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weekends are killing me!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i know i'm not alone in this. everyone has trouble with weekends. you tend to be a bit more lazy, or sometimes real busy, so you just don't have time to workout. you're eating poorly or drinking too much. the list goes on and on for why the weekends are dangerous! you all know what i'm talking about.
summer is over and i'm going to start using my weekends to benefit me. i drink a lot on the weekends and in the summer. there's just something about sitting outside and enjoying a nice cold beverage. sometimes i tend to be too relaxed in the mornings. enjoying a nice quiet saturday morning in the sun. or i'm way too busy and have to be somewhere by 8 am. often i drank too much the night before and working up a sweat does not sound fun!
you see, i just need to turn my weekends around! starting now! this weekend i'm going to oktoberfest. which means lots of beer and german food. also staying in a hotel. i'm going to eat healthy when i can and get as much walking around in as possible. which shouldn't be difficult since we don't drive the car once we get to the hotel. i'm not going to drink a lot of beer. most people go there to get real drunk. i like to people watch, so not drinking a lot won't be difficult.
the weekend after that i'm going camping. more than likely. now camping is tricky. you tend to snack more than you would at home. so i'm going to have to bring healthy snacks. lots of veggies! plus the drinking. going camping this time of year is different than a time like august. it's colder so you don't stay up as late. plus drinking cold beer all night when it's cold out isn't a lot of fun. but i will be eating and drinking more than i should. if the weather is decent i'll be doing some hiking. that will be good.
after that weekend i do not have any foreseeable dangerous plans. that said, my goal is to go from oct 13 to december 31 with no alcohol of any form. i'm not going to fool myself and think i can make it through new year's eve sober. heh. then my birthday is in january, and that's just not going to happen. i'm going to focus on december 31 for now.

i'm not an alcoholic or anything. i just like to drink. and once i start, i don't totally like to stop at 1 or 2. not much fun in that! alcohol is a big reason why i've gained so much weight in the last 5 or so years. it is something i need to work on. we'll see what the result is! it may just motivate me to find a new hobby. lol!

the worst part of the weekend, which should actually be a motivator, is that my weigh in days are mondays.

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BGMUNCHKIN 9/27/2009 5:06PM

    Wow I can totally relate. I know if I want to lose weight, I have to stop drinking any alcohol (which I don't mind just drinking water and watching the drunks), but can easily get sucked into a drink. I hate weekends as well, because I am either bored out of my mind or so busy I cannot stand it. It is so much easier for me to not eat the good food I need to on the weekends and eat the food full of fat, because that's waht every one else is eating. So know, you are not alone. emoticon

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AJTJLOVEJOY1 9/27/2009 5:03PM

    Hi me and you sound alike. Lets make a pack, but lets start from october 1st until december 31st. I can use te help. You are the first SP friend that has the same weekend enjoyment. Let's check in with each other every other day. We can do this. but we need to be hones and check in every Sunday. I want to be close to 135lbs by the end of the year. Toni emoticon emoticon We can do this

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send some positive thoughts my way! please.

Monday, September 21, 2009

ugh! i need some uplifting happy thoughts! today is being a monday! not only did i not want get out of my warm bed and freeze (it's too early for freezing temps!) this morning when i finally did get out i learned i had gained 2 lbs. i was pretty bummed about this, as you can imagine, but when i was in the shower this morning i realize it was TOM weight gain. I always gain two lbs before i start. that made me feel better. i just wished i had remembered that before stepping the scale. still. a gain sucks, even though i know it will be gone before i step on again next monday. so i was feeling better about all that and planning my workout for this afternoon. since, as was mentioned above, i didn't want to leave my warm bed this morning.

so i get on to sp and check my sparkmail, always makes me happy to see i have some! and they were both down in the dumps messages! man! i read them and totally felt my positive feelings plummet. so i need to happy thoughts!

please share your thoughts with me. anything. accomplishments or inspiring quotes. just something to help me get through the workday with a smile on my face.

btw, anyone else have a heck of a time getting up on mondays to workout? if i skip one day a week, it's almost always a monday! which is so bad! i'm not the best behaved person on the weekends. heh.

tia for the awesome inspiration! you guys are the best!

