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Friday, December 17, 2010

This may be typed in spurts. I am starting this at 2:32 p.m. Central time. Let's see how long this takes.

I did well for 75% of the day yesterday. I did throw out the brownie mix since I didn't want to toss the eggs and oil. That is huge for me, since I never would have done that in the past. I love to hang on to things I can possibly have a binge on later. I ate pretty healthy, though higher in sodium, by having homemade noodle soup with no chicken (didn't have any on hand). I had fruits (mainly bananas and oranges) and frosted mini wheats.

For dinner I planned on doing the same. But, later last evening, Kaylee really really really really was turning on her "I'm going to be TWO in half a year" attitude and behavior. She was mainly going after the dog, who is like 3 times her size. I try to keep them separated when she gets into this mode, and try to teach Kaylee that you are to PET and be kind to Jenny, but she just had it in for her last night. Grabbing and squeezing the tail, throwing things at her, going for the ears, the eyes, the mouth, stepping on her paws. And I love Jenny to death, but she just sits there and gets angry. She doesn't go in the other room on her own. So, I have to have Jenny be in a separate part of the house, or put her in the backyard (though not for long since it is colder here).

Anyway, my stress level shot through...BRB

Okay, back. Yeah, my stress level was through the roof last night. I kept my cool because I don't yell at her, but I try to redirect her to another task. At this age, this is what she responds to the most. That got so old, though. This was every minute during the evening. So, for supper I decided to get Subway. But, I didn't make a plan of action for Subway, like seeing how many points whatever was. Yeah, so I got the footlong Seafood Sensation (my favorite) and 3 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies. Gawd, I feel embarrassed writing this down, especially after trying to take everyone's advice yesterday. But, there you have it. I cannot blind myself OR you all to what I did. I just need to own up to the fact that I had more than I needed to eat and not the healthiest options. I am proud that I didn't make/eat a batch of brownies, but that Subway excursion??? Not good points-wise. The cookies were 6 points a PIECE (total of 18 points). I figured I could stop at one, but they were so perfectly made, and fresh, and a bit doughy in the center (why I like it like that...I dunno, but the chocolate was melty). No, I ate all 3. And the sub? 22 points. Okay, so the cookies and sub alone put me over the top of my points, not to include the rest of the day.

Well, let's move on to a new day, shall we? This morning, I woke up feeling...weird. Not great, not bad, but weird. Couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't my stomach,...kinda my head, like it was fuzzy. So, I got up at 5, went to the gym, and started running on the treadmill, feeling that I would run for an hour, and not focus on how fast I was running, how many miles I would get in. 30 minutes in, and I was DONE. Just DONE. I could barely breathe, my chest hurt, and I was getting a RAGING headache. I did get in 3 miles, though ;o}

So, went home, went to bed, but then Kaylee woke up. That's okay,...I was starting to feel better, though my chest still hurt (more musculoskeletal than anything, or maybe pleuritic). I still felt good until nap-time (11 a.m.). I woke up when she woke up, at 12:30, and felt GOD-AWFUL. My sinuses were filled to the brim, I c....BRB.

Okay, back. So, I started sneezing. Like 6 times a minute on average. So much mucus, and it is a greenish tinge. Great. I had this 2 years ago. I remember this. I flashes, so took my temperature and it says 100.3. Noooooooo. I just....I'm too tired and stressed and have too much going on with Kaylee to have to deal with this now, too. I thought I was past being sick. It's like a vicious cycle is going on this house between Kaylee and I. She seems to be doing a lot better now, but very clingy (which I understand) and....angry.....sadistic ;o}

So, I had a Hershey's kisses attack, and had...BRB

Okay, she wanted Goldfish. I'm back. Yeah, I had 10 kisses, and threw the rest away. Danged Christmas stockings. Next year, they are SO going to be filled with crap that I hate, or just non-candy items.

