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are you ready!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

i'm reading this book, are you ready, by bob harper. in the first couple chapters it asks you to figure out how you got to where you are now and what makes you want to change your life.

so i'm thinking...i gained weight in my early 20s. i was about 30 lbs overweight then i decided to lose it all. i was unhappy. i needed a change. i got about 5 lbs from my goal weight and just started putting it all back on. plus about 50 for good measure. i'm not really sure what triggered the weight gain. this was 2005, i can't pinpoint a good moment or event that i can reflect on and wonder why. but i do know i've been very unhappy for the past few years. i feel like a failure in life. i'm almost 30 (in a little over a month) and i have very little to show for it. i have no kids, i've been married for 8 years and i have just now bought my first house. i know those last two things are wonderful accomplishments. but they are tarnished by the fact that it's taken me 8 years to get a house. and who doesn't have children within the first 8 years of marriage? ok, i'm sure there are plenty of people out there who fit into that category. it was never my intention.

i just feel like i've wasted my life.

i'm sure this unhappiness has caused me to gain the weight. i just don't know how to change it and who i am. or what i've become. i can't just go out and get pregnant tomorrow. i am not financially stable enough to do that. not to mention healthy enough. i'm not getting any younger, time just keeps slipping by. i've lost control of my life and i need to fix it.

i'm sure crying over this isn't going to help. but it seems to be all i can do. at least that kind of makes me realize i've answered bob's questions. i know why i am here today, and i know why i want to change. but i feel like i'm hitting a wall. i can't move forward cause i can't change what i'm so disapointed in. i keep looking too far into the future. it's too overwhelming. i need to focus on today. but today is so stressful. it's all about making ends meet, hanging on to a job, buying christmas presents, ect. the stress just keeps piling on.

i need to get around this wall and move forward. i have goals! i want to succeed! i feel stuck and i don't want to feel that way anymore. i know sp and all it's tools hold the tools to my journey. but i can't seem to figure out a way to really get started.

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ALLYBGOOD05 12/9/2009 8:57AM

    First of all, like everyone else has said, you are doing something about your unhappiness and that's the most important thing. Second, there is NOTHING wrong about NOT having kids in the first 8 years of marriage. My parents decided to wait 13 years before having me so they could enjoy married life...go on vacations, have parties, all without kids. Let me tell you something too...I am 22. I had my son at 20. I was not at all ready financially (or mentally for that matter, LOL) to have children. This stress sent me into a deep post partum depression. If you have been unhappy because of various circumstances, you're far better off waiting to have children. And if you don't think you're financially stable, you are blessed to have waited. It is very agonizing worrying about money while getting two hours of sleep a night and waking to a screaming baby. I also see nothing wrong in not getting a house right away. I understand your feeling, because a lot of people I went to high school with are now buying houses and I'm here with my son in our little townhouse, but hey, NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!

What matters most is you're happy and healthy. For you, for your husband, and for your FUTURE children. You can do all this. There is nothing wrong with you, in fact, you are amazing that you are willing to step out there and take this journey. Good luck with everything. emoticon

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ZOLLINGERMOMOF3 12/9/2009 4:07AM

    You have made progress by deciding to make changes. Not accepting life as is...and that you can be healthier! You are in the right spot...keep blogging and reading the inspirational stories here on SP!God Bless! emoticon

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FITMYPANTSO9 12/8/2009 11:13PM

    You are going to be okay. Learn to accept yourself and what you are now....what you have now. Use the future as a goal to work too. Set small goals....and before long you will be where you want to be. When we look at the big picture....we can get overwhelmed. When we set one large goal...we have no way to get there and then we devastate our self-esteem more. These are not magic words to make everything better...but they are a way to get a footing to weight loss or any goal in your life. Sparkers are here for you and please email me anytime you need someone to listen or for some motivation and I will do the best I can to help. I know the support from our fellow Sparkers is a great help to me...it simply motivates me....it is a blessing from God. Thank you for sharing your story and struggle with us. emoticon

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CHEERFULJANE 12/8/2009 9:57PM

    You haven't had kids because you're smart. You're gonna be a great mother one day because you know that it takes your full commitment and financial stability. You're only 29 !!! You have plenty of time to have kids !! It doesn't matter how long you've been married for.

