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Sunday, 11/11

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hi all,

I have been as busy as possible the past several days--and this coming week has potential to be even more busy because of some appointments and the reading night for families that are added to my schedule. I can do it, but I also have to work on my "final project" and that big assignment that are coming due for my class. Our professor changed due dates for both of those items and that will work out for me in a positive way. My project will be due a couple of weeks early--but I know what the topic is and all I have to do is decide on the group participation activities that will go with it. I am leaning towards a couple of activities I do with students and I think it will be a good and an eye opening activity for the teachers in my class. I would like to recommend the article to any of you who are interested in the topic of poverty. The article is called "Effects of Inequality and Poverty vs. Teachers and Schooling on American Youth" and can be found at: http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?Conten
It is a lengthy article, but the content is strong and talks about some of the real problems we face in schools with high numbers of children in poverty. It took me several readings because the print is small, and of course, I was going through some major problems with my vision.

Speaking of my vision, my eyes are in the act of "starting over." My right eye has been 20/20 since the surgery. My left eye was given a lens to help me to see close up and it is not nearly as good as the right--it was at around 20/50. However, it can see close up in a far better manner than the right. the big issues I am now having is that my brain needs to learn how to use both eyes together and that will happen slowly but surely. I will need some sort of glasses for reading because the left eye cannot read all things--like the Bible and the hymnal at church. Some print is just too small for the repaired vision to take on.

I had a tough week in many ways--we will be having our reading day on Thursday, but I absolutely backed out of things, except offering my presence to help do crowd control. I could not take on any of the prep work because I simply do not have any daytime time to do anything like phone calls. I am busy with children for every minute that children are at school and can participate in academics. Anyway, this is one of those weeks when I have double activities on multiple evenings--except they are scheduled in a way that I cannot do voth of them.

I may have to miss my weigh-in this week and that worries me. I gained a pound this week. That doesn't surprise me--not because I did any extra eating or less exercising, but because I had lost weight for each of the past nine weeks in a row. I figured that there was going to be a "leveling out week" coming my way, and this week was as good as any for that to happen. I am as on track as I have been and know that our body has to do the things it needs. However with less than 6 weeks until my hip replacement, I need to keep seeing that scale move downwards.

On that same topic, I am not making much progress to get the big ticket items ready for my surgery. I haven't been able to find a reading teacher who might sub for me. I haven't made a lot of headway on my holiday plans mostly because these cars in our lives continue to be not working correctly and they are costing a small fortune to fix. I have a lot to do around the house, but between my class and my job, that is hard as well. Add in my cataract surgeries that have taken a lot of attention lately and I am simply behind the eight ball. I did talk to my orthopedist's nurses on Friday and got a few answers to questions. That helped me a bit. I may be able to avoid the sub thing if I can get my doctor to let me work half days after holiday break, so I am going to ask him when I see him next.

This week, I have an appointment for my final hip injection on Tuesday with my anesthesiologist/ pain doctor. I also have class and reading night which conflict with my daughter's play and my weigh in. I don't like what I have to choose over what means the most to me this week. Maybe I can find a way out of some of what I don't want to do over what means the most to me. I am going to try to make that happen. All I can do is do my best given what this week has dished out.

It is time for me to get ready for work. That is also a new addition to this year. Our school district is actually working on Veteran's Day. I have a few moral issues over that, but they must have went through all of the hoops they must go through to keep school in session during a federal and state holiday. I am sure the argument is that the kids would celebrate it better in school than the majority of them do at home. I don't think we should be able to do this, but it is my guess that having a school year that ends on Friday is what has driven them. (Hmm, all of that will go away if we have just one snow day in the coming winter season...)

Have a great Monday--I have a lot to accomplish and each day will be packed full with a lot to do as the next several weeks unfold.

Gentle hugs,

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DETERMINEDJANET 11/12/2012 10:53PM

    yes, you are a busy one! I know how that is! LOL I see the need to make a list and start prioritizing to get those things checked off one by one!

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/12/2012 9:39AM

    It seems like you have been school forever. I remember those days well when I worked as a nurse. For some reason I thought after graduation from college that my education was mostly done but I had to start back to school for specialty training within a couple months and it continued.

I hope the vision challenges are resolved soon.

It sounds like you are having to donate too much to teaching and don't have enough personal time.

Illinois always has some snow days. It's hard for me to understand why they gave up Veteran's Day when others might have been more appropriate.

