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Something I thought I never would see in a million years!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I have lost 2 pounds already. I know that seems to be very little to many people but someone that has been suffering from Hypothyriod I thought I never see that in my life time. It just makes me want to smile and be smiling all day.

What is keeping me motivated at this moment?

Well that is something that is hard to say but I have to say seeing my scale telling me I lost wieght and that by changing my eating habbits and including exercises to my daily routine makes a huge difference and this is what's keeping me motivated and plus my cat eying me everytime I put on a workout video. I think he thinks I am playing a game of sort but he stays at my side as I work away those nasty calories and the fat that I so hated seeing on my body. There I finally said it and I am sure many people will probably agree with me. It's not cool have all this extra wieght especially if you had for most of your life. You know I can remember a time when I was skinny as a still and then one day like waking up from a very bad dream I had all this wieght.

My mother at the time not knowing that I was a suffer of hypo disease would get upset that I was not doing anything. I would go on diets and I saying DIETS!!! I tried them all and they resulted in nothing. It was just pure frustation that I could not get rid of the weight and I hated myself becuase I could never understand how anyone could be around me if I had all this wieght or while a guy would even look at me. I don't blame my mother for not knowing it was not until years latter close to my last year of high school that we discovered that I had Hypothyriod. My mother spent many years worried about my wieght but it has taken me time to realize that wieght means nothing but it is your health that means everything.

Why I am saying that?

It takes know and caring about your health to push to do better for yourself and your body. Once you have this idea or this motivation/drive then comes the want to do everything in your power to care about wieght. It seems kinda messed up but when you have a mother that is a health nut then you know maybe it was my lack of caring at the time but now that I am old enough to see that I want a healthier lifestye and my facination with health prodocuts is what moved me to finally look at my health becuase of that I was able to be motived to care about my wieght and plus I wanted to conquer by Thyriod. I am not saying that happens to everybody this is what just happened to me. On top of caring for my health it took me a long time to realize that people will like me for me.

I always get told by close friends and family that I have a strange affect on people, because I act so myself I make people so comfortable...I can't hide myself from people. I don't like it becuase I feel dishonest. I know this may sound silly or strange but it took me to care about myself and my health to see that people care about me as a person then my looks.

Crazzy realization!

Anyways, on another note I baught a new workout dvd. I love it! It is by Leslie Sansone and it's called Just Walk (3 mega miles, Burn & Firm at the same with time-saving mega miles). I really enjoyed this workout so far especially since now it is the colder months in canada and it makes it hard to motivate yourself to take a walk outside since it is so freezing cold. Although we have not seen anything of snow. Apparently there is a storm coming through but it not much of a snow storm. I find this workout to really work a sweet and it is just great to be able to walk a few miles just in my living room. Highly reccomend it!

Anyways off to eat some dinner. Chili tonight!! YUM!!

My next blog I would really like to share some great recipe ideas when you get those crazy cravings and a little more on motivation.


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JULESJET 12/20/2012 10:51PM

    Thanks for sharing all of this!
You write with such honesty that it is easy to read and relate to! Great Job!
I like to take walks in order to get out of the house and clear my mind. It's my meditation time!

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ESOLAROS 12/20/2012 10:24PM

  @JITTERBUGJOY Yeah I live in ontario and we have not seen much for snow were we are.I hear that there is going to be snow but it might melt in the next few days. It makes me happy though I hate snow! emoticon

Oh Nova Scotia that is cool I have been to Newfoundland, St.Johns, Halifax and Prince Edward Island. Really gorgeious down there. I love all the natural beautity!

Yeah my cat loves it when I start to work out he will stay close either on the carpet watching me. The funny thing with him is he likes to go for walks. He will run to my door everytime I go near wanting to go out for a walk. He is such a strange cat. I never had a cat like him.

It is always fun when you can get a family member involved! It makes it so much more fun and it motivates you too.

