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Saturday, 7/10 A bit of time out

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Morning,

I am still in my nightie and it is 11:39, lol. I needed some rest and when I finish this blog, I will put on my swim suit and head to the pool. I have gotten into the same state I was in with the big "Box packing of 2010" episode from May and I am not going to stay in that place. We were given the "go ahead" to start unpacking this week and my friend Ken got my helper lined up for me to start this week. On Tuesday, Mitchell, Marshall, and I went and we moved things around in my classroom to get the big furniture in place. The guys did the big work, but I muddled around and did some. On Wednesday, Miles and I went and opened most of the boxes and sorted them to go in locations that would make unpacking easiest. (That was a big job with the 87 boxes I ended up with there and a few that have already returned.) On Thursday, my helper started--and along with Marissa, Mitchell, and Marshall--we emptied well over half of those boxes. Many of my books are either on CLEAN shelves or are sorted into baskets waiting to go on shelves that needed to be made. That was another big work day. I made a schedule with Linda, my helper to work again on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, after the church reading program. Ken stopped by to see me and caught me working and asked me, "Why aren't you sitting down?" Duh, good question--but I am not sure how I can sit while all of these other s are doing MY work.

By the time we got home Thursday, I was asking myself the same question. My body was in trouble and I knew it. I took meds and got myself to the pool--it is amazing how soothing that is for me as I walk in the water, do all of my exercises, and then swim a few laps. (I also took time for both the hot tub and the sauna emoticon)
When I woke up on Friday, I couldn't stand up straight. I knew that I was responsible for my condition, but I am someone who has always worked and worked relentlessly until I complete a task. I can no longer do that, but I am too much an "old dog" to learn new tricks without a good lesson to teach them. The kids at church had a field trip, so I knew I'd have some down time. I also had an "urgent--lol" sewing project to do and complete for Mitchell so that time out was going to happen regardless of my own stubborn nature.

I have to explain the project, it is so funny. He is at a weekend Ultimate Frisbee shindig up Chicago way. Each participating team has to have a theme and my son's college buddies are "The Big Lebowski." Now, that is a movie I have never seen, but I can explain--Mitchell is the John Goodman character and needed to have a vest like you'd wear on an African safari. Nothing like that was available around here, either expensive or cheap in thrift stores, costume rentals, sporting good stores...So he bought a (actually nice) khaki shirt at a thrift store for $1.49. He gently removed the sleeves and the collar. My job was to create four more pockets---two to fit below the pockets on each side and convert this into a safari vest. Now, I haven't done much sewing since before I had splints on both arms and surgery on my hands--some 5 years. My sewing machine needs a tune-up and isn't useful right now. I thought the quilters at church had one, but they take things home to sew. So I cut the pockets out of those sleeves, pinned them on and sewed them on by hand. It would have been a five to ten minute project with a machine, I spent a total of 3 and a half hours on it. It wasn't the best stitching and sewing, but he could actually use this shirt for real--it turned out pretty nice. I was able to incorporate some of the stitching and hems from the sleeves into these pockets and it made it look fairly nice. I didn't have time to use actual hem-stitching and the like. Anyway, he got these silly yellow lensed shooting glasses, a green polo shirt and khaki shorts to complete the deal and I guess it is a perfect replica of the character. I was told if you had seen the movie, you would know who he was. OK, I'll believe. emoticon Now he is there, with his best friends in the world having a good time. These guys won't "win" anything because they are all working and haven't practiced as a team since they graduated from college 3-4 years ago. They have a lot of fun and I'm glad that he goes. They do a few of these a year, but this one is a special time.

Anyway, back to my story. The field trip got changed because the bowling alley they were going to attend didn't work out. I ended up teaching for an hour before the trip and then they needed me to be there when they returned. (The bowling alley they ended up at wasn't near a park for lunch, so the remainder of the summer camp day was at church.) I told them that I'd be glad to work with my kids after lunch, and totally forgot that I was supposed to meet Linda at my classroom at 1:30. emoticonI had to be with the kids until 2. We zoomed straight over to the school, but she wasn't there. I put the finishing touches on Mitchell's shirt-vest and Mitchell, Marshall, and Marissa helped to unload a few big things that Mason brought to school in his truck. Since Linda wasn't there, I made an executive decision that I wasn't going to do any heavy work on Friday and we came home--and I watched my son pack up and leave for his weekend trip.

