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A short walk & A McRib!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I decided to walk to the mini mall today at about 3pm. I reached it around 30 minutes later. I ordered a McRib at McDonalds (right beside the mini mall) because I was hungry and bcoz the McRib is a new burger, just introduced a few weeks ago. Honestly, I can hardly keep with with McD's!!! They keep introducing new burgers. There are still a couple I haven't tried : like the Samurai Burger! I decided to just get the burger minus the fries and soda, I initially really wanted the coke float but I decided not to mainly bcoz of the fluid content, as I have to watch my fluid intake bcoz I'm on dialysis. And as you know, the fries maybe delicious but the burger is already bad enough, so I just got the burger!

I also bought 2 new mags, Shape Malaysian edition and Rapi (Neat in Malay, it's a Malay health mag). I'm now having fun reading my new mags. I walked to the mini mall for the exercise but I was like lazy to walk back bcoz of the distance so I got a lift from my Dad who passes that way on the way home from work. I feel so good after the shower! My head has been itching bcoz the last time I washed my hair was 2 days ago! I'll have to make sure I wash my hair every other day now!

Bye, I'll read my mags now!

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EOWYN2424 9/12/2013 2:27AM

    Well, I loved the chicken patty. It has the 'McDonald's taste'. It was tender and succulent. But I'm not so crazy about the sauce though. It was kinda sweet to my taste. And I thought that there was not enough pickles and onions, but if I were to ask for extra, they would charge me another RM1, I've tried it b4 with the double cheeseburger (my fave).

Overall, I wouldn't mind ordering it again but it's still not my No. 1, my fave No. 1 is still the Big and Tasty! I love the veggies in it, and though it's fatty, I also love the special sauce! I feel it really goes well with the beef patty!

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LARISSA238 9/11/2013 3:09PM

    I'm glad you got out for a walk... it's always good to get out. As for the McRIb, I haven't tried it but I know a lot of people love it. *hugs*

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SONICB 9/10/2013 11:29AM

    What did you think of the McRib? I remember when they brought it back here recently (it's a seasonal thing...), everyone hyped it up, and I couldn't wait to try it. I was sorely disappointed! But the recipe they use is probably different in other countries to cater to the tastes of the customer base, right?

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KKKAREN 9/10/2013 9:18AM

    I stay away from McDonald's, too much fat and weird ingredients in their food. Did you know there are 17 ingredients in the fries? Not just potatoes and oil but all kinds of additives.

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FERRETLOVER1 9/10/2013 7:20AM

    Absolutely emoticon the McRib - it's just about the only thing I like at McDonald's along with their bacon chicken ranch salad.

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FATTYBOY230 9/10/2013 7:09AM

    Yea the timemcribb came out in the 80s.. just about the time I started gaining crazy weight. They are tasty and also addicting...... comfort food!

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EOWYN2424 9/10/2013 6:50AM

    I'm from Malaysia and they've just introduced it here.

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GRAMMYNSC 9/10/2013 6:45AM

    Darling McRib has been around for years!!! LOL They just don't have it on the menu all the time!

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Curry & Waffles!!!!!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

My Mom cooked some v. hot curry chicken and I had too much of the gravy to dip with toast. I also ate some curry gravy with rice, lot's of curry gravy on Friday. I also ate some more curry on Saturday.

The result was I had to go to the loo often bcoz my tummy protested bcoz it was just so hot and I ate a lot of curry. Therefore, I didn't dare do any cardio bcoz I was afraid I might have an accident ! Lol!

I had a craving for waffles and ice-cream! So, I took a short walk to the nearby dessert stand and had a waffle with vanilla ice-cream and blueberry sauce! Sorry, I forgot to take a picture, and I've eaten it all emoticon

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DSCROW 9/9/2013 7:22PM

    Ahhh.... If I could only eat all these wonderful things and not gain weight!

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LARISSA238 9/8/2013 5:01PM

    When I read your title, I thought you meant you put curry on your waffles! LOL!

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MISSDAISY23 9/8/2013 4:34PM

    Lucky you! Eating all that curry... yummy! emoticon vanilla ice-cream, my favorite too! sounds so good! Guess I got to go to the fridge for some now!

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CORTNEY-LEE 9/8/2013 8:22AM

    I miss good curry! That was always one of my most fave dishes

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Another rainy day!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

It rained almost the whole afternoon today! It's evening now and it's still raining! I'm waiting for it to stop so I can go for a walk. I love walking after the rain! It really cools everything down! It's hot when it isn't raining!

