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Christmas 2009 versus 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

I saw a few blogs like this the other day and this morning, so I thought, why not? It is hard for me to look at old pictures of me, but it really does help when needing that extra kick in the pants to go to the gym, or to pick myself up out of the "I feel fat" muck.

Last year (and please pardon the fact that I am seriously not handling my darling baby appropriately):

And this was Christmas Eve (I actually thought of having someone take our picture together!). Oh, and yeah, Kaylee was not being very cooperative, but that is how it is with a toddler nowadays!

A picture is worth a thousand words to me....and I promise myself I will never hurt my body like this ever again!!

OH!!! And as an aside, my Christmas present is a trip to Cancun (for 5 days) in March! Yay! Here's to that bikini (kinda) body! Had a seriously rocking workout this morning with 55 minutes of spinning and 40 minutes of ST! Got my sweat on, and am FEELING those muscles. My poor abs hated/loved me after it all was said and done.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!



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DEDRACD 12/31/2010 12:36AM

    And I, in turn, stole your idea for a comparison blog. lol Thank you for the idea! By the way, as I've mentioned before on one of your posts, you look great. Keep up the good work!

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NOT_BIG_BONED 12/30/2010 5:37PM

    Man, what a difference. Your a young hot mama!

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AQUAPOWERS 12/30/2010 8:58AM

    emoticon Cancun sounds like a great reward for all your hard work. You look great!

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DOWNTOWN02 12/28/2010 9:28AM

    You can def. rock a bikini bod! Wow...all that hard work has paid off BIG look beautiful!
You were before of course...but now you are GLOWING!

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BRENDY_28 12/28/2010 3:20AM

    Wow! You have come a long way! Keep it up!

Here's to a great beach body on March! emoticon Good luck!

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IMSMILEY88 12/27/2010 5:21PM

    What a difference!!! Congrats! And, what a wonderful Christmas present. Enjoy!

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ROOT4HOME 12/27/2010 5:02PM

    Congrats on your wt loss so far!! You look GREAT!! What an awesome Christmas gift to receive in March! emoticon

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THISISFORME924 12/27/2010 2:00PM

    You look AMAZING! You are so inspiring to me and I am super jealous of your trip! ;-)

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PRICANSTINA84 12/27/2010 12:33PM

    those are great before and after shots! you are rockin it!

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NITELITE72 12/27/2010 12:21PM

    Be are doing an amazing job...and what a great present!

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NUTRIGIRL08 12/27/2010 12:20PM

    emoticonon your success! You look amazing!!!

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SEATTLESIMS 12/27/2010 11:50AM

    looking good!! you are doing great!!

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BELIEVINGINME31 12/27/2010 11:34AM


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PINKBEANBOO 12/27/2010 11:28AM

    Oh, Erin, how exciting for you (and all of us) to see the change you've made in the last year.
And I guess a trip to Cancun is exciting, too. Just kidding - that is really exciting!
Way to get your sweat on!

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FIT911CHICK 12/27/2010 11:19AM

    You look like a new woman! You should be very proud! Keep up the hard work! Great job! emoticon

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MISSBEX24 12/27/2010 11:16AM

    You look wonderful!!!

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ELFITZPA 12/27/2010 10:34AM

    What a difference a year makes!! A huge congrats on all the progress you've made this year!

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MNGIRLIE 12/27/2010 10:30AM

    What an amazing difference! You've certainly worked very hard over the year. You deserve that trip.

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THEHONESTME 12/27/2010 10:29AM

    WOW Erin, those are amazing before and after shots. Keep up the good work -- you're my inspiration! emoticon Hope you had a nice Christmas. I don't remember if I responded to the video blog, but that was adorable. My granddaughter is going to be 2 in January -- she didn't want anything to do with Santa either emoticon

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JOYFULSPIRIT920 12/27/2010 10:24AM

    Love your before & after pics! You look amazing. Congratulations on all your progress. I'm incredibly jealous of your Cancun trip!
Here's to another wonderful year!!

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LUVDOGZ 12/27/2010 10:17AM

    Amazing before and after pics! Way to go!!! Keep up the great work, and what a wonderful Christmas present!! Kaylee is adorable!

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TROTTERFAM4 12/27/2010 10:10AM

    Your before and after pics are fabulous!!! emoticon You should be very proud! I think your darling baby is just beautiful too. Good luck in 2011 and I am sure that Cancun bikini will make your DH's heart pound! emoticon

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ERIKO1908 12/27/2010 10:10AM

    Awesome work!! Keep it up!!

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Our Santa/Kaylee experience

Friday, December 24, 2010

Just a short clip of Kaylee and Santa as filmed by daddy with me in there for a few seconds...