I also realized that something was going totally wrong with me. My body's major joints were all on fire and I couldn't focus on the computer, a TV program, a magazine--nothing. It hurt so bad all over and my legs were particularly nasty--then I realized two things. The first being that I hadn't eaten my lunch yet and that I had only had 4 oz of apple juice for breakfast--and that I had felt that awful feeling once before. I got Marissa to help me out, and yes, my pain patch was not in place on my back. Grr--rr I checked my clothing, the nightie I had worn the night before and my previous day's clothing. It wasn't in any of those places, so I suspect I'd lost it at the pool in the prior day or two. Arghh. She helped me replace it and I went outdoors in the heat and sunshine and struggled for the next hour until it kicked in and helped undo the damage I had done to myself over the past few days. I am supposed to place these patches on my back, but I sure wish I had a way of knowing when they weren't there. When I find out the hard way, it is really a hard way. They get changed every 3 days and well, I have these because I need them. It is surely not a perfect system.

I did go to the pool last evening, a bit later than usual, but it shouldn't have mattered. I was almost through all of my exercises when the life guard along with one of the other workers insisted that everyone leave the pool 5 minutes early last night. I know my pain issues made me grumpy, but it aggravated me. I know the reason is that this particular lifeguard doesn't work so hard and that the other staff member was irritated because she tried to manage the wayward family I discussed in my previous blog and they complained about her being "rude." She was right in what she had done and everyone knew it, but she caused the early closing as some petty way to get even with them. I expressed my unhappiness and she told me that I could get back in. It isn't that easy for me there are stairs involved and once I get out, I'm out. I don't expect it to happen again. It was all too reactive to me--if the lifeguard would do her job and if the fitness center would use backbone with this family, there wouldn't be an issue. Oh well, I took care of me and finished my time in the sauna.

Now, the only time a problem is worthwhile is if we learn something from it. I have learned that I am going to take it easy on this body as we continue to unpack. The boxes are pretty organized, so things are coming out fairly easy. I am just going to tone down my activity. I have all of these lovely cupboards and things to use and I can do sitting down work. There is a possibility that the big grant helping to fund our church program might extend the program for the last two weeks of summer break--if so, I',, teach those two weeks as well. If not, I think that we may take a couple of short say trips or something and find a way to get some playtime in. Everyone has worked hard this summer and some playtime is due all of us. I'll see how things unfold. My kids' schools are not on the modified year-round schedule that the district I teach in is on, so they have another month--so we have some weekends to fit play into as well. As for now, I still have 3 more weeks off work and I'm going to take care of me as my priority. I have to do that.

Gentle hugs to you all! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Please, listen to your body and take care of YOU! You need to be YOUR BEST FRIEND! Glad that you were able to get to the pool. Love ya, Dawn

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    You are getting a lot done but you need to be careful and not injure yourself.

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Wednesday, 6/7--A Tricky Day

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Sometimes making the right choice is not easy for me or for others around me. I have found myself in that position a few times today and it is a bit unnerving. (I'm betting there was something in my horoscope about this because it came up so often, haha) It started this morning when my 18 year old son Mason was not feeling well, so I took him to our pediatric groups Walk-in morning clinic for working parents. He had been coughing awfully and was running a fever. They did a rapid strep test and prescribed him some Allegra and had me get him some Delsyn to go along with the ibuprofen. I asked the doctor about his two jobs--that he loves, and the doctor gave him a note to take 2 days off work. He wasn't totally happy with me, but he gets up at 6 AM to go to his job at the church with the feeding program and he works there until 1:30-2in the afternoon. Then he goes and spends a couple of hours with his girlfriend before he has to be at his job at McDonald's at 5. He has been working until around 2 AM there. Now you can do the math, but I know that he is run down from not getting enough sleep and he needs it. I called the church to tell them I would be late and I took him to get his prescription, a case of water, a couple of bottles of juice and his Delsyn. Then I told him he had to stay home, take the meds, drink some water and/or juice and go to sleep--end of conversation. (Sometimes Mom really is right.)

