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Another obstacle... didn't feel quite so guilty this time..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

So yesterday I had a bit of an eating obstacle.. and this time I had a gym obstacle! Though not the kind that you can blame on lack of focus and motivation.. maybe.

Being the weekend of course I have plenty of time to set aside an hour to go to the gym. I usually do this at night, no problem.

First thing is I set on my normal route (I walk) and I see this very shady person lurking in the shadows. Yikes! Okay, time to take the car this time.

Just in case I went inside and put a tape of recorded TV on (I recorded about 40 hours of TV so I can play it through some speakers so the "illusion" someone is home so crims don't break in (usually reserved for when I'm out of town).

Settled with that I go outside again, and this time I see two cops on the side of the road talking to someone (same person or different person I don't know!). Tonight is not the night to go out!

Definitely spooked. I think I will wait until daylight. :)

Though nothing to stop me from doing some "in the house" exercises. Will do that instead!

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WENDYJM4 1/13/2013 1:32AM

    good idea about staying home. Better to be safe.

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NUPRAISE 1/12/2013 11:20AM

    emoticon Just imagine yourself on an obstacle coarse, jump over every one toward the finish line! emoticon

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Bit of an obstacle...

Friday, January 11, 2013

So today I did the biggest no-no. Fast food! Ach. When at work got a call out to a rural area. I stopped at a seaside town which didn't have much of any shops. The only thing with anything remotely healthy was a general store but I didn't have any cutlery if I bought a soup or anything like that. It didn't have any fresh produce I couldn't really make a sandwich. I'm sure if I looked real hard I could've found something remotely healthy but there were no obvious choices so I just went with fish and chips.

Man I had a huge guilt trip about what I'd eaten. And for dinner it wasn't horribly bad but I did over eat what I planned (Potato salad of all things).

Anyway after beating myself up for a couple hours in guilt I went to the gym. Even after the bad lunch choice incident I messed up dinner so that wasn't very good of me. Though I did well at the gym. I had a bit of time to myself so I was able to fiddle around with the machines and learn how to adjust the pulleys etc so I could get different types of strength exercises going. Went for quite a bit so I was proud of turning the day around after an awful set of choices.

Now instead of focusing on the past I'm looking forward to tomorrow and doing even better!

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    It's behind you, there's a reason we don't have eyes in the back of our head ;)

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WENDYJM4 1/11/2013 5:24PM

    we all make mistakes, just learn from it. Take one day at the time. Great that you went to the gym.

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MJ7DM33 1/11/2013 12:26PM

  Tomorrow is a new day & a new start!

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New start - 9 days later!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Okay, so I thought time for a new start. Nicely timed with the New Year, isn't it? I was reading statistics on resolutions and apparently only 8% of people actually succeed in their New Year resolutions. How demoralising :)

Anyway, if you have read my blog before you may notice a pattern. A "NEW START" post, maybe one or two posts and then nothing for months and months. I suck at this! So knowing this, I didn't post here for a while to see if I could sustain it. I didn't want to put my heart out there and FAIL again.

So on January 2 I started my new resolution (come on, who doesn't eat everything on New Years Day parties?). It's now January 10 and I don't have too many set backs so I think this might stick.

1. I am weighing every day. Now I know some of you may be rolling your eyes. But I have tried the weekly thing and it doesn't work for me. This isn't about me thinking I'm losing fat every day. I know enough about weight loss that I know this isn't true. But the fact is my body is rebellious and RANDOM. It's like rolling a dice between 1 and 10. I figure if I weigh myself 1/7 days then there's a chance I'm gonna get a bad number just because, maybe I had a bit of extra salt. Maybe my TOM is approaching. Maybe I had too much water. Maybe I ate at a weird time and my usual time for weighing in, my "toilet break" didn't expel anything (every weighed in before and after going to the toilet? Sometimes it's nearly a kilogram difference!). So weighing in every day, yes all these factors occur, but what's more important to me and my motivation for results is that I'm looking at a downward trend. Just because I'm up 0.5kgs today but I'm averaging 1kg lost a week, that's okay. I have an app with a graph that helps. I'm all about the averages.

2. Walking to work nearly every day. It's been very hot (95-105F most of the month) so I haven't been walking EVERY DAY - but averaging probably 4 times a week. So that's 80 minutes a week extra. And I've been doing 15 minutes of hardcore gym exercise and 20m medium exercise on top of that (so weekly I'm at 200 minutes of medium pace exercise and 105 minutes top level exercise at the minimum.

3. Gym! Yes I finally got the courage to go. I joined a gym on moving to a different town. Before I moved here I was a student so had weird hours so I could go at 1am or 2am to avoid everyone. But fulltime job and needing sleep has erased that. I've avoided the gym since September (paid for a full years membership so that's wasted money too). So it was a BIG DEAL getting over this fear. I still wont do weights with people watching but hey, that's okay. I wanted to do weights 3 times a week and in the last week and a half I've done 4 weights sessions sneakily when the gym is empty for a while. So it seems to be working.

