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Thinking of my daughter ...

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Its been such a hard time for her when we moved back to germany.

She was fluent in German and she could read, but to be honest, SHE was the child with a migrant background.
While in England her results in school had been very good, it started a bit rough in Germany. The girls has been nasty and she was not very good integrated in her class.
So she stopped. She stopped talking in school. She withhold in exams.
We had to ask for professional help.
The school-psychologist helped her and us a lot. She checked if she is mentally able to be in year 2 or if she would be better going back to year 1 (she was able) - and gave us some really good help to boost her self-esteem.

Beginning of year 3 her teacher changed. The new one is an older lady, very strict. She is not very flexible to the needs of the pupil ... and a couple of children struggle a lot. already 2 has to go back to year 2 (and there are only 18 in her class!). But our daughter is fine. She need that stringent regulations.

Her results went better and better.
Now she is back to her normal results.
Only essays are not really herīs ... she got too much phantasy and struggle a bit with coordinating in exams ;)
Even in german grammar or spellings she is good.

One woman who lives on her way to school approached to my mum yesterday and said:
Its so sweet to watch your granddaughter! She always seems in such a good mood. She sings, she skips, she balance on the little walls, she runs - Its a pleasure!

I'm so happy that she settled at least and is happy!

Nothing else matters!

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MEDDYPEDDY 5/8/2012 11:47PM

    Loved the part of the watching neighbour - I constantly worry about my daughters feelings but that story would make me happy as it shows how she feels...My daughter - soon to be twelve - is very occupied with herself for the moment.

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EX-PRESSO 5/8/2012 2:32AM

    You are SO right!
But now, the girls in her class (in year 3 they put together 2 year 2 classes) are so important ...

We worried as well when we moved to England - Our daughter was just 15 months old. But she learned it SO quick when nursery started!

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PASKALINI 5/8/2012 2:29AM

    I totally understand how you feel. Yesterday we went to the Grundschule that Mia-Vassa will be going to next fall and she took her Sprachtest to make sure she could speak and understand German etc... When we moved here I was so worried for her but now she speaks German and English with no problems she plays sings and speaks in both languages. Best of all she's loved by her friends and teachers. Hopefully she will adjust well to Grundschule from Kindergarten. At least she has a year left to play in Kindergarten.

I'm glad your daughter is doing well again. I will never understand why girls have to be so mean! In the end it all doesn't matter. You don't see these people often as an adult but you can't understand that when you are still a kid.

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New year

Monday, May 07, 2012

I turned 39 yesterday.

But people who don't know that are always more than surprised.
They all think I'm between 28 and 32.
Hey, I ve got an eight year old. And I ve been to university. I worked. And my mum is now 68.

Now its nice that they guess me younger then I m but a couple of years ago, it was not so nice. Cause they underestimated me a LOT. Even at work I had to perform more and harder then the others, cause I simply looked so young.

Well, I can live with 32 ... ;)



Sunday, May 06, 2012

All food prepared.

Vegetables, fruits, some cheese, pate for my lovely daughter, ham, greek and soya yoghurt, hardboiled eggs, a yummy quiche with salmon and green asparagus, a fluffy light cake and hubby makes some fresh squeezed orange juice.
Baguette and rye bread.

Something for everyone.

From my daughter I got a lovely birthday card and a salt stone for a candle - my parents gave me a voucher for a spa day!
Only my husband - well christmas and birthdays are always so unexpected dates. So nothing from him.

So yes, I'm a bit disappointed with him. Cause I think the last couple of years he always forgot my birthday. To his defense - he as well don't care about his birthday.

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IRISH813 5/6/2012 10:50AM

    Have a great Birthday and enjoy the spa day!!!!

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PASKALINI 5/6/2012 7:29AM

    Aww Bryan doesn't care about his birthday either which makes it harder when I get bummed that he doesn't make a big deal about mine. Sounds like you have a fantastic set up for today. Enjoy your spa day what fun! Have a great Birthday!

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Today I will be busy.
I invited for Brunch tomorrow - so I have to send my hubby to the grocery shop.
And bake two cakes, a quiche, and make some salats ...

Well, it will be tricky to blend in my diet, but I m sure I will do it :)

Have a splendid weekend!

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JTREMBATH 5/6/2012 1:00AM

    hope you have a great weekend.

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EX-PRESSO 5/5/2012 3:11AM

    Meddy - we live in a 3 generation house, so there are enough people to eat the left overs ... As most of the stuff I can not eat at all cause it will contain diary products - I will only make a bit for myself :)

For example ... I do not like filling pastry - so I'm safe ;)

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MEDDYPEDDY 5/5/2012 2:31AM

    I would probably handle the making and the bruch - the leftovers would bring me down... good luck!

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And now?

Friday, May 04, 2012

I ve been busy yesterday. As I am allowed to use only one aiding stick in the house, I was able to clean a bit. In the evening the knee was ... not really hurting, but I felt it.

But I ve been thinking since yesterday.
When I talked to the physiotherapist, I told her about one strange thing I ve got. there are a lot of trigger points at my body, always near the muscle/tender, who are very sensitive against pressure.
She asked me if I ever had been tested against fibromyralgia.


Today I ve googled a bit and well - I think I will ask my GP to refer me to a specialist.

It might be that she guessed right ...

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BRANDI1809 5/4/2012 6:14AM

    Might as well have it checked out.

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EX-PRESSO 5/4/2012 5:39AM

    paskaline, I had a look at the trigger points and I can say: most of them ARE hurting me :( In June I'm going to make an appointment with my GP and discuss it with him.

My pains are better since I changed my diet, so I think I do not have to rush ...

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PASKALINI 5/4/2012 5:37AM

    Oh man! My mom has fibromyalgia. I sincerely hope it's something less crappy!

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BONDMANUS2002 5/4/2012 3:49AM

  good luck

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