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Streak #1: The end and the beginning.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Streak #1:

Calorie range: 1200 - 1550

Fitness: At least an hour a day of activity including walking, running, spinning, elliptical, and ST, though ST usually counted as "extra."

Streak #2:

Calorie range: 1300 - 1650

Fitness: Same.

First, I will go over what happened, in detail, before going over my plans, for today and for this streak. I didn't blog last night, because honestly I needed to think before blogging and I needed to get to bed.

Yesterday, I started the morning out by doing a crazy awesome session of spinning for 60 minutes. I had a great breakfast (cereal with milk), and had a banana before my workout as usual (anything more and I don't have a good workout). By lunchtime, however, it became clear that I was hungry, no matter what or how much I ate. I allowed myself an extra 200 calories for lunch to stave off the hunger, hoping it would help. It didn't. I had a scoop of ice cream in the afternoon because I wanted it and had the extra calories available yet to have it. I had another scoop of a different kind (we have chocolate sundae and Neopolitan flavors in the freezer) because again, I wanted it. So, I allowed it, using portion control.

I put off dinner as long as I could, and Kaylee and I ate at 6:10, the cheesy chicken broccoli rice casserole. An hour later, I was so hungry I was having those hunger pangs and my stomach was rumbling. So, I had Fudge Stripe cookies, 1 serving (3 cookies). After I ate these, I entered the "extras" into my tracker, and found that I had gone over my calorie range for the day by 100. My jaw dropped. I thought I was okay with my range, but had hit 1650 (my goal is no more than 1550). I was trying to be okay with this, but honestly an hour later I was still hungry (and yes, as I type this, I am realizing that this may have to do also with choices of food, but I will be getting to that later).

About 8:00, I had a snack bag of potato chips (150 calories) with dip (50 calories) and 1 more serving of those cookies (160 calories). Then, Kaylee went to bed at about 8:40. That is when I decided to have ice cream with ANOTHER serving of cookies (tracking after revealed this to be about 600 calories). I was no longer hungry. But, to put the cherry on top, my self-sabotaging self decided she wanted a deli ham and cheese sandwich with Miracle Whip. Thank you for that 360 calories, saboteur.

I then hightailed it to bed before more damage could be done, but the final tally turned out to be 2700 calories. emoticon

Was it emotional eating? No. Was it eating out of boredom? No. I know deep down these were not the reasons. So, I turned to more obvious reasons. That being deprivation, and perhaps undereating while over-exercising. And that is where nail meets head.

In the last 9 days while I was in this streak, I was averaging 1200-1300 calories a day, all the while putting in double the fitness minutes that I had been previously putting in. Sure, my weight must have been going down, though I was not looking, but I noticed all my clothes were fitting fantastically, and when I was looking in the mirror I was seeing changes, great changes. All in a short amount of time.

So, was I overdoing it? Yes. And I knew this deep down, but I guess that the overachiever in me wanted to see how long I could do this.

And the smart, healthy person inside of me wants to punch my overachiever in the nose.

Therefore, it is time to acknowledge my bump in the road, be honest to you and myself most of all about it, and plan Streak #2, which starts today.

My goal weight for my daughter's party on July 10: 155. I did weigh myself today, which I wasn't going to do until tomorrow because of my weigh-in for the Periwinkles, but for the sake of accurate readings, my weight today is 160 pounds emoticon Gotta admit, it was good to see that number despite my setback yesterday (my weight last Wednesday was 164 pounds).

My nutrition ranges for this streak: 1300-1650 calories, with a focus on being on the higher range on days that I am more active (like today where I ran for 30 minutes, did spinning for 30 minutes, and elliptical for 35 minutes with the plan for another 30-minute run with the runner's group tonight), and lower range on days where I am mainly just walking.

Fitness: Same as it's been. I love what I have been doing at the gym and I want to keep it up. I am not specifically training yet for anything, though I will be starting to in the next month or so and I want to be ready for that.

I did mentally kick myself last night when I figured out the calories, but you know what? I had 9 days where I really really really did great. Fantastic even. And this morning I didn't really feel bad physically. I rocked it out at the gym, and had a ton of water, and I feel positive!

