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Rounding Out Week 2

Monday, October 04, 2010

Okay so Tomorrow (Tues October 5th) marks the begining of my third week with spark people. Pheww time flys I can believe it is going to be the third week that I have been doing this! All in all I am still very motivated depsite a few slips, I have managed to lose 9.5 pounds in my first two weeks. My goals for the next two weeks is to hit the 20 pound lost mark and to keep on keeping on!

The first two weeks have been filled with ups and downs! Lots of why am I even botherin moments and a few emotional breakdowns but I feel good and I am still motivated to continue which is half my battle. Generally this would be the point that I would fall down and stay down. Not this time mama! No not I! LOL! I know that these next two weeks will be my biggest challange point but if I can stick to the goals that I have outlined for myself I know that I will be able to successfully complete this journey and continue on a healthy, happier and skinner woman!

*The goals that I want to maintain this month are:

1. Work out Mon-Fri before work
2. Drink 8+ cups of water a day
3. No Alcohol
4. Only weigh myself once a week
5. Track all my food and fitness (which has become 100% easier since I discovered the spark people app. for Blackberry!! Love it!)
6. Stay Positive and keep my eyes pointed towards the future even if I have a slip up.

And the Goal weight for Oct. 30th 2010 is 175 pounds!!


Cant wait to check in with you all at the End of this month and see where I am than!

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EVANSPROUDMAMA 10/5/2010 12:57PM

    Thank you so much POSTTENEBRASLUX! Take it from me, you can do this! I think the toughest battle of this journey is fighting off yourself! What I mean is figting off your negative, I cant do this self and replacing it with someone who is fearless, someone who can achieve anything that they want to! Remeber when you where a kid and you thought you wanted to be a princess (or a doctor or whatever) no one could tell you that you couldnt! I want to believe in myself and in the positive things just like I did when I was 5. Go You! Believe in yourself and you will succede. When you fall get back up! When you slip catch yourself before you hit the ground :) Add me if youd like, we can help to motivate one another and Good Luck with your journey

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    I am motivated by your blog today! I just started my own weight-loss journey and already am feeling the challenges! You've encouraged me to just look at one week at a time and see the success!

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First Week Down..

Monday, September 27, 2010

I just have to start by saying... emoticon I am beyond proud of myself, in my first week I have accomplished going to the gym five days! I have overcome feeling like I am going to pass out and pushed through to make it on the treadmill for 35 mins at a level 8 incline and 3.5 speed also the elliptical which if you read my earlier blog you will know that the last time I attempted that I threw up and almost had a brush with a heart attack (at least according to my mom LOL)

Friday was a tough day for me, actually just a tough night. I had a wedding reception at a Mexican restaurant that I attended. I kind of went off track there and had a few beers however I did pretty well with the food aspect since It was a buffet I was able to control my portions and I also made it to the gym Friday morning so I think that is why I felt okay with splurging a bit.

Saturday was a even tougher day, my husband and son and I went to a restaurant, I got a veggie omlet and ice tea so that was all fine and dandy but than my brother stopped by and we ate In-N-Out with him (I get veggie burgers since I dont eat red meat but the fries where a major issue, can you say animal style lol) and after that I ended up drinking way to many cocktails with 7 up so that was carbo overload!

Sunday was okay but not great, I ate a 7 layer burrito from Taco Bell however I did manage to finally drag my fat butt out to the gym which was a big accomplishment considering I was madly hangover from the night before LoL and considering that Sunday was not a planned cardio day for me I felt pretty satisfied with myself until my brother stopped by for dinner and you know we had to order Pizza Hut! I did okay for the situation, I ate only one piece of pineapple and cheese pizza and two honey bbq wings. The only reason I was upset with myself in this situation is because it was 8pm when I ate...

Ahh and finally its Monday again-
Going on week two of this journey and I am pumped and ready to go, I am not foreseeing any diet crushing ice burgs in my near future, my sons birthday party is on Saturday so that Is a little scary but I am going to be running around taking pictures everywhere so hopefully I will not have time to think about stuffing my face with cake or pizza lol!

Well thanks for reading, weigh In is tomorrow plus I am going to take my measurements *Gulp* I am hoping for at least 2 pounds down but we shall see...

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-HEATHERLEW- 9/29/2010 2:03PM

    You are doing great!!!

And happy birthday to your son! Kid's parties are not good on the diet, but good for your heart. Enjoy!

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TIARAG03 9/27/2010 1:03PM

    emoticon you are doing very well. Just remember this is a lifestyle change and it will take your whole life to maintain it. So making small changes and sticking to them will make the biggest impact overall. emoticon you got through the first week and you can get through the first year and so on!!!!! You are so worth it!!!!! Change always start with you!!!!! emoticon

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Ahh Cupcakes!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My status is set on trying to fight off temptation! the reason why is because at this very moment there is a giant cupcake tray sitting in front of my humble cubical! Why does working in a office mean automatic birthday celebrations and non stop cake/cupcake parties!! Oh man Im not going to eat them because the second I thought about doing so I immidatly thought about my butt on the stair master this morning about to pass out but it is oh so hard!

I am seriously dreading even getting up because if I leave the safty of my cubical I have to face the danger of the chocolate cupcake with sprinkles... It feels so good to know that I am strong enough to say no!

Go me!! emoticon


Seriously Im that out of shap???

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

emoticon So this morning I actually drug myself out of bed at 5:00am and made my way to the gym. I have really been trying to get myself into the habit of doing this every am Monday-Friday because it is what works best with my schedule and I dont have to take time away from my family.

Anyway, so there I was just busting my hump on the eliptical and all of a sudden I get this dizzy nasues feeling. I jumped off and ran to the bathroom and I just threw up right there.... The sad part was that I had only been working out for approx 20 mins! I was so mad at my body, I had the energy and positive attitude but it was just to much for my body Im like are you serious???

Anyway it was definitly yet another huge ahh huh moment, you know what I mean? I did manage to pull myself together and walk on a incline (incline level 6! go me emoticon) for 40 mins. which I was proud of myself for. So I am just going to press on and continue my walking and than I will work my way up. I just want to feel like I am challenging myself but I guess when you barf in the middle of your workout and almost pass out on the gym floor that means I am pushing to hard.

So the Journey continues.... My first step is to get up every morn. @least Monday through Thursday and go to the gym for @least 40 mins.!


Getting Passed that What did I just do moment!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

emoticon Last night was the third day of my diet and tracking what I eat. I was so proud of myself I even printed out my tracking sheet to take home and show my husband. Even after factoring in one cold beer I was right where I should have been for staying on track but than... I stayed up way to late, the baby had a hard night and was up till eleven and the husband was passed out after a long day and being sick him self. I finally got quite time, I sat down on the couch to watch my favorite show Weeds and all of a sudden I felt it.. I felt the leftover pizza that was in the fridge calling my name! Stupid pizza, i told my husband not to leave it in the fridge, hell not to even bring it in my house and before I knew it there I was scarffing down two pieces!

Like that wasn't bad enough, when I plugged it into my tracker this morning I almost crapped myself! I had gone over my numbers by 500 calories! and to make matters worse I did not pry myself out of bed this morning to go to the gym because I have a 2 year old with a cold at home who woke me up at 1am to come in my bed and did not sleep a wink...

Grr.. I could hate myself and give up like I always do at this point but instead I feel oddly motivated to press on. So, here I go again! another day and luckily I made it to the grocery store last night and bought myself lots of healthy snacks so now all I have to fear is that wedding reception on Friday, you know the one that will have tons of mexican food and beer at it.... well that's a whole different blog lol but for now I look forward and believe in myself.



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