When I got to church, I found that I had a preschooler in my group again and I just wasn't happy about it. I found out that our outreach director had told this woman she could bring her child--but my program is about teaching reading and improving the reading of children. Pre-schoolers don't read and many don't even know ABC's. There are 2 parents who are working with the program with older children who have brought these small children (who are sweet, kind, nice , lovable children--but they aren't ready for reading. I told them that I wouldn't throw her out or anything, but when I have children who require a lot of attention for support and behavior and immaturity, that it takes my time away from working on literacy. About a half an hour later, the little girl's mother came and got her--she has another child a year younger, so I would think that she could get child care there. I found out later that this mother is having a lot of serious life issues, but they gave her two days off with pay to work on her life issues. I am so sorry for the major difficulties that this lady is having, but I suggested that maybe we consider that we need a preschool program or a childcare program, but I simply want to maintain the integrity of what I am doing with the schoolage children.

Today, we had a "Telephone Hearing" for the unemployment people since the store my son works for fought his request for unemployment. It was a strange thing, being sworn in over the phone and having a session like something that might have been on "Law and Order." I don't know how they will judge this case, but there was a lot of discussion about the things that made this silly. It was strange not being able to see the others--and one of the "witnesses" from the store flat out lied about something. I encouraged Marshall to question her on this. It wasn't a fun time, that's for sure.

Tonight at the pool, I finally said something to a couple of children who are very young and who usually come to the pool around 8:30 with their parents and stay until the pool closes at 9:15. this has been bothering me--and my children for quite some time. These two children who are around ages 3 and 5 are the naughtiest and orneriest children ever. They break every rule in the place over and over again, and they are mean to people. They do things that are dangerous sometimes and their parents ignore all of these behaviors. The girl who is around 5 runs all over the place, climbs on the diving board and jumps and runs on it, throwing toys off of it and doesn't listen to any redirection from anyone. The little boy like to ask you what your name is and then as you answer him, he squirts you in the face with a squirt gun. He throws things all over if he doesn't get what he wants. He spits water and splashes anyone--babies with their parents or his parents. He slaps his parents too. Both of them go into the adult equipment room and drag anything they want to out of it and make a mess of everything leaving junk floating all around the pool. Since you know that I am not so sure on my feet, you can guess that these children might be a problem. Tonight, as I was walking my laps around the pool, the little boy was slapping the water hard with a noodle and as I walked by he started to hit me with it. I simply said, "Please don't do that" and he didn't hit me but his mother bristled. On my next lap, the little girl had been throwing something into the pool for another little girl to dive and fetch--which might have been a great activity for them--until I walked right by and she threw the object right over my head and it turned out that the object was a 3 pound exercise weight. I was outraged and I asked her why she even had that. I told her that it was dangerous and she needed to put it back--but she lied to me and told me that the lifeguard told them they could play with it. Then I told her that I was going to go check with the lifeguard and she told me that she was going to go put it up, and she begged me not to say anything. I went right over to the lifeguard and told her what had taken place and she went to talk to this child's parents and their daughter. Grr, the mother's look at me could have killed me--but someone needs to help these children learn how to act and the parents don't seem to know how to do it. It is quite irritating--they disrupt my workout almost every evening and I am pretty tired of it. I decided that I am not going to turn a blind eye to this awful situation anymore. That is that.

So, I haven't been calm, quiet or passive today. I haven't pleased the people around me very well. I have been honest in my actions and I have tried to do things that were best for the majority of people around me. As I reflect on my day, I am feeling a bit guilty for causing some problems for other people, but it was important to maintain my own integrity and peace of mind. You judge this a bit and tell me what I should have handed differently. I know this day has left me cognitively exhausted.

And yes, it rained some also--on me and around me. What a day. I have some praying to do.

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JHADZHIA 7/8/2010 8:39PM

    Hi Sylvia,
You did everything right today, just put your mind at ease. I agree about contacting someone in charge of the pool facilities about these children if they are regularly misbehaving and their parents are doing nothing about it. You can't let them ruin it for you. Your pool time is important and needs to be enjoyable..
Hope you have a relaxing and restful evening.
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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JIM*S_QUEENIE 7/8/2010 7:06PM