You have a house. That IS a MASSIVE achievement. emoticon

Looking ahead to the future is NOT a bad thing. It only becomes overwhelming when you don't plan in small chunks.

When I was 12 I made a decision to spend my 20's traveling the world and then settle in either the UK or US when I was 30 and then get married and have kids.
I did just that. I am 32 now and only got married last year. I plan on losing the weight and then having a kid or 3 :)

Don't stress. Take it one step at a time emoticon

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TRIGFROST 12/8/2009 8:31PM

    You know you have to go though,to get to the other side,

1. You're better off then some, Your mature. Not homeless.
& this is quite a [big deal] in the long run.
2. Steady on your feet..not broke.
3. people love you
4. You count your blessings your self .
5. you are working on your weight.
6. Focus on the Postitives, not down, look up.change your
direction...and talk..
7. Quite looking at the wall. look though the wall to the other side and walk, the wall will disappear...

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REAL_FOOD 12/8/2009 8:23PM

    And, yes, that is the oh-so-hot-and-gorgeous Jared. *drooling* So now he's on your page, too!

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REAL_FOOD 12/8/2009 8:23PM

    I can hear how discouraged you sound. You have the way, you have the will, but you're having trouble putting them both together.

The way to start anything is just to start. One day, one meal, one credit card payment, one baby-making session :) at a time...Whatever it is you want, you know how to get it. So you just DO IT for one day. If your weight loss is the priority, then sit down and make a plan for what you're going to eat and what kind of exercise you're going to do and then DO IT. Don't make it overwhelming and impossible...don't say you're going to eat three leaves of lettuce and a grape and do 60 minutes on the elliptical; that's a sure route to failure. Just sit down and write out maybe 3 breakfasts, three lunches and three dinners that you could eat over the next week. They don't even have to be necessarily low in calories. Just controlling what you eat at this point will be beneficial and you will see a drop on the scale, even if it's not 1400 cals or whatever crazy number spark tells you to be at.

For the fitness, my favorite way to get started is to get yourself an early Christmas gift of a pedometer. A decent one will set you back about 12 bucks. If you're not moving much right now, shoot for 5,000 steps a day. If that's a piece of cake, go up by 1,000 every day till you get to 10,000. That's how you do it...one step at a time.

You've succeeded before. I had, too. Lost 30 pounds on WW and gained it all back plus another 20 when I had my first child, who is freaking EIGHT! We lost the weight through mindful eating and regular exercise. We didn't gain it back because there was some big trauma in our lives, we gained it back because we were lazy and lost our focus. It happens.

But it can also change. You can't "undo" a family crisis, or the loss of a job, or the death of a loved one. You CAN undo mindlessness and complacency.

You can do it. I'm doing it every day and so can you!! It's not always easy, but it's worth it and the only way I can imagine living.


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i need to put myself first

Sunday, November 29, 2009

i haven't been here since wednesday morning. that can't be good! i've sucked this weekend. not only on thursday. that i can forgive myself for. the rest, i just need to forget about otherwise i'm going to come up with lame excuses. so moving on...

i came to realize this weekend that i have a few good friends (and i really need to decide who they are) and i have a few friends who bring nothing but drama and stress to my life. i know who they are. i just need to figure out if any of them can fit into the first category. i need to surround myself with the friends in the first category. the others, well, if they are real friends they will be around when i'm in a position to let not-so-great things back into my life. right? they make me feel bad about myself, make me want to drink, pressure me to do things i don't want to do, cause a lot of stress and drama i'm not even involved with. worst of all, they make me feel ashamed for wanting to be the best person i can be. now granted, these people don't know they do all this. i can't blame them for causing some of these problems. i'm the type of person who absorbs the moods and feelings of people i'm around. whether it be friends, family or co-workers.

so right now my plan is to avoid darn near everyone to decide what it is they bring to my life. good or bad. it'll be easy, everyone is so busy with the holidays they don't have time for others themselves. i'll just be real busy. and once the holidays are over i'll be trying to cut back and save up some money from the hit my savings account took from christmas. doable, right?

my birthday is in january. i already have a hunch who is going to show up for that. that will really help my decide who cares about me.

i really hope this isn't sounding mean or selfish or anything. i just have a lot of toxic people in my life. they aren't helping me to become the best person i can be. they aren't supporting me in my weight loss journey. and that's what i need right now. and since i'm thinking these things about them, i'mprobably not doing them much good either.

the next few months will consist of me focusing on me. getting in shape, losing weight, focusing on changing my life for the best. getting my finances in order, starting a family, and just eliminating stress. i've been living with it for too long.

this has all been weighing heavily on my mind. saturday it exploded after having built up for so long. i hope i can focus and do what i need to get my life going in a positive direction. i need to remember who i am, that i'm important and that i need to put myself first.

