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to drink or not to drink

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

thanks to those of you who commented on a my last blog. you gave me a lot to think about. and thinking i have done!

as i've mentioned my goal is to not drink any alcohol until new year's eve. i've been pretty successful so far. the weekends are tough. i'm gonna buckle down this weekend and survive!

what i've been thinking about is what i'm going to do after new year's eve. drinking fits so nicely into my lifestyle. too nicely sometimes. i drink at pretty much every social gathering i attend. every weekend, every thursday(that's just some wierd habit i've picked up over the years) and basically every day in the summer. to say alcohol helped my weight gain is an understatement!

my ideal plan would be to only drink once or twice a month. and by drink i mean one or two drinks and then stop. stopping is my problem now. once i get a buzz i just want to keep going. that's so horrible for many reasons. it affects everything i do. i stay up too late so i don't want to work out in the mornings. i eat more if i'm feeling hungover. i consume hundreds, maybe even thousands, of calories in one night. my only saving grace is my water addiction.

what i really want to do is give up alcohol entirely. but if that were to happen it would take a very long time. people expect me to drink. when they see me not drinking they ask me why. i should try being honest, but i usually make up some excuse. it's just easier. i think maybe if i slowly ween myself away from drinking people won't expect to see me drinking. i gave up alcohol for lent and when i ordered an arnold palmer people didn't even realize it was non-alcoholic. that worked out real well! my biggest problem with going without is that my husband loves seasonal beer. he buys it and wants me to try it with him. he'd totally understand why i didn't drink a whole bottle. but he doesn't always like to drink alone so i feel bad for not drinking any at all. given time, he'll get over that. at family dinners we usually have a cocktail or two before the meal. i'm not sure how long i could avoid that situation. but if that were the only time i drank i would be very satisfied! i believe those situations would be easy. it's the going out with friends that would give me troubles.

when i'm out with people and someone is drinking water or soda i never question it. if i even notice. i assume they are driving, sick, hungover, etc. but when i don't drink i'm always questioned. and rarely do people want to hear, and accept, my excuse. someone suggested doing without those 'friends' which would be doable for the most part if some weren't family. i guess i could avoid people for awhile. it's getting to be winter afterall. maybe after some time and they see how i've changed they will just accept that i'm not drinking for obvious reasons.

what i really need to do is face up to my demons and accept that i'm an adult and don't have to cave to peer pressure. i need to put myself first and tell people that i just don't want to drink. now, can i really do that?

i have made some progress. my drink of choice is captain morgan with diet dr. pepper. it's so yummy! but i gave up soda for my 2009 new year's resolution and i have not had any since i was chugging my last rum and dr. pepper at 11:59:58 on new year's eve. that is quite an accomplishment. i was drinking a liter of soda almost daily before that. and i would go through lots of capt morgan. i could easily drink half a bottle in a night then the rest the next night. and i'd do it again a week or two later. i'm very proud of not only my no soda accomplishment, but also my severe cutback in rum. but i have drank a lot of beer and wine in it's absence.

next year i will really work on revamping my drinking habits.

if there is anyone who is reading this that has given up drinking entirely i would really love to hear your story!

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LOSE2WIN10 10/25/2009 3:52PM

    I went through similar situations regarding drinking. My friends and I are very social people, and we associate being together with needing to drink! I have finally realized that I HATE the way I feel after drinking, and we always eat SO MUCH when we drink. I gave up drinking almost entirely. My friends started out questioning me, telling me to drink, and would make a big deal about it to other people. I just told them all that I can have fun without alcohol and it just isn't that important to me. The next day when they feel like crap and complain about everything they ate and how they feel so fat, I say "that is a huge part of why I didn't drink" I still drink occasionally, but right now losing weight and being healthy is just way more important than a few drinks. If you are surrounded by people who care about you, they should understand and accept your decision to drink/not to drink. I hope my rambling has helped!

