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I need encouragement....and a swift KICK.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am dog sick today (and was feeling it come on yesterday). Sinus infection. I don't do well with those. Especially when you add in the swollen throat. And the sinus headache.

My eating the last two days has been HORRIFIC. As in, I can't seem to get enough bad food in me horrific. I'll give you a recap:

Lunch ~ I ordered 2 double cheeseburgers, a medium fry, and a cookie dough pie slice at BK. They accidentally charged me for and added in my bag an extra double cheeseburger. I ate it all. Felt gross.

Supper ~ I ordered a medium 2-topping pizza from Pizza Hut (pepperoni and mushrooms). I ate just over half. Gave the rest to DH when he got home.

Dessert ~ Ordered a large DQ ice cream cone. Shared it with my daughter. By share, I mean I ate 95% of it and she had the remaining 5%.

I did well for breakfast and lunch, but then went on to have Subway for supper. A footlong Seafood Sensation. And 3 white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Oh, and then I made myself mashed potatoes later on last night.

So, to recap:

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

It's as if my body and mind are rebelling against the fact that I am close to goal at Weight Watchers and I am now sabotaging myself with being sick as my excuse!

I have my food mapped out for today, and I am drinking water while popping Sudafed and eating grapes.

*sigh* I just really need to snap out of this funk, and I think I am posting this madness....this gross display of pigging out on horrible food...for encouragement. I know what I need to do. I do. But I need to hear it, too. That does help... I feel nauseated. Sick? Or just the nausea that comes from too much...shame?


ETA: You all ROCK at getting me going....I think one thing I need to do is sign up for a race. I haven't been running much since the half, and I need to get back into it! Also, you're all right...I need to take care of myself and understand that I am human, and this will happen. But, it doesn't need to continue, right? Right.

P.S. Pookie, I want your wooly boots.

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LCHADBOURNE 10/29/2010 3:50PM

    You rock for putting this out there. You have done so well, but no one can be perfect 100% of the time. We are human, we make mistakes, it's learning from the mistakes and trying our hardest not to repeat them that is the most important thing. Today is a new day, and so is the one after that.

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RAVENSONG37 10/29/2010 2:40PM

    Dont beat yourself up girl...and look at why you might be sabotaging yourself. What are you afraid of?

You will get back on track. I know it!

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VIXEN2188 10/29/2010 12:46PM

    It is ok to have a set back sometimes. Plus you do need to trick your body into knowing it isn't always going to eat a small amount of calories. Maybe try having someone pick up your food if you eat out so you aren't there to order or accidentaly get more? Hang in there!!!

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APIRLRAIN888 10/28/2010 4:24PM

    it's ok
lifestyle change = one good decision at a time, a day at a time.

lifestyle change DOES NOT = prison sentence

brush off, learn and try again with new attitude ;p

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MEGSFITNESS 10/28/2010 3:13PM

    ugh. Being sick is the worst. Some people lose their appetites and some people regain their junk-food appetites.

You've been awesome with your exercising so your bod should forgive you, but make sure you get up and get moving soon! No, not soon! NOW! What are you doing on the computer? Give me 20 jumping jacks, stat! Lol :) emoticon

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RUNNER4LIFE08 10/28/2010 11:05AM

    Ok.... here is swift emoticon and now here is your emoticon emoticon

Sorry you are sick and I hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are NOT fun at all and can be very draining. But getting yourself healthy means you need those good for me foods in you. Sounds like you had a couple bad days but you realized it and now it is time to turn it around.

You can't change the past but you can change your future!

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-POOKIE- 10/28/2010 10:50AM

    We all have crappy days, simple as that.

We are using SP because we have an unhealthy relationship with food, just because you are doing well at coping with that doesnt mean its gone away.


I'll kick you if you want, but I'm wearing wooly slipper boots so it wont hurt much.

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BABY_GIRL69 10/28/2010 9:54AM

    I love the old saying about firemen, they fight fire with water. We on the other hand fight emergencies with food. In your mind you are closing in being doing all the right things & the goal is in sight. I think we become big headed oh I can have this ice cream or BIG chocolate bar without consequence. The scale will tell if you don't remember anything else. Some times I think we have to weekly work in days where we balance bad foods with the good. Okay I had yogurt fruit toast & milk. Lunch I'll have a cheeseburger no fries with carrot or celery sticks & then have a healthy dinner. Eat right all day long then take the family out for an ice cream. That way we don't self destruct. Its a lifestyle change not you can NEVER eat regular foods within reason. lol You are almost there you can make it. BELIEVE THAT!

