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Day 15 of 70.. Struggling Majorly

Thursday, November 04, 2010

So its been a little over two weeks now since I decided that enough was enough and I was going to get on this losing weight thing full force with no regrets and with every sweat and tear that comes along with it BUT this past week has been extremely hard on my fitness. Now I know that there's always going to be a reason to not work out, the baby's sick, I'm sick, I didnt sleep well and on and on the list goes and I am trying to not do this and get back on my schedule but its been a week from hell and I've only worked out twice! emoticon I dont really want to get into details but things on the home front have been.. tense!! Hubs and I have reached the three year mark of being married and we are going through some "growing pains" so between stress at home, stress at work (my bank is going through massive conversions) and stress with just being stressed I can not seem to drag my butt out of bed in the morning and workout! I even have Jillian at home to make it idiot proof(aka climb out of bed, walk to living room, turn on tv and proceed to workout!) but my body is so tired I just cant!

Egghh emoticon I hate that statement.. "I just cant" really bri?? that sounds like the old fat you not the new fit you! The whole eating right thing I get. I can do it! Its easy and as long as I track my food and dont eat alcohol I'm golden! Most days I'm so swamped at work I have to force myself to eat my snacks, I've even been hitting about 20-50 calories BELOW my calorie range lately but I know that without proper exercise just because I'm skinny that I wont truly be healthy and that's what I really want out of this journey! I'm so frustrated with myself right now, all I want is to be able to once in my life to be able to stick to something and actually succeed with it! I want to feel good about myself but its hard when I'm so stressed and feeling so down in my marriage and inside my heart. My head says work out, my body says stay in bed I'm freaking exhausted! At night I dont work out because I do not get to see my two year old all day (I'm a full time working mom) and I want to spend the time with him and by the time he goes to sleep its ten pm and I'm wiped!

Now please do not think I'm throwing in the towel and giving up, that's not what this is! This is me venting about my frustration, this is me making it known that I am struggling with this part of my new life, this is me showing my weakness and trying to prepare myself mentally for the fact that when I get on the scale on Sat. It may be up from what my ticker is currently at and I have to except that , learn from my past mistakes, pick myself up and go to the gym!

I do plan on hitting the gym tomorrow morning and working myself until I cant work anymore so hopefully I will stick with that and just do it! I'm taking a half day tomorrow to so maybe I will make it to the gym in the afternoon after work for a little extra push before weigh in. whatever happens I know that I am strong, and that I will succeed. I may have taken a few steps back but I will know move a huge leap forward! I have to do this for me and for my son I have to be healthy and strong for life!

emoticonHanging on emoticonbRi

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RACEMOM576900 11/5/2010 8:06AM

    Yes you can do it! Just remember that working out gives you exercise. Even if you are tired before you start, you will feel so much better after.

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JESSABELLA23 11/4/2010 5:11PM

    Yes, you can do it. And you will do it.

One thing I have discovered over my journey... I hate getting out of bed. And I love to sleep. And I used to sleep a lot. When I started working out for real, it did make me tired at first. But after a week or two, I noticed that I was sleeping better at night. That the workouts weren't making me as tired. And that waking up in the morning wasn't as difficult anymore.

I'm afraid I can't give a helpful suggestion for anything else... But I can tell you that when you stick to your workout plans, you'll notice results in a few different shapes and sizes.

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BAPSANN 11/4/2010 2:49PM

  I like the fact that you will start working harder with your plan as indicated in the statement "I do plan on hitting the gym tomorrow morning and working myself until I cant work anymore so hopefully I will stick with that", hang in there, you can do it.

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Day 14 of 70.. Sore as Hell!!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Todays blog is going to be short and sweet. Im not really in the blogging mood today and I dont feel good :( I am sore as hell today!! Jillian kicked me ass yesterday and I woke up feeling muscles that I didnt even know I had! Im so stoked to do this dvd again. I skimped on the AM workout today because I was so sore but I am going to do Jillian when I get home tonight and hopefully I will be able to actually get through the workout tonight! With Jillians line of dvds im going to be able to get those sexy muscles that arent to much but just right.