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Monday 11/5--It Could've Been Worse!!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Hi all,

Today was Monday--seriously, there is no way it was any other day. My day started off reasonably, but it seemed that from the time I set my foot into the door of the school until I got out of there tonight, nothing went quite the way I planned. Some of my bright spots included the fact that even though there was an extra half day and a weekend, somebody forgot to clean my classroom. I proceeded to sweep it up with a miniature whisk type broom to make it better. I had did what I always do on the last day of the week and moved the things off of the waxed floor to make sweeping it a bit easier and I needed to move my reading cart, the bunny cage, and a half dozen other bulky or heavy items back, so I let Digger, my reading bunny out of her carrier for a chance to romp a bit. She decided to hole up in a corner by one of my bookcases that had a couple of seriously heavy boxes in the way and I couldn't get her out because I don't bend in the necessary ways to do that. I decided to wait for my daughter who was coming to bring me some fruit and a large glass of light lemonade that I was thirsty for. Megan came, dropped off the things I needed and got Digger back into her proper home. In the meantime, my regular Monday volunteer got sidelined by our principal and redirected to another place and I had to do the job I had planned for him. In making the change, I knocked over the glass of lemonade and made a big, big mess on my carpet.

From that mess, I went to work in the classroom I teach in and the teacher that I work with was busy fussing at her students and doing a lot of reteaching. My lessons didn't get to happen, but I did all I could to help her and her students out. On the way back to my room, I stopped to use the restroom in my very brief couple of seconds and my non-existent break and of course, there were no paper towels. My third grade group had two children who showed up with 3 minutes left in the class because they had been voting.

Kindergarten went fairly okay although I had to fuss at one guy in one of my loudest voices--he simply wouldn't look at what we were (supposedly) doing. I went from there to my 3 first grade classes in a row and they were almost uneventful until one of the boys had a potty accident. I have never, ever had a child do that on my watch before. The children all walk by a restroom on their way was down the hallway to my room and have been told to stop in there along the way. Even after repeated requests, I let this child know early last week that he wouldn't be allowed to leave our very short class to go back. He asked and I asked him if he went and he responded by telling me that he just did it in his clothing.

Finally, there was the meeting after school about our parent night. funny thing--this morning, the principal named me as the "Staff member of the week" who gets to use the special staff parking place for the week even though it is much further away than where I get dropped off at the door. I quickly realized that that was likely a manipulative ploy to get more out of me than I had offered for this parent night in two weeks. I have a full plate with homework and an exam, a schedule that rarely lets me get into the rest room, and my own medical stuff. I simply told her that I would not do this by myself and that my current demands wouldn't allow it. Hallelujah one of my doctors called me and offered me a 3:45 appointment for a follow up that I needed. I jumped on that so I couldn't get cornered into some tasks that I do not have time to take on. (Yes, a ray of sunshine in this petty and annoying day!!)

Since I had to close up my room before I left for the meeting, I ended up being 20 minutes late to it. I left after ten minutes and they were working it over and it sounds like there is going to be a lot of work for somebody (else) to do for this to happen by the 15th. I don't think I have ever been quite so happy to leave work in my life, even for a doctor's appointment.

I think I'll just get ready for Tuesday and do some studying. Tuesday marks our anniversary and I have a good idea that there may be a surprise or two headed my way. I'm looking forward to that and I hope that I won't be disappointed. I do think mothers and wives usually know.

Take care, my friends!!
Gentle hugs,

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WALKZWDOGZ 11/12/2012 3:44AM

    I hope this week goes better! I have to admit though, I giggled at the great Bunny escapade. emoticon

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    I think it was fairly common at my son's grade school for kids to have accidents because they had a box of clothing for such occasions.

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JULIACOLLINS62 11/6/2012 8:16AM

    Thanks for sharing. Today will be less stressful I pray. emoticon

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    I think I'm glad you had to leave work too! Yikes!

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Sunday, 11/4 Getting ready for the week

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hi all,

It is busy around here all weekend, one day after another. I have a somewhat more quiet week coming except for a lot to do for my class. We have an exam on Wednesday and I have to select and upload the article for my final presentation. As much as I have enjoyed my classes, I am ready for a break to deal with my health and my family a bit more.

I tried to get the freezer and pantry stocked for the week--but Tuesday is our anniversary and I am not quite sure what that will bring. It is a special anniversary and after 25 years, we should have some time to ourselves. that can't happen if I don't get things done for my class by tomorrow night. I might stay at work for a while to study in peace before I go work out. There is just so much to do...

I fixed scalloped potatoes with both leftover ham in one pan and leftover pork shoulder in another. I think they ate up every bite, which always makes me happy. It was a good way to use leftovers and to have a good dinner tonight. While I workewd on dinner and the lovely job of peeling potatoes, Marissa cleaned up the family room, Micah and hios dad cleaned up the dining room, Miles cleaned up both the hallway and started on his long overdue room project. That was a nice win for me--no battles were had to get some household jobs finished.

