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i survived the weekend. sort of.

Monday, May 18, 2009

i was highly successful in my workout goal. i worked out saturday and sunday morning. i'm very proud of myself for that. i also took my dog for a walk both days. i didn't get much over 8 hours of sleep either night. on saturday morning i woke up at exactly the time i told myself i needed to, and then fell back to sleep for about 20 minutes. same thing sunday. i ate horribly, but i recorded everything. so yea! though i have learned that sparktime is different from my time. i was updating my foods last night and it kept recording for monday. i think i got it all straightened out.
now my next problem: alcohol. i drank a lot this weekend. i bought miller chill saturday night cause of the whole 100 calorie thing. then last night i drank lot. of a lot of stuff. lol! i'm the type of person that once i start drinking i don't really like to stop. i just keep on having a good time. til the next morning! i also tend to lose track. so it's tough to record calories when you've forgotten how much you drank.
a lot of my weight gain has to do with the amount i drink. i get bored so i'll have a couple beers. or i drink out of habit. like right now, it's nice out, so i like to sit on the deck with a cold beer. i need to change those habits.
i'm planning on going grocery shopping this weekend after payday. then i'll really be able to get into the eating plan. at that point i will quit drinking til at least the 4th of july. from what i've written above you may think this will be a tough task. it will at times, but i've done it before so i know i can do it again! it will just take some willpower.



Friday, May 15, 2009

i always do horribly on the weekends. i eat too much, i drink more alcohol than normal and i get lazy with working out and everything else. i really hope that doesn't happen this weekend! the weather is nice, so i'll be more active. i'll take my dog on walks saturday and sunday. but my goal is to work out both saturday and sunday. i have plans at 8:30 tomorrow morning, so i can't sleep late. i'm trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, but no more than 8. so i need to go to bed early so i wake up in time to workout. i'm also gardening tomorrow. so that will be a good workout.
i'm feeling really good with workouts right now, i don't want the feeling to go away. so i'm trying to workout daily cause i fear if i stop one day i won't get back into it. it's happened many tmes!
i'll let you know how i do tomorrow morning!

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MRSWHITEWOLF 5/15/2009 10:23PM

    Believe in yourself, you really can do it!

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NANCW1 5/15/2009 9:42PM

    I know the feeling about weekends. They are hard to keep in control on. You have your mind set so I'm sure you will do great! emoticon

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Eating habits

Friday, May 15, 2009

So i started sparkpeople mid-week on a whim after a friend suggested it. so i don't have healthy food around to eat. Well, not completely healthy. But i am keeping track of everything just to get into the habit for next week when i can go grocery shopping. my gosh! i am trying to be honest and i'm shocked! i consumed 4,000 calories one day! granted, i had pizza, which i rarely eat. but still! so now i'm a bit more aware of what has caused some of my problems. Very enlightening. i hope to do better next week.


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