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CHAIMANN 10/21/2009 12:16PM

    As with anything else that you feel is risky for you - food or personal space or over-commitment or whatever - you need to let others know what your boundaries are, and then expect them to honor that.

You can decide how much background information to share on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, though, you should expect that people would honor your needs, especially if you aren't asking them to change their own behavior. Anyone who continues to pressure you is thinking of her/himself more than you. You deserve to surround yourself with people who respect and support you, even if your choices are not the same ones they would make.

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the easy way to lose weight? no thanks, i'd rather work hard!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

well last week was interesting. i really got into my no alcohol til new year's eve goal. i was fighting a cold with a bad cough. it hurt to breathe in all the way and i had a coughing fit everytime i tried. difficult to work out when you can't breathe. i don't drink when i'm sick, so that made my goal pretty easy! through all my suffering i lost 4 lbs. yea! i know this is connected to being sick, loss of appetite and no alcohol. but it still felt good to see that low number on my scale! i haven't weighed less than 225 in over a year! this week i'm feeling better, still coughing, but i can almost breathe normally again. i don't plan to see a drop like last week when i step on the scale monday. working out is still not easy and my appetite has been a bit more normal this week. being sick can really help you lose weight. but i think i'd rather workout and eat properly. i may be killing myself with a work out, but it feels a heck of a lot better than death by coughing.

as for my no alcohol goal: i'm still doing well! i'm planning out halloween now. it may prove to be a challenge. this weekend could be a bit trying as well. but i think i'll use my 'getting over a cold' excuse. if any of you have friends who normally drink and suddenly aren't, don't pester them as to why. for some reason the last reason people want to hear is, i'm trying to lose some weight. anything works better: i'm sick, i'm driving, i'm hungover from last night...it's kind of sad. i've given up alcohol for substantial amounts of time before and people never accept the truth. whatever it is. so i make up an excuse and they usually leave me alone. maybe i just have really unsupportive friends?

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GREENSHADE 10/28/2009 9:47PM

    I've been coughing all week and not working out, but I've stuck to eating better - I'm still a newbie here. Avoiding alcohol to lose weight is kind of new to me. I never drank all that much but I had just gotten to where I could enjoy beer - now I have pumpkin beer in the fridge and won't drink it. Thanks for posting about staying strong - that's really hard to do when you're sick!

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GREENSHADE 10/28/2009 9:47PM

    I've been coughing all week and not working out, but I've stuck to eating better - I'm still a newbie here. Avoiding alcohol to lose weight is kind of new to me. I never drank all that much but I had just gotten to where I could enjoy beer - now I have pumpkin beer in the fridge and won't drink it. Thanks for posting about staying strong - that's really hard to do when you're sick!

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GREENSHADE 10/28/2009 9:47PM

    I've been coughing all week and not working out, but I've stuck to eating better - I'm still a newbie here. Avoiding alcohol to lose weight is kind of new to me. I never drank all that much but I had just gotten to where I could enjoy beer - now I have pumpkin beer in the fridge and won't drink it. Thanks for posting about staying strong - that's really hard to do when you're sick!

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CLALIZ 10/19/2009 12:47AM

    Hope you feel better soon! And yes, you do get tired after a workout but that feels better than having no energy at all :(
And as for insisting friends and alcohol, I know something about that. Although I have lived away from where most of them live for a few years, but when I was near they would try to get me to drink whatever they were drinking. A headache was the excuse I would use, honestly some of the drinks I didn't like. My husband doesn't drink, so that makes it easy, and he is pretty good at refusing people's drinks, he just says 'no thanks, I am fine for now". and that works for him. Although, I can see that when they are your close friends they could easily insist more. How about sharing your goal of no alcohol and tell them that this is important for you and that you are fine without it. :)
Best of luck!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BGMUNCHKIN 10/15/2009 12:34PM

    good luck with the Alcohol. I know it is hard when what you have been doing is going out with friends and then don't want to drink with them. I don't feel bad going into the bar and ordering water or cranberry juice. I don't need the extra calories and I don't need to spend the money. think of all the money you can save to buy that new wardrobe with. emoticon