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JITTERBUGJOY 12/20/2012 7:14PM

    You don't have much for snow! We had like 15-20 cm drop on us yesterday!!! (I'm in Nova Scotia)

My dog kicks my butt to take him for a walk! And my three year old thinks yoga is fun! Together they keep me moving even when I don't want to!

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Finding my place/Promise

Sunday, December 16, 2012

So I am making a promise to myself to write at least one blog a day but I make no guarantee's. Life always seems to get very busy even in the busy moments I always seem to find some time to think over the little things in life. For me I guess I find the magic of life in everything.

I finally spoke to my mother about the fact that I need to get real in my life. No messing around but be in totally serious about my wieght loss and I am happy to say that she is 100% behind me and motivating me. She is an amazing women and I look up to her being that strong person. Although I never state it out loud to her but I think she knows.

The thing I am struggling most is motivation. I am trying my best to push myself but all I feel like doing right at this moment is zzz and lazy around.

Right know I am sitting pretty eating a bowl of salad which is quick delicious and watching the Mighty Macs Movie and that I will while watching the movie take a turn on my mini stepper for about 10min and then another 10 mins on my arm band. emoticon

Also has anyone tried P90x I heard it was a really good workout and worth the time? I might hop onto my youtube and see if I finnd anywork outs.

I am currently reading some information on motivation and other information on health and some on hypo thyroid. I have quite a bit to go through. Plus getting caught up on my reading.

I have this bad tendency to buy a lot of books and I have so much to go through now. I sooo need a ereader. Heh! I don't think that will stop my pile up. I just love the feeling of holding a brand new book. The smell, the feeling everything.

Okay so off I goo!! emoticon


This is different!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Not saying that I am an avid blogger but I have tried more then once to write blogs. One is because I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts on things and two because I have a lot of poems and stories.

But this is different. It has to do with my life and my health. That is way more important then my writing. I joined sparkpeople because I good friend of mine suggested that I go on it and take control of my health. She is the sweetest person that I know and I am forever thankful to her for showing me this site!

I had been for sometime seeking for help and answer for my thyroid problem. I am glad that I found a community that can help and motivate me to the right direction and hope to do the same.

I could say it really sucks to have hypo thyroid but it is what is and I am done with the mopping around about and I am going to take action! This is my life and I want my weight at a healthy weight and I intend to accomplish that with baby steps and making a life change.

I have read that many people have lost the weight but never keep up with just keeping the lifestyle and they end up gaining the weight back. I don't want that to happen to me. I want this to be a game changer/wake up call. My health is important.

Would it surprise many that I say that I am a naturally energetic person? I am. Many people that find out about my condition don't believe I have a thyroid issue because of my personality. It is very hard for them to believe that it is very serious and times very difficult to conquer and overcome.

Many don't know the feelings and the overwhelming sense that you get. A couple of the battles I had to deal with is depression ( I slept all day) I found that is best to stay awake all day and be tired enough for bed. Hard concentration because your mind is foggy or brain fog...That's what I like to call it anyway. Insomnia somedays but so much anymore very rare now. The feeling of being tired and even at times withdrawing away from friends in family because of lack of energy. But even though I face these hurdle's I keep a positive attitude.

To be honest I have taped quotes that will help me to be motived and to keep in mind my goal and not to give up. That giving up is not the answer. I always keep in mind this there are so many people out there saying "you can't do it" "why do you keep going? Just give up already." To them I say " NO, I can do it and giving up is the easy way out."

I lost 10 pounds already. I can loose 10 pounds more. I CAN DO IT!!! IT IS UP TO ME NOW!!!

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ESOLAROS 12/16/2012 1:49PM

  Thanks everyone for your support! I appreciate it so much!!! emoticon

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CSAGIRL 12/14/2012 12:16PM


In fact, together, we all can!

emoticon emoticon

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DWROBERGE 12/14/2012 2:01AM

    Keep focused for success. You can do it. Go for it.

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THE_SHAKESHAFT 12/14/2012 1:14AM


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CM_GARDNER78 12/14/2012 12:56AM

    You CAN do this!!! Keep at it - and keep hanging out in SP'll get all the support you need! :-)

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