I'm sorry, I just have the lowest tolerance for getting/being sick. I used to get sick all of the time when I was a smoker, having either bronchitis or pneumonia several times a year, sinus infections all of the time, etc., but I haven't really had much going on besides headaches and a burnout here and there. So, you all just basically get to hear my pity party/whining since I've no one else to talk to today.

I am proud of myself for running this morning, but not so proud of succumbing to not-so-great food choices.

Okay, she's pulling me away again, so I am just going to finish this up. I just wanted to let everyone know what I have been up to since blogging yesterday.

Take care all, and have a great weekend...


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GPENSRAE 12/20/2010 9:08AM

    Hey girl! Sorry you're sick, that's no fun, especially around Christmas! Don't worry about the cookies, just pick dust yourself off and get right back in the saddle! :) Oh - my 2 year old goes after our dog too, but our dog in turn just knocks Cale over which results in crying...and then when he's all better...the cycle starts all over again. ANNOYING!

Comment edited on: 12/20/2010 9:09:25 AM

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NUTRIGIRL08 12/18/2010 9:29AM

    emoticon I think we have all been there done that!

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-POOKIE- 12/18/2010 3:05AM


Sometimes I wish I knew how our brains worked, when the practical real us knows what we shoudln't be doing, yet we do it anyways *head desk*

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THEHONESTME 12/17/2010 11:07PM

    Hey there, Erin! I just wanted to thank you for the honesty in your blog. I decided you were right and I needed to do the same... confess. I had planned to sit here and ignore what I had done (no one knows but me) and then i realized if you could put your truth out there, I could, too. Now that I have, I'm ready to move on from the mistake and I don't plan to beat myself up over it anymore. It's over and done with!! So, THANK YOU!
Spark Love,

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JILLIANPRNCSS 12/17/2010 7:08PM

    That was too funny. I remember those days when it was a good day if I accomplished one thing. My kids used to stick their hand out for the dog to lick then grab and yank his tongue, he never learned either. Hugs and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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MILMOM2000NEW 12/17/2010 4:42PM

    Reading your post is SO like mine! I have to take breaks and then come back. Sometimes, I have to re-read what I wrote and then by the time I do that, I'm being pulled away again! Heee heeee

Don't worry lady! It is what happens the rest of the week that makes the difference. Be strong and work hard the rest of the week and you will do this!

Great job throwing out the brownie mix! I couldn't do it, especially as my hubby makes me buy that stuff, like Peanut Butter Cookie mix! URGH

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MUMMAMICHELLE 12/17/2010 4:37PM

    The way you blogged with all the stops and starts is just like me trying to get anything done with my 2...23 months and 4 years! Great job getting in the run before the sickness hit and as for the food, move's another day for better choices! Hope you feel better!

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PINKBEANBOO 12/17/2010 4:21PM

    emoticon The life of the mother of a toddler. Oh. My. Goodness. You poor thing! And bless your heart for being sick on top of it all.
Good for you on throwing out the brownies & for admitting your big sandwich & cookies! Just think how much worse it could have been if you had the brownies & the cookies! See. You are still in the game.

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Trying not to cave today.....need encouragement....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow, usually I feel so gung-ho, especially lately. Dang, this is going to be a quickie blog because my daughter is on her way...

She started throwing up again at 11:30 last night. Damn me for thinking her little tummy could handle a tiny bit of pasta.

This time, she was up ALL.NIGHT. Literally. There wasn't 10 minutes that would go by before she would be wanting us to come get her out of the crib. I had given her Tylenol and water, but she just wanted us to be with her....

So, I am without sleep. Very crabby. And I started getting a wicked sore throat yesterday. This morning, I feel like my throat is the size of a grapefruit and nearly swollen shut.

Okay, my DH is gone ALL DAY TODAY. As in, from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. because of a court deposition he is involved with today. And on Tuesday when Kaylee was sick he was gone the entire day nearly. Well, he came home for a couple of hours but then headed out to his friend's house. Then, tomorrow he is working both jobs so he will be gone from 7 a.m. until 1 a.m. I know that for the most part it is NOT his fault he is gone, this is just really bad timing.