P.S. It takes a minute to start on my end just in case it doesn't start for you right away, hang in there!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RAVENSONG37 12/29/2010 10:44PM

    Too funny!

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LBEEKMA 12/27/2010 3:48PM

    Funny! I love the way she just stops crying and starts looking around like "I'm tired of doing that." Kids are priceless!

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ILIKECACTI 12/27/2010 2:17PM

    So cute!

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RDARLING 12/27/2010 10:14AM

    I couldn't hear it very well (at work). What made her stop crying? It was a super cute video!

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RUNNER4LIFE08 12/27/2010 8:10AM

    What a cutie pie! Santa is always scary for the little ones. What had me laughing, was the Santa just sitting there completely still. He didn't even try to talk with her but that probably would have made it worse.

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BRENDY_28 12/26/2010 1:20AM

    i thought she wouldn't stop crying! lol. what a cutie :D

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LEAG0628 12/25/2010 11:53PM

    Aw, too cute! She did great!

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DUSTYGIRL25 12/24/2010 11:46AM

    So, So Adorable! I think she did pretty well. I know at that age they don't know much about that guy in the red suit.
At least it was real and she'll laugh about it someday.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Happy Holidays!

PS-At least you don't sound like Minnie Mouse.

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SDKENT79 12/24/2010 11:44AM

    This is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing!

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ERINBEAR1876 12/24/2010 11:28AM

    Argh, I have a manly voice ;o}

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Comment edited on: 12/24/2010 11:31:08 AM

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Feeling like I got punched in the face...literally....

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ugh! Okay, so yesterday I noticed that all of the top teeth on the left side of my face hurt, and my cheekbone is feeling like it has been punched. Don't tell me that what I was experiencing before was just sinus congestion and now it is an infection..

I didn't go to the gym yesterday since I spent about an hour and a half shoveling (and sure feeling it today). I did great with my eating yesterday, and ended the day pretty happy about how I did.

Cue up this morning. At 3:30 a.m. my daughter wakes up crying. I go in to see what is wrong, and she has thrown her pacifiers on the ground (yes, plural, she likes to have at least 3-5 in the crib with her. It's her vice). I gave them back and went back to bed. 10 minutes later, the same thing. And over, and repeat, and over again. I gave her Tylenol thinking the molar she is teething is bothering her (and realizing that I don't have Baby Orajel handy since I lost it). Again, 10 minutes later she is crying. We tried CIO (crying it out), but she just got mad along with the crying. I gave her a bottle of milk (last resort kind of deal) and she fell asleep for 20 minutes. Finally, at 5:20 this morning, I soothed and rocked her until she fell asleep (which she normally does NOT let me do...danged independence she has). So, at that point I realized I would usually be getting ready to go to the gym. Yeah, right. The left side of my face is banging like a drum. I can hardly open my mouth, and I have a RAGING headache along with a bit of a lack of sleep (thankfully I went to bed at 9, but I need 8 hours a night, trust me).

So, I chose not to go to the gym. Again. And that is driving me nuts. I had my weigh-in for the Periwinkles today, and though I am down 2 pounds from yesterday, I am still up a LOT from last week. I know it is a combination of stress, water retention, and a lot of bad food mixed in with no gym time since last Wednesday, but I really really want to be in the gym tomorrow.

So, I made an appointment this morning at 10:30 with my doc to see if I need to be on antibiotics. I have been still running a low-grade temperature of 99.5 since Saturday (when it was up in the 100s). I just want the pain to be GONE already! And the snot. Really, that's just gross. And I can imagine how it will be when I am running. Great gobs of snot.


But, other than that little vent, I am still going to be a happy person today, because though I can't change certain circumstances, I can change my reaction to them.

Have a happy day, everyone, and change a negative into a positive!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

VIXEN2188 12/23/2010 1:03PM

    I'm sorry about your craptacular night. Hope you get more rest tonight!

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SIERRATHEGREAT 12/22/2010 6:22PM

    I had the same feeling in my teeth. I went to the dentist thinking I had a cavity and he said I have an infection in the root of my tooth --without having a cavity! He thinks it may be from my car accident and smashing my mouth off of my air bag. Ugh.

That's all to say - I feel you.

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MIECHI7 12/22/2010 6:09PM

    There is a special place in heaven for mommies!

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RAVENSONG37 12/22/2010 5:39PM

    You are so amazing. I love how you turn it all around. Feel better soon! xoxoxo

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SDKENT79 12/22/2010 1:31PM

    Get some rest, I hope you get feeling better soon!