I have been eating good and havnt cheated this week! Im excited and scared to weigh in on Sat. I plan to do Jillian tonight than tomorrow morn. hit up the gym for my regular treadmill/cross trainer workout and Friday Jillian again than Sat. I weigh in and Im really hoping that my ticker will be moved down on Sat. Im kind of getting discouraged since I havent moved my ticker for two weeks now! It was my choice and Its a good one considering if I had weighed last week it would prob. be up eghh stupid alcohol!!!

Alright folks thats about all here, same old same old just trying to stay positive and motivated! Three weeks untill Thanksgiving and I dont plan to drink untill than. Ive got the eating part time its pretty simple, track what I eat dont eat crap thats not within my calorie range. Just trying to get back on the cardio wagon and get my butt moving! Walking a 5k on November 16th so Im excited!


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RACEMOM576900 11/3/2010 6:27PM

    Great job on working toward the 5k. Don't worry about the scale it will move. I can say that because mine did not move for two weeks then had an overnight gain of 4 lbs. now starting to slowly drop again. It will catch up. Just keep eating healthy and remember to change up your work out routines.

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- 11/3/2010 3:56PM

    Woo Hoo!!! That is awesome!!!

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Day 13 of 70 and my review of Yoga Meltdown!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

So today is day 13 of 70, almost to the second week marker of the day I decided to do this! Phew time flys, before I know it its going to be New Years and I'm going to be sexy emoticon!! So this morning I tried something new, I bought Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown as a way to kind of "strength train" at home. I posted on the message boards about it and asked what people thought, one person told me how wrong I was to call it strength training that it was actually cardio HOWEVER it is in fact called body weight training and it falls under strength training Jullian is just AMAZING and gets your heart pumping to incorporate cardio with powerful muscle toning moves!!! I'm in love here people! Can I be honest and tell you that I couldnt even complete the whole 30 min retinue! This is mostly because I didnt eat before starting, here I was thinking this was yoga and that I wouldnt need to eat... Boy was I wrong! This is not your mamas yoga, this is power packed, constantly moving, pushing your body to the extreme yoga! I love it because I have so much room to grow with this dvd. There are two levels (got through 25 mins of level 1) both levels have a beginner and intermediate person doing the modifications for you. I love love love Jillian style, the way she actually directs her instructors and corrects their form so that you can be sure you are doing it properly. I was sweating my booty off and I feel so tight! I'm gonna rock it again tonight to try and finish threw it and I'm letting DH go to the gym in the AM cause I want to do this again!! I love it lol

Everything else seems to be going good, Foods been good as it usually is during the week. Hubby and I are weighing in on Sat. so I'm really trying to be extra strict this week since I'm so scared the scale may go up *gulp*. Alrgihty that's all for me! I'm off to eat my healthy choice lunch yummy


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RACEMOM576900 11/2/2010 3:52PM

    sounds like you are really liking this. Good for you! Enjoy soon you will be doing the whole thing!

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GODDESSELLIE07 11/2/2010 3:32PM

    Don't be afraid of the scale... it doesn't have a mind of its own... just tells you how you are doing without judgement :) Remember, no matter what it says, you are doing good and you are making positive changes!

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Countdown Continues... Day 12 of 70(PICS!!)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Good Morning Sparkers,

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and managed to get out of it with little to no slip ups?? I admit I had a Reeses peanut butter cup out of my sons candy bag, I mean what do you expect hes only 2 we all knew that candy wouldnt be getting eaten by him emoticon. So I actually did it! I bought a Halloween costume and I wore it! aghh.. It wasn't anything out of control but it was a skirt and I looked cute ...

