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Productive day

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today I was using another vacation day so I made quite a lengthy to-do list for myself. I got out of bed at 7:00 and started with some laundry and addressing envelopes for Christmas cards. I had about 15 done when I realized that they were money/gift card holder cards with the flap inside. I was bound and determined to make them work! I figured I could hack off the money flap with a paper cutter, but the greeting was printed on the flap. So then I figured I could stamp a greeting inside, but there were slots cut in the card for a gift card. So then I reasoned that I had bought them on clearance last year so I was really only out a couple of bucks. So I added Christmas cards to my shopping list and headed out. I had several stops to make and was gone for a few hours.

When I got home I worked to get things situated in my "new" guest room, which my parents will be staying in next weekend. I've been dragging my heels getting things pulled together, it is almost nice to have a deadline so I just have to buckle down and do it. I got the bed made with the new bedskirt and put together one of the two photo collages I am going to have up. I put a piece of fabric in the other frame, it will suffice as "art" for now until I have ample time to put together the other collage. I started making two sets of pillow shams for the bed but realized I had not purchased enough fabric so I had to go back to the fabric store. I got the fabric washed, dried, and cut out, but by then it was time for dinner and I think I am better off waiting until the weekend when I will be a little more alert to do the sewing. I'm pretty happy that I've got the projects almost all done. I'll just need the boyfriend to give me a hand putting up the headboard and large picture and I'll be all set for Mom and Dad!

I did a lot of walking today, but did not eat very well. Had a Clif bar while I was running errands and a banana when I got home. Then a few Triscuits later in the afternoon. For dinner we had pizza - thin crust, veggies only, but still ate a little too much of it. We have our office party tomorrow with appetizers for dinner so I am going to eat just a big bowl of fruit for breakfast and a bunch of cut up celery, carrots, and zucchini for lunch. That will at least leave me a few more calories for the fun food later, but I'll still have to make good choices.

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FITSUNE 6/14/2014 5:53PM

    I like your stick to it attitude. emoticon

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LESLIELENORE 12/14/2012 1:01PM

    You got a lot accomplished! I work better on home projects when I have a deadline too.

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NILLAPEPSI 12/14/2012 7:42AM

    Wow! You were busy!! I got tired reading your blog!!! emoticon Just teasing. emoticon

Drink lots of water before the party. That always helps me.

Have a fantastic day!! emoticon

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THE_SHAKESHAFT 12/14/2012 1:17AM

    Wow, that's a busy day!

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SPIRALDOWN 12/13/2012 10:43PM

    Sounds like a busy day... You can focus on food tomorrow and make it better...i always tend to under eat when i am busy... Good job at keeping busy

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our weekend vacation

Sunday, December 09, 2012

We had a great weekend vacationing where we live! I'm not calling it a "staycation" because we stayed at a hotel about 40 minutes away, and not at home.

Friday we slept late, did a few things around home, and ate an early lunch. Then we set off. First stop was the Newport Aquarium which was really cool. Then we went to the bookstore to kill a little time. Checked into the hotel and put on nice clothes for the evening. We went to a fabulous restaurant with a great view of the city. It was a little rainy and foggy when we first got there but it cleared up quite a bit. I had pine nut-encrusted salmon with green beans and fettucine with pesto. Also a salad to start. We were good and skipped dessert. After dinner we went to two short one-man holiday plays which were very entertaining. To finish off the night we stopped at a hotel bar where they had a jazz band playing holiday songs. Very fun!

Yesterday we went to a cute little cafe for breakfast. I had a santa fe style breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, and black beans. It was really good and exactly the right size. After that we went to the museum of the Underground Railroad. Very moving and very educational. We spent several hours there and by the time we left it was almost 4:00. So we had a very late lunch - I got a sandwich with pulled chicken cooked in beer (it was a brewery.) Very tasty, maybe not the healthiest choice but it ended up pretty much being dinner too! We went back to the hotel and took a bit of a nap then went to see a movie. After the movie we stopped at a bar for a beer then headed home.

Today we checked out of the hotel and then got breakfast. I had a sandwich that was sinfully good. Two pieces of sourdough toast with gruyere cheese and ham, topped with two eggs over easy. It was easily one of the top five things I had had to eat this year. Again, not a super healthy choice, but really yummy! After that we went to the Taft Museum of Art where they had two special exhibitions - one of black and white celebrity photos by an artist whose name I don't remember, and another of Christmas trees and other decorative items. Plus the normal collection itself is remarkable.

After that we came home and i spent the last couple hours grocery shopping and doing laundry to get ready for the week.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and have a super week!