I cannot expect perfection from myself, but I can expect progress. So, this time I am shooting for 10 days of a streak! I can do this!!!

P.S. I didn't put in this blog everything that I ate, as I did have snacks during the day (morning and afternoon). If you want to see exactly what I ate and how much, I do believe my tracker is a shared one so you CAN look!

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LCHADBOURNE 6/14/2011 1:10PM

    This is a great blog!!! We ALL have those days. Our bodies tell us we need more and you listened. The one day will not hurt you. Infact, it will probably benefit you slightly, mixing up your metabolism and giving you a boost in energy (catching you up). The important thing is what you do after and it certainly seems like you are on top of doing what is right. You are amazing! Keep up the good work!

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ILIKECACTI 6/14/2011 12:12PM

    I totally understand. I cannot stick to 1200-1500 cal for long... I become super ragingly hungry. Then watch out food!

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PARTICLEGIRL22 6/14/2011 12:06PM

    Great job finding the root cause and not letting one bad day get you down!

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RDARLING 6/14/2011 10:54AM

    You recognized the problem and have adjusted your goals. WTG! I had a poor eating day yesterday (actually all weekend) but didn't track any of it. Maybe if I don't track it, I really didn't consume all those calories?! ;)

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    It's great that you have such a positive attitude! That's what's going to make this next streak such a success! You're does sound like you might need to eat more...and you already know that some of your choices weren't the BEST...even if they had fit into your allotment for the day. That's part of the battle right there. Knowing what you've done and what you need to do to improve it!

For your hunger maybe you should eat more protien and fiber. I know if I add eggs (ick...I HATE eggs, but I try to choke down a hard boiled one when I'm hungry) and beans I feel so much more satisfied and full for longer. I like beans on my salads...and a while back I posted an AWESOME Black Bean Salsa Recipe that's tasty to eat WITHOUT the chips (I love it with chips, don't get me wrong!!).

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GODDESSELLIE07 6/14/2011 10:29AM

    Its awesome that you looked at yourself and your food and exercise and realized what was going wrong. Yes, you may have broken your streak, but I think you are making great progress!

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TREASURINGLIFE 6/14/2011 10:25AM

    Live and learn, right? That's what it's all about. You're doing fantastically - so keep it up. One bad day does not a failure make!

And I agree - more protein totally helps with the hunger issues! :)

- Michelle

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ROBYN168 6/14/2011 10:20AM

    I am so happy you listened to your body - and ate....sometimes - when we get more active, and keep our low calories - we get the hungries. It happens to me when I increase running miles.

If you didn't listen yesterday - today would be another one of those days.

Your calorie ranges are within a good plan...

Way to go for rethinking and refocusing instead of getting down.

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PINKBEANBOO 6/14/2011 10:18AM

    I hate that bottomless pit hunger feeling. The only thing I know to cure it is food but that's when I tend to go overboard, too. Ug. I hate that.
I'm glad your not beating yourself up over it. I like to average it out:
You want around 1650 on a highly active day - you ate 2700 that = 1050 over. BUT, divided that up over your 9 day streak & it's only an extra 116.666 calories per day. Maybe that's why the scale gave you a great reading? I don't necessarily think that you should eat 2700 every 9 days.
You've got 3 1/2 weeks to get to 155? Shoot, girl, you got this.

Comment edited on: 6/14/2011 10:18:56 AM

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BEANBYDESIGN 6/14/2011 10:04AM

    P.S. - Eat more protein! (Seriously, I've switched to a lower-carb (low end of the Spark range to just below it), higher protein diet (90+ grams per day) and I've never felt fuller in my life.)

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BEANBYDESIGN 6/14/2011 10:03AM

    Don't feel bad about this! We all need a high calorie day sometimes, it's not the end of the world. The plan I'm following actually allows me to have two "treat" meals per week, where I can have whatever I want as long as I do it in one sitting and don't go over 1500 calories for the meal (no "treat days" or splitting up my "treat" calories across several meals). It's really freeing to know that I have this option, and I swear, it helps me stay on track the other five days of the week. (Also, I'm finding that my five "clean" days per week have shrunk my appetite so much that there's no way I can even eat that much in one sitting anymore, so my "treat" days are never as much over as I think they're going to be!)