My mom is also working nonstop as a nurse. So, that pretty much means it is just me and Kaylee, and there is no way I am taking her out of the house, which means I am house-bound today AND tomorrow (I am keeping her home tomorrow to just rest and also because there is a newborn in her daycare and I don't want him getting sick because of this).

I am going stir-crazy. Because of my throat, I didn't go to the gym to run this morning. I am hoping to go tomorrow morning if I am feeling better.

But, to cap this all off, when I am feeling this way, that is when I eat. Sure, my throat is swollen. But, that doesn't stop me from thinking about the fact that I have the ingredients in the house to bake a batch of brownies. Everything else in the house is FAIRLY healthy, with that exception. I am going to be making chicken noodle soup today....

But, yeah. I just can't shake the feeling that I am going to be making bad choices today and I really want to prevent that. And yes, a small voice in my head is thinking that hey...I can still go through the drive-thru with her! Ugh.

Please kick me in the butt, or something. Tell me what I need to hear. I know what I am supposed to be doing, but not always is it easy to hear my own advice..

Thank you, dear Sparkers. I adore each and every one of you!


P.S. Gotta admit, I cried a little when DH left....a bit of pity party tears.

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JENNIFERKCM 12/16/2010 9:40PM

    Oh, you poor thing...if it weren't for those moments where I want to binge I'd be great! You can tell yourself all the mental isn't worth the usual...drink a huge glass of water...and WAIT at least 1/2 hour before making a decision to do anything. Sometimes the feeling will pass. It sounds like you don't feel well, otherwise I'd say do you have a workout DVD or equipment at home? I have found it serves me a two fold releases some pent up energy and helps balance out my mood...often taking away the "need" to binge. However, with little sick one and you being not par for the course, that may not be an option. Try to hang strong. I KNOW YOU CAN do it!

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THEHONESTME 12/16/2010 9:21PM

    I'm sorry I'm reading this so late -- I hope you had a successful day. If you did, yay! If you didn't, don't beat yourself up. We are only human. One day of "caving" isn't going to un-do all your hard work. Just get back at it as soon as you are feeling better --physically and emotionally! Good luck Erin!!

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RUNTRILAUGH 12/16/2010 4:24PM

    Girl, these are the moments where I KNOW God made US the Moms, because we ARE strong enough to get through the day.

Soooo sorry you are dealing with this! And if I were closer, I would totally lead a group of sparkers to come give you a few minutes reprieve!

Hopefully DD will start to feel a little better, and you can grab a quick 5-10 minutes for yourself.

We've all been there, and you WILL make it!

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RAVENSONG37 12/16/2010 3:28PM

    Ah sweetie, you can do this! Try chewing gum if you are craving sweets or pop some airpopped pop corn if you want something crunchy. You can do this. As for having a sick baby...and a sick you, that stinks. Try to watch some movies or catch up on reading or something that you wouldnt have a chance to do otherwise. Don't try to push yourself too hard...if you are getting sick, take it easy! Love you!!

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PARTICLEGIRL22 12/16/2010 2:51PM

    Oh Honey, I just went through this with my sick son last week. It was miserable and it took lots of sparking to keep me from eating my misery! Hopefully a little sleep will help you feel better. Otherwise, just know you aren't alone. Good luck!

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LOVELYDATURA 12/16/2010 12:16PM

    How you doing so far today? Holler if you need help! You canwrite on my page or send me a message. I'll be on the internet for most of the day.

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ELLABELLE66 12/16/2010 12:16PM

    You can do it Erin! Don't take the easy road. Take care of Kaylee, cuddle on the couch and then if you're feeling up to it while she's napping, do a 10 minute SP Exercise video. Push through and you will be so proud of yourself and have no regrets :) I know you can.

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IMSMILEY88 12/16/2010 12:16PM

    I went through something similar with my sick daughter last week. Anyway, do you have some delicious, sweet, juicy oranges on hand? Or other types of fruit? Eat up!