You just hang in there and relax. Wish I could tell you to go and get a massage, but I know how difficult it is to do so on such a short time issue. You have had quite the day, but you handled everything great. I know it doesn't feel good confronting people, but obviously these two mothers needed it. You are right in that you were at the church to teach literacy, not babysit. I hope your church gets a daycare program going. So many moms could use it---but, not for babysitting so they can go and play.
I don't know what is wrong with many kids in America today. I have never seen so many rude and untrained and undisciplined children in my life as when we moved to Iowa. Children taking butter packets and grinding them into the floor at restaurants. Children running in the isles of stores when you are shopping---even in the crystal and dining areas, of all things. Little ones should have the hand of their parent.
My DH does our shopping and he comes home so frustrated. Not just with people standing in the isles and kabitzing (sp?) and you can't get through, but children unsupervised running around. He comes home "hot", know what I mean? And, he is a nice guy with lots of patience--at least, I think so. I told him, "It doesn't matter about my panic and anxiety attacks, I am going to have to do the shopping from now on." Although, I don't like it either.
I used to volunteer at the school and I spoke to many teachers about the issues of children being dirty, sleeping in class, ADHD (although it was ADD at that time), etc., etc. The answers always went back to the parents not being committed to training and taking time with their children.
Very sad, indeed. But, you know those kids knew better than to throw things at an adult. If it continues, maybe you can speak with a supervisor in charge and have the children restricted from the pool temporarily (suspended) for 2 weeks and then allowed back if they promise to behave. Have them sign a contract and see what happens. It isn't fair to others who want to have a good time. And, the squirt gun incident was totally uncalled for. It should have been removed from his hands. He can play with it at home!
Okay, that is my opinion and I'm stickin' to it! LOL
Now, sit back and relax in a nice bubble bath with your favorite beverage and some nice music and perhaps a good book.
Peace, love and blessings,
Vicki emoticon

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VAMPS351 7/8/2010 4:28PM

    I hope your son gets better soon Lou.
Where those kids are concerned you did the right thing and i know exactly where you are comeing from.
We also have some kids like that at the pool, i had trouble with a couple of girls last saturday when i took my kids swimming. These girls must have been about 12 years old but the language and the sheer cheek of them was unbelievable.
They started to pick at my 10 year old then my son and my other daughter went over to sort it out. Then these girls started to call my son 17yr old a spotty c--- and threw allsorts of names at my daughter and told me to shut up!!!
I bellowed at them and said how dare you tell me to shut up.... the pool went quiet but i didnt care.
Still no one sorted them out and their parents wernt there.
I complained to the management and they knew full well who i was on about as they are known trouble causers.
They were told off in the pool by the attendants a few times about other stuff.
I doubt very much that anything will be done about them but just let them start again next saturday.... i will be dragging them out of the pool by their hair if they start on mine again.

Im not the sort of person that complains or moans but there comes a time when enough is enough and you cant keep quiet any longer.
God help them if i truely blow a fuse.... they wont know wot hit em.
As for their parents.... i dread to think what they are like! probably the sort that dont care as long as they are out of their faces. My kids have never ever behaved like that...even when i havnt been around. I have always had good reports about mine. They know how hard i would come down on them if i didnt lol.
Anyway, sorry to go on, but you DID do the right thing...sometimes you have to upset some people before things get sorted.
In that situation.... you were a lot calmer than i was lol.
emoticon emoticon

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    I am sorry your son is sick but you did the right thing where he is concerned. If he is that sick he has no business at work where he could spread the illness. And he will recover quicker with adequate rest.

You are also right about the preschoolers not belonging in the school age group and as a nurse I can see other reasons besides the obvious one that you mentioned that they are not qualified for the group and will detract from it. Children this age should be supervised closer than school age children and require more adults per group. Their attention span is less, their physical limitations/development make them more prone to injury when playing with older children. They could be exposed to viruses they normally would not be at a time when they are less able to handle them. And this is not a free baby sitting service. Put your foot down. Otherwise you will have people dropping off 2 year olds wearing pampers.

And the children at the pool were outrageous. What kind of parents sit on their butts and watch their children behaving in this manner? My first job was as a lifeguard and this would not be going on when I was working. They sound like total brats and I would put their parents in that group. If this situation does not improve you need to bypass the lifeguards and file a formal complaint with the director before someone is seriously injured and a lawsuit ensues. There is no way some brat is going to squirt me in the face. His squirt gun would be confiscated and given to the life guard with the instruction that they can return it to the brats when they leave for the day.

Comment edited on: 7/8/2010 3:21:25 PM

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2RICKIE 7/8/2010 2:40PM

    My children learned early that if they misbehaved ANYWHERE, we would step out the first time, and leave the second time.

Thanks for helping these youngsters learn their boundaries and manners.