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AKATUJE 12/22/2010 1:25PM

    Hope you feel better soon emoticon

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DEEJACKSON 12/22/2010 1:18PM

    Sorry for your night and your pain!

Hope everything gets better

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LEAG0628 12/22/2010 12:02PM

    Sounds like a rough night. I hope things begin to look up!

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ONE*BUSY*MOM 12/22/2010 11:59AM

    Take care! Hope you feel better soon.


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RUNNER4LIFE08 12/22/2010 11:37AM

    Hope you feel better soon! Good thing you are seeing your doc today.... nip it in the butt before this weekend if you can.

And I do not miss those days of making your babies happy and getting them to sleep in the middle of the night. My youngest is 6 and I can't imagine not getting the sleep I get now today. Good luck tonight!

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THEHONESTME 12/22/2010 11:26AM

    I hope the doc gives you something to make you feel better real soon -- enough already, right?!

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MADEMCHE 12/22/2010 11:11AM

    Good idea love, you can't change how it is, just how it makes you feel. Wonderful advice. Hope you feel better soon. Happiest of holidays to you!

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ILIKECACTI 12/22/2010 11:08AM

    Good luck in changing a negative into a positive. You are better at it than me :)

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ARAVAN 12/22/2010 10:55AM

    I love the positivity even in the face of "great gobs of snot." That made me laugh out loud, and thus made my day a little more positive. =)

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NUTRIGIRL08 12/22/2010 10:40AM

    I hope you feel better soon! And your little one too! emoticon

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LUV4CHOCOLATE 12/22/2010 10:23AM

    Ugh! Really sounds like an infection. Glad you are going to the doctor today -- you'll want to nip this one quickly. Hope you feel better soon.


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PINKBEANBOO 12/22/2010 10:19AM

    Good grief, girl. You have been having a tough go of it lately. Hang in there, things will get better.

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RAINEMARIE214 12/22/2010 10:13AM

    I missed out on my workout yesterday and could not gather the energy to workout this morning either. :/

I hope you are able to get something to help with your pain!! Feel better!

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CAFFEINATED_09 12/22/2010 10:01AM

    I hope you feel better!! I'm glad you're taking an empowered stance, and choosing to be happy regardless of the situation. Take care of yourself.

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LUVYA04 12/22/2010 9:56AM

    Hope you are feelin better

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Perspective/Changing Negative To Positive

Monday, December 20, 2010

We all have our ups and downs. Sometimes more up, sometimes more down. This time of the year, there can be a lot of negativity in our lives.

What are some things we can do to change that? To change our perception of a negative? To change the perspective even? I would love some examples from my friends on here :o}

Here are a few of mine:

1. Lately, for the last few weeks/month or two, I have been obsessing about weighing in at 160 at Weight Watchers. It's not about the number as much as about the fact that once I hit that "magical" number, it is my goal weight and if I stay between 158 and 162 for 6 weeks, I become a lifetime member and no longer have to pay $40 a month to weigh in weekly there. That is huge for me because I pay $40 for the gym membership and have been doing this both for nearly a year now. But, that number eludes me at the meeting. I can weigh 160 (or even 159) at home easily, but it seems that when Tuesday hits, and I go in there at 5 p.m. in clothes, it goes like this (here are the past 8 weigh-in numbers starting October 19): 161, 161, 160.4, 163.4, 162.2, 163.8, 164.2, 160.6, 161.4, 161.4. That is 10 weeks of NOT hitting 160. You have to hit it on the nose or be under it for it to count, so you can imagine my frustration when 160.4 or 160.6 came up. Yup.

Changing negative to positive: Last year, on this very day, I weighed 239.6 pounds. So, despite the fact that I am in the worst plateau of my LIFE, I am still down nearly 80 pounds from this time last year. That is amazing! So, my lesson for myself today is to look at things long-term when I need to so I can change my short-term negative outlook :o}

2. I was sick this weekend and couldn't work out, which depressed me to no end and, in fact, I haven't worked out since Wednesday.

Changing negative to positive: I took care of myself this weekend, so instead of being sick for a week or MORE or having the illness change to something more (like a chest cold/bronchitis/pneumonia) I am thinking that I can do some strength training and even go to the gym tomorrow! And I know my body will not lose its stamina and fitness just because I had to rest. And now I am valuing my health even more now.

Okay, I want to do more, but I really should be working! So, come on, Spark friends. Tell me something negative that you can change into a positive in your life!



  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NUTRIGIRL08 12/21/2010 2:42PM

    Well, that is exactly what I'm trying to do as of late (not beat myself up over the down times). I've gained almost all my weight back not the emphasis is not ALL!

