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Day 9 of 70... Temptation is Lurking!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Morning emoticon aghh it is Friday today! and that means we are one day closer to Halloween! *gulp gulp* I don't know about you but I am already starting to feel the temptations of this sugar filled holiday. This morning I came into work as usual with my "spark" lunch packed. I set down at my desk, powered on my computer only to find an email proclaiming that today we would have a halloween party! Egghh and of course the conference room is filled with cupcakes, donuts and candy. So I did the responsible thing and Opted out of the party at least the food portion of it. I dont need to surround myself with the temptation! Luckily for me I'm not that big of a sweets person, for me the temptation lies in french fries, chips and anything snacky LOL I'm thinking the safest place for me today will be in the protection of my cubicle surrounded by my grapes, green beans and sensible solutions veggie chips emoticon I can be social and not stuff my face, right? I mean after all when I went out the other night my friend ordered a giant plate of french fries and fried chicken strips (shinning examples of my weakness!) and I only ate 2 single fries! emoticon I can do this! I am strong and I have will power.

So although I pretty much have the whole food thing down pat (still working on maintaining the alcohol portion of my caloric intake but food is easy now!) I am still struggling with getting my booty back to the gym! My alarm went off at 5am this morning and this cold weather just has me glued to my bed and my blankets emoticon... Never fear I still have the chance to go tonight! and I will for sure. I'm also going to make it there at some point on Saturday and I am planning on Sunday also.

Tomorrow is my normal weigh in day however in my previous blogs you will find that I have decided to ditch my friend the emoticon due to my complete lack of motivation and exercise this past week emoticon I feel shameful LOL so from Sat. I have a week until I have to face the scale once more. My husband says hes positive I have lost more weight since my waist and hips are smaller but hes a man so who knows! I sure hope so though, I'm slowly trying to close out this week with a bang and kick off next week with a emoticon!!

Because I havnt really given myself goals, I will now *gulp* go ahead and put it in writing here my goal weight for next week so that I can keep myself accountable, keep in mind that I have not weighed since last Sat. so I am going off that weight and may be underestimating my power a little here but the goal week for Sat October 6th is 175 LBS that would mean I would have to have emoticon6 lbs however keep in mind I dont know what my current weight is I can only assume its less than 181 emoticon so Its not so unrealistic.

Oh and I'm updating my rewards because I want to get stuff that will help me further my journey not just beatify me LOL and on Sat. I'm hitting up the local thrift stores to try and get my pilates dvds at a discounted price otherwise its to walmart for a generic version of the program I wanted for now (I don want to order online and have to wait to ship I need to get on this!)

emoticon emoticon*bRi*

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RACEMOM576900 10/30/2010 9:34PM

    Great will power! I have been avoiding the sweets all week. You are making positive changes in your life and the scale will eventually show a drop in numbers. Hang in there and keep those goals in sight!

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KEIRASMAMA 10/29/2010 2:52PM

    I totally hear you on the terror about halloween snacks around! My girls have had several halloween events this week and I have had to bake cupcakes and cookies and try to resist. It is killing me and we haven't even gotten to the candy part of it yet!! Stay strong and keep making those positive choices!!

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Day 8 of 70... A little Hung Over (naughty girl!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

emoticon So little Miss Bri had a little to much fun last night! I totally blew my whole no alcohol theory right out the window and it took my calorie range with it! Ugh... I could be mad at myself but instead I'm going to just move on with my day and stay positive. The good news is I got it out of my system and I am counting it as my one cheat day for the week which means that this weekend I have to stay on point and on track.

As you can probably guess, I did not make it to the gym this morning despite my best efforts and intentions (I set my alarm for 5:30am) because I'm pretty sure I was still drunk at that point haha... but like I said its out of my system and I'm back in business.

Can I just go off on a tangent for a minute and say it makes such a difference going out when your not fat!!! I cant wait until I'm at my goal weight so I can shake my thang all over the floor LOL I actually busted a few white girl moves last night and I'm so sore this AM (Does that count as a workout?? emoticon) Its amazing how much energy I have and I am not scared to talk to people in public! Woot Woot

It was nice to feel like I belong, to feel like I'm young!! and to not feel like everyone starring at me thinking I shouldnt be there LOL ahh I cant wait to be skinny!!! Its kind of addictive, I'm on skinny crack

Okay so on to the task at hand, creating a new me emoticon I am going to the gym tonight since I skimped on this AMs workout and I will be hitting the gym Friday before work, Some point on Sat. and Sunday i am going to start my pilates Dvd's than its kick it in to full gear next week, I am starting my new schedule of rotating gym days with my hubby (I've updated my spark page to include my new program if your curious check it out). emoticon I am so pumped and ready to go. I'm making a promise to myself that I will not go out again until after my next weigh in and only if I have hit 25 LBS lost than I will venture out into the world once more LOL!

