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Tuesday, 12/6 Something "Scary Bad!"

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hi there,

I am not sure why the phrase "scary bad" came to mind for me, but I think it just fits this situation. Our youngest son, Micah was terribly afraid of storms when he was small--now he loves them and cannot get enough of them. He knows miniscule details about the weather and loves to share them. (We decided to get books about storms to help relieve him of the fear he had as a small boy because he would have full-fledged panic attacks when a thunderstorm happened.) Maybe the snow that is falling and sticking to the ground as of 8AM brought this thinking on... back to my topic!

I decided to call my wonderful spine doc yesterday to let her know about my fall and how it was affecting me in every way before my injections for today. I was flabbergasted and beyond disappointed when the nurse who answered the phone told me that "Dr. Miller is no longer with us." What? I saw her a week and a half ago and we set up appointments and a plan for me for treatments for the next 6 weeks. I tried to get more info, but Nicole was tight-lipped. She told me that there would be "3 docs from upstairs who would be coming to share Dr. Miller's patients and provide care." I didn't sign up for anything like that. I want my wonderful doctor who has listened and found my issues and who gave me the best summer I have had in 8 years. I told her that I would come for the appointment, but that I wasn't guaranteeing that I was signing on for these "guys."

I fretted for a while and I finally called my pain doc. When I saw him last week, we celebrated the fact that I had a new, wonderful doctor. He talked about letting her do my pain management work or sharing my care with her--it was my choice. (What a wonderful choice to have between two amazing, caring doctors!) I decided to call Dr. F and tell him what had taken place. I pushed my way past "Nurse Ratchet" the gal who won't let me get to my doc as a rule by reminding her that I have Dr. F's home and pager numbers and that I would call him that way, but I would prefer to leave him a message. It actually worked and he called me. I told him what was up and after we were frustrated together, he told me that he had an idea--and that he would call me back. Unfortunately, his idea didn't work. He had his nurse call her so he could discuss something with her and all he got was shut out as well with the comment "She is not with us anymore."

It is my guess that the hospital let her go unceremoniously because she refused to herd patients through at a speedy enough pace, taking time to talk with us and find out everything she needed to know to provide good treatment. I saw my psychologist last evening and he confirmed that this could happen. He also told me to keep my eyes open and to watch the internet because often docs in this situation have to comply with a non-compete clause before coming back in a private practice or with another group. (That, of course wouldn't happen if they let her go, only if she chose to leave their company.)

In any case, I am definitely upset. She has been the answer to my dreams. Dr. Collins was so mean and destructive with me that I needed her kindness and willingness to accept that I needed further treatment. I will be looking for more information about her. I will see the "guy" today but I cannot guarantee that he will do my injection. My pain doc can do them and I will wait to decide on this person until I meet him, learn more about consistency of care, and my comfort zone in all of this.

This really is a setback that I didn't need.

Gentle hugs,

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MORTICIAADDAMS 12/25/2011 11:07PM

    I am so sorry about the doctor. It really is unfair.

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EMRANA 12/7/2011 8:06AM

  Oh goodness, it's so hard to find a good doctor! How obnoxious that in something as important as this, you can't get forwarding information. It's not like we're talking about a hairdresser or something like that (though I am always very hairdresser loyal ~ they're so important!). This is people's medical care. It should be handled much more professionally than this.

I hope you find her again!

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_LINDA 12/6/2011 6:04PM

    So very sorry you have lost her :((( I can only hope you find her again..
I have always found storms fascinating and enjoy watching them -so glad you were able to help Micah past his early fear.
Good luck with your shots,
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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MTNGRL 12/6/2011 5:52PM

    Oh no, this is just so wrong. I know you really liked this new doctor and am so sad that she is no longer there. Another curve ball in this game of life. Grrr!

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BLESSED2BEME 12/6/2011 4:44PM

    We have to remember that there could be a silver lining in this situation...hugs and prayers!

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JRSWHIMSY 12/6/2011 1:09PM

    So sorry you lost Doc Awesome :o( *hugs*

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MRE1956 12/6/2011 10:29AM

    You GO! One must be self-advocating in times like this - that scenario you described really s**ks - I wish you all the best in figuring out what to do next!