You can do it girl! Keep the faith! emoticon

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 12/21/2010 1:44PM

    Ok, firstly - welcome to the club!

Last winter my weight varied 3-4 lbs (my sister said, "that IS maintaining!")

This past year I decided to drop an extra 5 lbs to remain below 120 (insert your 160 here)

This winter I am kicking myself for being 117 & 118 when last winter it was 123 & 124.

We are human and I guess compulsion is compulsive - DUH!

Relax and just work at another couple of pounds and then maintain. It will come - eat more freggies! Right now is not the best time of year to try to get them off. Give yourself a break - work it when Spring pops out.

It took me all summer to get to 115 - but I did. Now it is just to remember the why - it is to remain below 120 this winter, right now.

There is a reason we weigh less first thing in the morning - we haven't eaten for 8-12 hours. I don't know what time you weigh, but try not eating anything after lunch and not drinking anything for an hour before you weigh. It might just do the trick for you!


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ROCKINFOX 12/21/2010 11:59AM

    I've been at the longest plateau ever which can be a negative, but the positive is that I've been consistant with working out and consistant for 3 weeks with logging in what I eat. The positive is that I know I will bust through this plateau.

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TEENY_BIKINI 12/21/2010 11:53AM

    "So, despite the fact that I am in the worst plateau of my LIFE, I am still down nearly 80 pounds from this time last year. "

Amen, sister. I think you are rocking it. That WW thing would frustrate me too - but being so much lighter and a hottie is a pretty nice consolation prize until the number materializes.

You rock no matter what the number.


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MUMMAMICHELLE 12/20/2010 11:49PM

    An important message I need to hear! My negative is my frustration that I am spending money that I don't have to go home for my brother's wedding next year to find out I haven't been asked to be involved nor have my kids, the only neice and nephew been asked to participate in the wedding. I need to stay positive and think of all the loving and caring people that I will be visiting during my visit, seeing my best friends new baby, quality time with my parents and grandparents and just be happy for my brother and his new wife and check my hurt feelings at the door.

Hope you bust this plateau...maybe this break will be just the change your body needed. GL!

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ONE*BUSY*MOM 12/20/2010 4:48PM

    What a great blog. First of all, congrats on your 80 pound weight loss! Second, and more importantly, congrats on being able to turn the negative into a positive. It is so easy to keep focusing on the negatives, but it is so important to see the positive side of things and be grateful for them. Thanks for the reminder.

Merry Christmas!


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MNGIRLIE 12/20/2010 1:20PM

    What a great blog! I've been feeling frustration with my numbers on the scale lately. I hit 70lbs lost 2 Saturdays ago and haven't seen it since. When I get frustrated about this I take a similar approach you have. I like to look at my weight loss over time report here on SP and it's always a wonderful reminder of where I've come and what a great job I've done up to this point.

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IMSMILEY88 12/20/2010 1:06PM

    negative... I had planned on working out HARD the next 3 days while my daughter was at camp. But, it got cancelled this morning! Ugh!!!

positive... I can go on a bike ride with my daughter today. Gotta make it happen! It's beautiful out & we BOTH need the exercise! (especially this time of year)

Congrats on your weight loss!!! And, you will get there! (w/Weight Watchers)

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MIKEL1999 12/20/2010 12:58PM

    I've been kinda bummed the last 10 days or so, not working out like I should but I have been sick and on antibiotics. Instead of feeling sorry for myself for only losing 4 lbs the last 2 weigh ins, I am proud of myself for losing 27 lbs in 11 wks. I will get thru this hump and get back to it!

You have done remarkable and you will get the lifetime membership soon!

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SROUS1340 12/20/2010 12:45PM

    Oh my goodness Erin, you have done an amazing thing. I hope you break the plateau soon, I understand the frustration, but keep looking in the mirror at what you have accomplished.
You rock girl!

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RAVENSONG37 12/20/2010 12:38PM I need this challenge right now! know the situation - about my family not reaching out. Instead of assuming that no one cares about me, I can look at it like they have had a lot of stuff going on in their life and that because I have less going on, it's easier for me to reach out to them. Speaking of reaching out, I did invite the women in my family to start a book club in Jan and every single one of them has said yes. I can also tell my family that I want to be involved in their lives. My SIL apologized for not telling us about the Christmas program and said it was an accident but that she will be sure to let us know about the next things.

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RDARLING 12/20/2010 12:36PM

    I decided that instead of waking up in the morning, turning off the alarm, and crawling back in bed- that I would just get up, put on my glasses and get started with my day. So today, I woke up just after 5 am (alarm doesn't go off till 6 am). Got up, did yoga and my SP workout, sparked and watched TV, and then got ready for the day. I'm listening to my bodies natural bio-rhythms instead of just laying in bed awake, hoping to fall back asleep.
Is that a negative turned into a positive?!