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RACEMOM576900 10/28/2010 10:19PM

    You are young and want to have fun! Going out once in a while is not a bad thing. Dancing is a great way to exercise. Looks like you had a great time!

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EVANSPROUDMAMA 10/28/2010 4:35PM

    I have noticed the whole shrinking and tolarance pattern. Ever since I lost the 20lbs I am a light weight lol but hey light and weight together sounds good to me! lol

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JESSABELLA23 10/28/2010 4:33PM

    We all need a night out sometime.

The best part is, as we shrink, so does our alcohol tolerance, so you'll start spending less when you're out! (I discovered this one last weekend).

I do believe that dancing does count for fitness minutes :)

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Day 7 of 70.. aghh its only been 7 days? LOL

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 7 of 70 that means only 63 more days until New Years, I cant believe that its only been 7 days lol I feel like I have been on this journey for a thousand years, I'm probably not the only one that feels like this at one point or another! Phew this morning was a HARD morning. I went to bed at nine o clock as soon as my little monkey feel asleep and I had intended on waking up at 4:30 am so that I could rock it at the gym but my snooze button was my ultimate BF this morning emoticon. Never fear emoticon I did manage to make it to the gym by 5:30am and I worked out for 50mins! I burned almost 500 calories emoticon and let me tell you, the experience that I had on the cross trainer this morning makes me never ever stop working out for more than a day again!! For the first time since my first day at the gym I felt like I was going to die! I even considered getting off and doing a less intense treadmill walk because I felt so dizzy and out of breather. I told myself that I would give it ten more mins. and if I sill felt that way that I would get off and you know what? I didnt feel that way after the ten mins.!! I powered through and did a 35min High intensity workout followed by ten grueling mins on the stair stepper! Phew emoticon it was a TOUGH one but I tell you what it really made me realize that my ass needs to follow my cardio schedule and not sway off unless 1.The world is ending or 2.I'm dead or 3.The power goes out in the gym (at which case proceed to nearest pavement and start running!)

I also have another tough one to tackle today, yesterday I heard the oh so dreaded words "Pizza party for your appreciation!" egghh I'm like can you get me a salad LOL! However, I ate light for breakfast, skipped the iced coffee and packed only healthy snacks to offset the calories I will intake at lunch. I have tracked everything in my spark people tracker although I had to guesstimate because the pizza place they are ordering from does not offer nutritional facts so I used Pizza Hut since they have the greasiest pizza and I added up everything that will be in the chicken salad and guesstimated eating one in a half cups. I even brought my own light dressing from the fridge at home along with my hand dandy measuring spoons to measure out two servings for my salad emoticon and dipping sauce for my pizza emoticon

emoticonThis will be me in about thirty mins. but I plan to do so responsible, sorry but I am not throwing that AM workout down the drain by eating a bunch of crap! People here at work are such sabotagers! No one can really tell I've lost weight yet since they see me every day so everyone like "why dont you just eat the pizza, why are you asking for salad, why dont you eat read meat(pepperoni and sausage) I'm like because I dont get off it! Even someone was making fun of me because I asked what place we where ordering from so that I could try and track it! Whatever LOL I will be the one laughing when I'm skinny emoticon so there people!

Thanks for reading, another day of my journey has begun and I plan to be successful and productive today! I have also implemented a new strength training routine to my workout instead of using the weight machines at the gym, its just to hard to go upstairs, the muscle men starring at themselves in the mirror while they "pump" and the woman giving dirty looks at me if I try to do my abb series in front of the mirrors so I decided to start my pilates up again. I figure if I'm gonna do this, I might as well do it all the way and get my dream body! So here I come sexy bikini in May, hell maybe I'll hit up Vegas for my bday in May! emoticon

*PS READERS TODAY I AM WEARING MY JEANS I BOUGHT AS A GOAL TO FIT INTO RIGHT AFTER I HAD MY SON! THEY ARE SIZE 13 AND ARE LOSE ON MY BUTT AND LEGS! ONTOP OF THAT I HAVE NO MUFFIN TOP AND IM WEARING A SHIRT THAT HITS JUST AT MY BELT LINE(Prior to spark all my shirts would have to be long, long because of my muffin top emoticonbut not today friends!) emoticonIm goint to eat now!

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MAGGIEMAY147 10/27/2010 3:21PM

  That's awesome about your jeans! I am super happy for you! Keep up the great work and who cares what the people at work think about you keeping track of everything. Like you said you will be the one laughing when your skinny!! Your on your way already keep it going!