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Sunday, 12/4 Time to trade in this body!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Hi all,
I didn't realize that I haven't blogged in so long. I wonder what happened to the one I remember doing about my vision (??) Anyway, I will try to fill in a few blanks.

Last week was q big deal in my world of health. I saw the eye doctor on Tuesday. It turns out that I have 3 types of cataracts growing on each eye. I didn't know that there were "lots of different kinds of cataracts." I have two growing on the outside of the lens--both are slow growing cataracts. One is the regular pinpoint in the center of my eye type. The other is like the "spokes of a wheel" branching from the center of my eye to the outside. The ones causing the problem are on the inside of my lens and are like "someone dipped a paintbrush in gray paint and then just painted down the middle of my eye." It has not manifested the same in either eye and is causing me to have triple vision on the left while it also is blocking light from entering One the left eye, it is interfering with my distance vision. Neither of them match up and their rapid growth has significantly impaired my vision. (I knew that part!) I have an appointment with the cataract surgeon on Dec. 20th to set up surgery to remove them. It might be a bit expensive, but I may be eligible to get a lens implant that will make it possible for me to see without glasses. Of course we will commit to that financially--that is a tremendous gift. I will find out in a couple of weeks.

On Wednesday, I had an accident. We were int he grocery store and I sat on my walker. I hadn't noticed that a wheel was coming loose. It came off and my walker flew several feet down the aisle. I did a 180 degree flip and landed on my left arm and hip in a twisted position. the wheel was about 15-20 feet down the aisle. There were several people besides my daughter hovering around me when I got my bearings straight and figured out where I was and what happened. Somebody went and got me a motorized cart to use and I pulled myself to it. I realized that I had no idea how I was going to get up, given the fact that I cannot climb on my knees since I have knee replacements. A very nice gentle man--an older guy--simply lifted me to my feet. I am lucky he was so strong and so helpful. I was hurting everywhere and still kept my tears to myself until I got into the car. I got home and put ice bags on my shoulder, knee and hip, took pain meds and finally fell asleep.

On Thursday, I realized that I couldn't really push my walker because of the severe pain in my left shoulder and arm. I went to work long enough to teach my morning group and then to let the principal know I had to go to the ER. This turned out to be the meanest experience of my life. They did a work-up on me and determined that I had pain in my neck. I tried to explain to them that I had degenerative arthritis in my neck and that I had a report explaining that with me, but they weren't interested. They put a hard cervical collar on me and then made me lie flat on my back. That overrode all of my other pain--I tried to tell them about my back and it's previous surgery and that I sleep in a recliner, but they were concerned that I may have fractured my neck k. (Note to self, never let anyone know about neck pain!! Then, they put in an IV and it only took them 2 attempts after leaving nasty bruises on both of my arms. Even the pain of those sticks didn't relieve what was happening to my lower back. I was in that position for over 45 minutes as they did a C-T scan of my neck. The final nurse that I saw lifted the end of the cart up so it was at a 90 degree angle. That was the nicest gift ever. My back, particularly the lower right side and hip, has not gotten over that abuse yet. After that, they were able to do xrays of my left shoulder, knee, elbow, and hip and determined that all of my pain and discomfort is due to bruising and sprains. They gave me a sling and offered me pain meds, but I have those for my back and had already tried some. They may work better on the pain as I heal and it shows improvement. As time has gone on, some of this is showing improvement, but I am also having pain on other areas of my body--it was quite a spectacular fall. I followed that 6 hour hospital visit with a nap, my Thursday night class, and a trip to the pool to try and relieve my aching body.

I was able to have my surgery on Friday, in spite of all of this. It was scheduled for the same hospital but a different location. The were quite kind and gentle with me. They slipped the IV in without a bit of trouble. They purposely put it in my left arm because they knew the OR staff would treat it more gently because of the IV. They lifted the back of the cart in the OR for me which seemed to bother the anesthesiologist. The nurses insisted and I stayed in that position at least until I fell asleep. It will take a week to two weeks to get a report on if my uterine polyps were cancerous or not. I am inclined to believe that they weren't since my cervical biopsy was negative for cancer.

