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It's Friday, Peeps!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, woo hoo! For some reason, this week has felt very long. :-p

Did some weight work this morning, first time since Aug. 30th. Just not enough days in the week! Whenever I do weights, I think, I should really do them three days a week...but I should also do yoga at least three days a week...and run at least a couple days...and of course I have to walk the dog every other day...and I like getting in one bike ride per many days does that add up to? LOL!

Had a nice quiet evening last night, though Paul was out for part of it. Tonight we're actually all home for the entire evening, yay! Gonna have a family movie night, I think.

Poor Kate has a cold, she's pretty miserably congested. We've switched from allergy meds to cold meds, but it's not doing a lot. :-( Gotta love the beginning of the school year.

She got in big trouble yesterday because she forgot to text me when she got home. We're letting her walk home from school now, and a friend is walking with her, but the deal has been that she texts when they leave school and again when they get home. Yesterday morning we told her she could just text when they get of course she forgot. And since her phone was sitting in her backpack, she didn't notice when I called and texted. Thankfully I was able to reach the neighbor (who's half retired, half works at home), who had spotted them walking by, so at least I knew they were okay. But I let her have it when I got home. I'll be very surprised if she forgets today. :-)

Well, better get in gear and get some work done. TGIF!

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GHK1962 9/19/2014 1:15PM

    heh ... things never change. It used to be "phone if you're going to be late" ... now just insert the word "text!"

As for not enough days in the week ... you just gotta double up on some things (or triple up) ... I mean, there's all those hours you're likely wasting on things like sleeping or eating or spending with the family. :)

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Well, it's icky and gray and humid today, and they're no longer predicting rain, just cloudy and humid all day. Wah! We need rain so badly, and that would at least make the humidity worth it. Harumph.

Back to School Night last night. Kate absolutely loves her new teacher, and we are really impressed with her too. Apparently she worked in a law firm for a long time, got bored, went and got her credential, and is now in a second career, teaching. Which I think gives her an interesting perspective. We've been truly lucky, we've had such great teachers. Of course, Paul would argue that "that's why I spend all those hours in the PTA!" Because yes, super-involved people do tend to get the better teachers - some parents whine that it's unfair, but it's reality. :-)

Took Bam-Bam for a 2.4-mile walk this morning. The humidity was really sapping both our energy! Plus, Paul's allergies have kicked up something fierce so his snoring woke me up a couple times last night, not a great night's sleep for me. :-p And I even had some achilles pain, which hasn't happened in quite a while. But I think it was because I wore flat sandals last night and we decided to walk over to school instead of driving. I actually got a lot of walking in yesterday, since I met a friend for lunch about 6 blocks from my office and decided to walk that one too. Though I was wearing my skechers then, much better shoes!

Well, better get back to work. Happy Thursday!

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GHK1962 9/18/2014 2:02PM

    Yeahhh for the kidlet liking her teacher ... which means she'll like school. I'm also guessing that her teach is good at it partly because she took it on as a 2nd career. Opting out of a high paying industry for something that likely pays her wayyy too little must mean she loves doing what she now does. And that can only be filled with good.

Anyway ... work has kept me from keeping up with all things Spark. How rude! So ... likely you will be getting emails from Spark as I make my usual odd comments on your blogs haha.

Happy Thursday. :)

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is it really only Wednesday?! Man, it really feels like it should be Friday by now, I'm pooped.

Got a good 45 minutes of yoga in this morning, felt great.

Had a pretty quiet evening...Paul took Kate to yoga so I finally broke out the Jamberry and did my nails. Here they are!

I love how they look, but it's really hard to get the edges trimmed properly, I think because my nails are oval instead of square...I feel like I have some ragged edges that keep catching on things, which is driving me crazy. :-p

Anyhow, tonight is Back-to-School Night. The fun never stops! Actually, I'm looking forward to meeting Kate's teacher, Kate's really been raving about her.

Happy hump day!

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GHK1962 9/18/2014 2:08PM

    Uhmmm It is now Thursday. Heh.

Anyway, every once in a bit wifey will get the urge to do her nails ... not her fingers ...but her toes. But they are not nearly as fancy as yours. I suspect if I told her, "but Erin has fancy nails" that it wouldn't go over very well.

She'd be all - "Who's Erin?"

