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Wednesday--5/20: Lots of Uncertainty

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hi there...I know, "Long time, no blog" or weigh, or visit many of my team boards. The end of a school year is the second busiest time of the school year for a teacher and mine is confounded by the fact that I probably have to pack and move, but I cannot get any precise information from TPTB. I wish they would just shoot straight and be fair without all of the rest of this. There are a few facts in my world. 1.The school I am in is supposed to close. 2.We are building a new school in our district and that is where most of the students will go. 3. The building is not going to be ready for use next year--I don't know if the March school board question on the foundation being down has been answered or not. 4. PreK through 2nd grade will be in our "closed building" in the fall. 5. Our 3rd through 6th grade students will be in another school building in the district that is closing at the end of this school year. 6. I don't know if I will be teaching in the "new" school and have not been a part of the secret meetings and dialogs that the staff for that building have been having. 7. No other reading teacher has been selected for that position. 8. None of the other Title 1 teachers are sure of their assignment for next year because the district wants the budget from the state FIRST, and this is ILLINOIS!! 9. As soon as the insurance companies approve, my surgery will be fill steam ahead and my plans are for as soon as school lets out so I'll have time to be well before school is back in session. 10. For someone who has been with this school district for 24 years in elementary and 6.5 years in preschool, I don't feel like I'm being treated like an employee with that kind of experience. OUCH!

I have been really busy with medical appointments, but they are finally settling down. i am now up to date on all of my stiff. Papwas okay as I expected. There was, pnce again, a little abnormality on my mammo results but they are letting me know that I do not need to worry about it, they will need to do it again in 6 months to be sure that their "guess" that the little cystules that they have found are really benign, no problems or complications. I had my "post-op/ pre-op" appointment with the surgeon and we are waiting to hear from the insurance company. It would really help me if they would respond sooner than later. I want as long as I can have to recuperate before we return to school on July 30. I also have a reading program for inner city kids going into first grade to get together for our church. I can easily do this, but it would be nice to know if I can help teach. That is my favorite thing to do, but given this surgery--I can do the planning and resume teaching after I'm out of the hospital.

The moods and attitudes at school have been horrid. I have taught long enough to know that there are often a lot of edgy students and adults towards the end of the year. People who are pretty dramatic become unbelieveable. Even though I know this and have experienced it in a number of ways--it has been more than I can ever remember this year. Children and our "pre-adolescents" alike are fighting amongst themselves and negative in their talk. The disrespectful things that have been said to other human beings have also surprised me. My room is close to the lunch room/ gym and I hear more than I like. It is wearing on me and I need this coming three day weekend, even if there are only two weeks left after that. I need for this raggedy year to come to an end. I saw my doctor/ therapist today and he pointed out to me how much I have been through this school year and my need to have it over is a real thing--and that end is well-earned. I'm glad that I have someone who has went through all of this with me and knows that it has been way too much for any one person to have to deal with in such a compressed amount of time. That acknowledgement turned all of today's negativity away and let me get home to my family and all of the events taking place.

There is too much to discuss in one blog, so I'll get back tomorrow and talk about my real world--my family--husband, kids, dogs and other fur babies later. All of these important people are doing well, nothing to worry about except for one prickly thing...

Take care everyone!!
Hugs, Sylvia

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JIM*S_QUEENIE 5/28/2009 7:54AM

    Dear Sylvia,
I don't know if you have calmed down any and I don't know if you have heard from the ins. co. as yet concerning the surgery you would like to have.
One thing I do know and I think I am telling you this too late is: you need to calm down and be settled before going in for surgery.
This is not always an easy surgery and I still don't know if what you are thinking of is a gastric bypass or the lap banding. I have heard that the lap banding is not as serious as the gastric although any surgery can be serious as there are many technicalities.
I hope whatever is decided that all will go well and will definitely pray for you and I hope you have gone to God in prayer about this, too.
It saddens me the way children talk nowadays and the way they speak to their elders. It is disgusting and no matter what age adults are, there should be a respect for their elders which isn't there.
I don't think a lot of parents really want the parenting responsibility and just don't correct their children.
Most children don't learn to "pay it forward" and this is sad. They have very few responsibilities---mine still throw up to my face how hard they had to work as we lived in a cabin with a wood stove and we had to chop 7 cords a year for the winter and no air conditioning. We had property that needed to be mowed down so the snakes would slither around where the weeds were longer. We lived in the country in the mountains in California and we all loved it. My oldest son is very upset with us for selling and especially for moving out to Iowa. Oh well, he doesn't pay the bills, either.
I will now read your next blog as now I am doing my own blog when answering yours. LOL
Peace and blessings,