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MADEMCHE 12/16/2010 12:08PM

    Hang in there Erin, you can do it! Drink lots of water, have some tea, and whenever you are thinking about mindless eating put it on a plate, and sit down at the table. I always get to the table and when I sit down I see a chip, two pieces of candy and some other crap and I realize I don't need it. Good luck today.
Hope your daughter feels better soon.

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THISISFORME924 12/16/2010 11:28AM

    Being a mom is tough! Just a few days and it will pass... Those brownies wont get you very far and will just make you feel more sluggish- instead eat that soup, do some squats while cooking it, and rest up with your daughter!

My DH is gone from 6am-4:30pm, and asleep most nights at 6:30 so I know how you felt about those pity party tears... I have them almost daily!

Stay Strong!

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RAINEMARIE214 12/16/2010 11:15AM

    First, take a deep breath. Second, being a mom is hard stuff! I am totally not prepared for taking on those responsibilities, so think about all of the extra that you have to do! You are right, its not your hubby's fault, but sometimes situations just suck!! Just keep a positive attitude. Sure you cant go to the gym, but do things at home to keep you active. Or just take a rest day - throw in a dvd, get comfy and enjoy the holiday season. Just dont get down on yourself! Everyone has hard times for whatever reason in their life. We just gotta take the goo with the bad. Things will get better! emoticon

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MADDEELOU 12/16/2010 11:08AM

    Stay strong, Erin! You can do it. You have come so far and are amazing. Just keep focused on that.

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JESSICAVZ1 12/16/2010 10:57AM

    Just two days. That's it. It's always so much harder for me to stay healthy when I'm tired and don't feel well, but this is when you body needs you to eat healthy the most! You need energy to keep going, energy brownies will give you for ten seconds, but then you'll be spent for two hours. You need the nutrients from a good cup of soup, like you're making. To get through today and tomorrow you need your health. So I vote for soup, all the soup you want. I hope you're able to sleep for a bit later and I definitely hope your day gets better!

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THATS_LOVELY101 12/16/2010 10:32AM

    I'm feeling much the same way today as far as being tired goes. I barely got a wink last night because my husband was tossing and turning and my daughter kept waking up screaming. It really sucks. But here's what I did: I sat down and planned my nutrition on my food tracker for the entire day. I even planned a bit of exercise. Once it's written down it's one less stress I have and I can just have the nutrition tracker tell me what to eat. If you have to, throw away one key ingredient to your brownies. Or hard boil all your eggs and freeze them for later. That way you CAN'T give in!

I know it's tough, especially when all you want to do is give in, but you can do it! You are STRONG and you can push through this!

emoticon emoticon

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NUTRIGIRL08 12/16/2010 10:28AM

    Stay strong, keep the faith! Know how hard you have worked. Life does get stressful but remember you are a strong, beautiful, healthy woman! Take care of yourself and your little one! emoticon

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SDAWN0512 12/16/2010 10:24AM

    Making better choices today might help you to fight off your sickness better and reduce the duration. Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon and hope your little one feels better.

emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 12/16/2010 10:24:38 AM

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PINKBEANBOO 12/16/2010 10:20AM

    You are not going to make brownies. You are going to make better choices. IF you make the brownies, you are going to have to tell us & I'm counting on you to NOT MAKE THE BROWNIES.
Then, tomorrow you can tell us about your day that was hard but you made it through w/o the junk cause YOU ARE TOUGH.

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FLYINGB16 12/16/2010 9:58AM

    emoticon I have so been there. Last winter we lost power at the same time my daughter got food posioning. We have a well so we lost our water as well. It was stinky messy he!!. YOU will get through the next few days and be okay. We are here for you.

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MAMADWARF 12/16/2010 9:51AM

    There is nothing worse than when your kid is sick and you are exhausted.I remember those days so well.

I would make a deal with myself. Whenever kid is resting, I am resting. Just for today. Snuggle on the couch, find some good movies to watch, tell yourself you are not leaving the house today for any reason (she doesnt need to go out) and put the key ingredients for the brownies in the trash so you wont be tempted.