I stayed home from my weekend class after that 6.5 hour hospital visit. I had a nice lunch and took several naps. My poor body was awful. I had to (have to) use my right hand to move my left arm. My left hip has a rock on the inside of it. I am a mess and moving is unpleasant. I am now under doctor's orders to not use a pool, hot tub, or bathtub. I have tired walking and bicycling to give myself some relief and to loosen my painful muscles. I am going to work on Monday. I have an appointment for injections on Tuesday and I am hoping my wonderful back doc will help me out.

This might be an explanation why I haven't posted in a while. I think I am weary of pain and this body right now--I know I will come around soon...

Take care of yourselves--It is important!!
Gentle hugs,

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MORTICIAADDAMS 12/25/2011 11:05PM

    What a terrible week. You certainly need a break from these health problems.

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EMRANA 12/6/2011 8:51AM

  Oh my goodness! Your body is so mean to you, dear Sylvia. I'm hoping you get some relief soon, however you manage to achieve it.


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_LINDA 12/5/2011 6:57PM

    Wow! You are lucky you didn't get a serious injury in that fall -so many people have :((( So sorry you have had this horrible week :((
My bridge partner often comments she wish they could transplant my head onto a new body because I sure got a useless one..Maybe we could become the first cyborgs, just like the sci fi movies ;)
I hope you can get some relief from your wonderful back Dr. I didn't have any luck with my IV for surgery. Its always three tries of poking around before they finally get one to stay.
Wishing for you a much better week!
I am back working and playing at the bridge club this week is especially frantic, I have to be there every day except one!! On top of that physio is starting tomorrow!
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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Friday, 11/25. Children do grow up!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi everyone,

I know that it shouldn't seem so surprising--yet, as our kids get older, sometimes it seems as if they aren't really changing much. They still bicker and quarrel, and refuse to help out. It has been something else--especially int he morning or when one of them thinks that one of their siblings is getting more than their fair share or some other dumb things. it is amazing to have witnessed the kind of things I have witnessed this weekend.

My back has gone wonky again. I am having a lot of pain and when I saw my very helpful, kind doctor on Wednesday, it turns out that it is time to do my hip and lower back injections again. When my back is at its worst, I cannot stand for long, walk much longer or bend over much. That made this holiday have the potential to be pretty tough. However, our kids have come through. They divided up tasks and did most of them. My husband lifted the turkey and ham, and with only a little help got them in the oven. The kids did veggies, made desserts, helped with cooking... All I had to do was come and supervise a couple of casseroles being put together. They did the table and some cleaning too. It maybe wasn't quite the way I would have done it--I would have changed to a different table cloth and I would have used the good china. I was smart enough not to mention either of these unimportant details and I simply enjoyed their efforts. It was very nice indeed.

My older son's car has been on the fritz and it has been interesting to watch the guys work together to help get it going. They need to replace the fuel pump tomorrow. They have given each other ideas, help and rides. Again, this has been without my begging or needing to maintain peace. I am so pleased when they show me that I have taught them something all of these years.

Although, I miss having them be babies and small children, this is a real gift. They do grow up physically, quite quickly. Seeing them grow up emotionally and socially is a true gift.

It's been an awesome holiday weekend.
Gentle hugs,

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/26/2011 11:11PM

    Actually, Sylvia, I would expect your children to be like this. They obviously have learned a lot at your side watching you make lemonade out of lemons. Watching you always do your best. I'm very proud of all of them. They are worthy to have such a wonderful mom.

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_LINDA 11/26/2011 10:02PM

    Oh Sylvia, I am so glad your family rallied around and helped, and honestly, they are old enough to be taking on their share and keep of the household too.
I hope these painful shots help you and you can feel better soon..
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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Saturday, 11/19 Skin of Our Teeth

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi Friends,

I have been feeling a bit yucky the past few days. It is not a surprise given the fact that I have a few children who have been coughing in my face for a couple of weeks. They are little kids who don't know quite how to keep their germs to themselves and it would seem that their parents treat school as free babysitting. I tried to get some help for one of them and that it kind of what it came to. I am irritated that some parents do not understand the consequences of sending their children to school sick.