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GODDESSELLIE07 10/27/2010 2:50PM

    Awesome! Sounds like you havae a great plan to get through the pizza party. And congrats on wearing your goal jeans with a "short" shirt... I still don't like to wear those! Keep it up!

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Vonorable@this stage of the game

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

emoticon I just need to get this out and maybe get some advice from all my emoticon who are amazing and always take the time to ready my blogs. So I have been with spark for approx. 5 weeks now and have had amazing results, not only with weight and inches lost but with transforming the way I look at myself. I have a very bad habit of Yo-Yo dieting, and to be quite honest this probably the longest most successful stint of "dieting" that I have been on and that is because I have made a personal choice to not make this a diet but to make this me!
I blogged the other day that I was at a crossroads in my journey, I was at the point that I was either going to stick with it and be successful (For once!) or just give up like I always do and accept being a Fat Girl. I decided that I dont want to give up, I want to be successful and happy! Today I realized that this week is dyer to my success and its making me feel very vonorable because I know that in my own mind this week will make or brake me in the way that I have to succeed or else I will be screwed! LOL! I have never gone this far before, I have not been at 181 pounds since I was pregnant with my son and I know that if on Sat. that scale says 179 or lower that's it! I've succeeded and in the words of some smart people "There aint no stopping me now, I'm on a roll!" I just need to be in the 170's, I need to accomplish this first milestone to help push me to get to the next big one. I need this for me, to know that I can do it! I have never accomplished this much weight loss before and I have not been in the 170's for Three years!! Ahh.. I told DH this today and he didnt understand my feelings but I just want it so bad I can taste it! Im working out after work today and Tom, Thurs and Friday before work. I am staying within my calorie range and not eating past 6. I'm doing this!


HERE I COME 170'S *GULP* Any advice you have for me on how to keep my head in the right place or how to pump up my routine this week please share, all my fitness and food trackers are public. All I ask is no negative comments, no telling me that I'm aiming to high (Its only 2 lbs) Please only positive CONSTRUCTIVE critscim here.

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ALWAYSCHANGING 10/27/2010 8:51PM

    I worry sometimes when I hear my fellow sparkers having what I call the "all or nothing" mindset. WE become so focused on the scale we are like the biggest loser contestants that focus so much on the number of the scale, they forget to see all that they have accomplished by getting in the gym daily, eating right and focusing on getting healthy. You used the word "diet" the changes we are making are not to be temporary, diets are temporary, healthy eating has to be a lifestyle change, it is meant to be permenant. All that being said, forget the numbers they may or may not fall, but your size and shape will change. I want you to succeed just as bad as you want to succeed. I want you to celebrate your successes and embrace your setbacks as learning experiences. I remind myself daily that it didn't take weeks for me to put on this weight, it won't take weeks for me to take it off and keep it off. Celebrate the effort, celebrate the successes and most of all celebrate the strong woman you are for taking on this journey and wanting to be the healthy, beautiful and vibrant woman you know deep down you are. I wish you joy, success and the 170's and beyond. emoticon

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PENELOPE0831 10/27/2010 11:09AM

    I'm at a similar stage myself, so I feel like I shouldn't give you advice, but heed the advice that other people are giving you! But I can say that it sounds like you're doing everything right, and there's no reason that you can't meet your goal. Keep at it! You're strong and determined- go girl!!!

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ABB698 10/27/2010 2:01AM

    You can do this, and you know that, so be DONE with self sabotaging and move forward into the lower #'s! It isn't easy, but you are so worth it and your little boy will thank you for being healthier to enjoy him more! emoticon

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MAGGIEMAY147 10/26/2010 11:48PM

  First great work on your success so far! I myself am trying to get back on the band wagon of eating better. I did really well for about the same amount of time then it came time for my friend's bachelorette party and because I didn't want to deny myself any longer I gave in and went back to eating chips (something I hadn't had in almost 2 months at the time...because they are a big weakness for me). All I can say is keep with it. Once you break even a little bit at this point it is so hard to get back into the swing of things.

Just remember to have fun with a workout every once in a while. Myself I put on music while I put away my clean clothes and dance around my room. It can take longer to get everything done because I might stop and just dance for a song I really like but by the time I am done putting away clothes I am out of breath and sucking back water. Put all the while it never feels like a workout but it gets my heart rate up and I dance like no one was watching so I shake all that I have and hope to lose.

oh and by the way reading your blog inspired me to try harder this week as I have been struggling so thank you!

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CAITIJBUG09 10/26/2010 7:55PM

    I think I am kind of in the same place. It seems like every other week this past month I have hit a plateau. Right now I am stuck at 159.8, and the week before last it was 163 or so. I have reached places I never thought I would go, but It's terrible to be stuck at them. Just keep your head up, I will do the same.

