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2500 freaking calories

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

yup - that was my total for yesterday. it was very tempting to leave it out altogether, but i added everything in on the nutrition tracker.

meals? not so bad. snacking in the evening? horrible -

Laughing Cow Original Cheese, 1 serving 50
Triscuit Thin Crisps (15 crackers=1serv), 0.5 serving 65
Frosted mini-wheats cereal, regular, 2 cup 347
Milk, 2%, 1 cup 122
mcdonalds hot fudge sundae, 1 serving 340
whole tortilla snack, 4 serving 340
100 cal snack pack cookies, 1 serving 100
dark chocolate, 2 oz 118
Nabisco Wheat Thins Crackers, baked, 0.5 serving 75


triggers? i was tired. i really wanted chocolate. i had that dark chocolate early in the day - and had been working around those calories. if i'd just stopped at mcdonalds on the way home and had that hot fudge sundae my snack total would be much less - as most of that was eaten at night.

this morning i went to walmart and bought a few boxes of those really yummy slim fast snack bars that taste just like candy bars - i have a box of the ones that are like baby ruths and one box that is like butterfingers. an even smarter alternative. next time i have a craving for chocolate - i'll have some chocolate, instead of trying to just distract myself with way too much other stuff.

p.s. that is two separate bowls of cereal - not one humongous one! ;)

p.s.s. 1129 for today!!!


blech. monday on a tuesday.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

blech, monday on a tuesday. one of those mornings that i just couldn't get it all together. didn't want to go to the gym - but i'd put on workout clothes when i was still half asleep and it seemed a shame to waste them. but by the time i actually got out of the house i was running late - and just did about 2/3 of my regular workout for the day.

but - 2/3s is about 2/3s more thani wanted to do this morning, so i think that counts! i don't know what it is about my biceps - i've increased weights or reps on just about every other muscle except my biceps. they just don't want to lift more than they already are.

today i have to spend my lunch hour at home spraying texture from a spray can onto the bathroom walls so they are ready to paint tonight. i think i will just take an extra hour - and still go to the lake to walk. not much cardio this 3 day weekend - so if i don't do it today, it's going to be too easy to put it off tomorrow when it's supposed to rain.

btw - if you spotted my workout log book, let me know. it wasn't in my gym bag this morning. will probably take me a week to remember to look for it at home! ;)

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    Monday on a Tuesday huh? HEY that's me every week :P I'm glad you were able to get in 2/3 of your workout, that's awesome! *looks around for workout log book* Hmmm guess it's time to go buy another? ;) ;) emoticon

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back again

Monday, May 24, 2010

well hell - 4 years ago when i first joined this site my goal was to lose 30 pounds. and today? my goal is to lose 40 pounds. doesn't say much for my weight loss efforts the last 4 years. actually, i did really well - till i didn't. then i didn't for a long time. then i did really well for awhile - till i didn't.

somehow this time i need to make the do really well stick. so far i have done ok. 4 weeks of really well, and 1 week of sort of ish not so good ate a few things i shouldn't have and didn't quite get all my exercise in. i did catch myself though - yesterday i did the LS 5 mile dvd and today i did the walk down to the lake, around, and back up to the office at lunch time. calorie-wise i did really well the last two days, too.

hopefully having to log in here will serve me well. because yesterday when we pulled out the bins of summer clothes - guess what? not a heck of a lot of mine actually fit.

*sigh* again.

ok - the weather is nice, i am feeling good, and i can do this!

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ANGIEANDBRIAN 5/29/2010 4:25PM

    He can do it!!! YAY US!

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skin care is a health thing too, isn't it?

Friday, July 07, 2006

i'm at target today with my SO, birthday shopping for our grandson, and i remember that i am out of lotion. fortunately, we were right by the lotion aisle when i remembered this. i walking down the aisle, and some new oil of olay lotions catch my eye. i like their stuff.

three bottles - one green, one pink, one purple. the pink one is body creme of some kind, the purple one is a jojoba cream. the green one is lotion. i usually like thick better than thin (very dry skin) so i try the pink one first. flip open the lid, squeeze a little bit out (i know, i know, but i have wasted so much money on lotions that turn out to be too thin and leave me dry and itchy), and rub it in on my hands. really thick stuff - takes some work to get it all worked into my skin.

decide to try the jojoba - squeeze some on my left arm, same thing - takes a bit to work it all in. i've got that one pretty much elbow to wrist. decide there's not much difference in the feel between the two, so i get the pink bottle.

we go on through the store, and my skin is really staying kind of tacky. thick and creamy is one thing, but i have to get panty hose on my legs after i lotion up after a shower, so i eventually decide to put it back. go back to the lotion aisle, and decide that in this case, maybe a little thinner would be better, so i take the green bottle and squeeze some on my right arm. the lotion kind is just as thick as the other two - but i get it worked into my skin (again, pretty much elbow to wrist).

glance once more at the bottles, thinking damn - those sounded so good, and notice a few little words i hadn't seen before.

body wash. they are all three of them body wash combinations. body wash and cream, body wash and jojoba oil, body wash and lotion.

i lathered up quite well when i went into the bathroom and target and rinsed off my hands and arms - up to the elbows i lathered up


my hands and arms are nice and soft, though!