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LOULOUBELLE2 5/21/2009 9:42PM

    I'll be so glad when this school year is over for you. You don't, (nor does any teacher for that matter), need to put up with that kind of treatment. Your in my prayers especially for the next 2 weeks.
:- ♥LouAnne♥-::- emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Continued but it's now Sunday 5/3

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hi again,

I promised that I'd get back. I have been so busy the past few weeks with medical appointments, trainings, and my family that trying to keep up with all of my friends on SP has been neglected. I'll start out with an apology to you all and a disclaimer about teachers in the final days of a school year. I know what is coming--well partly. We have a meeting on Tuesday to let us know if we have new paperwork for the year that we are going to have to do (for the entire year, which will take some time with backtracking.) I know there is a 100% chance that I get to move again, I just do not know where I'll move to. On top of that is the regular end of the year paperwork for the year and ending progress reports. I expect some time at school during regular work hours for some of this, but a good deal of it will be on my personal time. Hopefully we will get a reprieve at the Tuesday meeting.

Medical tests and appointments have kept me busy...let me see if I can remember everyplace I've been of interest and how things turned out...My stress test showed an area of my heart that is not getting enough oxygen, but my cardiologist said that he considering it to be "low risk." He never mentioned the blockages, but another of my doctors explained that my medications and my nitroglycerin patch have probably gotten that stuff to cut loose and clear up to a good extent. YAY for that, one procedure averted. I had that big test on Tuesday where they "relaxed me" and put a camera down my throat for my surgeon to get a look inside of my esophogus and my stomach to my intestines. He was happy with the way things look and even gave me a charming photograph of my insides. (Now really, I understand giving expectant mothers photos of ultrasounds, but why in the name of all reasonable things did I get this? My doctor even labeled things like the "pyelorus" for my benefit. Hmm??) I had gotten a phone call from his office and I will need to call them Monday morning to find out what they need from me. I suspect we will be scheduling my weight loss surgery as soon as he has heard from my insurance company. This will make a big lifestyle change for me, but it is my hope for getting rid of my back pain.

Finally, I saw my gyne on Thursday. I am sure this is a GP rated blog, but with the lack of flexibility in my knees and the crazy screaming pain in my back (especially after a long day at work), routine stuff can be very difficult. However, a new table combined with a creative care giver who realized if she turned the thingy upsside down, she was able to do the job. I also have to finalize my appointment for my mammo on Monday. The new hospital has a new "digital" machine along with agentle technician that may make this a less evil procedure than with the mean woman at the other hospital. I also saw my GP and found out that after all of the megadoses of vitamin D and 1000 units daily after it was gone...and my Vit D level had only increased by one point to 19 now. I am back on the weekly megadose again. My doctor expected with how low my level was originally that I'd need a second round with the megadose, but he had expected my level to raise more than it did. Geesh emoticon

On to other things...The riverboat ride was pleasant enough. My son is doing a "long term" subbing job in my school for our music teacher, so he got to come. That gave me someone friendly and safe to be with. The boat had an elevator so that I could get everywhere but the uppermost deck. I got some walking in as I walked around the third level in the sunny but cool outer edge. Our secretary was a bit ill, so I comforted and encouraged her. An old friend of mine from the school I taught at for over 10 years was there and we caught up on old times. (Our school was unexpectedly closed and it was totally hard on all of us who worked there. It was an inner city wchool and we had turned the scores around, things were improving in so many ways. Then, they neglected to tell any of us, but they decided at a school board meeting and it was headlines in the next day newspaper. Personally, I hadn't read it and was shocked when I got phone calls from friends asking me why I hadn't said anything to them. We went through a real period of mourning as we packed, cleaned and "closed." Anyway, we are having a 5 year reunion for the school's former staff in June and I am ooking foward to that. (I need to get my RSVP in for that too, I'm definitely going, that has been one of my best jobs as a professional.)