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    You were right to ask for respect from those children when they were "attacking" you in the pool and I'm thankful the parents were passive enough they didn't come after you. I've learned to go to the parent first and let them know what is happening to ME and then if nothing changes I feel free to say something to the kids. At least then if the parent comes back at you it is easy to say "Well, I asked you to help and you chose not to and I refuse to have 3 lb. weights thrown at me in the pool." I'm surprised the lifeguards weren't doing more about the kids' behaviors though.

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    It sounds like you have been faced with more than your share of self-absorbed parents. This is such a crises in our country today. I'm glad you spoke up. When I was young those things never would have happened because people expected to be respected and even those who were not naturally respectful acted that way because of peer-pressure. We need to get back to that and I think your reactions were just right. Keep it up.

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ACIMPEGGY 7/8/2010 12:43PM

    Isn't it great to be able to air our issues here?

Sounds to me like those parents need a parenting class! It may all go back to the way they were raised. Probably allowed to run wild.

I believe you did what was best for everyone. You have to keep things safe. You have to take care of YOU first, then your family, then the clients.

Please DO NOT FEEL GUILTY-ever. In each moment, you do what you feel is best. If on reflection, it turns out you were wrong, you learn...and choose differently the next time.

(PS I got my daughter for her 1 year old 'Your Baby Can Read' - check the website if you're interested - and also have it for Suz DIL's shower next week)


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JRSWHIMSY 7/8/2010 10:22AM

    Well I'm going to latch on to the part of this blog that is making me bristle - THOSE PARENTS! Let me tell you - if my kids acted like that in public I would be horrified! I've had people come and comment on my boys' behavior on very rare occasions and I've always been nothing but apologetic, thanked them because I can't be everywhere at once, and took immediate action (which usually involves an apology by the bad child to that stranger). I think you were ABSOLUTELY right in opening your mouth and don't you feel bad about it for a second longer! Someone has to teach a child right from wrong and if the parents aren't going to, someone else needs to step up! Really!

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Monday, 7/5 Holiday weekend about over

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hi everyone,

This has been an amazing weekend. today was a day for getting a long, long nap--since I didn't fall asleep last night until sometime after 3PM. Mason didn't get home until just before then. He went to a baseball game with his girlfriend and her parents (The Quad City River Bandits is our local team, way down on the food chain from the National and American League. They are the Level A team for the Cardinals--we have also been a feeder team for the Twins and the Angels and the Cubs in the past, it is hard for me to keep track of all of that.) Anyway, there were some people burglarizing homes across the street from his girlfriend's house and the police were out there and caught the thieves and their guy in the car--but his girlfriend's parents wisely had him stay at their house until all of that was clearly over and it was safe. Unfortunately, nobody thought to call his mother and I sat here awake with him on my mind.

The biggest job I did today was sorting about 7 loads of laundry--and most of t hem were mine, tee hee. Actually, I had so much to do that y husband volunteered to take it to a laundromat to get it over with quickly. That was so nice of him. It took me over an hour to gather and sort it--and then it took another hour to sort it again and get it all put away. It was nice to have help.

The pool was so quiet tonight that I even took 15 minutes in the new hot tub. It was relaxing and I enjoyed it. I did a bit of work outdoors, but it has rained off and on. My husband keeps telling me that it is supposed to rain straight through until Friday. Oh yuck, I don't want that. I am supposed to get started moving into my classroom tomorrow. I would like to take my time, doing a bit at a time and avoiding any other nonsense. I need to check my work email for the particulars--I am not even sure when we return to work. I think the kids come back on August 3, so I have a bit to get done and a month to accomplish it.

Well, take care. I need to try to get night time sleep tonight so that I'll be ready for my children at church tomorrow.

Gentle hugs,
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Maybe they thought you would be asleep and didn't want to awaken you. I know i never sleep until everyone is home and safe in bed. I'm sure you are the same way. At least they caught the thieves.

We have a hot tub and need to get it fixed as one of the pumps is out of it.

School starts very early there. It usually doesn't start here until mid August.

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LOSINGLUCY 7/6/2010 3:52PM

  You could take your laundry in the hot tub. Look at the time you would save. Seriously it sounds lovely. Glad you had a good weekend. The computer is playing up and that's why you got this twice! emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/6/2010 4:00:16 PM

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LOSINGLUCY 7/6/2010 3:52PM

  You could take your laundry in the hot tub. Look at the time you would save. Seriously it sounds lovely. Glad you had a good weekend.

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    I hope that you got some good sleep my friend. That hot tub sounds delightful. Bright blessings to you for a wonderful day! Love, Dawn

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Sunday, 7/4 Our Holiday Weekend (so far)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hello and Happy Day of US Independence!!