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BGMUNCHKIN 11/30/2009 11:04AM

    Oh boy! I can relate to your situation. I too have friends who are what I call toxic for me. the encourage me to drink when I know I don't really need to drink. They create drama around them and then i suck into the drama that is not my own. I also have birthday in January and am waiting to see what people will do for my birthday. I won't make a fuss about my own day, but will for friends. Good luck with the stepping back and assessing what you want to do about your friends. You can make the best choices for you. emoticon

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LINDA25427 11/30/2009 7:32AM

    Sweetie you need to put yourself first on this journey to lose weight it is a hard journey and you need to focus on it . If the people in your life are dragging you down you need to move away from them and concentrate on you and what you want first take care of yourself then you will be strong enough to take care of the rest .i wish you the best on this journey . We are here for you . Take care .God bless. Hugs emoticon

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FITKAT2010 11/30/2009 6:36AM

    Emotional Eating and emotional drama go hand in hand. Throwing in the towel with your program follows.

Join in on your teams and be active and involved with people who have the same goals as you do.

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MOMFAN 11/30/2009 3:44AM

    I understand! Sometimes we just need to take a step back and figure out what is the right thing for us! Coming to the understanding that I am not responsible for others actions, I am only responsible for my action and reactions. That is all God holds me accountable for.

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MAGA99 11/29/2009 11:07PM


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oh mah effing gawd! i finally lost 10 pounds!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

squee! i'm so flipping excited! those of you who read my blog yesterday read all about how horrible last week was. i didn't do anything right. i was pmsing, lazy, even unmotivated in my water drinking. that never happens! i was eating crackers, chips, stashed halloween candy. i even microwaved a s'more! all this in the time i should have been exercising. sad. pathetic. never want that to happen again!

monday's are my usual weigh in days, but i forgot yesterday. i was hoping that one day would make up for last week and the excessive amounts of alcohol i had friday night. and the arby's i totally forgot i had sunday. jeez! so i weighed in this morning fearful of what i'd see when i looked down. omg! i lost 1.5 lbs!!! how?!

i'm really not going to wonder how or how much of a fluke it is. are the batteries in the scale dying? i'm going to take it and run! i won't make my goal for november, but maybe i can hit 220? which was, sadly, my sept and oct goal.

i started spark people in may. i actually wasn't looking for the site when i joined. i was reading a book review and someone mentioned it in their review. so i stopped by and thought it was pretty cool so i joined. i've been wanting/trying to lose weight for years. but when i joined i was so busy and broke trying to buy a house. so i lurked, read articles, visted teams, joined some teams, earned points, read and participated a bit in the stages. then came sept. summer was over, the house buying flurry was done. and i had lost 3 lbs. which could have been more from all the sweat and pain i endured with moving. but i drank a lot of beer! i knew the beer was my biggest reason for not losing (and for gaining over the past few years) so last month i pledged to give up alcohol til new year's eve. i've done alright, but i've had a few moments where life got in the way and $&!% happens. i am not emotionally ready to lose weight. i am losing for the wrong reasons. i still need to accept that i need to lose weight for myself. but i forget and just want to look awesome in a pair of jeans. which is when the frustration steps in. so i'm working on doing this for me.

i'm rather disapointed in my progress. basically, i've lost 10 lbs in three months. i know this is because i haven't been trying and working as hard as i could be. i know i have a fear of success. i accepted that about a year ago. but i need to get over it. something happened to me to cause me to gain all this weight. i need to figure out what it is. 2005 i was 5 lbs away from my goal weight. i had been about 40 lbs overweight. cause of school, work, lack of time to take care of myself. from that point i gained over 80 lbs. i want to know why. i gave up on myself. why? my friends all moved away. i hated my job. i was just unhappy. i need to fix all that. and myself.

sorry for being rambly. thank you to all who have read this far.

i'm off to change my profile pic!