And then I'd have to tell her - "Just someone from Spark who blogs and had a blog about her nails."

And then of course she'd respond - "Poor Erin ... she has to put up with your weirdness."

Pah ... I am going to text her right now and give her the what's what for those comments she would likely have made to me!

Heh ... mebe wifey would be correct about poor you!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kind of a crazy day, but hey, never get bored, right? ;-)

Started off at the pediatrician for Kate's 10-year appt. He was laughing because I literally brought a list with me! Had to refill her inhaler prescription, which is out of refills (and she ran out this morning, argh), have him look at her midsection because she rammed into the corner of the kitchen counter pretty hard yesterday afternoon (she's fine), talk to him about ongoing headaches (puzzled but it's definitely not migraines), and on-and-off recent foot pain (turns out she's flat-footed like me).

The foot thing is funny - I have achilles pain, she has foot pain, but apparently they're both caused by the same thing. So now I need to find out if Fleet Feet or anybody does inserts for kids - no way am I paying for orthotics for a kid who outgrows all her shoes at least once a year, LOL!

Anyhow, got her delivered to school, then I had a meeting from 10-12. Only it went till 12:30. Finally got into the office this afternoon after lunch, and realized her inhaler prescrip is on regular mail, meaning it's not coming till Saturday, ugh. (This is a maintenance inhaler she takes twice a day, so Saturday ain't gonna cut it.) So I had to wrestle with Primemail for a while to see if they can overnight it (will try).

Got a short walk in this morning with Bam-Bam (1.6 miles) - she's still pretty pooped, plus we had to get out of the house half an hour earlier than usual because of the doc appt so I didn't have a lot of time.

So now it's 2:15 and I don't feel like I've gotten any work done today! Guess I'd better get myself in gear.


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GHK1962 9/18/2014 2:11PM

    It is now Thursday as I type this. Were you able to get them to mail the inhaler?

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STEVEN_D 9/16/2014 5:36PM

    Everything is so busy these days!! Hope the rest of our day went well, too.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Wow, just realized I didn't post all weekend. Busy weekend! And not-great eating, oy. Paul's sister and her partner were here for a couple days, and they really wanted to check out the Squeeze Inn, which is a famous cheeseburger place, so we did that on Friday night. Such a good cheeseburger and fries, though!

Didn't make it out of bed to work out on Saturday morning, which was particularly bad after that dinner - and I had lunch out that day and we did takeout Saturday night. Oy! Don't worry, back on track Sunday.

On Saturday I met up with my BFF at the outlets, so much fun! Really great to spend some time together. She has been through some huge health issues in the past year...she's fine now, but dealing with all the emotional and mental fallout. But I think she's really turned a corner - she started seeing a counselor recently and wow, Saturday was the most relaxed and happy I'd seen her in a long time. So glad!!!

So anyhow, we had a great time, and spent a bunch of money. :-) I got some great fall/winter tops, but I can't wear any of them because it's still too dang hot, wah!

Yesterday I really didn't want to do anything but I knew I needed to work off some of those meals, so I got a 9.85-mile bike ride in. Then I took Kate for a haircut and to pick up presents for the three birthday parties she's got coming up in the next couple of weeks.

In the afternoon we had our first Girl Scout meeting of the year, which went amazingly smoothly. I think our girls are finally starting to grow up! Because this was possibly the first meeting ever, where Melinda and I didn't feel completely exhausted at the end. They did a great job of listening to each other, which is usually tough. We're brainstorming our community service project, which they're really excited about. Next meeting, we have to narrow it down to one, I think it's going to be tough because they have a million ideas! Which is great, of course, I love that they want so much to do something helpful.

This morning I decided that if I really want to make my run-at-least-once-a-week goal, I can't be leaving it till Friday, where it will fall by the wayside, like last week. So I hauled myself out of bed and did it. Run two minutes, walk three. Only managed to get in 8 minutes rather than the 10 I was aiming for, which was disappointing, but I was dripping by the end so I did SOMETHING, right? Of course, the fact that it was already 65 at 6am didn't help. :-p

Well, that's the report from here. Another exciting day at work, and then my first phonebank tonight (campaign stuff). I haven't phonebanked since 1998! But I suspect it'll be like riding a bike, other than the fact that the dialing is all computerized now. But it still comes down to please vote for my guy!

Have a great week, all.


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