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Day of REST makes for the BEST!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Yesterday at work was a really stressful day. When you are very busy it makes the day go so fast and it hardly seems as though you started when itís time to so home. Yesterday was so SLOW that is was hard to find things to do to keep busy. I am a customer service agent for a major bank and Iím on the phone all day. My morning went fairly well and then noon hit. The last half of the day there were 10 to 20 minutes between calls and you canít leave your station or go any where so it is time to pull out the reading material and try to entertain yourself.

By the time the end of the day came, I had a headache, backache and all over fatigue. I went to bed early and got up late and so today is my day to REST and refresh and just not do ANYTHING.

We did go to the store and got a paper. Came home and had a nice cup of coffee, read the paper and put my feet up.

All of us need to find the time to get the rest out bodies need to refresh and get up going again. Be it go to church, read the paper, take a walk, read a book or whatever, we all need to take that time. I think that sometimes we become so busy in trying to be busy that we forget that we need to slow down from time to time and recharge.

I have found that the time I take for me to exercise is a good time for thoughts to be sorted thru and reflections made from the prior week. It is also a good time for me to plan what I will do in the coming week. I donít like surprises, however, I know life is full of them so I never make plans made in stone unless it is absolutely necessary. That way Iím never upset if things donít go just like I would like them to.

My exercise time is MY TIME. I have dedicated that time to JUST ME and no one else. It makes me feel good about myself, makes my body feel good, makes my mind clear and gives me energy to put toward other projects I need to do. So, today, after lunch, I took my SELF time and now I feel wonderful. My head, body and soul are no longer stressed and I can feel myself letting go of the prior weeks worries.

I hope all of you had a good weekend and enjoyed your SELF time that we all need.

If you didnít find that time, make it a point to do it today and everyday if needed to keep you sharp and aware and happy.


WHY did YOU make me DO IT?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How often I have heard this. You make me so sad. You make me happy. You give me grief. You made me eat it. WHAT A CROCK!!!!

No one can make ME feel anything unless I want to feel that way in the first place. So, if I am sad, Johnny didnít make me sad, I made myself sad. Susie didnít make me happy, I made myself happy. My husband didnít make me scream at him, I did that all by myself. My best friend didnít make me eat that extra piece of pie, I did that to myself.

For a long time I have been evaluating myself to try to find the person I want to be. Only I know who that is. I can get advice from others but it is up to ME to change me. I canít marry someone and change them to what I want. If they donít want to change, you canít make them. Nor can they make me change if I donít want to do it.

For years I blamed my parents for my being overweight. It wasnít their fault. Iím the one who stuffed the food in my mouth and hide food under my bed so I wouldnít be deprived. They tried their hardest to give me a good home and teach me who I was. I did my best to defeat them at every chance.

I think we are all like this to some degree. We tend to blame others when we are out of sorts or not doing well. Itís just too easy to do that. Itís hard to take responsibility for ones self and take the consequences that come along with our decisions, be they good or bad.

My weight problem is not my parents fault, my husbands fault or my kids fault, it is my fault for not respecting myself enough to stand up and say NO when I should have and YES when I should have.

Well, now is the time to Make Myself Happy and Healthy. SO----Here I go. Care to join me?


Saturday is a wonderful day, it's the DAY I get ready for SUNDAY!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

This is a song we used to sing in Sunday School when i was growing up. It's true, you know, at least for me. This is my last day of my work week and so I am getting prepared to be lazy for Sunday.

Last night, Friday, my husband and I we chaperons at the first dance of the year at the High School. What fun. We had a football game and then the dance after and it was a great night. We were there until almost midnight and I am up early and getting ready for work. I'm tired and my eyes don't want to stay open but I have to go to work.

So today is a very special day. It's the day I get ready for Sunday and a relaxing morning with the paper and coffee. A day of conversation with my beloved husband and a day to recharge my batteries for the coming week.

So, today's message from me to you is this---

Be happy, play hard, love well and get ready for SUNDAY.

Have a wonderful day all.