It has been an awesome weekend--with lots and lots going on around here. I have been trying to get a blog written, but I have been really busy trying to sort through emails from our new Spark Class Team (week of 6/27-7/3/2010) We have 10,068 members, WOO HOO SP!! I haven't done nearly as much as I'd like, but I am also not getting to my Spark Friend's blogs or to my other teams much with all of this. I am very happy to see SP grow like this--and I was able to recruit one member for our Basset Hound dogs team as well. I think we need a couple of other leaders to help us to reach out to everyone, if that will even be possible.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
On Friday, we had a "fun day" with the children at church. Several of our little regular members weren't there and we got a few little tots whose mothers help with the older kids' Summer Club. After our morning book baskets and our big book/ reading lesson, we took them outside to play under the church's sprinkler. It was so cute and they had a lot of fun. We also took out a pitcher of water and some splash balls for fun as well. I stayed for the afternoon and after lunch, we had centers that included water painting, a letter-sound board game, and creating pictures from stickers and markers. We took them back out to play in the water and to blow bubbles. I gave them each a bottle of bubbles to take home with them. It was a pretty tiring day, but I also went shopping and to the pool before the day was out.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Saturday was busy. I went shopping for our big picnic and then to lunch with my best friend and straight to the pool. Saturday is the day that our little village has fireworks (so they don't have to compete with the bigger towns around.) They do a really nice show, some 100,000 dollars worth of fireworks after an afternoon and evening of carnival type food vendors and a variety of jumping toys for the kids. We set up our screened awning and had roasted chicken, veggies, salads, and watermelon as we waited for the show. We played lasso golf or hillbilly golf (I have no skill at all, lol) and we played "Apples to Apples." It was a wonderful time--I fell asleep and got in a bit of a nap and woke up soaked in sweat, but it kept me nice and cool for the rest of the evening, ha ha.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
We had a wonderful communion service today at church. The music was patriotic and we had a guest preacher from our denomination with out pastor who did a very good job of helping us to think about our values. I went shopping with two of my sons and my husband to pick up some much needed clothing for the three of them and a few items that we needed for our picnic today, We went to "West Lake" for a nice time. It was a bit chilly and sprinkled a bit, but it didn't hurt anything or take away from the fun. I went swimming and exercising in the lake for about 2 hours--it was chilly to start and the breeze kept it that way off and on, but it was a nice change of pace from my regular pool (that is closed on sundays for the summer.) We got home around 6 which gave us time to do some yard work and to plant 8 new hostas around our great big pine tree. The ones we planted last year on one side are doing so well that I wanted to encircle the whole thing. I also tried to walk Lady, but she is still too strong for me. I did walk Chloe, Frankie and Scooter for a little bit. I also cleaned up a grocery bag of spent fireworks from all around the road and our driveway(thanks, kids) and on the lane. My husband came and rescued me when my back gave out and we had a stern discussion that I am not able to do everything that I may want and what other people do. I know, but I am getting better and just have so much I want to do.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I know that laundry gets priority tomorrow... but I still have some fun and tricks up my sleeve. I'll let you know about that in my next blog. I have one more day to have my husband home--he had a 4 day holiday weekend which is the first such thing in over 6 years.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Oh and I am now 4.6 pounds away from onederland ,,, I had hoped to be there by now, but I will be there before I return to work at the end of this month. emoticon

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CHYRL_C 7/6/2010 12:28AM

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend emoticon

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    Sounds like a good weekend and what a treat to see the kiddies enjoy themselves like that. You're a good soul.

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SUNRISE14 7/5/2010 9:08AM

    Hey sounds like you are with it. I wish i had that much energy! Hope you have another good week! emoticon

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VAMPS351 7/5/2010 3:37AM

    It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, im so pleased for you. Dont do too much where clearing up is concerned...it sounds like you do enough already!, if you do to much you will put your back out and not be able to do anything then.
Take it easy.
You will make your goal...i know you will.
Take care and best wish's
emoticon emoticon

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JHADZHIA 7/5/2010 1:39AM

    What a great weekend! Yes, you do have to be careful with your back. If you insist on picking up after other people's messes, perhaps you should invest in a reacher, so you don't have to bend over, just snag it up. Its a great tool for people with back problems! I too, pick garbage up around my building area. Living close to a mall means people throw their junk food trash all over (.
Our weather has been so wet, nothing is really growing all that well, and for the first time ever, Mom lost some hostas which usually do so well. The only things doing well are plants that love water, and there aren't that many! We are supposed to be living in a semi arid desert region, but you would never guess it with all the rainfall we have been having!!
At least the weekend was sunny, but still with scattered rainfall and thundershowers at night :(
You are going to reach that onderland goal, I know it!
{{gentle hugs}}}

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    What a terrific weekend!! You are getting so close to onederland!! Congrats!!!