God bless you! emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticonDee

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WATCHMEGO2 10/28/2010 9:49AM

    Girl, I am exactly where you are right now too. I am unsure what my actual problem is, I am blaming the weather, not feeling well, etc... but I have a good feeling my problem is fear of success. How stupid is that? Why should we fear success? Cut yourself some slack though hon, we can't be on top of things all the time. We need to own up to what we have done then give ourselves a kick in the butt and get with the program. take care!

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HALLORAN84 10/28/2010 9:49AM

    Stop beating yourself up! This is a life long JOURNEY which means there will be detours, pot hole, hills, and valleys along the way. You know what you are doing and why, so snap yourself out of it. When your sick you should take EXTRA care to eat healthy because your body will recover faster when it's fueled properly. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, stretch a lot if you can't workout, and get LOTS OF REST! You may just be run down and need a reboot...
How's your running been?

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RDARLING 10/28/2010 9:46AM

    You've laid it out there, it's done, time to forget it! Today is a new day. Don't worry about what you did yesterday or the day before!
Rest up and get yourself well!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ERIN4771 10/28/2010 9:38AM

    okay chica...time to move on, past sense in beating yourself up for what's already happened.....sometimes you just get in those funks, and i'd be lying if i told you i didn't, so i won't.....maybe it's time to write down the reasons you want to change, remember your reasons for starting this in the first place. now, get some rest, recuperate, re-evaluate and, that did not sound cheesy at all...anyway, take it easy!!!! besides, your name is erin, which means you are fabulous in every way possible!!!! trust me, i know these things emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/28/2010 9:39:31 AM

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DIXIECHIC60 10/28/2010 9:28AM

    Hey girl, the biggest step you have taken is to admit what you have eaten and own it.... I don't think I'm there yet. I'd be embarrassed to death to admit what I've eaten over the last week.
Yes you do know what you need to do, look where you were and where you are now. Fantastic job!! We all have moments of weakness, and I find when I don't feel well food is such a comfort. I'm sure once you feel better physically you will be back where you need to be. You're a winner and you have proven it.
Hang in there and feel better soon.

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TRACIELYN4 10/28/2010 9:27AM

    Well we all do this or else we wouldn't be here. Not that that excuses it, because it doesn't! So tomorrow is a new day, make the most of it and change it. emoticon

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Last chance workout day...

Monday, October 25, 2010

OK, so I just want to say that this week has not been "perfect" when it comes to eating. I had a couple of days where I had high-sodium foods (Thai food, Japanese, etc.) and I came to the conclusion that there would be no way I could possibly lose 1 pound to reach my goal weight this week.

Well, I had to try my hardest to get there for tomorrow....and here is what I did:

21 miles of spinning (55 minutes)
2 miles of walking (30 minutes)
7 miles on the elliptical (65 minutes)
4 miles running on the treadmill (45 minutes)

Total of 34 miles of cardio in 195 minutes.

15 minutes of ab class
30 minutes of upper body ST

And I am spent.



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IRISH_AGUIRRE 10/27/2010 8:18PM


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WILD22 10/26/2010 12:56PM

    I'm exhausted just reading what you did! lol can't wait to hear the results...

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TRUE-NESS 10/26/2010 11:18AM

    You did all that in ONE day!! My goodness! That was definitely a last chance workout!

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    That is one heck of a last chance workout! I can't wait to find out what your weigh in shows! You are definitely dedicated, and that's what is going to pull you through!

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GAELENEC 10/26/2010 8:39AM

    Wow, that's a lot of working out! Way to go!

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ANMRUNNER 10/26/2010 7:35AM

    Wow girl you are amazing!! THat is some serious butt-kicking!!

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RED_WRITINGHOOD 10/26/2010 7:09AM

    You just may make it if you keep up that routine..... that's awesome girl! Keep it up!

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SHANNONK1222 10/26/2010 6:59AM

    You go girl! That's great! Don't forget to drink you water. It helps with the salt but I am sure a pro like yourself knows that already! :)

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MRSSIBRAT 10/26/2010 6:32AM

    dang did you do this all in one day ?