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TWARGO3 10/3/2009 4:43PM

    This is a quote i have been saying to my selfover and over... "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels". And... when I mess up a bit... I say "This is a lifestyle... there will be bumps in the road... but if i just stay on the road (and be honest about the way I am driving._.. I will get there."... OOooo and here is another one that encourages me...
my hubby always says "This is a marathon... not a sprint". It helps to remind me that I am in this for the long haul.

I know me. Life can't be too restrictive or I give up. I gotta have grace with myself.. and keep going!!! ;o)

Know that you are loved... here is a scripture that i cling to on down days 'Jeremiah 29:11'...


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AMYCRAFT05 9/21/2009 2:12PM

    Don't be too tough on yourself dear.....The sun is shining now and I'm sure you'll get some exercise in today. Let's promise each other 30 min. when we wake up tomorrow morning. We can do it! To make it easier maybe we could try to hop into bed a half hour earlier than normal. Either way, we're gonna do this!---Amy

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EVRLNGFOO 9/21/2009 1:40PM

    thanks for the feedback! it's still chilly, but sunny! i may just have to walk at lunch. great idea!

thanks again for the support!

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W8WHITTILER 9/21/2009 12:23PM

    Well Mondays are kinda like the song the Bangles sang.."Just another Manic Monday, wish it were Sunday, cause that's my Funday"
Don't be so hard on yourself, try to squeeze something in a little later today, even while watching tv later on, get up and walk in place during the commercials, you do realize that is like a 12 minute workout for just a 30 minute show...
Get you some bands and do some simple strength moves while watching tv, or carry them to work with you and do some at work..if it is chilly at work, don your jacket and take a walk at break, got stairs at work, better yet, use them at break.
Remember our workouts don't have to be an hour long each session, we can break them up throughout the day.
So don't get bummed, the day is not over yet..and most important of all.
Just do your very best today, that simple, and if you do you are one step closer to success!

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AMAS92568 9/21/2009 11:34AM

    I'm like you ... I really bad on the weekends, especially with football season here now. But look at Monday as a way to get back on track. The really good news is that Monday morning only lasts for a few hours! emoticon

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goals and dreaming of finding my willpower again

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's time to remind myself of my goals.

1st, i want to lose 10 lbs by october 2. This is when i got to oktoberfest. super fun! i have about 6 more lbs to go. ugh. i say about cause i keep going back and forth with two lbs. one week i'm 229, the next i'm 227. i can't get past the 227. though i'd much rather stay at 227 then bumping back up to 229. i left the 230's, i never want to see them again! i need to evaluate my situation and figure out why i keep going back and forth every week. and then figure out how i can lose the rest of the weight in two weeks!

2nd, i want to lose as much weight as possible before my 30th birthday. this takes place in january. i'm thinking if i work real hard and focus, i can lose 40 lbs. that's a high number, it would be a about 10 lbs a month. doable, but very difficult with the holidays coming up. so i'm just gonna really try to be out of the 200's by then.

my 3rd goal is to work out at least 5 days a week. i'm focusing mostly on every other day at this point. that's better than nothing, right? i don't know why i'm having so much trouble getting into working out. i love working out! i love the feeling afterward, i love how my body feels when i'm really into it. but i can't get myself really going! if i could, that would totally help my other two goals!

i need to stay focused. i need to remind myself every day of my goals. i can't let sleeping an extra half hour in the morning get in the way of goals. i don't really know where that is coming from either. it's not like my bed is comfy and i just want to lay in it all day. i'm a huge morning person. i love getting up early. but for some reason i just can't get myself up early enough to work out anymore.

i also think my willpower may be dying. i used to tell myself, don't eat chocolate, and i wouldn't. i could be around a whole buffet of desserts and not eat one. now i can't even go one day of having beer in the fridge and not touching it. i gave up soda for my new year's resolution and haven't had any. easy. i gave up the internet for lent, easy. but not drink alcohol when it's near. nope. don't hit the snooze button one more time so i can workout. not gonna happen. what is wrong with me?

i need some major work!

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TARAFANA1 9/18/2009 2:43AM

    Keep it up :)
"though i'd much rather stay at 227 then bumping back up to 229"
that is something I think alot of people forget, they get upset if the scale isn't moving fast enough, then they in turn become overwhelmed and give up, but yes I have agree I'd rather lose say 10 lbs over the spans of a year than not lose anything/gain!

