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Day 42&43means more than any #on a scale could!

Friday, December 03, 2010

I just want to start by saying sorry to my teams and friends as I have not been very active on this site this past week. I have been having a horrible time these days, between money stress work stress and lots of emotional family problems that I do not want to even talk about have been keeping me down and up on the scale.

HOWEVER... Move on and use each days negative experiences as lessons and make changes to the day ahead! So with that...

Day 42 (Thurs.):This past week has been really great with food and fitness for me.. So far I've only cheated one day (Tues. night I had two cocktails but with diet coke and del taco egghh lol) and I have only not worked out one day (also Tues.)! I haven't really been up to blogging or really having much to blog about, just the same old but yesterday was different.

Yesterday (Thurs.) I was out of work due to some family things and since I was completely overwhelmed and just plain stressed out I decided that I would talk an hour out of my day and hit the gym, It felt so great just to run, run, run on that treadmill! I actually ran two 15min intervals with only a five minute walk break in between and after!!! I am not a runner and never thought that I would be able to run but I'm actually thinking of doing a 5k just to say that I did and maybe more further on?? So that was the first thing that I made me feel so good and than later on in the day when my husband was gone with the car my little man and I where sitting home and I thought sure why dont I walk to the park with him and let him get his "wiggles"' out. THe park is 0.58 miles from my house so there and back is just over a mile and you know what?? I didnt even brake a sweat walking over there at a brisk pace while pushing his stroller emoticon Once we got to the park I ran around with my son, we played chase, we crawled thought the tunnel and my big butt made it down the slide without getting stuck!! I was able to keep up with him without sweating and being out of breathe! This is it! this is the real reason I joined spark and why I wanted this new lifestyle! This day was without a doubt more important and made me feel better than seeing any number on the scale!

I'm not saying that I am where I need to be, I am still 27lbs from being in a healthy BMI range but I couldnt believe how much more in shape I am! I literally started crying when I saw the other mom that was there with her two little ones. She was struggling to keep up with them, struggling to fit down the slide with her little one on her lap and than I remembered that not to long ago that was me! Naturally now everyone I see struggling with weight I want to "recruit" to spark LOL but of course since this lady was a complete stranger I couldnt just approach her and say Hi wanna lose weight with me? LOL but It really got my prospective in the right place.

I was telling my husband the other night when we went out how amazing it feels to get asked for my ID when I order a drink! I'm only 21 and as I started getting heavier I stopped getting asked for my ID... I looked older, I felt Ancient!! Now I feel young, I feel 21!

I have a bit of ways to go until I am my ideal size 5 but I am officially wearing a size 10 jeans and they are starting to get loose on me emoticon. For a minute there I was starting to get tired.. tired of counting calories, tired of having to look up nutritional info every time I eat, tired of driving to the gym.. just plain tired! Than my eyes where opened and I started to see all the things I am gaining in my life by losing these lbs!

We went to my brother in laws the other day and he has one of those big ole sink down when you sit in them couches and I remember how hard it used to be for me to crane myself up off it to grab my son before he got into a cupboard or something but you should have seen me the other day, jumping up and back down a thousand times without a second thought. I even set indian style on the floor with my son and played cars! These are the small things that really make this journey worth it.. I guess the best way by far that I've heard it put is like this (pretty sure I stole this form one of my emoticon) "Being Fat is HARD and loosing weight is HARD... now chose your HARD!!

Phew well I chose my HARD and its getting myself into shape. I think I've been way to focused on being skinny honestly I would think to myself okay as soon as your skinny you only have to work out twice a week instead of five.. and as soon as your skinny you can binge as long as its not all the time.. Ewe! I WANT to work out five days a week, I WANT to be the mom playing with her little guy not sitting on the bench watching! I WANT to eat healthy foods and keep track of my calories because it makes me HEALTHY and in time with being HEALTHY I will get SKINNY!

Thanks for reading, my journey continues! I'm still trying to lose as much weight as I can by NEw YEars but I'm deciding right now on what my fitness goal will be that I would like to shoot for.. I'm thinking a 5k sometime after the New Year but we will see :)


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MIPPY265 12/4/2010 12:04PM

    Great job!! I love the way you turned this all into a positive situation. I love the way you put it all into perspective.

Im sorry that your dealing with alot of stress right now. But if you can keep turning it into all that positive, youll have that stress bug beat in no time!!

Keep up the awesome work!!!

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RACEMOM576900 12/3/2010 9:42PM

    Great job!! Even with the stress you are finding the positives and moving toward a healthy life. You sound like you are having a wonderful time with your son and are much happier with the ability to move around with ease. Congratulations!!

