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When People Notice

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There has been a message board topic I've seen pop up called something like "When will people notice I've lost weight". Well I had an interesting situation this weekend, and felt like writing it down.

Now - I'm doing all this weight loss stuff from me, not so I can get complements from people. I didn't really even think about this until I read the message board and thought about it (in which outside of my parents, I have not heard one thing about me looking better or whatever).

Well, that is until...

A friend of mine had a housewarming party this past weekend, and since March (when I started all this getting healthy stuff), I haven't really seen her much, let alone 90% of the people at the party. So I arrived, had a good time, and then left a little early since I had other plans that night. Not one person said anything about my weight loss (at this time I was around 33 - 35 lbs down). Again, didn't think anything of it.

So today I get an email from the hostess of the party saying how good I looked and how I was the topic of conversation after I left. Apparently everyone noticed it. That made me feel pretty good that it was that noticeable to everyone. I guess it helped that I haven't seen most of the people for a while, so it was a bigger change.

But none the less, It seems that while people won't say stuff to your face about your weight loss (unless YOU bring it up), most people will talk about your weight loss behind your back - and I'm fine with that.

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PAMGYM 4/13/2011 5:42PM

    Your doing well. I would thank that hostess foe e-mailing, I don't think many would have, and yet It's so good to hear.

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LYNN2BTHIN 4/13/2011 5:07PM

    emoticon on your weight loss success!! That is emoticon that people noticed you've lost weight....even if they didn't tell you it to your face. I think a lot of people realize that weight is a sticky subject, even when it is someone losing and not gaining. At least the hostess of the party sent you an email about it to let you know so that you could have that proud feeling moment about doing a good job at losing weight. Congrats again!

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It all adds up

Monday, April 04, 2011

I've been tracking my workouts on here for 34 days, it is just amazes me how quickly your fitness minutes add up. My total for March was 885, and currently I'm sitting with 1,005 total fitness minutes.

Lately I've been going for 50+ min treks to the gym, but when I started all this it was 30 min or less.

It all adds up people, and those days when you "just don't feel it", just go to the gym for 10 or 15 minutes and I guarantee you, you'll end up staying longer.

So I have only 880 to go to get my 1,000 minutes for April!

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SSGTE6 4/4/2011 12:47AM

    AWESOME. GO FOR THE GUSTO. YOU CAN DO IT!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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One month down

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So the end of March is here. My goal was to lose 25, and although I did have a weirdo setback earlier in the week, I ended the month 24 lbs down. So I was within one pound of my goal, so pretty good considering.

I was also pleased with my 885 minutes of fitness, which I'm amazed at how quickly it all adds up. I've given myself a goal of getting to 1,000 minutes in April, and I have a feeling I should get this easily with how well I've been doing in later half of the month (going 40-60 min per gym visit).

The beginning of March just sucked completely for me, and being here at the end and how good I feel about everything is just great. I think a lot of it had to do with the gym, since it was my only escape earlier in the month. I've gotten into a good habit of going to the gym, and I only see this continuing onward.

Here's to success for everyone in the month of April. emoticon


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IPINTADO 3/31/2011 11:45PM

    Congratulations. Keep up the awesome work!

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The First Setback

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So I've never blogged before, and I'm doing this for myself more than anyone else just to I guess "get it out there".

So this week has been a setback. On Sunday (Mar 27th) I was down 26 lbs - and my goal for the month was to lose 25 total. I was pretty happy since I was 5 days ahead of schedule.

Come Monday - Today (Mar 30th), I've somehow GAINED back 3.4 lbs. That is driving me crazy and just PO'd me this morning to no end. I've continued my normal workout routine, and have not eaten anything out of the ordinary at all, so the weight gain is just perplexing to me.

None-the-less, I'm not going to get to my goal of 25 lbs down for the month of March, which is disappointing since I had been doing so well. I'm going to use this "failure" as motivation, since failure can drive me pretty well.

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ENZO1979 3/30/2011 4:31PM

  Thanks for the feedback - ironically a friend at work said the same thing about retaining water - god knows I love my water (easily drink 15+ cups a day).

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ANNAEA 3/30/2011 2:17PM

    How discouraging! Missing a goal can feel awful.

But you've lost 23 lbs this month! That's awesome!

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STACYE13 3/30/2011 2:07PM

    Maybe you've had more sodium than you realize and are retaining water. Not to get too personal but are you regular right now? Maybe constipation? I'd give it a few more days before you worry about the gain. It could be muscle too?

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