The trainings that I signed up for were good for me in so many ways. I had a great time being with other National Board Certified Teachers. The training was excellent, all 4 of them were trainings in mentoring other teachers and it was some new information and some things I already knew. I think that makes the best learning--I do it for my students: scaffold on what they know to give them something new.

My kids are doing pretty well and things at home are no more frustrating than usual. I think we are doing better because they are cooperating more. (It is also spring and there are so many things they want to do...if they want my blessing and generally some cash as well, they know what they have to do to get it--lol) Personally, I am thrilled it is spring. The kids started mowing and my husband did some planting and relocating of some of the plants here. Our garden will go in next weekend if the weather allows. If it doesn't, it will have to go in during the week because the first week of May is the best planting time here.

I love the springtime. We have a lot going on, but it is all good stuff (with maybe one exception, but it is not something I can perseverate on here...) Anyway, I'm focusing on what I love and what we are enjoying. My dogs make me happy. My children make me happy. My students make me happy. Life is great!!

Hugs, Sylvia emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JIM*S_QUEENIE 5/28/2009 9:47AM

    Dear Sylvia,
I hope when I read any more of your blogs I find that you are about as happy as can be like you were here on this one. It sounded like all your ducks were in a row!! What a good feeling, right?
Little changes and not all at once is what I was taught. Sometimes you can't help but have more than one at a time and so you just handle it the best that you can. The best is yet to come.
But, sometimes it is always calmest before the storm so always try to be prepared. When we were raising our children we found that not to give them a lot of rope was best and that they were to earn most of what was going to be happening to them in their lives.
They always had an allowance and there was a work sheet on the wall of what was to be done each week for the money. Then there was an index of if something wasn't done then an amount of money would be deducted and it was in black and white so they knew what to expect.
Then there was another work sheet of extras to be done and if they checked off that they were going to do a particular job for a particular amount of money and they did it, it was inspected as done well, then they were paid the extra with the money. This money went to when they were going to do the extra activities in their lives.
I always got great reports from others and employers about how accomplished they were when babysitting, stacking wood, repairing holes in our street as it was private and run by an association, mowing yards, painting, helping with building, etc., etc.
We also started them out very young with appropriate chores. I used a guide from a book from Dr. Dobson, the Christian Minister and Counselor who had a radio show. What great wisdom that was for me and my children and those great work traits are what they carry in their jobs today. I am so proud of them and they did it themselves. Believe me, they fought me at times about it but I wouldn't let down. Since their dad worked 140 miles from home (one way) and worked for 24 hrs. per day as he was a firefighter in the San Francisco Bay Area, I also made it a rule that the kids could not go anywhere on the weekend or during the week unless I had 3 days notice so that I could talk to their dad about it first. Then when we made a decision I told whichever child it pertained to. They would never know who said no or yes and could not use us against each other. Another good rule---especially for any couples even those who are together every day. And, when you discuss a situation about the children, make sure you go for a walk away from the children. Going into another room where they can hear doesn't work!! It defeats the purpose.
Well, I don't know if any of this can help you as it seems your children are older now.
But, I am sorry that you are going thru what you are at the school district. Glad it isn't me at this time, I would have shingles everywhere on every inch of my body!! I wouldn't be able to handle that!!!
Stay in peace, Sylvia and prayer about what you should do medically. Weigh the pros and cons as you do have 4 children. So did my sister and the lap band has worked out well for her and she has a lot of physical problems medically. She thinks this will help most of these but it won't. She just wants a fast way to be skinny but with her it won't stay. Nothing has ever stayed. She loses it and then gains even more. She doesn't take care of the psychological issues and that is what we need to do. That and learn the proper way of eating and a fitness plan, too. She doesn't want to do that part---not even walk. Very sad.
Be sure you do both parts, my friend. I don't want that to happen to you, too.
Peace and blessings,

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BELLACUDDLES 5/4/2009 10:43AM

    What a busy gal you are Sylvia......glad to see you are seeing the beauty in life amongst all that is going on!! God is blessing you!!!!!!!!

