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Sent my friend back home...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I was really scared of the thought; having a friend here for a whole week and try to stay on track. emoticon
I pushed the "panic button" and got a lot of response. Good suggestions about how to handle the situation. I tried to follow them and guess what - I didnt only throw it all overboard during her stay - I even lost some more weight!!! emoticon
Unbelievable! I always gain weight when we have visitors here. We eat out a lot, we drink more wine than we usually to, and worst of all we dont exercise as much. emoticon
This time was so different I have to analyse it. What made me do so much better this time? The only answer I have is SP.
I have only been here for a month = this was the first visit weve had since I joined SP and the only thing different.
I didnt have that much time to spend in front of the computer during the week but I saw to it that I logged in every morning and read some articles, and at night I put in the days activities. Naturally I missed some of the meal tracking but all in all I stayed with it.
So this time when the plane left I didnt go home to "start all over again" as I use to - I went home to keep going!!! emoticon

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INGMARIE 11/30/2010 8:32AM

    well, good for you.It shows that sparks really work. emoticon emoticon
Hope the visit was nice and that you all had a good time with your friend.

Thanks for the goodie, I love shoes.( closet is full of shoes)

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Change at last!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Since I started up here I havent lost a gram, but today the scale finally gave in to what I already knew, my body has changed.
My trousers doesnt fit me anymore, I feel that a big lump on my stomach is gone but anyway it is nice to have the scale recognise it too.
Tonight Im picking a friend from Sweden up at the airport. Shes staying for a week and I must say Im a little concerned about how Ill manage during her visit. I know well be eating out a lot and after reading the articles here on how much calories there really are in these restaurant meals Im scared of getting what I just lost right back on again...
Well. Being positive; Hope the socializing will have a good influence on my health and that this is going to show on my long term weightloss. ( I really dont know if Im just kidding myself or if this could be a fact?! )
emoticon emoticon


"The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain"...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It is true. Here in the mountains the sun is shining like never before and the weather is perfect for exercising outdoors. BUT I did get a cold this weekend and havent been out for several days. Whats more; went to the dentist friday and had to have things done that still hurts. emoticon
So I sat/slept all weekend and tried to forget that the sun shone, Id rather had rain and storm.

However Im better today so I have been on the cross-trainer for an hour and that felt GOOD!

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INGMARIE 11/18/2010 9:54AM

    It is a few days later now, I hope you feel better and that the sun will shine on you again emoticon emoticon

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A different monday morning

Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday morning; often the worst morning of the week, because of all not that great decisions during the weekend. Today though is a different monday altogether.

Ive only been with you for some days but its already changed me. Really cant explain it.
One of the goals Ive set for myself is eating regularly. This of course is nothing new but having made the promise here in writing makes it easier somehow.
I feel content, ok with myself and that only after 10 days!!!

Yesterday I had an encounter with the scale again. She isnt telling me what I would like to hear but even so I can feel the difference without her getting me those nice numbers. At times I think shes evil, only here to make me feel bad. From now on shes not going to have such an impact on my mood. Ill try to handle her like I would handle a trying relative when shes making comments I dont want to hear. Ill just smile and think "ok that's you opinion but I know better, and in time Ill show you".

Looking forward to a week of meeting goals with you all.

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MEDDYPEDDY 11/10/2010 12:06AM

    I keep my scale in the basement because I will easily get obsessed with what it says if I keep it in the bathroom...

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INGMARIE 11/9/2010 1:06PM

    Ah, the scale, it's an evil thing.? emoticon
we can beat it ithink , yes?
or just toss it out the window emoticon

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Starting all over again

Saturday, November 06, 2010

It makes me full of energy, the planning and thinking of the goal BUT I have done it before and given up before reaching it. What will make it work this time?
Hopefully this site will make me commit. Reading of all these struggling and successful people makes me realise that it may take more time than I want to but that the main goal is reaching it - some day. I too would like very much to be able to share a success story with you in time.
Im this typical all or nothing - person. When I work out I really work out, which have put me out of order from time to time because of injuries. So this leads to periods of inactivity and a lot of feeling sorry for myself. When Im fit for fight again I have often put on the weight I had lost during the hard exercise... Its an vicious circle for me this on/off-syndrome.
So starting all over again; this time Ill try not to work too hard, not being so obsessed and just enjoying you company here on SP.

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HAPPYNOW26 11/6/2010 9:52PM

    You can make it !!! emoticon

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DPETERSON54 11/6/2010 9:01PM

    emoticon BECAUSE emoticon

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MICHELE_L 11/6/2010 7:42PM


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CKAP4707 11/6/2010 7:16PM

    Write down everything...and I mean everything you put in your really helps you stay on track! Good Luck!!

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CARLARCO 11/6/2010 7:15PM

  Good Luck.

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