I love Spark, but sometimes, I think we all get a little too obsessed with "staying in our range," and it's just not practical. We are awesome, capable, smart, fit people, and eating more than 1550 calories once in a while doesn't change that! You ARE making progress - you are absolutely killing it in fitness and weight loss - so don't let one "bad" day throw you off your game!

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BETTERJULIA 6/14/2011 9:57AM

    Wow! YOu are doing awesome. Good job taking a step back and evaluating what is going on. You can do this!

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Streak Day 8

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Calories: 1490 (range 1200-1550)
Protein: In range.
Fat: Higher than range.
Carbs: Lower than range.

Today was another fabulous day. It was my first "higher" calorie day since the start of my streak, but I was happy with it considering it included a few challenges!

I was up at 6:30 (thanks Kaylee!) and started out my day with cereal (Life), milk (skim), and split a sliced banana with Kaylee. We went for a walk with her in the wagon, and I dared bring my dog with, too. The walk was fabulous, and when we got back we played in the backyard for a while.

Then, with an hour before we had to head out, I decided to do my batch cooking, and made the chicken cheesy broccoli rice casserole that I love to make for my lunches. Once that was in the oven, I made a pound of taco meat for the freezer for either later in the week or next week as I had hamburger I needed to cook.

I was changing Kaylee's diaper, getting ready to head out to the art festival in town, and when I helped her off, she landed wrong on her left foot/ankle. She had been a bit fussy because she fights getting her diaper changed now, but she started screaming when this happened, and couldn't walk on it, buckling when trying to put weight on it. I made the decision to bring her to the ER since it could be a break. Then, when I was almost to the car to put her in, she wanted to be put down. I hesitated, but then thought it was worth a try. She started walking, and then off she ran!!!! She had stopped crying, and was happy as a clam we were going somewhere. She may still have a mild sprain, so I am keeping an eye on it, but what a stressful bit of time THAT was!

We went to the art festival, which had as much food as it did art. I did sample salsa. I just can't NOT try the salsa. I bought it for $6.50. I just LOVE good salsa, especially spicier ones. I skipped all the other foods, having brought Teddy Grahams and low-fat Ritz crackers as smaller snacks just in case. My sister bought 3 large bags of kettle corn, and offered to send me home with one, but I declined because I knew it wouldn't be something I should have around. Instead, I grabbed a handful to eat, and that was that! The parking was crazy, so we just parked at my parents' house 6 blocks away and walked.

After that? Nap time. My DH came home from Minneapolis 10 minutes before Kaylee woke up, which was really cool. We then went to my parents' house again for a cookout, which consisted of steak, brats (jalapeno cheddar, my favorite), hamburgers (my request), pork 'n beans, Rice a Roni, sauteed mushrooms, grated cheddar, and then my sister made a fabulous salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, and my mom, instead of making a dessert, put together a fruit bowl that included red and green grapes, watermelon, and pineapple. I adore her for that.

I ended up having: 1 hamburger on a bun with no cheese, sauteed mushrooms, 2 oz of steak, 1/4 of a brat (just had to have a bite!!!), 1/4 cup of rice, ditto on the beans, and then fruit and salad wtih ranch (full fat, yes, the only option, but it was yummy!). I was so full later on that it ended up being my lunch AND dinner. I had a bit more fruit as a snack later on, though.

Something I noticed, though, as plugged everything in (thank you, Spark app on my phone) was hard putting in so many things! Sure, I had smaller portions, but the variety was so much that it was crazy! I am glad these cookouts aren't often, that's for sure. I do love that I was able to have this "treat" and still be on track with my streak!!

I had a crazy craving and temptation at my meeting tonight, though. The meetings are held at a local church, and being it's Sunday, and they offer donuts and cookies at the services, there is usually a leftover platter set in the kitchen.