Marissa's play, "Skin of Our Teeth" by Thornton Wilder was pretty crazy. They did it as a "theatre in the round" production and my back is rebelling a bit from spending over 2 hours in that folding chair, but the play was so good that it made up for it. She had one of the three main roles and was very good. I didn't get any photos because somebody borrowed my camera, but it was fun. I may have to look up the book and read the actual play.

I had a 6 month check up with my doctor and it wasn't my best appointment ever. I have gained about 7 pounds since I saw him last and my blood pressure was up a tiny bit. He has my records from several doctors and said it has been like that three times (138/76) He told me that if it wasn't down in 2 weeks that I would need to go back on meds. I checked my nutrition trackers just now and the thing I noticed surprised me. I haven't been eating nearly enough. My average daily calorie intake has been 867 calories. That explains a lot. I have been too busy to take care of something that important. I have been getting to the pool and getting in at least 10 cups of water each day, but I have found if I don't eat enough my entire body goes a bit nuts. My new goal will include more protein and healthy fat to get things back into an acceptable range. I am glad that we can get this information here.

Take care of yourselves and stay warm!!
Gentle hugs,

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_LINDA 11/25/2011 10:36PM

    So sorry you have to deal with other people's sick kids :(( I just hate hearing that :( My sister-in-law deals with the same thing in her day care and in her tiny house and such close quarters, it doesn't take long before everyone there is sick :( I hope you can avoid picking up something. I have to wonder what on earth you have been eating for such a low calorie count, bad, bad :(( Faithfully tracking all my food is going to save me from weight gain in my very long recovery and inability to exercise..
It may be worth your while to take a cushion with you when you attend these school events -never had a comfy school chair ever..So glad you could enjoy it -what an all around talent your daughter is!!
I hope your Thanksgiving wasn't too stressful to prepare for and that you could enjoy it.
Take care of yourself, proper nourishment is essential to good health.
{{{{gentle hugs}}}}

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GOATS03 11/21/2011 5:32AM

    emoticon plan Sylvia. Your next check up will be better I'm sure. You're aware of your downfall and willing to rectify it so it can only get better.


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WALKZWDOGZ 11/21/2011 3:25AM

    Yikes! At least this week, it shouldn't be hard to hit a higher calorie intake. emoticon emoticon Be like our Bassets; feed yourself first!

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PUGRAD1995 11/20/2011 9:24PM

    You must take care of you too! emoticon

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/20/2011 4:39PM

    You have so little time for yourself that I'm not surprised that your check up was not as good. You are not feeling well and need to take more time for yourself to eat right and rest. I imagine that stress has something to do with you not getting in enough calories and your B.P. Also you are getting sick as your resistence is probably down. I know lots of people who send their kids to school sick on purpose and it's terrible. We use to have people who wanted to have their sick children admitted to the hospital because they did not want to have to take care of them.

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EMRANA 11/20/2011 11:23AM

  That tracker is definitely helpful! I can't imagine only having so few calories per day. I'm glad you're seeing the bad trend and correcting it!

Hopefully you can stay off meds. It seems a bit fast to want to medicate after only a short time, but the doctor knows your history better than I do.

I'm glad that in the midst of too-busy-ness that you could enjoy Marissa's play.


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Thursday, 11/17 Howdy Spark Friends

Friday, November 18, 2011

This has been quite a week--but I am learning how much I can do and how much I can overcome when I need to do so.

I have been working hard on multiple projects for my two classes--a sample of assessment, a presentation and related article activity, 3 chapter reports, a brochure, a group presentation, and a lot of reading...

I have been really working hard on caring for my students. I am seeing a group of children the three mornings before school that I don't have meetings and another child after school on the four days that I don't have a meeting. I am trying hard to find some ways to restructure my daily scheule to find a better way to serve children who have such a varied group of needs. I need to regroup them which is very difficult given the complicated schedules for each classroom to contend with. However, I have some children who I am not able to challenge enough given some who are really needy and I want to do right by each and every child.