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GODDESSELLIE07 12/3/2010 3:00PM

    That is the best reward anyone could ask for... getting to do things we couldn't do in the past. I'm so happy to see that a new spark was lit for you this past week! You are doing amazing... keep up the great work. You are going to rock 2011!

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NWHURLEYGIRL 12/3/2010 2:37PM

    That's an excellent perspective you have on this process. Living the best life possible is really the goal to getting healthy. Losing weight/being skinny is just a "kinda-nice" by-product of that. Keeping your eye on what's really important and measuring your success in ways other than a number on the scale will ensure that you meet your goals, no matter how long it takes.

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Day 34 of 70.. Ready For The Challenge

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here we are just one day shy of Turkey Day and probably the biggest binge day for alot of us! This year my plan of attack is simple- I'm going to workout as much as possible before and after Thanksgiving, I'm going to enjoy small portions of those tasty treats and yummy foods that we only have on Thanksgiving and I'm skipping the basics- Hello we all know what a roll and butter tastes like right?
I am not in the least bit afraid of tomorrow because I know that I am different this year, I am strong and confident! So confident in fact that I am actually going to still stick with my routine of a regular Saturday weigh in!! AHH that's right peeps I am still going to weigh in on Sat. despite the Turkey, Wine and whatever else is thrown my way tomorrow.

I did not workout this AM however I dont plan to throw my cardio streak out the window (Yesterday was the third day in a row that I worked out! emoticon I just decided that since I dont have to work tomorrow that I would sleep in this AM (It was so cold! and hard to leave the warmth of my sheets emoticon) and scheduled my cardio session for tonight after work. Tomorrow in the lat e AM I am going to hit the gym again for my pre feast workout (gonna shoot for two hours of cardio but the longest I have done so far is 75 mins. so we shall see!) and than of course Friday will be another two+ hour cardio session to prepare for the weigh in on Sat. I'm shooting for six straight days of cardio this week, I was going to push myself for seven but since I did Yoga Meltdown 2x this week I can barely raise my arms with out cringing in pain so I think it best to give myself Sunday as a recoup day than up early on Monday for a power cardio session before my big day at work. Did I mention I got a title promotion at work! emoticon, with my new healthy lifestyle and changes to my diet my skin is now looking better than ever! I dont know if I've mentioned before that I have always struggled with severe acne from the time I was 14 until just this past month when I started my lifestyle change (water!!!! emoticon) and pro active. Now I would only credit the pro active half because I used it before and never have seen such a change in my skin but when you add in that plus drinking 12+ glasses of water a day and not eating greasy sugary foods it makes a world of difference. Today I woke up and realized that my skin was clear! Not a pimple on this baby, just a few scars and with make up you can even see!!!

Can I just say that emoticon emoticon

Alright well I am back on track and ready for anything the next 35 days throws at me... I am shooting for 20 more lbs gone by New Years, aka 20 lbs in 35 days and I know that If I just stay positive and on track with my fitness and food tracking that i will be in that little black dress that I have hanging in my closet for New YEars emoticon


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RACEMOM576900 11/25/2010 11:39AM

    congrats on your promotion!! That is wonderful. You have a solid plan and it is working!! You are doing wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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GODDESSELLIE07 11/24/2010 9:58PM

    You are doing awesome! Keep it up! I've noticed my skin clearing up too... I love it. Great job heading to the gym tomorrow... I will be too. Enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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CONTENTCHRIS 11/24/2010 1:15PM

    Wow 20 pounds in 35 days that is a big goal for even me(a guy). I love you attitude ! It all starts with that. I always wondered how people lost the weight and kept it off? They changed how they looked at food and how they eat forever. You look like you are there or close to it if not!
Rock on! emoticon

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Day 33 of 70(Feeling Strong and Confident!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

emoticon I have officailly worked out three days in a row!! emoticon I am aiming for five days a week untill New Years and beyond untill I hit my goal weight! Sunday I hit the gym for almost two hours, Monday was Jillian's Yoga Meltdown after work and this AM I got my mom into the action and brough Yoga Meltdown over to her house and we did it. Ahh Im so sore but it feels so good emoticon

I was off track but my mind is right now and I am ready to go.. Did great on food the past few days and am not in the least bit worried about Thanksgiving emoticon My Plan of attack is just workout, workout, and workout some more! Workout tomorrow and even on Thursday morning/afternoon before the festivites than a little cheat day (Turkey, yams and Wine!! emoticoncan you say pie!) and than Friday right back to the gym to work off that yummyness...

Its business as usual on Sat. with a weigh in and hoping that I am at least back to where I was before my disasters last week :) Countdown to NewYears is still on... 37 Days till D Day and Im shooting for 27 pounds!!