I am never there alone, so I never think about this, but this time I was 10 minutes early to open the place up. Almost as though I was on automatic pilot, I walked straight back to the kitchen, where there was a huge tray of donuts of all kinds, including my favorite glazed donut. Also there were about 50-ish cookies of all kinds, including ALL my favorites (oatmeal raisin, ranger cookies, chocolate chip, sugar, and M&M). I looked at this tray for about 10 seconds, then turned around and ran. Yes, I ran. I just had to get away. I went into the meeting room and did pushups and crunches until the first person showed up. Oy.

The thing is, I could have had one and it would have been okay. I could have labeled it more of a maintenance day. But, my "streak" would have been broken, and I want this streak to go on, preferably until Kaylee's birthday party on July 10. Is that realistic? Probably not, but it is a goal, it is something to push me forward through tough days and tempting days, including my sister's birthday on Friday and Father's Day on Sunday.

So, my gym outfit is ready on the dryer, my banana, water, shoes, and MP3 player are in the car, and my alarm is set for 5:15. I am planning on 55 minutes of spinning, and 15-30 minutes on the elliptical, depending on my mood. I may squeeze in 15 minutes of abs in between the two, because I can. I am about to plan my meals/snacks for tomorrow and then I am headed to bed!

Goodnight, Sparkland, and here's to my 9th day of my streak starting off a wonderful week!

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ROBYN168 6/13/2011 1:17PM

    You are rocking it Erin - Way to go!

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 6/13/2011 12:53PM

    Great job yesterday!

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PINKBEANBOO 6/13/2011 12:33PM

    I just got caught up on the last 3 days of your Streak. Great job! I can't wait to see this streak in the double digits.

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LUVDOGZ 6/13/2011 6:40AM

    Sounds like you had a fun day! Congrats on your streak! emoticon

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RASMUSSEN5 6/12/2011 11:13PM

    Sounds like a great day! I love jalapeno cheddar brats! You are doing awesome! Good luck!

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Streak Day 7

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And man, do I feel alive.

I am going to continue blogging about my day as "Streak # whatever" until it breaks. I thrive on planning, on organization, competition, motivation, drive, what have you. Each day I end with my streak still going strong, I feel that much better. I am feeling like a warrior again, not a defeatist. I feel strong, not weak. Have I been doing perfect? No, but that is not going to happen. At least not consistently. I only got about 60 oz of water in today, when it probably should have been about 100 oz. My protein intake was low while my fat intake was a bit much. But, I am only 7 days into my "streak" and if I get too picky and too "perfect" I know I will end up taking a nosedive at some point.

For an update on what this streak entails, it just means that I have finished my day in my calorie range of 1200-1550 and have achieved a minimum of 1 hour of walking, running, other cardio, or ST. I am not being picky on what the activity is as long as there is at least one hour of it.

My day was great. Again, a couple of things to test me, but that is life! Kaylee woke up at 5:00, so that was my first test as I went to bed at 11:00. She was a joy to be with today, though, so I can't complain! My breakfast consisted of Life cereal, skim milk, and a banana. We hung around the house and the backyard until about 8:30, when my mom and sister picked us up to go to garage sales. We hit a few, and I spent about $30, but Kaylee now has clothes and shoes for the year (yahoo!!). Then, 2 things happened. First, it became evident that Kaylee was hungry, so my sister brought up having brunch (it was about 10:00). The obvious choice was Perkins, a restaurant that serves breakfast all day plus lunch items early. The second thing that happened was that I was suddenly struck with my period. Cripes. I had to stop at home on the way to Perkins. I had eaten breakfast at 7:00, so I was a bit hungry too. My planning for a snack was missing. I didn't think of what we would have when out and about this morning! But, by the time we got there, I formulated a new plan. I would order a kid's breakfast meal and share it with her.

I ordered what ended up being a poached egg, hashbrowns, 2 strips of bacon, and 1 slice of toast with a free crazy cookie (half sugar and half chocolate chip). This turned out perfect for us. I ate the poached egg, half a slice of toast, 1 slice of bacon, and half of the hashbrowns. Kaylee ate the rest.