Today is ALL Saints Day in our church and we recognized all of the church family who passed away the past year. Nest week is Stewardship Sunday and the last day we will have our interim pastor because she has accepted a position in her home town at her home church as associate pastor so she can finish work on her divinity degree to become a full-time pastor. They are working hard to find people to cover our services until Pastor Mariah begins in February. It is a long wait, but it is important to be patient now that we have found the right person through the national search that our committee completed. It was a nice piece that she was chosen unanimously by the congregation, I hope that she understood how special that was.

I start tomorrow with a meeting about the parent night that the principal wants to keep in two weeks. I sure wish I knew how she hoped we might be ready for that. The rest of my week is fairly quiet with only one doctor appointment--before school on Friday to check on the health of my left eye. It is my job to keep up with all of these eye drops. We are down to the same time frame for the drops in each eye which is good.

Have a good week and I'll think of you off and on while I study, research and prepare for whatever comes out of the meeting tomorrow at school.

Gentle hugs,

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    I hope you have a happy anniversary and can find some more time for yourself soon. It's nice to see the kids chipping in to help so much. I love scalloped potatoes!

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JULIACOLLINS62 11/5/2012 11:24AM

    You seem to have a beautiful, positive attitude. I'll be praying for you all during the week. Sincerely, Julia
P.S. - Thanks for finding a co-leader! emoticon

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_LINDA 11/5/2012 9:51AM

    Hi Sylvia, I hope you can get everything done to your satisfaction and can get Tuesday to celebrate your anniversary! That is wonderful everyone was pitching in to clean the house.
Did you use a lower fat Spark recipe for the scalloped potatoes? That is usually such a high carb, high fat dish. Spark Recipes has done really great things making over favorite comfort foods into healthier versions. My Mom always makes scalloped potatoes for my brother-in-law as its his favorite.
Good luck with the meeting about parent night, that is outrageous your small group got saddled with it :((
I hope your eye is doing good and that your week goes smoothly!
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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    Hope your meeting goes well tomorrow for the parent night. Sorry you got stuck with it.

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Friday, 11/2 Success can be hard to handle

Friday, November 02, 2012

Hi all,

My surgery went well. My eye is not quite settled yet and it is difficult to navigate the world right now--but I have no doubt that things are okay. there are no problems and it is about my eye healing and then, I need to get a prescription that will work with the new configuration of my eyes. My bifocals seems to make some problems--but now, my left eye is supposed to see close up better than before--and it does while my right eye has this amazing 20/20 vision, it doesn't seem to understand how to work with what the other eye is doing. It is way too early to figure this out considering the fact that I didn't leave the surgery center until 3 in the afternoon and it hasn't been 12 hours since it was traumatized. I'll share better information later.

I made it to my weigh-in tonight and I lost 1.4 pounds this week for my 9th week of recording a loss in a row. I was given a special token for losing 25 pounds--although a few of those were from back in February, it was a nice moment. I know more about me now because losing weight isn't as urgent as it used to be and I have had time to consider how this all works for me. I have had a lot of nice moments lately that have allowed me to see how I look and fit into clothing as well as to appreciate my work outs and my efforts. this was a reward for what I already am appreciating. I am getting closer and closer to that 20 pound goal by my hip surgery--and to my ultimate 30 pound goal as well. I think that my eye surgeries have given me a chance to see that I don't have to fall into old traps of comfort eating when I am uncomfortable or hurt/ hurting.

Today is our half day inservice and if I understand correctly, we are learning about the Common core State Standards in math. that has no place in my instructional duties, but I will look for something to take away from it. It may make for a long afternoon, but I will do what I can.

I'm looking forward to my weekend--I have an exam to study for and a project to work on. I will be busy. I start tomorrow with an early morning appointment with the eye surgeon that will be followed by a late start to my work day that will also end early.

I am hoping to fall asleep soon--I took an early nap, my body is in confusion mode. I do think I will try and celebrate my success with weight-loss and my surgical outcomes. It is a time to do that and to continue what works.

Have a great weekend and take time to reflect on your goals and your accomplishments. It can be hard to handle, but it is important to know where you stand.

Gentle hugs,

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    I hope the eyes coordinate together quickly. Glad you are doing okay.

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    Glad the eye procedure went well once again. Hooray on your weight loss streak! I made it for 6 and then stalled for 2. I know why though!

You're doing great!!!!

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11/1 Surgery and Immediate Results

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hi all,

Immediate pay off is a nice thing, but seldom is the result of anything I care about. However, I am learning that it does happen from time to time--and even on big ticket activities and that when it does occur, it is fabulous. I have also learned that the things that have a far more slow pay off rate are really rewarding because I can feel proud of the personal investment I have made.

