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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ah....... that ever elusive balance we all strive for - and feel like we never find!

How does one balance work, kids, relationships, self, family...the list goes on?

If anyone ever figures it out let me know.

But I think for now, I'll focus on this:

Balance is not a noun. It isn't something you find and hang onto.

Balance is a verb. It is something you strive for every day.

Balance is an action you have to engage in each day.

Like fitness - you don't achieve and then yay! all done I get to relax now.

Each day, you have to ask yourself what action do I need to take to balance my life?

These symbolize some of the things I need to always make sure I find time for every day.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WOLFKITTY 12/26/2010 12:25AM

    How has this been going throughout 2010?
Just curious...


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GEE-KNEE 5/14/2010 11:54PM

    I could use a little balance.

I hope you find yours.


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NAVYMOM133 4/21/2010 7:33AM

    I really like the thought that every day we should recenter ourselves! I can think of countless times where I feel life is out of control and I sort of 'step outside' the chaos and just look. As you point out, don't just watch your life unfold, SHAPE it everyday into the best plan for that day.
Very good thoughts to hold close!!
emoticon Melly
... and I have to agree with the other ladies, you are one woman who KNOWS her priorities! Love to se them listed out in emoticon form. So sweet.

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    I know deep down inside you question whether you are managing things well. After having watched you juggle all those emoticons AND 5 strangers converging on you last Feb. I can truly say you are the queen of the balancing act.

I admire your ability to maintain calm in the face of challenges that would have broke me more than once. I'm thinking specifically of torn up kitchens and trucks that break down!

I love your outlook and am going to adopt it myself. My life is never going to be completely peaceful and I do need to just look at each day to see how the scale needs to be readjusted.

I guess we also need to take stay alert to those moments of perfect balance and enjoy them THOROUGHLY!


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MARATHONMOM26.2 4/21/2010 3:08AM

    Ah... our eternal question. Always toughest on Moms I think... but you've definitely figured it out, haven't you? Its something that is always in flux, and all we can do it consciously strive for it in our daily lives.

I, for one, think you do a pretty good job at it!

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JENNIFER124 4/20/2010 6:59PM

    Balance!!! ahhhh, the challenge of my life.. if i didnt have a husband and children and a job....right?? but i love those things and they make me what i am too... i look at it as if i dont start with taking care of me -- i wont be very good with the rest.. and that taking care of means (for me) taking breaks, sleep, eating good food and exercise.. i am glad you blogged about this and just know that you have a fellow balance seeker in your midst emoticon

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PAMTHEDREAMER 4/20/2010 6:38PM

    Yes. There you have it. And if you find out first please pass on the wisdom. ;)

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LADYDI2049 4/20/2010 6:33PM

    Eve, sounds like you have the concept and are doing well to make it all work. Congratulations!

emoticon emoticon

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TRIGFROST 4/20/2010 6:09PM

    BLANCE IS LIFE IT'S SELF... food, sleep, exercise....

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Chewy Toy Tree

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes....

So when I got home last night, my 4 year old's face was filthy!
So I asked "What have you been doing darling?"

She said, "I planted Duke's chewy toy. So we can row a chewy toy tree. Then he can have lots of chewy toys - any kind he wants!"


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SK8TRSANDY 12/3/2009 3:44PM

  Too cute!!


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PAMTHEDREAMER 12/3/2009 2:38PM

    ROFLMBO What a cutie! And practical. ;)

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GEE-KNEE 12/2/2009 9:09PM

    LOL, I love kids.

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LILHLFPINT 12/2/2009 9:03PM

    (that is so cute!)

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JENNIFER124 12/2/2009 8:08PM

    makes perfect sense!!! thanks Eve!! your girls are such sweeties

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NAVYMOM133 12/2/2009 7:51PM

    What a riot!! emoticon ... and a great imagination!

