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Week 2 - Nothing more motivating than results.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm 11 days in and 7 lbs lost. Every time I step on the scale I smile not only because yes, I'm getting closer to my goal weight, but also because I'm feeling healthier, able to exercise longer without fatigue, feeling full on a 3rd of what I used to eat per day, more focus and rejuvenation from better sleep patterns, overall just happier.

I used to think I wouldn't live past 25 from all the crazy stuff I used to do, but I'm past that now. I want to continue to eat healthy, exercise often, live long and live strong.

I only wish that anyone reading this does the same because it really makes me happy.

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Friday, August 16, 2013


My name is Seth. I'm an automotive marketer that is used to travelling across North America 6 months out the year. On the road I usually gain 20 lbs every tour and I have to try very hard to lose it afterwards. It's mostly from eating out every new city I visit with my team since I love to see what kinds of specialty foods each place has. I'm currently still holding the extra 20 lbs from the last tour and been putting it on the backburner for months now. I'm transitioning to a new Web Design business where I have to sit most of the day, so that doesn't help with the extra weight gain.

I remember before I was 21, I used to be able to eat ANYTHING I wanted as MUCH as I wanted, and NEVER gain a pound and still maintain an athletic body with a 6 pack set of abs. Well things are clearly different now, but I want to put my all into getting back into an active lifestyle that will keep me healthy for years to come! Cheers to everyone in the same mindset! We CAN do this :)

I am new to this SparkPeople thing myself, 5 days now... I never stick to such things that require so much tracking and organization, but I can honestly say that this time it's working.

I may not be in the same shoes as others on here in terms of how much they want to lose, but I think I can safely say that we all want to look and feel healthier as well as strengthen our mental and spiritual energies.

I used to go all out when I exercised but this time I've changed my approach drastically on how I want to get healthier and lose weight. All I did at on day 1 to day 4 was walk everyday for 30~40 minutes, drink 4 bottles of water everyday, lessen my intake of carbs by substituting rice for simple vegetables, and regulate my sleep patterns for 8 hours of sleep. I stepped on the scale today, day 5, and noticed 5.5 lbs dropped off from just that alone.

I hope for you to maintain positive, release negative energies, stay on track, and most importantly never give up.


Week 1 - Reboot.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time to take a long hard look at how far I've come towards reaching those New Year's resolutions that I had set just 8 months ago. I can honestly say that on the health and fitness side of things, I haven't made much progress. I've read that people who make and then break their New Year's resolutions are still more likely to make changes over time than people who never make them in the first place. Here's to chalking one up for the hustlers.

I'm re-examining my motivation and taking control of my environment. This time around, I will succeed.

One thing I've found that has really helped me, mentally, is to be consistent in my choices (Random: I just stubbed my toe on my chair, OW!). Back to the point, of course we all have the broad goal to exercise and be healthy because it makes us feel better. That's cool and all, but I think what's helped motivate me even more this time around is to create more SPECIFIC goals that are REALISTIC and GRADUAL.

I used to be like "Okay, next week I'm going to bike 2 towns away and back," yeah that didn't help at all and I didn't even bike 1 town away. I am taking a mental x-ray of myself now and I realize that I'm not the athlete that I once was, but I CAN work towards being in that shape once again by setting up smaller goals. I truly believe that once you accomplish one goal, you'll be more motivated to set and accomplish another.

It's time to look into our values and reconnect with them. I want to keep in check that my values and lifestyle choices reflect one another, always. To let go of all negative thoughts. Not be so negative on myself if I mess up and miss a day of exercise. This kind of negativity results in frustration and loss of control, and especially the high chance that makes a person want to give up. I think the best I can do about it is to consider it a long term process and see what happened to trigger the slip so I can avoid it next time. I don't want to fall into the trap of "all or nothing" that says to follow your plan perfectly or not do it at all. Remember...it's a PROCESS, make PROGRESS.

PS. This is my first blog entry, ever. I don't know why I'm even doing it but I think it helps me visualize my goals and is mentally reinvigorating. To anyone who is reading this for some reason, I hope that you have goals, are working towards reaching them, and accomplish them one day. Stay 100%.