just be posting a blog that lets us know when and where to meet? Lazy mountain is another good one, but I've never been to the top of that myself....probably be a REAL slow climb for me....but we could do it. I am planning a trip up "my" mountain in mid may before the grass grows unbearably tall..would you like me to let you know when we are doing that? I would probably send a sparkmail message with driving directions and my real phone number, etc.
I think what you are doing in the gym is perfect for mountain climbing and hiking preparation! I also notice that lately you have not seemed to be obsessing about your body weight but are thinking of things you love to do and getting ready for that!!!!! Very cool!!!

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ANNIE654 3/24/2009 8:42PM

Missed you today, hope you are doing good! I will email you about an active hiking group that 2 of us from TOPS are active in. We are hiking off of palmer fishook this weekend. Hope to see you next Tuesday.

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sidelined for today

Monday, March 16, 2009

My week was sucky.. we went to Homer and ate out A LOT, and had dinner at friends houses, I gained only 1.6 pounds, but I also started my period, so that was impressive, because that usually stacks on about five pounds to me for a week....lol

I didn't hit the gym except last sun and monday before leaving and Homer was dismal so we didn't do any hiking, it snowed and blowed the whole time we were there, with a bit of rain mixed in for good measure.

I did 65 minutes on the elliptical again yesterday, the hill climb version of the performance program. I am proud of myself... i was trying to talk myself out of quitting at forty minutes but I stuck it through. However at work last night I ran all night with a heavy load of patients that kicked my a$%. I was in bad back pain at the end of the night, as well as having the beginnings of a migraine. I had drank my dose of water for the day too before you ask...lol...

When I got home I took a dose of Imitrex for my headache, and took out our eighties "Getting Firm" book from the thrift store... lots of exercises in there to do to strengthen the body, hubby uses it. I did all the back exercises that I could, they have some they say not to do until you have no back pain. Then I went to bed, legs elevated, heating pad on... woke up several times, finally at 230 I called in, I still had a headache and I am certain my body can't handle another night. I work again friday and saturday. I feel slightly bad about it, but I work lots of overtime, includining this coming friday.

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    Damn hormones....that's almost certainly where all those symptoms are coming from.....Just keep plugging along....patience and diligence. You are doing good to do the 65 minutes with hell week!!!!!!
Good for you , you drank the water!!!!!! LOL!!! You must have known what I would have been wondering!! Have a good week this week, okay?!!! emoticon

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QUILTINGB52 3/16/2009 9:32PM

    That small gain is probably water weight from TOM.....no worries.

Just reading your blog wore me out....all the activity at work & 65 mins on elliptical, WOW. Impressive!!!

I think you are doing a marvelous job!! Once you get rid of your headache I'm sure you will bouncing back.

Take care!!

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I pushed myself

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Sunday I did 40 minutes on the elliptical performance program, I chickened out of finishing the hour. I made a promise I would finish the hour next time, and on Monday I did it, 65 minutes on the crosstraining program!! My face was so red and boy was I sweaty.... not a pretty sight, but satisfying... I kept thinking that after a couple of weeks of this, I want to try harder levels and I was daydreaming of hiking the Butte and other mountainous terrain with much better stamina and strength... My eating still needs work but I like what Annie said. This week I will start to work on portion control again. As well as keeping my water up... I drink more water when I am working than I do on days off, but I do use my nalgene bottle to count how much I have drank. My goal is four a day, I was there, but I am only getting about my 8 or less lately.

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    you are not giving up so that is a REALLY GOOD THING!!!! Did you feel good after the 65 minutes?! Its cool to visualize your future things in a positive way....I am incredibly proud of you for that. You worked thru it. Have you ever snowshoed? By next winter you will be in good enough shape to try that for sure, even if you are still a bit heavy because you are building some great muscles!!! This summer you really need to get out and do some of those things you talk about doing, on your main page. You might not be very good at them yet, but it will help you get a visual and a goal for the next summer. This is a long term thing. YOu have a ways to go but slowly, you are going to find what works for you and it IS going to happen because I have a feeling that you are a girl who has a bunch of grit. Its just going to take a while for you to see what works for you...... PLus you have all those other duties that I keep reminding you about ....(work, being a mom, etc, etc..)....they distract you as well. Sometimes I don't think life can be simple, can it?!

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LINDA72951 3/10/2009 8:18PM

    Congratulations on the 65 minutes!!! I think we should all get together when the weather warms up and have a SparkPeople climb on the Butte. emoticon

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JOANIE! 3/10/2009 8:06PM

    Great job!! I love that accomplished feeling of reaching a goal. If you ever need a partner to hike the Butte with, let me know!

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SCIENCE_WRITER 3/10/2009 1:05PM

  Sometimes I think you have to focus on one aspect at a time. Like, water wasn't a big deal for me because I was already drinking mostly water. And eating healthy, for me, was an issue of consistency much more so than ability. But exercise? I would go WEEKS without doing more than shuffling from my desk to the car and back again. I wore a pedometer for a few weeks before the end of the year, and there were days I didn't even hit 1000 steps, let alone the 10,000 you're supposed to do in a day!

The point is, maybe you need to focus on the exercise part right now. Maybe all that sweating will draw you to drinking more water. But if it doesn't happen now, maybe it just needs to wait a little bit.

(By the way, many congratulations on your success with the exercise!!)

Comment edited on: 3/10/2009 1:05:43 PM

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STEPH6467 3/10/2009 12:34PM

  Great job! That is exactly what I did when I was learning to be a runner. I just set a little bit higher bar each week and forced myself to reach new goals. You can SO do this!