Good luck getting through this plateau!

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My weekend can SUCK IT!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Whew! I am so glad the weekend is over. All of last week, too, really! Between my daughter being sick off and on with the stomach virus and then I myself got a sinus infection on Friday and developed the stomach bug on Saturday. My husband sure was not having fun on Saturday, that's for sure....

On Friday, I didn't eat that great. Wasn't horrible, but not great. Cue up Saturday. I ate nearly NOTHING. I started out trying to drink water, but that didn't stay down. Later I tried drinking Powerade Zero, which did okay. I was getting dehydrated and really had to try to keep things down. I was pretty much laid up since sitting or standing really exacerbated my nausea. Later in the afternoon, I was able to get in half a banana, and later on 1/4 cup of no sugar added applesauce. About 7 p.m. I was able to eat Campbell's chicken noodle soup and have a bit of Diet 7-Up. I will not go into details of my day other than I just rested.

Yesterday was better, but just really a rest day for me. My daughter unfortunately still had a touchy tummy, so she threw up in the early morning hours. I stayed in the house most of the day, eating things on the BRAT diet for the most part (bananas, applesauce, toast) and drinking Powerade and Diet 7-Up. I didn't throw up, but just felt shaky and tired. My fever finally broke about noon, which helped tremendously! I did upgrade my diet as tolerated in the evening. I had sweet potato fries (1 serving) and later on had 2 servings of low-fat Neapolitan ice cream. My treat of the weekend, and it was delicious....

So, now it is Monday. I didn't go to the gym this morning. I wanted to, but I woke up with a wicked sore throat, and my nose was still extremely congested. Me on a spinning bike this morning just didn't sound good. And running would have really sucked. I do, however, feel I can work on my ST today. I plan on taking breaks today to take my dog on a 1-mile walk twice, and each time I will do a bit of a mini-circuit. The first one will be 25 each of forward lunges, squats, push-ups, and crunches. I will work on variationes (side lunges, different crunches, sumo squats, etc) with each different break. If I am feeling good, this evening I will do the Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD. If I'm not, I won't. I do hope to go to the gym to run lightly tomorrow morning. Mainly because it is my weigh-in.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this before! I got my TOM during this whole lovely shebang!!!! Wouldn't be much of an issue, except this is my SECOND one this month!!!!! WTH??????? Yeah, I really needed THAT bloaty fun. I weighed 166 on Friday (the result of bad eating, so much sodium, and well....just bad eating). This morning I weigh in at 161.4. I am still not happy with that number and know that it has a lot to do with the fact that I was sick over the weekend. But, I'll take it and work with it.

I am doing my food blog again starting today. This morning I started out with an English muffin with reduced-fat PB and a Gala apple with water. I want this week to be as healthy as possible given the fact that I am cooking Christmas Eve dinner, then we are having a Christmas Day dinner at my mom's! Eek! More on that soon.

Well, just thought I'd let everyone know that my weekend can SUCK IT! And it is gone, done, and over with, and I am so happy to be...well, happy...and healthy again!!!

Love you all ~


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TEENY_BIKINI 12/20/2010 2:26PM

    Uh oh. Sounds like your body just needs some time to recover. Sorry you weren't feeling well. It does suck to be sick.

Take it easy, gorgeous.


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GPENSRAE 12/20/2010 1:16PM

    There is nothing worse than a stomach bug! I've had the flu twice this month and it's awful! Glad you're feeling better!

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HOPEFULSWEIGH 12/20/2010 12:10PM

    Things can only be better this week!

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RUNNER4LIFE08 12/20/2010 11:30AM

    Sounds like my weekend a few weekends ago. The flu and sinus infections have been going around our house too. Not fun.

Glad you are feeling better!

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NUTRIGIRL08 12/20/2010 11:22AM

    Hope you are on the mends!!! And your little one too!! Here is to a fantastic week!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PRICANSTINA84 12/20/2010 11:21AM

    glad you are feeling better!

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MINENA1 12/20/2010 10:19AM

    Glad you're feeling way better & told the weekend to SUCK IT! Now tell today to ROCK IT & kick some butt girl! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ELFITZPA 12/20/2010 10:15AM

    Glad you're feeling better after such an awful weekend!

Report Inappropriate Comment
THEHONESTME 12/20/2010 10:00AM

    Glad you're feeling better, Erin!

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TARANITUP 12/20/2010 9:58AM

    Sounds like a rough couple of days - it will turn around for you now I'm sure. I did enjoy the title of your blog :)

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