Where does this come from? I am thinking about my first cataract surgery. I knew within hours that it was enormously successful and it made a world of difference in the way I see the world. Things were brighter and clear to see, colors were more beautiful and so were the lines and shapes around me. This is an amazing result to the procedure. I have only experienced the same result to a medical procedure two other times--one was when I had my cervical fusion surgery almost a year ago and the other is when I have these injections in my hip. (and the sad thing is that the last one that was just over two weeks ago is starting to wear off already. It is a good thing that my hip replacement surgery is on the calendar.)

However, I have had a wonderful experience over and over again in the past couple of weeks. It was brought on because I have been cleaning out my dresser and closets. It happened yesterday and purely by accident. About 5 years ago, I bought a box of clothing on ebay and one of the items I got was this cute purple Halloween jumper that was decorated with jack o'lanterns and other Halloween designs. I loved it and it was WAY, Way too small for me--no size marker. I put it on a hangar and thought, if I lost some weight maybe I could wear it. I had truly forgotten about it until early last summer when I started this cleaning activity of mine. I tried it on and it was still too small for me. I decided that I would be putting it in the Goodwill box. However, it didn't make it there for some reason. Yesterday, as I muddled over what this teacher needed to wear on Halloween, my youngest daughter produced it and told me that I should wear it. I quickly told her that it was too small for me. I went back to looking at my things and finally, I decided to try it. IT FIT!! It was so cute and I got compliments on it all day--and even they didn't mean as much as knowing that my efforts is why it fit.

That didn't happen because of some short term thing I took on. It is because I have a day after day commitment to myself and I am reaping the results of that work each and every day. It is hard living in my body, but my step is lighter and I am getting around faster and easier. I am content with the way I am eating and my family knows what to expect of me these days. I exercise happily and I do it every day. Finally, my doctors don't fuss at me about my weight and generally compliment me on what I have done. I can now wear every single item that I had put away for "until I lose some weight." I have this tiny new swimsuit that I had put away and it puts a smile on my face to wear it, mostly because I know how much time and effort went into getting it to fit me. I love the compliments I have gotten at the pool about how cute it is, knowing how it came to be on me.

Anyway, there are some good things with those immediate results, but they are also what I call "big ticket items" by nature. Most of the good things I am experiencing now are those that I have invested a good deal of time in--and those successes sure feel good. It is even nicer that I am experiencing those successes over and over again. I am in a pure celebration mode these days!! I sure owe SparkPeople a big thank you because it has been there day after day for me, even as I muddled through my big plateau that lasted for months and months. This has been worth waiting for. Now, I know I am not to my goal yet, but it is great to have these rewards now. They sure are great motivators.

My day has its own big ticket things coming. I have my second cataract surgery at 11:45. I am going to work a half a day prior to the surgery. It gives my morning students another bit of consistency and support after al of the crazy that went on yesterday and will definitely keep me too busy to think about the fact that I cannot eat. (Changing to someone who eats 5 meals a day is making this hard. My tummy is growling right now and it wants to know where the fruit I give it in the morning is at.) Anyway, I have a busy day at hand--and it doesn't end with the surgery because it is parent teacher conferences in my kids' school district today and we have to attend Micah's conferences. He is having a few problems getting adjusted to high school and I need to find out how to help him out. He is working hard and cares so much about his grades. That is a refreshing problem to have after three of my sons who I had to push, force, and coerce to do some of their assignments. It is not a good day for me to take this on, but from years of experience--25 next week--I know that my husband cant ask the right questions or get the right information to help him out. My husband either takes everything he hears from the teachers at face value or he goes in so angry about something that he doesn't hear anything. I am needed.

It is also my weigh-in day. I am not sure if I will go, but I did so well on my last cataract surgery day, I am thinking about it. It is something that I will figure out as the day goes by.

I have a lot on my mind today, but I have great expectations for the outcome. I hope that the rest of you have a good day--no a great day. I am looking forward to this new month that gives us all a chance to reach a goal or two and to get results that are either immediate or that are long-term. Both are awesome and I hope that everyone can feel the way I am feeling about my efforts right now.

Gentle hugs,

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    Congratulations on getting in your Halloween jumper!

I hope the surgery went well and you have a speedy recovery. I hope you also get to get some rest. LOL.

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BBONET 11/1/2012 9:10PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
You should feel so proud of yourself. It does pay to be on Spark and to be consistent. Good luck with your surgery and hope things come out with the parent teacher conference.
Celebrate all that you have achieved!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    emoticon on the clothing fitting you for Halloween!

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