"i'm focusing mostly on every other day at this point. that's better than nothing, right?"
Yes it is better than nothing, much better than nothing, keep it up :)
and as far as the sleep thing goes, well, you know if you have gotten 8-9 hrs sleep then yeah maybe reaching inside for motivation may be in order, but if you are really needing the sleep get it (if you're needing it maybe make that your goal for awhile, you could even alternate days. One day exercise next day focus on rest/sleep lol IDK)
and don't forget your water! No matter what water, expecially if you are exercising or eating anything with a high sodium content lol
Anyways, never forget lasting weightloss is a lifestyle change made up of small deliberate decisions. Think of it as the frog in the pot of hot water...last but not least don't stop encouraging yourself ;)


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THINCERE71 9/17/2009 11:18AM

    Hi! I wrote a similar blog yesterday in terms of my relationship with WINE!! I had to stop fooling myself...It is the number one caloric beverage (empty calories, no less) that gets in the way of our success!!!

In reading the way in which you refer to "willpower" I hope it would be okay to recommend a book that I have found very helpful..."The Four Day Win" by Martha Beck. She speaks to how difficult and self defeating it can be to allow your "restrictor" self to be in charge because the "Wild Child" or the rebel in you always wins! Thus the battle with the beer and chocolate.

Enjoyed your blog!! Keep metabolizing those pounds!

Jess emoticon

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30, flirty and thriving?

Monday, September 07, 2009

I was reading a people magazine earlier today and it was the one that featured melissa joan hart on the cover and the article talked about her losing all the weight from her pregnancies and how it was such a struggle. she realized she was almost 33 and it would be harder to lose as she got older, so she needed to do it now.
this got me to thinking, i'll be 30 in a little over 4 months! omg! i do not want to turn 30 weighing this much and being this unhappy with myself. that's my new goal. i won't be at my goal weight in that time, but i figure if i stay on track i could probably lose about 40 lbs. that's better than where i'm at now.

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MAGA99 9/7/2009 7:13PM

    I wish I would have thought about this 10 yrs ago I m now 41

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i had to suck in, but...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

...my "skinny" jeans fit! woot! as i've mentioned i just moved into a new house and it at the moment there is not a washer and dryer. so i'm trying to go as long as possible before i have to go find a laudramat thingy (about a week so far). today i was rummaging through the closet trying to find some more "fat clothes", mainly jeans. my current jeans are 18's, and they are too big. so i came across this pair of 15's. i tried them on a few months ago and couldn't get them over my hips. today they fit! i had to suck in and bend funny to get them buttoned but i did it! so i'm pretty happy about that. they fit fine on my legs but my tummy is too big and that bugs me, but i'll do extra crunches tonight. i will just try to hold off on using the bathroom today.

question: do you keep your "fat clothes" once they are too big?
i was watching ruby the other night and she was having trouble letting go of some dresses that no longer fit her. she said she kept them for security and i know that's pretty normal. i don't keep mine once i'm a size or two too small for them. like the above mentioned jeans. until i can button these normally i will keep them. i, on the other hand, keep my skinny clothes. i know i shouldn't, most of them are out of style. but i know one day i will fit into them so i hang on to them. most of my shirts are Large, and right now i'm hanging out in the X-L section. so i figure if i can lose a few more lbs and some of my tummy i'll be fine. question is, will i keep the XL's? a bunch of them have been stolen from my husband, so i'll just probably give them back. lol! the rest will probably become workout shirts until they are too big.

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W8WHITTILER 9/3/2009 6:14PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Time to Celebrate!
WooHoo..great job..what a feeling that must have been!
Whatever you are doing just keep right on Meltin' it girl!

As far as the "Fat Clothes"
Do you ever want to wear them again?
I am sure the answer is no..so get rid of them..don't allow yourself to go back..if you have them around they will only allow an excuse to always be there...
"Well, I do have a few pair of my fat pant, and big shirts, so I can splurge a couple of days, or maybe a week" but we all know what happens once we hit that road..it is hard as Heck to make a U turn..so throw them babies out, and don't look back!

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BGMUNCHKIN 9/3/2009 5:08PM

    I get rid of my fat clothes because I don't want to be tempted to go back to them. If I gain a few pounds and my clothes start fitting to snug, that is my cue I am off track again, so i need to focus or buy bigger pants, which I have vowed never to do again. I will only buy smaller clothes.

Congratulations ongetting on your skinny pants, hope your day went well in them!!

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