In the car after, Kaylee wanted only a few bites of the cookie. I got hit with a craving of chocolate and had that half of the cookie. This was fine, since I was planning on baking cookies this evening with Kaylee. I scratched this since making chocolate chip cookie dough on the day I am seriously craving chocolate = not a great idea.

Got in a nice nap with Kaylee, then had lunch, which was a grilled cheese sandwich and grapes. Went grocery shopping, which was crazy. I had to get so many things. It's like we have a lot of things on hand, but they all need 1-2 things to complete the recipe or dinner. I made a meal plan for the next week, and basically I want it so we have NO eating out at all, not for my sister's birthday, and not even for Father's Day. I spent $125 on groceries, then spent $40 at Target (diapers, wipes, invites for Kaylee's birthday). Wow. I spent most of our disposable money for the week today! Crazy! But, I also had to buy shavers for me (those expensive suckers), toilet paper, and a lot of other things that I know are going to last at least 2 weeks. Besides, it will overall be cheaper than eating out. And, I saved $30 with coupons!!!

Wow, I am chatty tonight. I guess I really want to chronicle my activities throughout this streak as best I can so I can look back on it...and I am so proud of what I have been doing. For dinner, Kaylee and I split the piece of lasagna from the restaurant yesterday. I would have added veggies to the dinner, but I was in a hurry. I was late getting dinner ready because Kaylee was having so much fun at the park that we walked to and it was hard getting her to leave. And my sister was coming over at 7 so I could go for a run (dinner was ready at 6:30).

I wish I could have eaten earlier so it wasn't so close to my run, but it really didn't seem to affect it. I ran/walked for 2.4 miles, and it felt fabulous! Unfortunately, there were stoners next to my car when I got back and they heckled me while I was stretching out. That ruined it a little bit for me, but I tried to not let it get to me. I won't go into many details about what was said, but they took note of my Bondi Band that said "I Run So I Can Eat" and ran with that. *sigh*

But, went home, took the dog for a quick 1-mile walk before my sister left, and then washed the dishes, did a load of laundry, put Kaylee to bed, took a shower, and here I am! I just had some carrots and cauliflower with 2 TBSP of veggie dip so I wouldn't go to bed hungry.

My calories for today were 1250 and I got in 25 minutes of running and at least an hour of walking.

Tomorrow, I plan to only walk (a lot of it is planned with the art festival downtown) and do at least half an hour of upper body and core ST. My legs are crying, and really want me to give 'em a break from running/elliptical/spinning, etc.

The Warrior is back, people, and she is here to stay!!! emoticon

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PARTICLEGIRL22 6/14/2011 10:18AM

    You are kicking butt!

Don't mind those stupid stoners. They just pick on people to reaffirm their own stupid life choices. It makes them feel better about being the losers that they are. Still, it sucks and I am sorry! That would have rattled me too!

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 6/13/2011 1:16PM

    Great job with the coupons! It feels sooo good to save!

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ROBYN168 6/12/2011 5:23PM

    Way to go Erin - keep on keepin on.

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MARTY728 6/12/2011 8:44AM


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THEHONESTME 6/12/2011 7:20AM

    Welcome Back, Erin!! AWESOME JOB!

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Streak Day 6

Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, what a day!!!!! I was definitely tested a few times, but I feel my streak is going strong :o}

I talked to Lisa, my daycare provider, and fortunately it was a miscommunication. It turns out they didn't watch Kaylee alone, just helped keep an eye on her while they were in the same room. I let her know it was not acceptable for them to watch her, and I did feel good about bringing up my concerns and not just letting things go.

As I mentioned in my previous blog this morning, my DH left to Minneapolis for the weekend to be with his brothers and dad (his older brother lives in St. Paul and they are helping fix his roof). I knew this would be quite a test, basically being on my own with myself to be accountable for. In the past, I would have used a weekend like this as an excuse to go crazy with food. But, I have planned this weekend out like mad, but at the same time I am cautioning myself to be flexible in case any plans change, which they invariably do.