Also the smell of the soup will have you craving that and not something else. Tell yourself you can have all the soup you want. Maybe make a smoothie which would be good and healthy, a fun treat and great on your throat.

If you are feeling better later, after a nap, then put a excercise dvd in or just dance for a little while, take a shower, and get through the day. You will have done your job just like hubby is doing his. This, too, shall pass. Hope you and your girl feel better...!

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My List of Reasons and My Goals for 2011

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Why do I want to continue busting my A$$ off at the gym? Why do I want to continue not pigging out on food until I feel like the Stay Puff marshmallow man? Here we go (some of this taken from previous blogs I have written):

1. This time last year I was 240 pounds, having lost 46 pounds already but having so far yet to go. Today, I am 160 +/- 1 pound and have lost a total of 126 pounds.

2. I could not walk more than 30 feet without being seriously short of breath, winded, and sweaty. Now, I have run 5K's, an 8K, and a half marathon, and am training for my first FULL marathon in May 2011.

3. I could not hold my 10-pound baby without my arms going numb within 10 minutes. I can now carry her for a heckuva long time if I need to, and she is 27 pounds now.

4. I was in a size 24. I am now in a size 8/10.

5. I was scared about how much weight I had to lose. Now I look back and know that every bit of this was WORTH IT.

6. I hated the idea of going to the gym. Now, I don't feel RIGHT if I miss a day at the gym. They're like my second family!

7. Food was more important than me. Now, food is my fuel, not my life.

8. I was reluctant to let go of my last "crutch" that I used to deal with stress - comfort/emotional eating. Before, I had other addictions that sufficed including smoking and gambling. I have not smoked since October 2, 2006. I have not gambled since February 26, 2004. Now, I run. I run. And I run. Nothing beats stress like a good run! (or a good spin).

9. The idea of wearing a dress with heels would make me laugh and cry. Out of shame, mostly. Now, I own 6 dresses and 5 pairs of heels with the want/need to have MORE MORE MORE because I absolutely LOVE to see how I look in them now.

10. I avoided being in social situations completely, especially family get-togethers. Now, I look forward to being in social situations, joining leagues, seeing my friends, coworkers, and especially family get-togethers since a lot of them haven't seen me since I was 280 pounds. The compliments and looks of shocks I get are worth it!I absolutely CAN do anything I set my mind to. If I fail, I tried. I can't ask myself to do more than that!

If I can lose 116 pounds in 1 year...

If I can get up out of bed 5 days a week at 5 a.m. to go to the gym...

If I can be a fantastic mother and a loving wife, and love every minute of it...

If I can go from huffing and puffing while walking 1 block to running over an hour straight at a 6.0 mph pace...

If I can go back to college at 31 years of age...

Then I can do anything I want to do, and be proud of myself for accomplishing these things

My Goals for 2011:
~ I will continue to weigh in at Weight Watchers every week without fail (unless I am contagious ;o}). I will now be watching for changes in my body rather than the changes on the scale. If I lose more weight, great! If I maintain at 160? Great! What matters is my health.

~ I will listen to my body and take care of it!!

~ I will run when my body allows me to. I will run a full marathon in May 2011.

~ I will continue to walk my dog twice a day when possible.

~ I will strength train 3 times a week, and focus on my core 4 days a week.

~ I will go spinning 2 days a week.

~ I will make time to come here and blog, catch up on my teammates and friends, and support others because I get so much support from everyone around me.

~ I will wear a bikini when my husband and I go down to Florida this summer. Who cares if I have stretch marks!?

~ I will get boudoir photographs of myself done when I am most comfortably ready to get them done. You bet I will.

~ I will wear shorts and a tank top every flipping day of the summer. Or I will at least try to.

~ I will wear a summery dress/maxi dress too :o}

~ I will be proud of myself, and look at myself in the mirror, and love what I see...who I see. emoticon



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DIDIREDUX 12/18/2010 11:59AM

    This is really inspiring -- thank you for letting us see both the highs and lows as you blog here; it really helps those of us who are just getting started. Blessings for an amazing 2011!