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MARATHONMOM26.2 12/2/2009 6:42PM

    I love it! Those are the moments that remind me how precious children are. Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

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LADYDI2049 12/2/2009 6:39PM

    That is to cute Eve. Thank you for sharing.

emoticon emoticon

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My first PTA mtg. Can I just vent? The reading of the minutes? Waste of time! Can't you just post for people to read? Going through and reading every committee and who the chair is? I can read! I had the handout why did they feel the need to read it aloud to us? Seriously, the PTA is an incredibly important part of any school - but no wonder so many parents don't go when you have to sit through all that! Get to the point all ready!

All done now........

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

OMELYN 10/10/2009 12:07PM

    I have been a teacher for 25 years and a mom of school age kids for 9. Yup... that's PTA pretty much everywhere you go.Some of it is "Robert's Rules" as understood by the group, some of it is that often there aren't enough people to take committee heads, and the same folks just do so much they think they're "the boss of everyone". PTAs generally do so much good I hope you stick with it.

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NAVYMOM133 9/29/2009 7:40PM

    Hey there,
Just stumbled on this blog during my visit ;)
I'll have to click Subscribe again.

Anyway, I wanted to share that I'm taking a course this semester and the instructor is reading each chapter to us. Totally seriously reading to us. That's the class. Read the book. Gah! It's a prerequisite but, come on! We're all here to get something out of it/get something done. My situation hasn't improved each Thursday pm. Yours?

So, I hear you!
Melly emoticon

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LILHLFPINT 9/21/2009 11:18PM

    (aw, i hope things improve for you, eve. sounds too frustrating!)

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PAMTHEDREAMER 9/16/2009 8:54PM

    Oh I know-so totally boring..But hey! It's for yer kids and I agree with Becky-future PTA president I see! You could livin' it up! *wink

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LISELUV 9/16/2009 11:48AM

    I remember when my oldest daughter was in jr high and I went to a PTA meeting....ahhh yeah!! that was the only one I went to. BORING!!
Good for you to be an active part of your kids school life!!

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GEE-KNEE 9/15/2009 9:00AM

    I just had this talk last night with my co-chair for recycling. Neither one of us wanted to go to the first meeting. It's important, but yet so much of it is a waist of time. Oh well, they're only once a month, and you can totally join and support them with out going to meetings (unless there is a vote that you want to be a part of). ..., but everyone has to go to that first one.

Comment edited on: 9/15/2009 9:01:37 AM

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    HA! I totally agree! I have the same problem with MOST meetings....except the ones I RUN! Sorry it was so frustrating, but they are very lucky to have you on board. I think I see a future PTA president in your future....LOL

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First 5k

Monday, September 07, 2009

Disneyland 5k Sep 5, 2009

I was so nervous! I'd fallen just the week before rock climbing and just 7 days ago could not take a single step. But I was walking with only a few twinges by the day before the race so I decided to go ahead and run.

I got up at 5:37am - not a normal hour for me. I am NOT a morning person. Started coffee and got in the shower to wake up. Ate a waffle with cream cheese and a banana. Took 2 Aleeve. Took coffee and water in the truck to drink on the way. Left at 6:10am.

Parked at 6:38 and headed for the starting line. I thought the race started at 7 but apparently it was 6:45 so I was cutting it a little close. My sparkfriend Tammy was there to once again tell me I could do this and she would meet me at the finish line.

As I stood waiting for the gun to go off, I was still so nervous. I started tearing up. Just 9 months ago I could barely run 30 seconds without thinking I was going to collapse. What if my foot rebelled? Could I really do this? But I was there and there was no backing out now.

The gun went off and I had to walk the first bit because it was so crowded. But then it eased up and I started running. My goal was to run the first mile than do mile 2 and 3 with some walking intervals. I had been very worried that I would be at the back of the pack, in danger of being "swept." I'd had visions of being chased by the "sweeper." But I seemed to be solidly in the middle. People were passing me, but I was passing quite a people too! I decided to just focus on my race. When I reached the mile 1 marker and saw 12:02, I was shocked! I have never in my life run a 12 minute mile - I usually run closer to 15 minute pace and 14 on a good day!