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LORNALARSON1 3/10/2009 12:06PM

    Good luck! I'm trying the water consumption thing, too, this week...I am going little by little...4 glasses today.
Is this Bear Butte in SD? I love the back drop on your page, where ever it is! I have plans to hike this summer too. can't wait until it warms up!

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Gym or no gym?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I went to the gym Sun/Mon/Wed so far... and have NO ambition to go today. sighs... I work tonight and Friday night, so the next day to go would be Saturday.

I would be okay with going four days this week instead of five but my husband seems to think that its me slipping away on my committments... I didn't go to water aerobics this week and I didn';t hear the end of it from him... but I had only had an hour and a half of sleep that day before he woke me up to go... I was dead tired...


Part of me says yes, going four days a week or even just the three is okay, but going less than three isn't okay.going five is great! but not required unless I feel up to it! So I am listening to that person inside me right now and not feeling guilty...

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    Hmm....what about kind of doing a re-assessment of everything. You know I've said it before...you have SO MUCH going on in your life right now. Just keeping up with your duties as a Worker/Mom/Wife/Commuter are overwhelming. That frenetic pace you were keeping up earlier was way too much. I know its hard to lose weight without exercising but really 3 X per week for 30 minutes will create enough of a cardiac/aerobic workout to get and keep you in reasonable shape. I think you should stick to that plan as a base. If you feel good enough to do more, fine but don't get into the "have to's" on that because it becomes a huge big old mean CHORE. Spring is coming. When it does, you can incorporate one or two walks outdoors that you don't need to necessarily consider workouts; but rewards for getting in muscular shape on gym equipment. Seriously it does wonders for the brain.
Regarding your eating habits. I think you should really look at that closely and see what you could change "just for a week" at a time. Make some tiny goals on that. I found it was much easier this way. (for instance, I set a goal of doing 50 crunches 7 X a week in month of Feb....I gave up the first week. Completely...for month of March I set a goal of doing them 4 times per week. I have been successful for the first week on that which motivates me to do it again next week) . Maybe you could do this with your food issue, by saying. : okay for this week only, I am going to concentrate on only vegetables for snacky stuff. Just for one week. Then the next week, say to yourself, okay for this week only, I am NOT going to go over the recommended grams of fat per day of XX. This makes you really have to calculate and plan. Another week can have you concentrating on no candy, or not going over on the recommended grams of carbs. this will help you locate your weaknesses, though I'm sure you know what they are by now!!
You really need to concentrate on the water amounts no matter what. MINIMUM 8. ITS NOT THAT HARD!!! Here I am admonishing you a bit. Okay, 8-8 oz containers EVERYDAY!!!!! Get a 16 oz Ball Canning jar and fill it up. You don't want it sitting around gathering cooties so drink it down and re-fill it within 3 hrs. I make a goal of downing my 8 glasses before the end of my work day at work. Then everything in the evening at home is bonus. (and believe it or not, I actually do get thirsty in the evening and end up drinking more!). Don't drink it cold with ice. Drink it room temperature. Slides right down. If you don't over-eat you will find yourself wanting the water because you need it, and you also won't go to the bathroom all the time because your body doesn't have to process the water out so fast to make room for processing the food. I found this to be profound, with me.
You can do it girl. You can. Your husband needs to find a healthier way of helping you but that is his problem, not yours. You just change only one thing if thats all you can handle right now. Remember how you said at the beginning how he said you always go all out then fizzle. Well this time don't go all out, cuz its not working. Do it one step at a time. It might take a while to see real results. Tell him that...."you know you are right, I've gone gungho and fizzled, so I need to slow down and do this differently....help me re-assess!" You have nothing to lose by changing it up, except hopefully the weight. emoticon
I'll be gone for a couple days. going to the cabin. If you step outdoors and can see the mountain that would be NORTH, (the small roundy one towards wasilla with the little thingie sticking up above the deepest canyon in the middle of it) think of Wildhorseannie up there climbing it today, and know that someday you are going to join her even if we go only a quarter of the way. Now how about that for a long term goal!

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SCIENCE_WRITER 3/5/2009 5:24PM

  Is there something you can do instead of going to the gym? Can you take a walk around the block (or to a nearby restaurant for dinner) or do some strength exercises during a favorite TV show? I like to dance while I'm cooking or cleaning up. Basically, is there some way to squeeze some extra activity into your day to "make up" for missing the gym?

Sometimes it's really important to understand why you're making these compromises with your plan. Are you sick? If so, you need to focus on getting rest and getting better. Are you just demotivated? Maybe you need to try something else for a while. Are you overtired from other influences? Maybe you do need to look at how you can get your cardio/strength in during your normal daily activities, or maybe you need some tools to manage your time more effectively. And maybe your husband is being a noodge because he doesn't understand what's making you say you don't want to go.

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~CALIGIRL~ 3/5/2009 3:34PM

    Usually when I try talking myself out of exercising I tell myself that if I feel like stopping after 15 minutes, I can. But what always happens is that once I get started I don't feel like stopping.

What also helps me is to decide if it's real physical fatigue or if it's a mental thing. I try my best not to let my brain talk my body out of moving lol. Sometimes that's not always easy.

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WHATTALOSER 3/5/2009 3:11PM

    Just a few cents from a nosey third-party - try looking at it this way......Think about how invigorated you'll feel after having been to the gym. And also the exercise will actually make it possible for you to sleep better.

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