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IMSMILEY88 12/16/2010 12:21PM

    Wow! First of all, congrats on your weight loss and all of the positive changes you've made in your life! You are doing terrific!

I love your goals for 2011. I can't believe it is almost here! I hope you have a fantastic, healthy, successful year!

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RUNNER4LIFE08 12/16/2010 10:31AM

    Great blog and list Erin! You have accomplished so much to be very proud of. And I know more great things will be coming in 2011!

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NUTRIGIRL08 12/16/2010 10:26AM

    Absolutely love it! emoticon

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ANMRUNNER 12/16/2010 6:18AM

    Great blog Erin!! I'm proud of you!! (:

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MUMMAMICHELLE 12/16/2010 1:25AM

    What an awesome blog! You deserve to do all those things on your list and to feel proud doing them. What an inspiration!

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RUNDARCYRUN 12/15/2010 11:59PM

    You have accomplished AMAZING things!!! Keep It up! You are such an inspiration. Wow.

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ROOT4HOME 12/15/2010 11:08PM

    Great goals for 2011!! Love your all the postive changes you've made to your quality of life!! You're an inspiration!! emoticon

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NITELITE72 12/15/2010 10:31PM

    You are so inspiring, Erin! What a list...a great list! You rock!

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MNGIRLIE 12/15/2010 10:26PM

    What a great and inspiring blog! I hope to be able to write something like this one day.

You're doing so great!

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LETSSTARTOVER 12/15/2010 9:41PM

    YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! This is a stunning list of truly wonderful things that you have done for yourself! I really loved how you said 'Now, food is my fuel, not my life.' Congratulations and I wish you the best for the coming year, I know you will achieve every goal you set for yourself!

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LOOKINGTOBEFIT 12/15/2010 9:27PM

    This is awesome Erin!! You are such an inspiration emoticon

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THEHONESTME 12/15/2010 9:22PM

    Congratulations, Erin! I love your positive attitude -- thank you for sharing!

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VIRGINIAGRETA 12/15/2010 7:03PM

    Amazing work!!! What an inspiration you are! You set your goals and have worked hard to achieve them. Now you are reaping the benefits of all your effort!

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ABIGAILSING 12/15/2010 6:34PM

    emoticon emoticon

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PIP103 12/15/2010 6:26PM

    Love this, can't wait to see how 2011 goes for you!

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MELLYBEANS0919 12/15/2010 6:24PM

    Fantastic. You will have a great 2011!

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ELLABELLE66 12/15/2010 6:23PM

    You have come SUCH a far ways. Thank you for being my daily inspiration :)


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TEENY_BIKINI 12/15/2010 6:20PM

    You are simply amazing!!! Rock on!


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SUNNY_GRIN 12/15/2010 6:15PM

    Saw this on the DONE GIRLS page, and I am so glad I clicked--you are a true inspiration!! You've done amazingly so far, and no doubt this next year will be a joy for you! CONGRATS!

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ELYMWX 12/15/2010 6:09PM

    Well done, on so many levels!

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THISISFORME924 12/15/2010 5:48PM

    You are amazing! Definitely inspiring

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L3DESIGNS 12/15/2010 5:42PM

    Great work! Keep it up

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ELFITZPA 12/15/2010 5:40PM

    Awesome blog!! You've come so far this past year and I can't wait to see you accomplish your goals in 2011!!

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PINKBEANBOO 12/15/2010 5:29PM

    emoticon emoticon
Your accomplishments & your goals are inspiring. You are going to rock that bikini & that Marathon!

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ANAJAK 12/15/2010 5:29PM

    This is so awesome Erin!! You are one amazing Mama:)

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PRICANSTINA84 12/15/2010 5:22PM

    that is so inspiring! i just started walking on the treadmill again, for the first time and would love to run my first 5k in a few months!