Mile 2 - without my interval watch, I decided to walk when I needed and run when I could. It seemed to take forever to reach the second mile. Several times I thought "How could I not be there yet?" I hit the mile 2 marker at 25:30 which meant I'd run the second mile in 13:30 - still faster than I'd ever run in training! I couldn't believe it! My foot was sore and giving me many twinges but I was hanging in there.

Mile 3 - Still walked when I had to but ran as much as I could. I pushed myself tthinking this is a race - I should be wore out at the end. As I came around for the final stretch, I could hear "20 seconds to beat 40 minutes!" 40 minutes? I have never run this distance faster that 44:30! I tried to run faster but my foot was really hurting by this point - I missed the 40 minute mark but am still very proud to have made 40:12! A great time and injured!

Tammy was there and got a picture of me - good thing as I never think to bring a camera. I was so grateful she was there to share in that moment!

I am proud of my time and myself for starting and finishing my first 5k!

Thank you to sparkfriends who told me back when I signed up I could do this, who sent me numerous goodies and comments wishing me well the night before and the morning of the race!

Becky, Jen, Bev, Becki, Jeannie, Mary and Mary!

And thank you for all the congrats after!

And yes I am still limping because my right heel is sore as all get out!

But I wouldn't change a thing - I proved to myself that I can do exactly what I set out to do! I need to have more faith in myself!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JENNIFER124 9/13/2009 10:27PM

    Eve!!! congrats again!!! i LOVE your blog... you should be very proud.. i remember too!! when you would talk about "thinking" maybe you should try some of this running stuff and now look how you have blossomed into a runner yourself... having Tammy there is very special... i am glad she got the shots of you with your medal.. it is well-deserved --- and i started the same way.. not being able to run much more than a minute after 20 years of inactivity... AWESOME JOB!!!lots of high-fives... Jen

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NAVYMOM133 9/9/2009 10:24AM

    Hi Eve,

Hearty Congrats!!! Way to rock your first 5K race. You really achieved a great milestone and I can see how emotions would run high. That must have felt so nice to have Tammy there to greet you and cheer you in!! I am very proud of you. You are really doing this - you are getting healthier and stronger every day!! Three cheers! Way to go, Coach!!

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LESLIEC25 9/8/2009 6:20PM


I am soooo sorry I didn't congratulate you on your first 5k til now. I am still getting used to finding things on the board and noticed you had blogged about your first 5k. You are truly inspirational.....very, very proud of you!

Leslie emoticon

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MARATHONMOM26.2 9/8/2009 4:29PM

    You would have never known how nervous you were on race day, as you came down the escalator in such an apparent state of calm! I was trying to contain my nerves for your sake, but I was worried sick you would miss the start - and you seemed so totally in control and ready - even when you mentioned your foot still hurt it was almost like an afterthought! But you took your "coach's" advice and swallowed the Aleve, so I knew you'd be OK LOL...

I wish I could have been by your side for every step, but the truth is that you did all the hard work to get here on your own and your victory is yours! It was an honor and a joy to be there for you and to take your pics (all on FB, btw).

When's the next one? LB maybe?

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BECCACOATS 9/7/2009 8:32PM

    Eve ~ I tried to follow your progress while at the Cabin.. I heard from Tam that you did well and I was so excited for you.. I could only imagine how I would feel and then put your face to it.. Al Smiles I saw and a VERY PROUD on that was..

You conquered this even with a injury.. You are a go getter and I have seen much push and motivation in you in the last 6 months.. You are an Athlete!!!

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    I'm so incredibly proud of you! There were so many things that would have had me in a panic...the foot injury, wrong start time, no interval watch.

I could totally feel your emotion at the start...you HAVE come so incredibly far EVE! I, too, get teary and goose-bumpy before races. Its just such an awesome experience and I'm thrilled that you were able to enjoy it.


I'm looking forward to doing an event with you really soon. Thanks for posting this so that I could share in it with you now.

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    Great job Eve!!! That is soooo aweseome!!! I'm sooo sorry I didn't get in early enough to see you cross the finish line!!!

You know Long Beach has a great cool 5k ... would love to see you there!!!


