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Thursday, 6/3 Schools out for the summer, lol

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I really tried hard yesterday, but with everyone else's busy schedule, I couldn't get the packing and the moving things home done. It didn't help that the air conditioner dumped water all over my floor at my morning school--thank goodness my oldest son was there to help me when that happened. We had about 7 (heavy) boxes to move out of the way of the water. It also took me well over 4 hours to do the paperwork that I couldn't finish, so I could turn it in on the date it was due. I gave it my best.

Today, I will get it done though. I am going to go to my afternoon school in just a few minutes with Mason and he is gping to load up the truck with what I have there that needs to come home. He will drop me off to pack the final boxes at my morning school and Mitchell will come to pick me up for my annual gyne exam. After that, I also have an appointment with my therapist. When I'm done with that appointment, I'll come home and meet my husband. He and another of my sons will come to my morning school and load up the truck with the things there that need to come home (so that I don't have too many boxes getting moved to the new school...I am also bringing home the metal bookcases because I can't let myself be shortchanged in whatever game is going on. I always bring my little fridge home with me because I want it to be treated kindly. I like being able to have enough healthy food at my fingertips when I'm at work, it is one way that I make sure that I can stay away from the kinds of food that end up in the teacher's lounge.) Then we'll have dinner and I'll go to the pool one more evening. Actually, the pool was calm and quiet last night, the hot tub is still not open. It sure has taken a long time to get the final inspection finished.

My guys had a god time in chicago yesterday and they brought home a lot of photos and videos from Brookfield Zoo to share. Micah, my youngest son was a tired young man last night--very crabby and definitely not a lot of fun last night. We are struggling to get him up and going this morning. I'm not getting going so fast myself. I'm going to get going so that I can devote Friday to setting up my room at the church for our summer reading program...and getting ready for the camping we didn't get to do last weekend. We will have to come to town a couple of times--and I will log in here at SP for a little while then. I am so glad to be on summer break and the schedule of my choice with the people I love most.

Gentle hugs,

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FUNNYGRANNY71 6/3/2010 3:06PM

    You have been working so hard and I am glad you now have some time off to do the things you want to with your family. I do not know if I could have lasted as long as you did. Congratulations!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    You have been very productive and have worked hard. I hope you can get some rest soon.

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JHADZHIA 6/3/2010 10:27AM

    Good morning Sylvia!
So glad this ordeal will soon be behind you! Enjoy your pool tonight, you certainly will have earned it!
{{{gentle hugs}}}}

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Wednesday, 6/2 The last day

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hi everyone,

I have an entire set of mixed feelings as I get ready for work today. I fell asleep in the middle of a message board post and woke up with the computer on my lap and lines and lines of slash marks (//////) to delete, lol. I got to go to the pool last night after two days off for the holiday weekend, and I sure needed it. I tried to stay in the water, but alas, it was time for the pool to close, lol.

I worked hard yesterday and I think I see the end in sight. I finished my report cards yesterday and got the paras to help me to get them all distributed to the teachers and the kids records. I had a meeting with my friend from downtown and it seemed appropriate, so I gave him the note from my doctor and he was distressed that things had gone on at school that caused my doctor to write such a note. It was going downtown to be placed in the hands of our HR guy. My friend was very supportive and we discussed everything from bookcases to yard work. He is on my side and promised me that he wouldn't let me do without things I need and that he has already scheduled a helper for my unpacking. When he left, I felt better than I have for a long time about a lot of things. He did tell me that I was "too young" to consider retiring and that the district needs me and the hard work I do for our children. He also reiterated that everyone knows that I am a "wonderful teacher." It is good to hear that kind of thing, especially given the type of year and the issues I have been dealing with day after day.

I am keeping this shorter than usual because I need to get my pain medicine and get ready for work. (Arthritis people know how long it can take for our bodies to "unstiffen" after sleeping and get going!!) It is a big day for me and my family. My youngest son has his big 6th grade trip to Chicago today and my second oldest son, Mitchell is going with him. They are going to Brookfield Zoo and possibly one of the big Chicago museums as well. My daughter is preparing for her finals today and my son who is a senior has another day off--the entire week, actually--before Sunday's graduation. We are going camping this weekend after struggling for so long with so much around here. Summer break from school means a lot to all of us. Many of us will be doing outreach work at our church this summer--and I will be teaching reading in a warm, friendly environment that will make me very happy.

I need to go--take care everyone. Today is the day and I have a lot to do, but the motivation for finishing packing and getting this work done id high! I will do this, just watch and see.

Happy June, one and all!!
Gentle hugs,

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    I am so glad that you are appreciated and are getting caught up. The camping trip sounds wonderful.

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LOULOUBELLE2 6/2/2010 10:08AM

    emoticonYAY, I knew you'd make it through.....So glad that you finally have a friend on your side that will get you some help unpacking. that's a blessing for you.....Have fun this weekend you sure deserve the break from worries and stress.
emoticon emoticon

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JHADZHIA 6/2/2010 8:56AM

    Hi Sylvia!
I am glad you finally have some pleasant things to look forward to. Good for your friend, he is just what you need in that job! Someone in your corner that will stand up for you!
Feel well, be well! Take care today!
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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Saturday, 5/29 Banged up, bruised but not beaten

Sunday, May 30, 2010

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Hi there, my friends!!
I have had such a lousy week with boxes and packing taking over every spare moment of my time and my thoughts. This has been one of the most thankless jobs I have ever done with somebody doing everything they possibly can to make the job harder and more painful for me. Friday topped it all...