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PAG2809 10/15/2009 11:59AM

    Y'know, this issue was one of the things that led to my giving up some friends when I gave up drinking permanently. We may have completely different situations, so take this with a really big grain of salt (luckily, one that will not create sodium issues for you)... but the short version of this story is that when I quit drinking I dropped some friends and I'm still careful about making new ones. After this many years, there is no temptation to drink. I just find hanging out with hard drinkers either boring or annoying, depending on where they are in the evening.

Of course, whether your friends support your life goals is the overarching question. If they don't support you losing weight, do you really need them? Its not an easy decision to make, I know.

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i will not let this weekend ruin my success

Friday, October 02, 2009

dark, heavy german beer. sausage. cheese. fast food. hotel room.

yup, that about sums up my weekend! oktoberfest here i come! sounds scary, eh? it is. especially with monday being my weigh in day. that scale will not be my friend! but i'm going to try to not anger it too much. i have packed healthy snacks to help avoid the fast food and sausage. i brought sandwhich stuff so i won't have to worry about meals. and there's a nice safe subway across the highway. the hotel offers a decent breakfast. i should be okay...but i did mention german beer. some of that stuff is like a meal in a cup. good quality beer was afterall a meal back in the day. i'm going to limit myself and drink slowly. i have this thing, probably cause i drink so much water, where i have to constantly be drinking something. so it kind of messes me up at bars cause if i'm already in too deep i don't think about ordering ice tea or water. nope, more beer for me! so if i drink slowly i'll hopefully think of drinking water instead of another beer.

oktoberfest is in a small town in wa state (leavenworth, if you're wondering) and once we get there we park the car and walk. so i'll get a lot of walking in. sadly, some of it is to the candy shop and cheese cellar. which is soooo good! but i'll be strong! plus, we just bought a house and we don't have much money to spend there. so that's a bonus!

i will not let this weekend ruin me. i will have fun and not feel guilty for overindulging. cause i will behave! i will, for once, be in control of what i put into my body. usually i'm like, vacation! lets have some fun! but after my poor september performance i must keep october in check.

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ONEKIDSMOM 10/3/2009 8:55PM

    Good for you! A healthy lifestyle has room in it for the occasional celebration. You have a plan, you know the possible outcomes... and when the party's over, time to get right back to the "normal" program.

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TWARGO3 10/3/2009 4:38PM

    You can do it!!! You DO have a plan in place.. and you are in charge of your choices.. You go... remember it is a lifestyle and you know when you can give in for a treat. Besides... you got tomorrow to work it off, right?

Hoping for your success ;o) emoticon

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DIVAGURL 10/2/2009 2:33PM

    Way to go - making a plan BEFORE you go! Be sure to get in lean protein at breakfast. Maybe pack some nuts to snack on. Happy walking and festing!

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TONYA_JO 10/2/2009 11:11AM

    you have a great plan in place! Have a great time :)

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SOMASLIM 10/2/2009 10:47AM

    I'm German and Octoberfest is a big deal in our community too.
It's not like you are going to drink beer and eat bratwurst 24/7.
Enjoy your evening(s) .... because tomorrow is another day!

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it's gonna be one of those days

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i'm very busy at work this week, but i needed to sneak in some sp time. my day is not going well.

first, i weighed in this morning. down to 229.0 from last week's 232.5(darn tom!) good loss right, not when the week before last i was at 227! ugh. my goal was to be at 220 by oct 1. guess that isn't going to happen. so i have admitted defeat. which hopefully won't last long. new month, new goal. guess it will probably be the same goal.

second, i forgot my lunch! so now my options are crappy fast food or cinamon rolls left over from yesterday. neither sound appealing, but it will most likely be the latter since i don't drive to work and would have to catch a ride somewhere with someone.

then, i actually remembered to replenish my stock of tea at work this morning. i was completely out and have been forgetting for weeks. i was very proud of myself for remembering. but i packed them in my lunch bag. so i don't have that either.

well, it's almost 8 am, maybe things will go better for me now.