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LIVELOVELAUGH17 10/26/2010 4:47PM

    Keep your head high and a big smile on your face.
Stay on track and never give up!!! The journey is a tough one, and we're all going through it too- but you have to know in your heart that with each passing day you are working towards something wonderful. You are giving yourself life... and nothing is more valuable than that.
Keep on smiling, you're an inspiration!

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EVANSPROUDMAMA 10/26/2010 4:45PM

    Your all right! Thank you for the power of your words! I have decided in order to realese myself from this mind struggle I am having and to focus more on my personal journey rather than the numbers, I am ditching the scale until November 6th! No weigh in this week! emoticon See I already feel realived!

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GODDESSELLIE07 10/26/2010 4:36PM

    Don't freak out! Some weeks go better than others, and stress can cause weight gain. So by stressing out, you could be sabotaging your efforts. Remember, even if you don't make it to 179 this Saturday, you aren't a failure! You have made so many great changes and have been sticking with them. Besides, if you don't make it to 179 this weekend, do you really want to head back to 200? I didn't think so! So just keep at it and even if it doesn't happen this week, IT WILL HAPPEN! YOU ARE DOING GREAT! If you need any help, just ask :)

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CCFIRECRACKER 10/26/2010 4:19PM

    emoticon on your success so far and sticking with it!!!

my only suggestion would be that IF you don't reach 179 this Sat. DO NOT let it get you down or make you quit. scales can be the enemy sometimes because our weight can fluctuate radically from day to day; regardless of what we're doing right.

keep up the great work and let us know how your weigh in goes!


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MERAINA 10/26/2010 4:01PM

    Consistency in all things does a body good! you are on the right track! Stick with it! You are doing great!

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THATGIRLSTEF 10/26/2010 3:40PM

    I am in the same place right now! Good luck and stay focused. :-)

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LITTLE_QUEEN 10/26/2010 3:39PM

    You just have to do it, do your best, stay strong, and know in your heart that you are worth it.

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Day 6 of 70..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Morning emoticon today is another new day! Another day down till New Years and that means another day down till I am the new me emoticon. Yesterday went pretty well, I are within my lower end of the calorie range, didnt eat past six pm and got a fairly decent nights sleep last night! I have even managed to talk the DH into joining my journey with me and he actually got up at 6am this morning and went to the gym! I am so proud of him! We have actually decided that are ultimate goal will be to hit the beach in May with him being able to wear no shirt and me in my new bikini emoticon It will be extra special for us because we have only taken are little man to the beach once and we where both to fat to enjoy it, so this is exciting! I have been trying to share my "sparked Knowledge" with him but he doesnt seem to want to listen, generally I know it is because I always do this and yo yo up and down and than eventually fall off the wagon all the way to 200 lbs however I do know as I progress more in my journey he will take me more seriously.

Anyway on to today, I feel good, I have chosen for the sake of my weight loss to not attend my husbands pool league tonight. I have self control when it comes to food but alcohol is my weakness and my down fall. I know that if I where to attend tonight I would easily put down three to four cocktails and that would just train wreck my whole day so I have chosen for now to bypass the alcohol. Which brings me to my new goal for today, no alcohol again until Thanksgiving. Alcohol keeps getting in my way and keeps adding those pesky little up one pounds down one pound yo yo that get me down and I have decided to end that! So lets all raise a glass and toast sobriety(at least for the next 30days LOL emoticon)

Today I am going to strive to stay positive, make healthy food choices and get to bed at a decent hour so that I can make it to the gym for my first hard core work out of the week. In case I forgot to mention the reason why I have not worked out yet this week(at least at the gym, I've been doing my 15 crunches a night that my team challenged me to at home emoticon is because first DH and I have created a morning rotation for the gym since neither of us prefer to workout at night, I go on Mon, Wed, Fri and optional Sat and Sun and he goes Tues, Thurs, Sat with an optional Sunday however Mon I bypassed my workout because I worked at 7am so Tom. I will hit it full force since I need to get all pumped up for my Sat. AM weigh in!

Okay guys that's about all for today, I am six days in with 64 to go... Feeling strong and positive still and ready to be sexy!

First goal to meet is to hit 165(5lbs shy of what I was when I met DH) by Thanksgiving! The reason for this is because I am going to be seeing all of DH's family including his B**ch (excuse the french but she really is!) aunt so I want her to choke on her turkey legs when she sees me emoticon emoticon

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CONTENTCHRIS 10/26/2010 12:39PM

    Yea ess for you and your hubby!!

I see big losses of weight in your future!!

I see you making guys like me turn our heads and you having to grab hubbies strong arm not to tell us off!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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