4. One of my co-workers sent around an email saying she was joining a program (Michelle Bridge's 12 week transformation) and got another lady at work to join too. I'm not going to join A. because I don't want to pay and B. I wouldn't follow it because I am a fussy eater.. but these girls will be going to fitness classes. As a gym member I have access (the program they joined is an online one, so these classes are normal gym classes). I've never been to a fitness class because the gym I was at previously had all petite little things but these ladies at work are my size or bigger. So strength in numbers..!

By the way I forgot to mention how much weight I gained... I gained 60 pounds in 6 months (280lbs). Oh my gosh! This is going to be a long battle back. And I'm pretty pissed off at myself for letting it happen. But I've been back on the horse for 9 days and I'm going strong.

I have a support network now, which I hadn't had before.

I'm over the initial cravings.

I'm tracking my food and doing well with very few "relapses".

I'm enjoying doing cardio at the gym.

And an added bonus.. I'm working the same rate I used to (or effort I guess you could call it) 60 pounds ago except my heart rate is bumped up to my max range (80% of Max HR) rather than before I was sitting at 60% of MAX HR. And I actually don't get that awful "I CAN'T DO THIS" burn or the "I HAVE TO STOP" burn. It's a nice floaty exercise burn. The gym actually is my friend this time around.

So I'm not going to be naive enough to say I will blog every day but I will pop in every now and then to update on my progress.

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1935MARY 1/10/2013 7:43AM

    Sounds like you have a great plan, but don;t get burned out. You will make it this time you go girl! emoticon emoticon

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SFREY217 1/10/2013 7:38AM

    Thanks for the sharing and motivation ! Good luck and keep up the good work !!!

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SEESKO 1/10/2013 7:33AM

    It sounds like you are doing well! You will be in that 8% this year. You can do it!

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Back on Track - DAY 2

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Okay, so day 2 is here. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. I've been mostly good. No biscuits or sweet things today!

So last night I went to the local gym for the first time. It's not a real flashy place, but it'll do. The bike isn't too good, the pedals would lose traction and jar a lot so I didn;t spend much time on that, which is weird because it's my favourite. Anyway, stayed until I burned 400 calories and it wasn't all that hard. I was concerned that I would really struggle but it seemed like a normal workout as I was doing 6 months ago.

And I did a bit of cooking last night as well. I messed up the recipe a bit, added too much because I thought I would need to. Whoops :) Anyway all I did was cut it into smaller portions when I stored it so it's about the same calories as I intended for it.

I took the dog for a walk. Usually go for about 15m but I did a bit of exploring and got lost so was out for an hour. Too tired to go to the gym so I'll count that as my workout. She's a big rottweiller with atttitude so pullin g back on the lead was like resistance training haha :) Next time I should put my HR watch on and see exactly how much I energy I use.

Anyway, just checking in because I said I would for the first week as I get over the initial cravings. During the day I'm fine but at night I've got cravings. Been good so far! We'll see!

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WINDSONG26 9/25/2012 10:00PM

    You can do it!!!!!!!!!!

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WENDYJM4 9/25/2012 9:11PM

    it is a workout when you go for a walk with your dog and he pulls at the lead. Great job
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Back on Track - DAY 1

Monday, September 24, 2012

So yesterday I had one of those moments. You know the moment when it changes from "I should lose weight" to "I am going to do this. Now".

If you read my blog yesterday here was the plan:

1. Create diet plan - DONE
2. Buy the ingredients - DONE
3. Cook myself a few meals to freeze - NOT DONE
4. Join the gym - DONE
5. Bin the crap in my pantry. - DONE
6. BLOG! I'm going to blog every day for at least the first week while the cravings will be rampant. Then once a week. - IN PROGRESS

So the only point I have yet to complete is the cooking. What a surprise. I have an excuse (Don't I always). When I got back from shopping it was already dark and had made plans to go out. But anyway. Tonight I will do some cooking.

But BIG HAPPY DANCE! I went to the Shire office (basically the owners of the local gym) and went to sign up. Before I got my job 6 months ago I had a concession card for being a student. Which expires in 2 days. So I wasn't even going to show it, cause, I'm not concession. But I thought "Well they can only say no". So I asked if it could get me anything and she was happy to put me as concession. WOOHOO!

So I have a year membership, normally 500, to 375. YES! So very happy about that. In my city/state you would be paying 500-800. :)

So that's the good news. Now the bad news. I ate too many cookies :(

I didn't even think about it. I didn't eat them thinking "Oh, I shouldn't". I simply didn't even think about what I was doing and that I was eating. I logged my coffee and completely did not connect the dots that I even had the biscuits. Oh crap.

Anyway I've completely thrown my calorie range out. So I'll have to go to the gym and do a good "welcome back" session. Though one worry I do have is how unfit I am to 6 months ago. Just walking the dog is getting me all pumped up, whereas before I could run for a few kms if I put my mind to it. Oh well. There is only one way to go and that is UP. :)

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    So glad to have you back! You've got this :-)

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WAVAIRENE 9/24/2012 4:08PM


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