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LADYDI2049 9/7/2009 10:53AM

    Yeah! Eve I am so proud of you, what a wonderful success story. I can just imagine how elated you were to cross that finish line with such a good time. You are truly an inspiration to me and many others. Keep up the good work and take care of that foot.


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SWEETCFO 9/7/2009 8:20AM

    That is SOOOOO Awesome!! Way to go. I think the most frightening part is just getting out there to try it. I've been having doubts about running a race soon but your story has encouraged me to just go for it!! Thanks so much for sharing and way to go on the time!! That is just AWESOME!!!! emoticon emoticon

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GEE-KNEE 9/7/2009 12:15AM

    Woo Hoo!!! Oh..., I didn't know that your foot was still injured from rock climbing. Geez, you ran the fastest you have ever ran, and with an injured foot. I am so proud of you Eve. That is very cool. Hope that foot feels better soon.


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Darn Plateau!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I've been stuck here since March!
I've tried to focus on fitness and the big picture.
I've set new goals to run a race.
I've played with calories and changed my exercise routine.

But I'm stuck - just needed to vent!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BECCACOATS 8/17/2009 4:37PM

    Eve ~ Well, now you know your not alone... Vent away as we are all right here with you.. I am just happy I'm not gaining!!!!


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PAMTHEDREAMER 8/14/2009 7:12PM

    Vent away darlink!! I completely understand. I feel your pain. I've been on a plateau for, for..well, too long..Chin up and look at how far you've come. Onward! Upward!

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SORGIN 8/14/2009 8:58AM

    Eve, I hear you! I've been at a significant plateau for almost a year. I've gone up or down a few lbs. and it's been frustrating. I've experienced no real weightloss in a very very long time.

One way for me to look at it is that I've maintained a lower weight for the first time in my life. In the past, I've added and added and added lbs.. I've lost only to add it back on. That hasn't happened this time. I've gone up some but my clothes still fit, so I am maintaining. That's new for me and my body. Maybe my body doesn't know what to think so is hanging onto things longer. Who knows. But for now, like you, I am keeping up with the exercise and staying in this holding pattern until things change.

Katherine said it best a while ago. There's no reason to go back. What would we go back to? Unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle? We may not be losing at the moment but we are certainly a lot healthier than we were. I'll take that for now.

I know I haven't been as serious with food in the last year as I was in that first year. I think this plateau is about what the rest of my life will look like, what that lifestyle actually means for me. What will be the dealbreakers? I know that exercise is a dealbreaker. Now I need to figure out the food dealbreakers.

Like everybody has said, look at your success and know you have come a long way. You WILL get there. I have no doubt you will! Just think about what that running felt like in the beginning vs. now. You have come a very long way. And the journey never stops.

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    I know, sweetpea....I know. I wish I had that magic "something" to bestow upon you that would just melt away that last little bit.

But, as your friends above have said, you're doing the right things and have come such a long way . You should be very proud.

And may I just add that you are not alone in this and I find you to be a motivating force for me. We just need to keep doing this. Get up, breathe, move, and make good healthy lifestyle choices.

It'll happen the way its supposed to happen. I'm SURE you look fabulous...you hot 40 something!

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NAVYMOM133 8/14/2009 7:55AM

    It will happen Eve. You are So dedicated to healthy living and are getting more fit EVERY day. So maybe on days where scale frustration really hits, remind yourself that your level of fitness and overall health are NOT plateauing!! They are improving daily, getting better and better and better.
This Fall, Eve = Soccer COACH! That's due to 100% healthy living, being able to take on that job with confidence. Now if that doesn't shake loose a few lbs....!!!

Hang in there, Reframe your thoughts to focus on your continued success!!
emoticon Melly

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GEE-KNEE 8/14/2009 1:02AM

    Hi Eve,

I have heard that those last 10 pound are always the hardest, and sometimes there is talk about your body having it own "ideal" natural weight. Whatever it is, I could understand that frustration. Hopefully it changes soon.

Best of luck,

Comment edited on: 8/14/2009 1:03:03 AM

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