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JESSYVIRGINY 11/26/2009 10:55AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EVRLNGFOO 11/24/2009 9:27PM

    thanks for all the wonderful comments, everyone! i really appreciate the support and advice.

5 more lbs and i get a haircut! woo!

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BECKYSRN 11/24/2009 6:59PM

    10 # is a start! The biggest hurdle is figuring out that you have to lose weight for YOU, not for anyone or anything else. You'll get there!
Blessed be.

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JASI27 11/24/2009 3:12PM

    That ROCKS!!! It is these unexpected little surprises that keeps me going. I suffer badly from PMS/PMDD and go through 2 bad weeks a month, so I constantly feel like all my efforts are worthless, but I am still losing, so I keep going on my two good weeks! YOU CAN DO THIS!!
Defeat it, don't let it defeat you! Stay strong girl! Good Luck! Lean on all of your spark friends! We will always be here to help you out!

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CHEERFULJANE 11/24/2009 12:56PM

    Congratulations emoticon

I agree that it can be hard to lose weight if you are not emotionally ready. I hope that you get to figuring it all out soon and get down to your goal weight.

I am on your team in the BL challenge. We've gotta stick together and motivate each other.

BTW... the title of this blog really got my attention... ha ha ha....

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VELLI518 11/24/2009 12:42PM


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POWERGIRL527 11/24/2009 11:48AM

    Amazing on the 10lbs...way to go!!

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ETAGGEL 11/24/2009 11:44AM

    Well done! You have lost 1o lbs! You also realise that you have to do this for yourself. Keep with it!


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LOLEMA 11/24/2009 11:34AM

  Way to go!

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my heart is not in this

Monday, November 23, 2009

last week was bad. i was pmsing, so munchies galore! i worked out once. it was a good work out. i drank on friday. bad. i wasn't hungover on saturday, but i didn't feel great. i can't believe i was actually used to that feeling a couple months ago! i've come along way in cutting back my drinking. i just need to keep working at it.

i was so worried about my weigh in this morning. and then i completely forgot about it! so i guess tomorrow. that will give me one more day to banish the effects of last week. right?

i'm really stressing over the holidays. i know that's not helping me right now.

i just need to get my mind back in the game. i bought lots of healthy food for this week and next. hopefully that will balance out thursday. and i really need to focus on working out. i just didn't have any motivation for it last week. that needs to change!!!! especially cause i'm feeling the same this week.

i'm going to drown in the holidays, as usual, if i don't do something now. come january i'll be back in the 230's and i NEVER want to be there AGAIN! so i need to focus on that when my alarm goes off or i get home from work.

i believe i'm putting too much pressure on myself and my fear of success is rearing it's ugly head once again.

hope this feeling passes soon.

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BGMUNCHKIN 11/24/2009 11:08AM

    So set a goal of just working out everyday for at least 15 minutes. I find for me once iget to that 15 minute thershold, i am ready to keep going for a full 1/2 hour. Don't concentrate on the food, concentrate on getting in the exercise, let the food take care of itself.

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ETAGGEL 11/23/2009 5:18PM

    Dont keep thinking about what it is going to be like tomarrow. Think about what you are doing today, remember you do not want to go back to where you were. One day at a time, keep things on an even keel, keep a journal and start off the day with, Today I am going to.........!
Let us know how you are doing


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ALLYBGOOD05 11/23/2009 1:41PM

    You can do this! I'm with you on the drinking, I've cut way back and it feels so good. I still have those nights like you had Friday though. And I was much the same last week, my butt was dragging (also PMSing!!!) and just could not get going. Just gotta keep getting back on our horses and stick with it! Good luck and have a good Thanksgiving!

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LOVEPAINTING 11/23/2009 1:37PM

    You can do this. Just take it one day at a time. Today you will eat healthy and workout. Worry about tomorrow when it arrives. That's the mindset I have been taking. One more day to get it right!!!!

I don't want to be in the 230's again, and it has taken me over 9 mos. just to lose 27 lbs. but I try to not get too discouraged and know that it will eventually come off. This isn't a diet, but a new lifestyle for me. Yes, there will be days that I eat the wrong thing or drink the wrong thing. You just need to plan for those and know that it will happen and pick yourself up the next day and start over again.

You need to do this for your health and well-being. Each day we are on this planet is very precious. Hang in there -- I know you can do it.