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MACILINN 10/26/2010 1:37AM

    sounds like you did lots of good things this week! I always have a day or two each wk of high salt, to many cals, no nutrition value days, but I kick butt on the others to make up for it! It's working for me! Someone told me, drink big, eat small and move!! Hope you had a great w/i! ~Maci~

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My Vision Statement (pic heavy)

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Vision Statement:

I want to get fit/lose weight because:
1. I want to be healthy.
2. I want to be a role model for my daughter.
3. I want to be able to shop normally, and not feel the disappointment of not being able to try on clothes in a favorite store because they don't carry my size.
4. I want to be able to do things that don't cause me to be fatigued, short-winded, cramping, and just overall hurting because of my weight and deconditioning.
5. I want to look in the mirror and love my outside equally as my inside.

The hard work and effort to accomplish my goal is worth it because I deserve it! Because I am doing this, and this hard work brings so many positive things to my life: Happiness, energy, less overall generalized pain and achiness, pride, a better self-esteem, confidence, and an overall radiance to myh life.

What do I want my life to look like in 10 years?

I want to be finished with college and be in my career as a pharmacist. I want to be a marathoner. I want to be involved in my daughter's life and her hopefully many activities. I want to be taking a yearly vacation with my husband and daughter, most likely on a beach somewhere, and enjoying every relaxing minute of it. I want to be feeling as youthful, or even more so, than I did in my 20s. I want to be HAPPY.

What would my ideal days look like?

My ideal days would be, like now, getting up at 5 to go to the gym as I look forward to that fresh start!! I would be getting home afterward to get ready for work, wake my daughter for school, head to work, have a great productive day at the pharmacy I'd be working at, choose to have a happy day, use my lunch hour to get some work done because you bet it doesn't take a full hour to eat lunch, right? I would come home, get a healthy supper ready (most likely made earlier in the week for reheating to save time), spend time with my family, make sure the homework has been done, and reflect on my day while meditating before heading to bed.

What else (besides my weight) needs to change within my and my life to help me get from where I am now to where I want to be?

I need to change a negative attitude to a positive attitude and NOT obsess about things sometimes. It can be a quick road to going back to old habits when I start getting down on myself for not being 100% perfect.

And here are some pictures to keep me inspired to continue on my journey to being healthy, fit, and happy:

Me and my husband, May 2008, 250 pounds:

My daughter's baptism just over 1 year ago, September 27, 2009, 260 pounds:

Kaylee (6 months) and me, unsure of weight, but approximately 225 pounds:

Mid-April 2010, 206 pounds:

June 2010, 195 pounds:

Progress picture at around the same time:

July 2010, 180s:

August 2010, 170s:

September 2010, 169-ish:

October 2010, 165:

And that progression? That is my motivation. For this 1/11/11 challenge, when I am feeling down on myself, I will look at this vision statement, read my goals, and look at my pictures. I will then see why this is all worth it!



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DIXIECHIC60 10/29/2010 3:07PM

    You've done such a great job... no getting down on yourself!! You're headed the right direction emoticon emoticon

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_MSAPRIL17_ 10/29/2010 2:44PM

    I LOVE THIS!!!! You have made outstanding progress and you have great goals and a wonderful plan!!!!

Great job posting this! Now you can go back and look at it whenever you need reminding of why you are doing the things you are!!!


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RAVENSONG37 10/29/2010 2:41PM

    Awesome Erin!

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WILD22 10/26/2010 1:05PM

    you my dear are simply incredible!!! emoticon

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MEGSFITNESS 10/25/2010 2:09PM

    These are some great affirmations that you're doing this for the right reasons. I know you'll get there :) I'm glad we're on a team together--you're an inspiration!

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LONGWINDINGROAD 10/25/2010 12:08PM

    Your pictures are an amazing inspiration! You've come such a long way, and you look wonderful!

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TUBJUMPER 10/24/2010 7:42PM

    WOW!! Great Job!!

Thanks for sharing. I going to borrow your idea and make my own vision statement.

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BRENDY_28 10/24/2010 12:59PM

    You really are amazing! What an inspiration! :D

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MELISSASUZANNE 10/23/2010 6:00PM

    Wow you're doing amazing! I am in my last year of pharmacy school so I feel a little connected to your goals and aspirations! Keep up the amazing work!!

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SROUS1340 10/23/2010 11:24AM

    I've said it before and will say it again, You Rock Erin!

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IRISH_AGUIRRE 10/23/2010 10:15AM

  Thank you for sharing this with us! It's a fantastic vision plan that I know you can fulfill. Also, it is a good, swift kick in the behind for me, and I truly appreciate that! emoticon

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MADEMCHE 10/23/2010 10:01AM

    Erin you look amazing! You have worked your butt off and done an amazing job. Someday you may show these pictures to Kaylee, she is going to be just as proud of you as we all are! You, my friend, are awesome!