My mom was watching Kaylee today until after dinner with my friend, so I took my free time between 5-6:30 to take care of business which included sending off the bills, balancing the checkbook, making the meal plan for the week including which recipes I will be using, making a grocery list, sending off the rebate for my new phone, returning a movie, and then cleaning the house as best I could. I actually got all of it done until I got to the vacuuming. I found our new vacuum cleaner....and the cup that holds the dog hair that is EVERYWHERE looked odd. I opened it up, and it turns out that my DH, oh Handy Manny he ISN'T, used it as a Wet/Dry vac to suck up the wet dog hair under the washing machine when it had backed up 5 days ago. OMG. So, 5 days after he had done this, it was now a slimy, moldy, grimy mess. I had to take the whole thing apart and wash it out and leave it to dry. I seriously had to use my daughter's first toothbrush that is old on it to get into the crevices, because I tell you this thing STUNK to high heaven and I knew I had to get every bit clean. Ugh.

So, that took me until 6:30 and I am leaving the vacuuming until Sunday (when Kaylee will be visiting grandma).

I picked up my friend, and we headed to Little Bangkok, the new Thai restaurant in town. I have heard great things, and I love Thai, so I was excited. We got there, and it was CRAZY busy. Duh. Friday evening and no reservations = 45-minute wait. Well, we couldn't wait that long because it was 7 and I wanted to pick Kaylee up around 8 at my mom's (who lives a few blocks away from that restaurant).

So, we ended up eating at a close restaurant named Mama Maria's, which is obviously an Italian restaurant. I had not planned for this at all, and if I have a favorite cuisine, it is Italian all around. They are known for their garlic butter knots. Hmmmm....So, I made a few choices in my head before we got there, including to have the salad if the soup was not so healthy, have only a few knots, and then whatever dish I got, to choose red sauce over cream sauce.

I had the salad (the soup was Wisconsin cheese....good Lord). I took off the croutons and only had a tiny bit of ranch dressing. I had 4 knots, which later as I track it turned out to be 242 calories (wow, and they were TINY). I decided on lasagna. I almost cracked and ordered something called BowTie Pasta Delight, or something like that, which had the cream sauce with bacon, chicken, and tomatoes. It sounded SOOOO good, but I knew that garlic butter cream sauce would be deadly. When the lasagna came out, it was HUGE!!! It was about the size of Olive Garden's classic lasagna. I knew I couldn't eat a lot, so I slowly ate and had about 1/3 of it. I boxed the rest for Kaylee's dinner tomorrow, since she LOVES things like that.

When I got home with Kaylee, I took her for a walk, and unfortunately she was REALLY fighting going to bed tonight. Her bedtime is 9. I put her down at 9:10 and she just finally fell asleep at 9:45.

Tomorrow will be my day off from the gym as I really don't have someone to watch Kaylee. But, my day will be jam-packed. I am planning a walk when she gets up, going to garage sales with her aunt and grandma for a few hours, nap, then lunch followed by shopping at Target and the local grocery store, followed by the park and more walking, then dinner, then I am sure more outside fun including playing in the backyard and going to another park, then probably bedtime :o}

I have dinner pretty planned out, since I will be sharing the lasagna with her for dinner (there is still enough for 2 servings!). Breakfast will be cereal with a banana, and a grilled cheese for lunch with veggies and/or fruit. Snacks will be veggies/fruit with yogurt.

I am on such a roll that I feel I can't be stopped! I am so happy with my progress and being finally back on track. Every day that I do what I plan on doing, I feel stronger, happier, more confident, and more positive. It's like a happy cycle that keeps on going!

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PARTICLEGIRL22 6/14/2011 8:55AM

    Amazing job! There is no way I could have survived the Italian Restaurant! You are a superhero!!

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ANMRUNNER 6/13/2011 11:01AM

    You are doing so great! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up!!

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MARTY728 6/12/2011 10:20AM


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LKEITHO 6/11/2011 10:33PM

    Great job!