The weather is going crazy now bcoz of all the deforestation! Our government is so corrupt! They'll do anything to pocket some money! Including sacrificing our forests. Massive deforestation is going on in Indonesia too! That's the reason for the constant haze problem! But the Indonesians claim that their deforestation has something to do with Malaysian bosses. I don't know how true that is, but I hope it stops!

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MISSCUS 9/9/2013 1:28AM

    A long time ago, I saw an IMAX film, about Earth, also about space travel. They showed pictures and videos of the earth, and you could see the deforestation burning red fires and smoke trails from SPACE!! The narrator talked about deforestation and the loss of habitat for animals, and also Global Warming.
Sad. Really sad because it's all about money....Things must change or earth is going to collapse from man's indescretions.....
Glad you got the cooling rains, and I hope you enjoyed a good walk. We had rain all night Friday night. It makes me sleep so deeply.

Comment edited on: 9/9/2013 1:29:45 AM

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MISSDAISY23 9/8/2013 4:30PM

    Hi Elaine, emoticon

I love to go walking when it is cool too!

I have no idea that the deforestation in Indonesia has something to do with our government too. Well, why do I sound so surprise! No, I am not surprised at all. I would say a high percentage of politicians are corrupted irregardless of which country you are in!

Take care & have a fabulous day! emoticon


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KIM22211 9/7/2013 6:19AM

    I love walking in the rain!!! I am so thankful for the rain too! Thanks for the wonderful visual of walking in the rain! lol

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Didn't feel like exercising today....

Thursday, September 05, 2013

So, I went for a nice long walk. Said hello to Max (a golden retriever), patted his head, rubbed his chest, even gave him a tummy rub. He's so cute but a little on the skinny side. But he's well looked after. His owner normally comes home late at night but he sends him to the groomer's regularly. He always looks so lonely, I always drop by to say hello to him!

I also said hello to another neighbor and her cat! I have various 2-legged and 4-legged friends!

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MISSDAISY23 9/5/2013 4:33PM

    emoticon to go for walks!

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LARISSA238 9/5/2013 1:48PM

    Sounds great! I love walks and it's nice that you have friendly animal friends. I just have my kitty.. there are strays outside, but I don't go near them.

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COUTURELADY 9/5/2013 12:12PM

    I LOVE 4 legged friends, sometimes more than 2-legged ones! ;)
Sounds like an amazing walk, lucky!

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KKKAREN 9/5/2013 10:39AM

    a long walk is good exercise and saying Hello to our furry friends is good for the soul!

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SONICB 9/5/2013 10:25AM

    I really like swapping out exercise for long walks (those count as exercise too though, right?). They are really relaxing and you get to enjoy a change of scenery.

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KELLIEBEAN 9/5/2013 9:57AM

    What a great walk!

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Nice rainy day!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

It was cloudy and rainy for most of the morning, afternoon and evening today. I thought the rain had stopped and wanted to take a walk but it was still raining. So I did a cardio DVD today. Julianne Hough's Just Dance! I did sweat but not as much as a hot, sunny day. After my shower, I feel so good! I guess I have to keep reminding myself of how good I will feel afterwards to keep on exercising.

I have quite a number of Denise Austin workouts but I find her chirpiness a bit annoying at times. And I have to fetch stuff like a chair or a mat in between. I wouldn't mind if the whole workout was on the mat, like a Pilates workout or the whole workout was just standing, like a cardio workout. I dislike it when I have to alternate between standing, mat and chair.

But I guess I can't be lazy when it comes to working out! I will have to alternate between all my DVDs to keep my body guessing! I also wish there were more titles to choose from here. But the titles are limited. I even have to buy online sometimes, but I seldom do bcoz it's too costly! But at least I have the titles that I do have to work on. I will have to go shopping for new titles one day! Maybe I should even try Zumba!!!

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MISSDAISY23 9/3/2013 3:48PM


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RSSSLHB 9/3/2013 8:41AM

    emoticon just emoticon

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LIVINGKERRY 9/3/2013 8:30AM

    It is good to mix it up once in a while, maybe once in a week do the workout you dont like to do- just to give your body some variety. and have the chair and anything else you may need right to the side of where you work out. That is what I do, at least.
I try to do the work out I hate most at the beginning of the week to get it over with!

Stick with it!

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