It was a good night and I cant wait until next year when I can rock the sexy costume! I also got in some cardio because believe it or not my son can walk far! I couldnt believe what a two year old will do for candy, at one point he even walked up to the door and said give me candy! haha I'm like no your supposed to say Trick or treat and he responds with Oh, Trick or treat, give me candy! haha.. It was a fun night and I am looking forward to next year for sure!

I'm also super jazzed because yesterday I purchased Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown! I was looking for something that I could do in place of weights at the gym and that I could do at home on Tues. and Thurs. when its my husbands day to go to the gym. I was aiming more towards Pilates at first since I love love love it! and it makes me feel amazing and tall but I came across this dvd at target and the moves they feature on the back are similar to the pilates moves so I think this is going to be awesome! Ive read great things about it from people on my Shred it spark team and also online so Im excited! Im going to do this for 30 days than woop my ass ready for New Years with Jullians 30 day Shred starting Dec. 1st Woop Woop! I've been kind of unmotivated and off track with eating and especially with working out but Im ready to kick my own butt into gear :) Hubby and I are weighing in on Sat. so i need to pump it up to show him that we can succeed and be sexy!


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RACEMOM576900 11/1/2010 9:05PM

    Its great that you and your hubby are working together. Sounds like you are super motivated! Way to go! Keep that great attitude and you will reach your goal in no time! Good Luck!

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Day 10 and 11 of 70... Trying to stay motivated!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

emoticon The past few days have wrecked havoc on my nutrition and my sleep!

Day 10, Saturday: Sorry all, I didnt post yesterday however the "Rents" took my little guy for the day so the hubby and I spent some much needed time together. I wouldnt say I completely feel of the spark wagon after all I did dance a lot and spent less than an hour on the couch (actually even inside my house) however I did overload on beer and carbs emoticon emoticon! Yikes and I did not make it to the gym yesterday as previously stated. We stayed out really late and I only got about five hours of sleep before I woke up this morning, rolled out of bed and....

Day 11, Sunday(Today): made my way to P and G super burgers (AKA all things are cooked with a side of grease emoticon) and got myself a nice hefty Side of hash browns with a Veggie Omlete.. Yummy, to be quite honest I just now finished eating however I only ate half of the hashbrowns and half of the Omlette (which was filled with lots of yummy veggies so I get a point for that, right?) and I am now sitting here stuffed like a pig blogging about how fat I am LOL!!
Its not exactly like that, the hubby is helping his mom fix her tire on her bike so they can go for a little ride and since I dont have a bike I have every intention of strapping on my running shoes and doing a little power walk/ jog beside them once my superburgers meal settles in my tummy!

Oh I almost forgot to mention emoticonHappy Halloween emoticon!! We are taking the little guy to a carnival tonight in downtown, should be fun and filled with lots of temptation of course lucky for me I'm not all that big on candy emoticon and I should get in a lot of walking tonight so I think it should be a positive evening!

After my walk I'm headed to the store to pick up my pilates dvd and maybe a costume? I wasn't gonna get one because I wanted to wait until I was hot body before I go and get all dressed up but I'm feeling oddly more confident than last year and saw that the costumes where 50% off today so I decided to take a looksy and if I find something than pics. will be available tomorrow.

Alrighty that's all for me today, I will check in again tomorrow. Thanks for reading and thanks all for the support. Have a great day and remember to be safe! Watch for cars and dont forget to stay away from your kids halloween baskets! lol!


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DEBIGOLD32779 10/31/2010 6:57PM

  I didn't have a great week either. Had a nice night with hubby and friends Friday night and drank a bottle of red wine. Really it is only 25oz over 5 hours but a lot of calories. So we just start over tomorrow. Thanks for the blog. emoticon

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SPARKTRICKIE 10/31/2010 4:16PM

    Hey there - oh boy....I must have been on that beer and carb wagon with you this past weekend emoticon And did so after a week of not being that great.....like you, didn't fall completely off the wagon, but wasn't a superstar either!!

Oh well - looks like you had a great weekend and good that you and your hubby were able to spend some time together....that's always important!!!

Have a great evening emoticon emoticon

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