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RWALTON730 10/23/2010 9:58AM

    emoticon emoticon

Thanks for sharing your vision statement and pictures. You are an inspiration!!!

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POOKAQUEEN 10/23/2010 9:23AM

You have made wonderful progress! You are really looking great! You have such wonderful motivation, I know you can do it!

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EJHESS1 10/23/2010 8:26AM

    WOW!! you came a long way, great job!

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EPIPHANYANGEL 10/23/2010 5:40AM

    Keep up the great work. emoticon

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BRENNA_JOYS 10/23/2010 12:54AM

    WOW! You are such a motivation! Keep up the great work!!!

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DRB13_1 10/23/2010 12:53AM

    I knew you had lost a lot of weight, but these pictures show the Incredible Shrinking Woman! emoticon
This is beautifully written and you will look back on it 1/11/11 with great satisfaction, celebrating every victory.
emoticon emoticon You have a beautiful family.
emoticon for the motivation.

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SWEETNEENI 10/23/2010 12:02AM

    Love it! You are motivating me too! Go girl!

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JUST_SIMONE 10/22/2010 11:42PM

    Wow I love seeing the progression!

I can relate to the perfectionism and am working on being happy with myself even though I'm not 100% perfect 100% of the time. It's a great goal to focus on the positive rather than the things that aren't perfect.

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Albertville and temptations, oh my! (and maybe a pic or two)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Well, the trip was very successful, for shopping and walking anyway!

On the way down (the trip is about 4-1/2 hours long), we stopped halfway to have lunch. We went to McD's (oooh bad). We split a #2, which is a 2 cheeseburger meal with medium fries and a medium drink. We shared a Diet Coke, I had 1 cheeseburger, and I had 6 fries. I was pretty happy with how I did there.

We got down to Albertville, and had previously decided to just hop into the shopping outlet mall since It was too early to check in at our hotel, which was RIGHT behind the outlet mall (yay for being so close!).

We spent the next 5 HOURS walking from store to store and browsing quickly, making mental notes, and really not actually purchasing much. At the Gap outlet store, I did buy 3 tops for $15, which was pretty good. At the Kitchen place (forgot the last name of it) I got a cake pan with a cover for $4! A Very nice one, too.

We stopped at Wilson's Leather store and I seriously tried on about 25 leather jackets. HEAVEN!!! I was so thrilled with how they all looked on me. So hard to choose! We decided to mull on it over dinner later.

I tried on SO many dresses at Dress Barn, probably 25 of them! I will say right now that not ONCE did my husband complain during this process. I still can't believe he spent 5 hours in a row shopping with me, plus 4 more hours of shopping later last night, and 3 more hours this morning! I LOVE HIM!

Okay. On with the recap. I will be missing some details because I don't want this to become a seriously long novella. After walking what seems like forever to the end of the first part of the shopping district, we decided to head on back to our car (which was located what seemed like miles away at the Nike store)! We needed to check in to our hotel and get ready for dinner.

Getting to our hotel, the first thing I notice is the contraption at the front desk with the Otis Spunkmeier logo on it filled with White Macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin, and chocolate chip cookies. I said no...didn't want to spoil dinner. Very happy with how the hotel was (Country Inn Suites)....big room, very spacious, nice king-sized bed.

We went to dinner at Hong Thai. We had never tried Thai food before, and our choices were limited to a pizza place, a Mexican restaurant, Subway, and a Chinese buffet place. The other choices were things we could eat at home, and as we don't have any Thai restaurants, we thought we would give it a try.

Oh, looking over that menu we got SO nervous. So many herbs and sauces we had never ever tried before, including curry, basil, lemongrass. Corey went with something that sounded safe, Beef and broccoli stir fry (with onions). I went with something a little different, basically a sweet and sour stir fry with shrimp. This included green and red peppers, onions, cabbage, tomato, and pineapple. Yes, pineapple.

OH. MY. GOD. It was SOOOOO good. And the portion was perfect. It wasn't too heavy, and came with a scoop of rice on the side. I ate every last bit of it and just LOVED IT. Corey's was fabulous, too, but the flavor in my dish was..yum.

Okay. So, we went straight back out shopping at 6 because we still had a lot of ground to cover including Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, BCBG Max Azria, Anne Taylor, Calvin Klein, Gourmet Chef, GapKids, Children's Place, Gymboree, Carter's, Lucky Brand Jeans, Columbia, Kenneth Cole, New York something, etc. etc. etc.