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TARAFANA1 9/30/2009 11:34AM

    I hope the rest of your day is better, but if this is a learning experience for you, then no matter how bad it goes you'll have gained something. Don't let the past chain you down tomorrow,

keep looking ahead,

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NEWOINCAN 9/30/2009 11:00AM

  like you i feel like i have been resarting my goal over and over. just stay positive and try to stock some healthy snacks up at work. that way even if you forget your lunch you will have healthier choices. the only thing that saves me is that a grocery store is next to my restaurant. a place determined to destroy any idea i have of eating healthy. good luck and hope the week not just the day, gets better.

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weekends are killing me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i know i'm not alone in this. everyone has trouble with weekends. you tend to be a bit more lazy, or sometimes real busy, so you just don't have time to workout. you're eating poorly or drinking too much. the list goes on and on for why the weekends are dangerous! you all know what i'm talking about.
summer is over and i'm going to start using my weekends to benefit me. i drink a lot on the weekends and in the summer. there's just something about sitting outside and enjoying a nice cold beverage. sometimes i tend to be too relaxed in the mornings. enjoying a nice quiet saturday morning in the sun. or i'm way too busy and have to be somewhere by 8 am. often i drank too much the night before and working up a sweat does not sound fun!
you see, i just need to turn my weekends around! starting now! this weekend i'm going to oktoberfest. which means lots of beer and german food. also staying in a hotel. i'm going to eat healthy when i can and get as much walking around in as possible. which shouldn't be difficult since we don't drive the car once we get to the hotel. i'm not going to drink a lot of beer. most people go there to get real drunk. i like to people watch, so not drinking a lot won't be difficult.
the weekend after that i'm going camping. more than likely. now camping is tricky. you tend to snack more than you would at home. so i'm going to have to bring healthy snacks. lots of veggies! plus the drinking. going camping this time of year is different than a time like august. it's colder so you don't stay up as late. plus drinking cold beer all night when it's cold out isn't a lot of fun. but i will be eating and drinking more than i should. if the weather is decent i'll be doing some hiking. that will be good.
after that weekend i do not have any foreseeable dangerous plans. that said, my goal is to go from oct 13 to december 31 with no alcohol of any form. i'm not going to fool myself and think i can make it through new year's eve sober. heh. then my birthday is in january, and that's just not going to happen. i'm going to focus on december 31 for now.

i'm not an alcoholic or anything. i just like to drink. and once i start, i don't totally like to stop at 1 or 2. not much fun in that! alcohol is a big reason why i've gained so much weight in the last 5 or so years. it is something i need to work on. we'll see what the result is! it may just motivate me to find a new hobby. lol!

the worst part of the weekend, which should actually be a motivator, is that my weigh in days are mondays.

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BGMUNCHKIN 9/27/2009 5:06PM

    Wow I can totally relate. I know if I want to lose weight, I have to stop drinking any alcohol (which I don't mind just drinking water and watching the drunks), but can easily get sucked into a drink. I hate weekends as well, because I am either bored out of my mind or so busy I cannot stand it. It is so much easier for me to not eat the good food I need to on the weekends and eat the food full of fat, because that's waht every one else is eating. So know, you are not alone. emoticon

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AJTJLOVEJOY1 9/27/2009 5:03PM

    Hi me and you sound alike. Lets make a pack, but lets start from october 1st until december 31st. I can use te help. You are the first SP friend that has the same weekend enjoyment. Let's check in with each other every other day. We can do this. but we need to be hones and check in every Sunday. I want to be close to 135lbs by the end of the year. Toni emoticon emoticon We can do this

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