Friday, August 27, 2010

I was thinking of this phrase today as I listened to people tell me their problems and I had to smile. I think our whole lives are full of NUT SHELLS.

When we are young we are carefree and without much responsibility other then to grow up and thatís it in a nut shell.

We become teenagers and we start on a new NUT SHELL so we can learn about the opposite sex and love and heartache. And thatís it in a nut shell.

We graduate from high school and leave for parts unknown. We become parents, workers, lovers, friends and so much more. And thatís it in a nut shell.

Wouldnít it be so easy if that were all there was to it. But my nut shells have grown many compartments within each shell. Not all those compartments were happy or sad but they all meant something important at the time. Those things I thought I couldnít live without as a child faded away to be things I couldnít live without as a teenager. When I grew a little more I left that compartment and went to another that I thought was so much more important that all others were forgotten. I raised a family, worked lots of jobs, had my own business, controlled others lives to an extent and each thing I did seemed to be the world in a nut shell at the time.

Well-- now that Iím older, my nut shell has grown so many compartments that it is now cracked and I can see that all along and in each compartment is a piece of me. I grew, I cried, I married, I divorced, I prayed, I cursed, I did all sorts of things, some good and some not so good but now, with the cracks getting bigger and bigger I am beginning to see the whole nut.

I was sent here for a reason and that reason was to LEARN and GROW and SHARE with myself and with others. I donít ever want to stop doing any of those things. I am more open now then I have ever been in my life because I want to know I am contributing to the good of the world. My world, your world, OUR WORLD. No matter who we are we contribute what we can and then try to do more.




Thursday, August 26, 2010

I was sitting here listening to the news this morning and they brought up the egg problem we have now in this country.

It made me think back to the Ďgood old daysí. I remember mother baking bread and the wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. The anticipation of that first slice with fresh butter melting on top. I remember going to the dairy to get Ďfreshí milk, putting the milk in the ice box and letting the cream separate so we could make butter or cheese. I remember going to the farm to collect eggs right from under the chicken. Taking them home and washing them and putting them in a bowl as we didnít have cartons.

Memories--how wonderful they are. Then I remembered my first years of marriage when we lived in a partially built home with no inside plumbing and had to haul water from the pump outside. I made bread like my mother. I made butter and cheese from the milk I got from the farmer down the road. I raised my own chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and rabbits. I had over two acres of ground in cultivation and raised all my own vegetables. I bottled food for the winter and stored in the root cellar.

Memories--how wonderful they are. Now in my upper middle age years (old age), I wish some days that I could go back to those days. Then I realize that I could no longer do all that physical work. Hauling 100 pound bags of feed and bails of hay. Slaughtering the birds, cleaning them, cutting them up and freezing them. Bottling until all hours of the night so the pantry would be full for winter. Itís wonderful to remember but itís also grand to see where we are as a nation today.

Today, we are spoiled by having grocery stores within walking distance of our homes. Or at least within driving distance. We can go to the market and be picky about what we buy and how much we buy, knowing that there will be a good supply there the next time we need something. We depend on others to give us good quality and quantities of food in a variety so vast that most nations would kill for what we have.

WE ARE SPOILED!! We have worked hard to get spoiled. We, in my opinion, deserve to be spoiled. BUT, we had to work for where we are now. Technologies have given us the ability to preserve food and have fresh food year around. WE are BLESSED.

Still, it is nice to make a loaf of bread from time to time to get that smell renewed in my mind. I donít regret my younger years and I really wouldnít want to go back, but I want to remember so I can always be appreciative of what I now have.

We can keep our standard of living high by always being vigilant in what we do. If you are worried about your eggs, wash them when you get them home. A little dish soap and a sponge will do the trick. Keep our good preparation areas clean. Goodness knows we have wonderful products that come out of a container that kill germs on surfaces. Take good care of our nutritional needs and exercise in a way that we know is good for us.

I need this reminder daily as sometimes I get so involved in being upset or disgusted with the way the world is that I forget I can change my little corner of that world and make it better.

God Bless Us All with wisdom.


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