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DOGLADY13 12/11/2012 9:38PM

    Wow. Sounds like a great weekend. Whenever The Hubster and I enjoy a weekend like that, we wonder why we don't do them more often.

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RUNHAPPEE 12/11/2012 8:37PM

    Glad you had a good time! It's always nice to get away, even if it's still kinda local!

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CSAGIRL 12/10/2012 10:23AM

    Fun! Glad you had such a good time!

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LESLIELENORE 12/9/2012 8:30PM

    Wow! You sure did a lot. Sounds like you had a great time.

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Three day weekend!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

I am very excited to not have to go to work tomorrow. My boyfriend and I both took the day off work and are taking a mini vacation downtown. We got a hotel in Newport which is just on the other side of the Ohio River from Cincinnati and he has planned a bunch of activities for tomorrow and Saturday. There are a lot of cool things to do that we have just never gotten around to doing. And since the timing of me getting my new job wiped out any chance for a real fall vacation we decided to do this instead.

I am looking forward to all the walking we will do but know that I will be tempted to eat some food that is not that good since we'll be eating out. I've decided to go easy on breakfast and lunch and allow myself a little more freedom at dinner.

I've been doing pretty well this week sticking to eating properly, and actually lost a pound! I hope that will help motivate me to stick to my guns the next couple of days!

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KALANTHA 12/9/2012 11:42AM

    Have a great weekend! Mini-vacations are sanity preservers! Relax and Enjoy!

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LESLIELENORE 12/7/2012 5:08PM

    Way to go on losing that pound! Hope you have a terrific weekend.

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KACEYSW 12/6/2012 11:18PM

    Have a fantastic weekend! You have earned it!

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COXBETH 12/6/2012 10:56PM

    Sounds like a great weekend! Maybe you crazy kids can split dinners while you are out - if you order ala carte veggies or a side salad and take 1/3 of his dinner, you still get to have nummy stuff but without the temptation to over do it too much. And it can be romantic. :)

The problem for me is that hubs eats all of his meal everytime, so I never get to do this!

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Tuesday - I think I'm getting my self control back!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This morning I packed my lunch and my fruit bowl and decided that today would be one of the days I let myself have a protein bar for breakfast (I usually have hot cereal or a waffle with peanut butter, the protein bar is a "treat".) Ate the protein bar when I got to work, and about an hour later some bagels appeared out of nowhere. Boy did a bagel sound good! And in my stressed out at work mode the past couple of months I would have gone in to get one even though I knew I shouldn't and felt bad about it all day. But today I was able to resist temptation and didn't get one, which made me feel great! When I got home this evening I also realized that I had not gone to my co-workers candy dish for a mini snickers or two this afternoon either! So that was pretty cool too!

I am hoping that with the somewhat decreased stress at work that I will be able to continue to not let these temptations get the better of me and hopefully see the scale start moving the right way again!

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LESLIELENORE 11/28/2012 2:03PM

    emoticon emoticon That is great that you resisted temptation!

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GAYLLYNNE 11/28/2012 6:51AM

    That's fantastic. You are on the way to a new you!!! You SHOULD be proud of yourself, you deserve it!!!

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BEAUTY_WITHIN 11/28/2012 12:02AM

    Yea for the self control and making good choices! Keep it up!

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Monday after Thanksgiving

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hurray! No weight gain for me this holiday! I drove to my parents' house in Michigan on Wednesday and got there in time for dinner with them and my brother's family. Mom made spaghetti with good sauce - my brother puts pureed cauliflower in it so my nephew gets his veggies. Sounds a bit odd but tasted pretty good. We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and leftovers for dinner on Friday. I ate pretty much what I wanted at dinner but tried to restrain myself at breakfast and lunch. Mom also helped out by not putting out a lot of snacks before dinner. She did not help out by making triple chocolate brownies. LOL

Anyway, I was happy to get away and spend time with my family. There was plenty of work waiting for me today but now that my team is in place I am looking forward to working regular length days, taking time off during the week when I work the weekend, and using a few vacation days!

Have a great week!

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GAYLLYNNE 11/28/2012 6:53AM

    That's fantastic!! I wish I could say I didn't gain over the holiday, but alas I'm up 2 lbs! Time to get my big butt moving again!! You are doing an awesome job and should be so proud of yourself!

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BEAUTY_WITHIN 11/28/2012 12:29AM

    Yea for maintaining thru the holiday!

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DOGLADY13 11/27/2012 9:23PM

    Yeah for you and not gaining weight over Thanksgiving! You must feel invincible.

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LESLIELENORE 11/27/2012 9:51AM

    Yay! Vacation days! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. emoticon

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