Write me an email if you need to talk it out.

emoticon - Linda

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AMYCRAFT05 11/23/2009 1:24PM

    Sorry I haven't been in touch. Myself, and my whole family has been sick. I will try to get back with you tomorrow and see how you did.-------Amy

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2010 New Year's Resolutions (goals)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

like many people i don't make new year's resolutions. i do make goals though. i find i'm more successful at those than resolutions. in 2003 my goal was to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. i was successful and have been continuing the habit daily since then.
my goals have varied and some have been more successful than others (like the year i gave up alcohol, that lasted through february). for 2009 i gave up soda. I haven't had a drop since i was chugging my captain morgan and diet dr. pepper at 11:59 pm. i always drank diet soda so i didn't have that massive drop in weight that non-diet drinkers tend to experience. my eating habits have changed though. i'm not as hungry between breakfast and lunch. i used to pick up a liter of soda on my way to work from time to time and i'd usually grab other snack foods so i wasn't buying just one thing. i have lost a lot of water weight, bloating. as mentioned, i drink a lot of water, but the sodium and caffiene in the soda were still causing me to retain water. the biggest change i have noticed, and will probably keep me off soda after 2009 ends, is my lack of headaches. not sure if they were migraines, but they were bad! i would get them suddenly and they would last for hours. sometimes i would just have to go to bed and hope they would be gone by morning. i couldn't find a comfortable position to sit or lay, i couldn't read, watch tv, etc. i would just lay in a dark room trying to get comfy. since i gave up soda i haven't had one. so now i know ehere those came from! i am quite relieved as i was on the verge of visting the doctor. my cousin gets migraines and has to take meds when she feels them coming on. she avoids coffee stands like the plague. i thought it may be something genetic. i am happy that i have found a solution without drugs or doctor visits. i have tested caffiene and haven't had any reactions, so i'm leaning towards aspertame.
for 2010 i'm really going to push myself. my one big goal is to stop biting my nails. my overall focus for the year is going to be my health. i am going to avoid fast food restraunts and eating out as much as possible. i'm going to train myself to eat whole, healthy foods. eventually i would like to have a mostly organic diet. i'm going to eliminate sugars and salt from my diet as much as possible. i'm going to buy meat from local farmers to avoid pesticides and who knows what else is in my burger. i would like to know my burger contains the meat of one cow, not many. processed foods will no longer have a place in my home or my life.
i'm also going to continue my quest to eliminate and/or make scarce alcohol. i haven't had anything to drink since 11/7. yea, me!
i'm also going to concentrate on my fitness. i've been doing way better the past few weeks. i just need to keep it going. it's almost habit! i want to incorporate more st, yoga and pilates. also be prepared to starting running again once the nicer spring weather hits.

i know this is a lot of stuff to tackle. but i have a whole year to work at it. it's one of the reasons i make goals rather than resolutions. most people give up on their resolutions by Jan 2. since i've made goals instead i've had a better success rate. if i mess up on jan 10, at least i know i can dust myself off and try again. i haven't failed, i've learned. if on jan 22 ( i think that's the date) when the average person has given up and/or forgetten their resolutions and i can say i've made progress i'll be very proud of myself. And by this time next year if i can look back on the year and think of all the wonderful things i've done for myself i am sure i will be beyond proud and hopefully won't recognize the person i am today.

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MARSHA48 11/17/2009 11:41AM

    I'm glad your non drinking is going well for you. My DH quit dinking one day, just laid it all down and quit cause it almost killed him on his way to work. He promised God that if he let him live, he would give up drinking and trust me, that was THE BEST thing he EVER done in our over 25 years of life together thus far. I'm soooo very proud of him. I wished now he would join me in quitting smoking. Please read my blogs and or page if you will. This blog of yours is very inspiring for other as well.
GBU always and you are a winner! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KEEPGOING87 11/17/2009 11:16AM

    WOW GREAT GOALS!!! i have no doubt that you will achieve all of them! I need to stop biting my nails too, so far the only thing thats helped has been acrlic nails haha

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YOOVIE 11/17/2009 11:13AM

    I always tell myself, if I don't reach my goals, then at least I made it a heck of alot easier to reach them next year- because there is no way I just stood still all year. I got myself THAT much closer.

Knock 'em dead!

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