Barbara emoticon

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SHELLPRO 5/3/2009 6:12PM

    WO! busy lady, & so happy there just wasn't enough Words! What the heck happened to your page? So glad things are getting better. Keep in touch!

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Saturday, 5/2--Getting late!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hi there,

We just got home from my son's high school musical, "Once Upon a Matress." It was fun and we had fun. There were lots of good laughs--and I stopped the college kids from comparing it to their stuff or critiquing the effects, etc...We had a really fun time and that's the only memory I want. I have a new computer and I'll get a photo or 2 up--my other son (#2) took some pictures, but he has his camera.

One of the best things that has happened in the past couple of weeks is that I have a new computer--it has a "t" key and will run on the high speed. I'm getting spoiled--but we bought it on credit (I know, I know--but the other one wouldn't even work for homework.) I also have a Mac again, which makes me so very happy.

I am going to go get ready for bed and I will be right back--If you haven't checked out the new photos, take a look. The one of Frankie "laughing" cracks me up--and the photo that is "enuff81020" is my darling Lady. She got me addicted to basset hounds, but she hates having her picture taken.

I'll be back later!!

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BELLACUDDLES 5/3/2009 2:19PM

    Glad you had a fun night out!!!!!!!


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The day after...Tuesday April 21

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello all!!

I had my first day of tests at the hospital yesterday. My first was an appointment with the dietician. She had left instructions for me to bring 3 day of eating journals complete with what I had to drink. I simply added in when I drink water to my SP food tracking and gave it to her. She had so many questions about SP that we almost didn't get to my stuff. It was funny, she shared the way that they are teaching diabetics to track their food, using carbs (when I was pregnant with gestational diabetes, it was still the exchange system in 1998.) Yet she couldn't really put down what I was doing--I couldn't seem to get her to understand that there was a "program" that went along with the tracking though. She kept my paperwork to check SP out because "there are so many people who like to do things online these days." And her evaluation--same as SP tell me regularly--I need to eat both more and more protein. That has always been my issue, when I was with Weight Watchers as well.

My second test was less fun and pleasant--but it was important. I won't have the results for a bout a week, but we shall see if my heart is in better condition. My blood pressure was lovely (115/71) and at both places, my weight was down. (But not the same even though I fasted until this was finished at 3:05 yesterday. WOW, I really pigged out with a lot of carbs and ended up eating my regular calorie intake. Not my prettiest behavior, but nothing to harm me either...)The most important part for me was that it was not nearly as painful and uncomfortable this time. I don't know what chemical that they give people who cannot run on the treadmill, but it is a doozy--left me breathless and flushed. It helped that I had done it before and knew what was coming, I was able to do some steady, deep breathing and use some Lamaze kind of relaxation to get over it.

I forgot to weigh in this morning, hoping that a couple of more pounds are gone according to my regular scales and weigh in time. I'll have to leave an update about that and work and family and everything later. We have a houseguest for a few days--my second son's girlfriend--it's been 4 years for them to date--is here while she is on break from her job and my son is doing a long-term subbing position. She has been working on a cruise ship and this is her first time off the boat in 6 months. She may do this for one more term, although I know that neither of them really want to be apart. She is trying hard to find a job and it would be best for them if it happened. I want my son to be happy. Mothers are like that!!

I'll finish later--maybe tomorrow with my update. Take care everyone!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon Sylvia

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CTEMPLE 4/25/2009 6:29AM

    Hi Sylvia hope your test results are good.

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NEEDLEWORKER5 4/22/2009 12:38AM

  I ate wayyyy over yesterday and I had not had any tests....first day since starting that I just "grazed" all day. But today, stayed on target. What surgery are you preparing for?

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LOULOUBELLE2 4/21/2009 8:43PM

    Keep up that positive attitude about the tests for your surgery. I commend you for your decision and pray things well for you. So You pigged out, but no harm as you still were in your daily allowance. Some times we all need to pig out as a treat, but only once in awhile.

What Cruise line does your Son's girl work for. That's not as romantic job as one would think? 6 months time is so long to be away from friends and families.
Prayers are with you.........
829;-::- ♥LouAnne♥-::-

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BELLACUDDLES 4/21/2009 4:01PM

    We want the best for our kids don't we.....in the end it is their choices........I know for me....Mary is dating a really nice guy.....we met him over Easter! We are hoping he is the one!!!