I got a new pair of jeans from Lucky and a shirt, some clothes for Kaylee, and tried on so many more clothes. Oh so fun. :o} I just had a blast trying on jackets!

We finally got back to the hotel at around 10 p.m. Oh, and I was STARVING again at this point. Obviously had way too much walking in, plus I had gone on the elliptical for over an hour and ran for 2 miles before we even took off out of town. I went from wanting Burger King to wanting Jimmy's Pizza (a local pizza place right across the parking lot from our hotel) to wanting Subway, to finally having Baked Lay's chips and a few Twizzler's from the vending machine instead. Crisis averted, as 200 calories is a HECKUVA lot better than pigging out on pizza (and we even walked in there to see their about a close call!).

Got up the next morning, and went back to do the final shopping. At Wilson's I ended up getting the jacket I really wanted. It is super heavy but so PERFECT for winter. I will have to get a picture of me in it tomorrow and post it. I LOVE IT! I also got a pocketbook thingy, a new belt (the other one is too big) and a faux-crocodile blood red handbag.

Ummmmm....we then headed back and stopped in Fargo to do some more shopping (ridiculous, right??). We spent about 3 hours shopping there. Did I say I love my husband? He helped me try on 12 more dresses in JC Penney's, zipping me up and helping me unzip!

Okay, I will not go into more shopping detail, but though my eating was not as perfect today (a larger breakfast at the hotel consisting of eggs, English muffin, a piece of French toast, sausage, and a bagel....lunch consisting of a slice of pepperoni and mushroom pizza and a breadstick at the food court in the mall but dinner being only grapes), I am very happy with how I did. I did have times during these 2 days where I got a bit down on myself for my cravings and wanting to eat so badly, but overall I had such a blast and seeing myself in the mirror as I tried on outfits in size 8, 10, and size medium to large (depending on the store), I felt beautiful.

Here are a couple of pictures Corey snapped of me while playing with the camera's settings...we are SO BAD about taking pictures:

Getting ready for round 2 of shopping:

Looking at the sea of stores :o}

And one of me driving for the fun of it...

Now, off to bed. Gotta get up to run in the morning with the group!!



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ERIN4771 10/28/2010 9:40AM

    too funny!!! i live in mn, so i am very familiar with albertville emoticon

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LEAG0628 10/27/2010 3:37PM

    Isn't shopping the absolute greatest now? I live just over the border from North Dakota (Manitoba, Canada) and was down on the 16th partaking in the plethora of stores in Fargo. My favourite is Burlington!

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LONGWINDINGROAD 10/25/2010 12:00PM

    You DO have an amazing husband! Mine is patinet to an extent...then he starts just throwing stuff in the cart!! It sounds like you had a great time...and even if you did eat some things that you would normally stay away from, you walked a I'm sure you made up for it!

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POOKAQUEEN 10/23/2010 9:27AM

    You look great! It sounds like so much fun!

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IRISH_AGUIRRE 10/22/2010 11:24PM

  Love the pix! Your husband is amazing - neither my hubby nor I could have shopped that long. I'm looking forward to the pix of your new jacket & other goodies.

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_COSMOPAULATAN_ 10/22/2010 10:54PM

    Yay pics! However Hong Thai sounds like a mixture of cuisines... what you ate sounds more Chinese than Thai (not to burst your bubble). I love Thai, but I've never seen something like that on the menu.

Too bad you aren't closer to the cities!

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ANAJAK 10/22/2010 10:54PM

    This is so awesome!! I'm fighting the crave monster myself - wish I had done as well as you :)

ps. did you decide on a jacket - more importantly did you take a photo ??

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I did it....(Picture)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hehe...Kaylee is trying to add on poundage!!!

Okay, so I did it this morning. My weigh in at WW yesterday in clothes at 5 p.m. was 161 even, so I did get my 100-pound medallion (I started there at 261, having lost 25 pounds on my own). I was really excited and happy...the leader of our group was crying (Oh, I love you, Jill!) and I was nervous as I talked. I don't think I made any sense to anyone in the room, and of COURSE this was the day the room was PACKED and even people standing (probably about 40 people or so).

So, it was nice knowing you 160s, but I now have a new friend, and her name is 150s!!!

Thought I would post a scale picture since I needed to have some proof for myself LOL.