I sent home a supply request list to parents for materials like ziplock type bags, tissues, antibacterial wipes and so on that I have always bought out of my own pocket. I have never asked before, but I have had a small response already and I am thinking I should do this each year. I am not sure why teachers like me have to buy everything like that when classroom teachers get their supplies provided.

I am in the middle of cleaning a storage area here in my house. We have a lot of things to donate to Goodwill and a lot of other things I am going to donate to the trash. It is not making a couple of "hoarders" here very happy.

I saw my ortho on Tuesday. He recommended surgery on my left hand, and doing it soon. His first available surgery date is December 14 at some time in the afternoon. That is almost 2 weeks after my female surgery on December 2. I guess my holiday month will be as crazy as last year when I was having rotator cuff surgery. Somehow, I should have known that I wouldn't have a "surgery-free" year. It is just what I have to do in my spare time, lol. This will be my third surgery on my left wrist and hand. It is taking a lot of work keeping it working properly. Oh wait, I forgot my dental surgery in August. My mouth is still not completely healed from that and I sometimes forget.

I have gotten to the pool every day but my Thursday class nights. I believe that is keeping me and my body going. I also go to church at least once a week and I believe that keeps me going spiritually and keeps my faith strong. I go to my therapist almost once a week so I have someone who is working to keep me out of mischief and who is challenging me to focus on self-care. He also is teaching me to play chess because he thinks that it will give me a strong past time to challenge my mind and give me something social and fun that isn't related to my demanding and time-consuming job.

I have been so busy this week that I haven't been to my teams much. My regular threads are far behind and I haven't read many blogs. I am taking Friday off from homework, so I might get here for a while after the pool to check up on you. Please use the comment section here to give me a little update on yourself. I know this is a crazy blog with little purpose and I want to know about you.

Gentle hugs,

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_LINDA 11/25/2011 10:44PM

    Will be thinking of you during your upcoming surgeries, which will be busy for me healing or not -December is quite busy at the club and I have many duties to attend to. My step dad goes in for cataract surgery soon, and we will have lost our only driver :( I should hope to be home by then, but not sure..
Not sure how I will do on my own with my other hip being such a nuisance :( I really miss my exercising -it gave me the most highest highs :( Now my life is just a dull, dreary sit on my butt or lie down thing -its amazing I don't get sores there as I can't sleep on my side (this from the knee surgeries, even with cushioning between, it bothers me, so stuck falt on my back which it doesn't like.
Enjoying my time with Mom though, as every minute I get to spend with her is precious.
Sorry I took so long getting to you. Connection here is very slow, and I was getting to the most recent blogs first on my friend feed and catching up on all their blogs first.
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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MORTICIAADDAMS 11/18/2011 3:19PM

    I agree that parents need to supply their children with appropriate items at school. The teachers should not have to pay this stuff out of pocket.

I am also wanting to start a pile of things to get rid of.

I'm pretty swamped and always behind as well. I seem to never be able to get caught up either. We are still in the process of settling my MIL's estate but we can finally pay a few bills. We are getting ready for Winter and doing fairly well so far.

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EMRANA 11/18/2011 9:48AM

  I've been really quiet this week too ~ still dealing with the uncertainty of it being moving day next Wednesday but still not having Chris's passport back from the consulate. We're stuck until that gets here, and we're praying hard that they don't mess up all my plans and make me have to reschedule!

In good news, I was awarded Spark Motivator status yesterday, so that was cool!

I was very happy to read that you're also working hard on self care as you do serving your kids and family. I'm the total opposite of a hoarder, so I grinned that you're donating and cleaning out! Woo hoo!


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PUGRAD1995 11/18/2011 1:33AM

    Glad to know you are workig on taking care of yourself too.

I am headed back to work on Monday-but only half days for the first three weeks. Turns out the doctor's office staff think I'm pushing it. Oh well, as long as they convince disability it's fine with me.

Have a good weekend! Diana

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