Hugs to you,

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Wednesday, April 15--Tax Day

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi there,

After an exhausting day at school yesterday that kept me at school until after 8 PM, I got home in time to fall in my chair--finally eat a few bites of my first real meal of the day--and I realized that none of my kids had listened to my "suggestions" about doing their taxes before April 15. One of them took the computer and got his done--(and kept me from being online, which is almost 90% of the time the reason I don't get online--one of the kids using my computer, lol.) I did two state tax forms after I had found out that in IL you cannot file your tax online until you have done it on a paper form once. I found out that is what gives you a number that you need to file your taxes online. I slept as hard as a board last night--after the long day with all of the physical activity I did. (I have two major walls filled up with projects my students have done working on Earth Day and in time for the Science Fair.) I don't often do a lot of that here, because the hallways here are so difficult to do displays on--lots of masking tape and teachers from coast to coast probably know that you can come in soon after your project and find everything all over the floor because the tape didn't hold.

I am managing my food so much better--except for yesterday, and SP told me off in everyway because I hadn't eaten enough nor gotten enough of any of their key nutrients and vitamins. Except for computer errors, that may be the only time the computer has fussed at me before.

We had a lovely Easter. The kids had a great time despite the fact that the Easter bunny substituted gifts and trinkets for most of the candy they formerly received. I never heard a word complaint. They played new games. My 2nd oldest son and my oldest daughter fixed the meal--and it was both yummy and mostly low fat and low in calories. My daughter has "joined Sparks" but we are having a problem with the computer--it will not let her have her own page. It takes her to my page even after I have loggecd out. I received all of her welcome email yesterday too, which really makes no sense. If anyone has an idea about solving this--PLEASE, PLEASE let me know. Two of us should be able to log on to Sparks with our own pages. I'm going to check cookies when I get home--but that doesn't explain why I received her Spark mails in my box. Hmm-mm...

My doctor called me last week and told me that my Vitamin D level was hardly unchanged from my first test, so he put me back on the big weekly dose for another 8 weeks. My surgeon called on Monday to tell me that he wanted to get a better look at some of my stomach structures, so I need to have one more test before we can schedule the surgery (not counting the dietician.) They will do what I'm thinking he called a scope--but now I'm confused. I was thinking that when I talked to him, he meant "endoscopy" but he said scope. I think I may want to have that clarified. They certainly aren't the same things.

It is getting warmer and is sunnier than it has been for along time--and I feel much better. I am wondering if I am one of those people who have some level of SAD. Maybe we all do, I am not sure--but I have more energy and motivation. It may be the fact that I've been having some workshops and trainings to go to lately and it probably is also due to the fact that I am eating healthier. Something positive is going on and I love it.

That's enough from me for now. I'll be checking back later and maybe I won't start my next blog three times and then having to delete it unfinished that time. Take care everybody.

Hugs, Sylvia

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SHELLPRO 4/15/2009 3:19PM

    emoticon Hope the Hounds are continuing to behave? Glad 2 hear U all had a descent Easter, mine pretty lonely & dreary. Yep, I do believe that most of all thyroid patients suffer from the combination of low Vit D & SAD. I know I look like I'm Spanish most of the Summer, I can't stay warm or Up without that sun light. Not really great for the skin, but I try to be careful with the sun screen. Taxes are all done & we're getting a Rebate! Yipee!
Nope no solutions for how multiple members & one PC can log in here yet that I know of. One Member recommends installing 2 different Browsers? I'm Tech enough to get totally lost doing that. Maybe one of the kids will know? Keeping you in thoughts & prayers!

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LOULOUBELLE2 4/15/2009 1:34PM

    emoticon emoticonHere's some more sun to help you continue with that wonderful positive attitude. Sunny days are awesome.
Don't have a clue as to why your getting your daughters welcome messages. Post a question on Tech Support, maybe they can help you with that.
Keep up that healthy eating, your beginning to see results and that's an answer to prayer.
(*.HUGS♥.*) -::- ♥LouAnne ♥-::- emoticon emoticon emoticon

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