Alright My ultimate goal for this week is to workout every day for at least 30mins So Far Im 3 for 3 days we are talking Sunday-Sunday here people and I want to look HOTT on New Years so I am pumped!
Happy thanksgiving emoticon


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RACEMOM576900 11/23/2010 8:26PM

    Wonderful plan!! Great attitude!! You can do this!! Keep right on going toward that goal. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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ANGELICASASSY 11/23/2010 4:12PM

  Yay for you! You can do it!

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Day ??? of 70... Completly Lost it, now working on getting it back!

Monday, November 22, 2010

So I have not blogged, tracked my food or worked out in a week! I have now gained back 5 lbs and am no longer at the smallest weight I have been in three years stage emoticon I have been completly depressed and had zero motivation the past week ecspecaiilly this weekend! I was so disappointed in myself emoticon I couldnt even bring myself to blog because I was so ashamed at my complete lack of caring. However as usual spark people saved me! I got an email on Sunday morning, a post notification and I saw a quote on one of the girls pages and it made me snap back to it...

" Many of lifes failures are people who didnt realize how close they where to success when they gave up!" - Thomas Edison

emoticon Hit it right on the nail there! I am so close to being half way to my goal weight and was already the lightest I had been in three years and I blew it all because I was a little down and I was out about to be out but something inside me when I saw this quote hit home with me.. I got my butt up and hit the gym for an AMAZING workout! My butt and legs are still so sore this AM! I may have slipped up but I am not out! Instead of doing my same old "I will start tomorrow" thing, I started right than and there! I am back in this to win this! I still have 35 days till new years and I could be down another 15-20 pounds by than! and I will be! I just have to do it!

I hated moving my ticker back up and almost just left it as is but I want to be honest and whole heartedly in this so I moved it back up *5 lbs* back up and hoping to be able to move it back down on Sat.!


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GODDESSELLIE07 11/22/2010 3:02PM

    Way to go on not giving up and jumping right back in. We all have those moments... it's how we react in those moments that make the difference! Great job!

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Day 24 and 25 of 70..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 24-Saturday: Today I did my first 5k to help support the untied way and the families that are homeless in my backyard (aka Los Angeles CA). It was so moving and so powerful to see the amazing people that where there to support strangers and all the people that where willing to help! Ahh.. It felt emoticon to be doing something for thos less fortunate and to do something totally out of my comfort zone. I do want to clarify that it was only a walk so I didnt really train for it but the night before I did hit the treadmill and did four miles in just one hour at a six percent incline but since I brought my little one and he rode his trycycel I had to walk a little bit slower pace. I have to say my little guy killed it!! He rode his tryck about three miles before he got tired and I flipped the bike up and pushed him......

Evan and Mommy walking the 5k-

Mommy and Her Bug at the Rally Before the Walk-

It was a great day and Yes I DID CHEAT!! I ate half a donut for breakfast than after my mama and baby and I hit the Soup Plantation for a lunch out to celebrate our job well done lol! However I did well at Soup Plantation only ate the salad bar (made myself some amazing salad creations with red kidney beans and some other weird stuff lol) I only ate two pieces of small garlic bread and topped my salad with a drizzle of the fat free honey mustard yummy..

Oh did I mention that at Weigh in (which was sat. but Im including it in the poriton of Day 25-Sunday: blog section I weighed 177!!! That means that I missed my goal weight for this week by 1 pound but considering things where less than favorable last week I was super excited and at the lowest weiht Ive been in three years since right before I was knocked up emoticon. I was super excited and walked a 5k so that would explain the cheating. Now today on the food and exercise front it has not been so great. Things at home are a little tough so I spent the day with my mommy (which always makes a girl feel better!) and my little man and we quiet frankly ate like s**t and drank vodka(naughty girls!) but what the hell Im in the 170's again!! emoticon I know its not a good excuse and first thing tomorrow im back to tracking food and no alcohol but hey a girls gotta have some kettle one and carbs or else whats the point... right?? emoticon

By the way I have to add this in, my offical pick for the 170's and offically lost 23 pounds lost emoticon Now given Im wearing a flattering shirt but these are my new skiny jeans acutally my first pair of skinny jeans ever owned and im pretty excited about them yay yay!!

Alright well my little man is tearing around the house still so I gotta sign off but thanks as always for your support and emoticon love!!


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RACEMOM576900 11/15/2010 7:19AM

    Congrats on your 5k walk. You and your little guy did wonderful. I am proud of you! We all have those days that we get a little off track and I think that is okay as long as we realize it and it doesn't turn into days and weeks. WooHoo for your weight loss and new skinny jeans. You look great!

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