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JILLIANPRNCSS 6/11/2011 9:34PM

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

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ROBYN168 6/11/2011 9:18AM

    Way to go Erin - you and I hit the back on track path at the same are pushing me to keep at it.....I'm day 7 today! Whoot Whoot.

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Day 5 *yesterday*

Friday, June 10, 2011

Woohoo! Streak is still going strong. I had about 1200 calories, burned about 1000 in my morning workout alone, which consisted mostly of 30 minutes of spinning, 35 minutes on the elliptical, and 25 minutes of running with ST. Whew!

My weigh-in at WW went great, with me weighing 161.6. Yay!!!! I ate really great yesterday, and had planned everything out. I went for 2 walks with the dog again, mowed the lawn, did the raking and weed whacking, and just stayed busy overall.

My bedtime still has to be worked on. I just am having trouble falling asleep. I went to bed at around 9:15 yesterday, but didn't fall asleep until about 11:30. It's not caffeine; I only had 1/2 can of Mello Yello Zero and that was before 2 p.m. I last ate before 7 p.m. I think I just need to settle my mind before going to bed. Last night I had been having to face a few decisions including changing the venue of my daughter's birthday in a month because the cost is just too much (basically going from spending $500 on her birthday to about $100....less stress on us). Also, my daycare provider offhandedly told me that she let her 2 sons watch my daughter the other day, and I am sure this has happened before based on the nonchalant way she mentioned it. I am not comfortable AT ALL about this (the boys are 14 and 9, and just aren't toddler watching material from what I have seen) and I need to talk with her about this. This is something that is just not negotiable for me, so hopefully she understands my concern and doesn't do this again. She said she was tired and so they watched her, I am assuming while she either rested or took a nap. That implies to me more than just 10 minutes of watching her.

I am really not wanting to look for another daycare provider, but then again if this has to happen, the summertime is the best time for it as we can keep her home until we can find a new one and not rush into another one (my DH is a teacher so is home most days now while working evenings at a grocery store).

I am now on Day 6 of my streak of eating great and working out. It has been really motivating and helpful to me to have this in the back of my mind while I make choices. For instance, this morning because I only had roughly 5-6 hours of sleep, I didn't want to get up and go to the gym. But, I rolled out anyway and put in 50 minutes on the elliptical and a great strength training session that I kind of put together on my own (focusing on core and upper legs are really needing rest).

I have a meal plan put together today again, and I am planning for my calories to be at the upper end of my range because I am eating Thai food for dinner. I will watch my portion (most likely eating half of what they serve) and I will stay away from the more unhealthy choices there.

My DH is leaving in a few minutes to spend the weekend in Minneapolis with his brothers and dad, and I am ready to be alone with Kaylee. I have plans to keep us both busy, and I vow to not throw my hard work away just because I "can".

Well, here's to another great day!!!!

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SABNMICH 6/12/2011 10:51PM

    You make me tired just listening to all the things you did today! Glad you are back! You are doing so well and are such an inspiration!

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ROBYN168 6/10/2011 8:37PM

    Well done!!!! I wouldn't be happy with daycare provider either!!!!

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NITELITE72 6/10/2011 6:56PM

    Glad you having such a great day!!

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DUSTYGIRL25 6/10/2011 12:27PM

    Yay! Sounds like you are doing a great job with everything.
Eating well and exercising I believe are so important to help us though all the other things.

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 6/10/2011 11:33AM

    Glad you're doing so awesome! But you better eat, girl! 1200 cals is not enough if you're burning 1,000 in a single morning! emoticon

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PARTICLEGIRL22 6/10/2011 10:16AM

    Having just went through the process of finding new child care for my son, I feel you pain. However, that is TOTALLY unacceptable to have such young kids watch Kaylee, especially without your permission. Good luck in talking to her.

You are doing such a great job with your goals. Way to go!!

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MARTY728 6/10/2011 9:52AM

    emoticon emoticon

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    Your positive attitude is addictive! I'm going to have a good weekend, too!

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JESPAH 6/10/2011 8:23AM

    Here's to another great day!

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