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LOSING107 10/22/2010 3:42PM


emoticon emoticon

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SUNNY2010 10/21/2010 12:00PM


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SABNMICH 10/20/2010 10:00PM

    Congratulations Erin, You did it!! You are such an inspiration to all of us!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MARLIE13 10/20/2010 9:39PM

    Oh goodness, Iím almost in tears for you. You have got to be sooo proud of your accomplishments!! Congratulations! It only gets better from here!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RAINEMARIE214 10/20/2010 6:51PM

    Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
HHI0901 10/20/2010 6:06PM

    Wow wow wow wow!!!!! CONGRATS!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NITELITE72 10/20/2010 5:42PM

    Way to go, girl!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
IRISH_AGUIRRE 10/20/2010 5:37PM

  That is sooo emoticon! Congrats!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NUTRIGIRL08 10/20/2010 4:40PM

    emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
LAURAKINS 10/20/2010 4:18PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
TXDREAMSPINNER 10/20/2010 4:09PM

    Way to go!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MEGSFITNESS 10/20/2010 4:05PM

    WOO HOO! and your toes are even presentable lol... Great job, Girl!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LKIRKENDALL 10/20/2010 4:03PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Keep up the good work. Wow you are an inspiration!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ADRE20 10/20/2010 3:49PM

    Congrats! Thats great, and I love the little foot on the scale! My kids always do that when I try to weigh in.

Report Inappropriate Comment
BLK2010 10/20/2010 3:43PM

    emoticon LOVE IT!! Congrats again!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FLWRCHLD97 10/20/2010 3:42PM

    Woo Hoo!!!

Congrats on your successes! You are emoticon !!

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CALLIKIA 10/20/2010 3:36PM


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PAMINHALF 10/20/2010 2:32PM


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AMOHAME2 10/20/2010 1:49PM

    WOW! I'm so inspired by you, it's amazing what you've accomplished!
And I love the photo of the tiny foot, sooo cute!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LAURIE5658 10/20/2010 1:48PM

    What a tremendous accomplishment! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RUNTRILAUGH 10/20/2010 1:39PM

    AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GAELENEC 10/20/2010 1:32PM

    Amazing! Stupendous! Awe inspiring!

and great polish color too....*s*

Seriously.... what a milestone to achieve! good for you.

Report Inappropriate Comment
-POOKIE- 10/20/2010 1:22PM

    emoticon Be proud!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
TUBJUMPER 10/20/2010 11:27AM

    WTG!!!! It's amazing Erin, 125 lbs AWESOME!!!

Comment edited on: 10/20/2010 11:31:49 AM

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ANDI571 10/20/2010 10:42AM

    How exciting!!!!!! Congratulations on all of your hard work. emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SAMSPARK1 10/20/2010 10:38AM

    Congratulations! WAY TO GO!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RAVENSONG37 10/20/2010 10:35AM

    WOW Erin!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You inspire me SO much!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SROUS1340 10/20/2010 10:34AM

    you rock toots!!! Congratulations!

Report Inappropriate Comment
WILD22 10/20/2010 10:21AM

    Congratulations!!! You are so much a hero to all that still have a long way to go. You can do anything you set your mind to. The sky is the limit!!! emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
GRACEISENUF 10/20/2010 10:14AM

    emoticon This is such an amazing accomplishment. That pic of your baby girl's foot is just way to cute...a "framer", lol!

You inspire me every time I see a post on my friend feed...Thank you for sharing your success and in doing so blessing others.

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LONGWINDINGROAD 10/20/2010 10:12AM

    YAY! Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment...and an inspiration! I LOVE your picture, too! The baby foot is adorable!

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LEAG0628 10/20/2010 9:51AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LUVDOGZ 10/20/2010 9:43AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

That is amazing! Way to go! What an accomplishment. Remember that feeling on the tough days. You are awesome!

Hugs, Michelle

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RUNNER4LIFE08 10/20/2010 9:22AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Congratulations for hitting that 100+ mark and meeting your goal!!! You are very inspiring.... WOO HOO! Celebrate, party because you deserve it.

And by the way.... loved the weigh in pic with your daughter foot. Very cute!


Comment edited on: 10/20/2010 9:22:30 AM

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LELEBUCKYLUBBY 10/20/2010 9:17AM

    Congrats! Take some time to realize what an accomplishment this is. You deserve it!!! emoticon emoticon

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SHANNONK1222 10/20/2010 9:16AM

    you rock! That's awesome!!

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MIECHI7 10/20/2010 9:09AM

    I love Kaylee's baby foot!! How proud we are of you!! What an accomplishment that no one can ever take away from you!

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