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~*~ Suck It! 12/14 ~*~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

~!~ Suck It! December 14, 2010 ~!~

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

From Yoovie's Blog ~~~
emoticon What was one good habit that you picked up this year that has fallen by the wayside?

Taking my dog for a 1-mile walk every day. Since the cold weather and snow/ice has hit, I have dropped to 0 to 1 walks a day for her. Not good!

emoticon Can you still do it this winter? If not, is there something similar that can be seasonally modified to fit winter?

Yes, I just need to take the time, stop thinking about the cold, put layers on (and a balaclava) and just get out there!

Can you do it today?

Yes, but it will actually have to wait until this evening when DH gets home, since I am home with my sick daughter and she is definitely not going outside!



Also... eat sensibly and just try to have a good day, ok?


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANNE1123 12/15/2010 11:34AM

    Inspiring! Have a good rest of the week!

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DUSTYGIRL25 12/14/2010 2:01PM

    Ok! I'm going to go and do it! And I have plenty of ITS to do!!

emoticon emoticon

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Food Blog, Monday

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wow, so the days I didn't food blog were days that I was not only too lazy to pick up the camera, but also days I just ended up not eating great. Food for thought for myself ;o}

My breakfast started out with an unpictured banana (before spinning at the gym at 5:30) and this delicious egg white with 1 egg yolk omelet (3 whites and 1 regular) and 1/8 cup of reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese and 3 turkey bacon slices for a total point value of 5!

Next came my mid-morning snack of a Braeburn apple and grapes for a point total of 0:

Lunch time! Super hungry, so I had a Thomas Everything Bagel Thin with Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Chives and a can of tuna with mayo for a total of 8 points:

In between this meal and my taco dinner, I ate a small banana and 2 more small (and I mean tiny) apples with no pictures for those.

My taco dinner consisted of a bed of lettuce with NO taco shell (yay), tomatoes, 1/2 tablespoon of sour cream, 1/2 cup of shredded cheese, and 3 oz of taco meat with medium taco sauce for a total of 14 points:

My dessert, since I had 2 points left over, was 12 pieces of Cinnamon Teddy Grahams.

I drank 130 ounces of water, and feel pretty darned good considering the temptation I faced tonight! I did 55 minutes of spinning this morning and 35 minutes of strength training. I plan on running for 4 miles tomorrow, and I will hop on the elliptical if I have a lot of time left over before heading home. I will be sure to let you all know if I reach my 160-pound goal weight at WW (feels weird saying that since I seem to be able to hit 160 at home so often but just can't there....).

Have a great evening everyone!



  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PARTICLEGIRL22 12/14/2010 9:25AM

    Great meals! Aren't you loving the 0 point fruit?! I used to have those same plates!

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-POOKIE- 12/14/2010 5:42AM

    Your whole day looks tasty!!

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BELIEVER104 12/13/2010 10:13PM

    That look positively scrumptious! Sending tons o' good vibes for you to reach your goal! You can do it, you can do itttt!

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ANELAKANOA 12/13/2010 9:47PM

  Looks like a very yummy meal plan. I love turkey bacon!


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GRACEISENUF 12/13/2010 9:46PM

    Hoping you reach that milestone at your meeting. Your food looks yummy!

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HOPEFULSWEIGH 12/13/2010 9:36PM

    Looks like you had a great day! I see the 150's for you! emoticon

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XIA2005 12/13/2010 9:36PM

    I will do 4miles on the elliptical wednesday, tomorrow will be dancing. emoticon

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THEHONESTME 12/13/2010 9:34PM

    Good luck, Erin -- I'm sure you'll make it! emoticon

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DOWNTOWN02 12/13/2010 9:27PM

    Looks like a very filling appetizing day!!!! Food blogging really helps to keep me accountable as well! congrats on getting back into it..and let's hope for got it those 4 miles!! Just since you said that..I will PROMISE to do 4 miles tomorrow too! (I haven't done that in MONTHS!) here goes nothing!!!!

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