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BAYBELIEVER 7/4/2010 10:44PM

    What a busy and great weekend you have had! And good luck on getting to onederland by the end of the month. It sounds very do-able for you!

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Tuesday, 6/29 Having Fun

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Less than a month ago, I had a lot of people reminding me that I needed fun in my life. I thought about that, and now that I am on break and out from under some of the most intensive stress I think I've had in the past many years--even more than my health issues (except the spine infection!) I realized that I find fun all around me. I think the stress was stealing the fun right out of my life. I need to learn how not to let that happen again. I simply need to figure this our.

Anyway, back to having fun... If you read my previous post, I really had fun at our church service on Sunday. I often have fun at church in a variety of ways. Our church is good to me and for me. Here is the website--Sunday's blues service isn't up yet, but last year's blues service is. http://churchofpeaceucc.org/site/ Please stop by and take a look--you will find the blues service on a video located on the right side of the screen if you scroll down a bit. I you look at the "current" activities, you will see pictures of our feeding program as well as my reading program and the Summer Club activities that are happening. The focus of the Summer Club for the kids aged 8-12 is Fun, Fitness, and Nutrition. My son Mitchell (the teacher emoticon) is teaching nutrition classes to all of the age groups. He works with my little kids on Mondays after my program is kind of finished.

Today, they took all of the kids to our local "Dinner Theatre" called Circa 21--to see a performance called "Go, Dog. Go!" based on that familiar green and orange book by PD Eastman. It was a hoot. We had a sack lunch out in the pavilion downtown (Turkey sandwiches, apple, chips, apple juice,milk--I ate half of the sandwich and had the juice. I just ate my apple.) Then we went to the theater. I wasn't sure how that book could be a play, but it was so cute. The characters were wearing a sweat suit kind of outfit with tails and other parts, a variety of hats--each with their own color. They did all of the things in the book and there was music and dance added to it. I couldn't help but to laugh and enjoy it. I'm going to base my lessons tomorrow on the book and revisit it with the children. Some of my kids are very young, early readers--but I am now betting that each of them know the words dog and go. I really love working with the children and it is especially great doing it in our room at the church.

I also have fun here at SP. I love talking to you, reading your stories and blogs, thinking about you, praying for you. and getting messages from you. I think I can safely talk about my fun here. I also have learned to make exercise a priority--and I make sure that after I have done my exercises and walking in the pool--and then swam some laps, that I play with my kids and have fun there. And I go faithfully every single day unless they are closed. I have learned a lot here and it has added to my enjoyment of so much.

I am also having fun being with my kids--not all of them all of the time, but I really enjoy being able to spend time with them and go places. It is a wonderful thing.

There is no shortage of fun in my life--there is no shortage of blessings in my life either.

Life is good!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    FUN is so important and sometimes we get too busy to remember that we NEED it! I know that is true for me. My computer has been down. Sorry that I've not posted to your blog lately. Please know that you're in my thoughts. I hope that you're doing well. Happy 4th of July. Love, Dawn

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CHYRL_C 7/1/2010 3:56PM

    Good for you fun is something a lot of us forget how to have after leaving childhood. We need to have the kids teach us emoticon

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KKKAREN 6/30/2010 8:41AM

    Good for you Sylvia for finally having some fun.

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JLBRIGHT3 6/29/2010 11:50PM

    I think you've just reminded me that I should take more time to stop and smell the roses. Being a working mom and wife life does get busy. But, you only live one life to live, as they say. I will try to make more efforts to find more fun around me. Thanks for the wake up call!

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JHADZHIA 6/29/2010 11:46PM

    YAHOO!! Here is to just having FUN!! Well done Sylvia!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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    I really enjoyed your churches website. Very nicely done and it looks like a great church. I'm glad you are having fun. You deserve it.

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I'm glad you found FUN! The activities at church for the youth sounds amazing!

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