I got to work so sore that I could barely move and I forgot my tens unit and my water. It was all I could do to just sit down for a while, but the gal who I work with part of my day was finally freed up and allowed to help me. (I can't remember if I mentioned that my assigned helper had a total tragedy in her life--she had a phone call that her father had been seriously injured in California, and before she could make arrangements to fly there, he passed away. I am so sorry for this hard working, kind lady.) The alternative was for the gal I work with to help me out, but just as my boss came up with all kinds of things to keep me from packing, she has done it with this gal as well. However, on Friday, she was the driving force in activity. I did a lot of sit down, organizing type work. I had an appointment with my GP during my lunch time (and who has remembered to eat at lunch all week? I have worked through without taking a break of eating most of the week, because I am determined to get this stuff done.) Anyway, it didn't take him 2 minutes to understand that I have been doing things that aren't good for me--I explained the problem to him ad he wanted to know why the school district didn't get me help--I explained about the lady's father passing away. He answered that he was sorry about that, but they have an obligation to get me real help. He wrote me the following note: "Sylvia has chronic back pain and needs help to avoid pain. Please provide her with assistance as per the Americans with Disabilities Act," I had an okay check-up, BP is still OK as is my heart and asthma is almost non-existent these days. My weight was down some 15 pounds since I saw him last. I'll need my fasting bloodwork next time I see him to check choldesterol and blood sugar and vitamin levels...

Anyway, I went back to work with this note in hand, but my boss was gone for the day with the 5th6th grade classes for their field trip to Chicago. I went back to my room and ate a bit and got back to serious work. My friend who was helping me leaves work around 3 ish. My husband showed up to pick me up at 3:30 and I was wrapping things up when I tripped over something and hit the floor very hard. I have a bruised behind, a big bruise on my upper right arm and shoulder where I hit boxes, my bottom hit the floor, my right leg hit the file cabinet and is now so bruised after my Wednesday fall that it makes you wince to look at it. My right ankle is sore as well. I certainly was lucky that my husband was there when it happened because if he hadn't helped me to get up--which was no easy thing with my knee replacements that you cannot climb on and my fused spine--well, I wouldn't have gotten up of of the floor without him. I am stiff and sore all over--and when I was at the pool today, the life guard was particularly worried about me. It took all I had to do my exercises.

I went toschool with one of my sons, my daughter and my husband this morning and got a lot of things ready for them to take to the church. As they did that, I organized things that needed to go to the other school and worked on cleaning up and organizing in my morning scvhool room,. They got back from the church in time for us to go home and get ready for the pool--their summer hours on Saturday for open swim are 1-2:45 and I wasn't about to miss that. (They are also closed on Sundays for the summer, so I won't get to go to the pool for two days in a row. I am sad about that as well, but I'll find something to do.) After we went to the pool, I went back to school with my husband a different son. My husband had to leave to take our daughter to a party way out in the boonies and to pick our oldest son up from work. I worked at my afternoon school for a couple of hours and then went back to my morning school. I got a lot done there...We left at 8:30 PM. I am about worn out--and I am not going back until work on Tuesday. My husband is purely exhausted and I feel sorry for that, but he helped me with it today and two weeks ago. I have been working on this for days.

In any case, the good news is that I am feeling like I might get it done after all. I feel pretty good about what is left there--but I also have this big pile of paperwork that is needing my attention. I am now up to 5 sets of test scores from 21 teachers and I cannot do my required work without their scores. I am going to do what I can and submit it that way with a note explaining the issue. This is one of many issues that I have been dealing with for the past seeral years and quite frankly, I am weary of chasing people down and begging for them to do what every elementary teacher in our district is expected to do.

It is now seriously Sunday morning--falling asleep in the middle of things is what I have been doing sincethis box packing stuff started. The pool is closed today and tomorrow, so I won't get to exercise quite the same way for two days. I have a lot of sit down work that has to be done--it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so I may go outside and do it. I will also go out and play with the kids and the dogs. Our front porch is totally covered with stuff I have brought home from school--but the guys here know what has to be done in order to take care of getting this stuff a better place. I am going to enjoy the rest of this weekend. I am looking forward to my family and some peace and quiet that doesn't involve boxes. My first job is to get up from here and see if I can move without all of the pain I have had since falling. That will simply be a mystery to us all until I update you later.

Gentle hugs,

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JHADZHIA 5/31/2010 8:49PM

    Hi Sylvia,
Sounds like you do need a break from exercising just to heal up after the falls. Being unstable on your feet goes with the territory with RA. I have had several close calls but have been lucky. You might try icing and elevating that ankle throughout the day.
Good for your Doctor providing you that note!! He should be backing you up in that intolerable work place situation!
Your perseverance and courage are paying off as your BP, heart, asthma are doing okay! Your Dr. should be pleased with your progress!
It will be so nice when you are finally moved into that new school.
In the meantime, my thoughts are with you in your struggle.
{{{gentle hugs}}}

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NICOLEET 5/31/2010 1:23AM

    Good job on improving your asthma! It just goes to show what dedicated work can accomplish. I hope your coming days are much more restful. Erin

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    I had faith that you would get it done, friend. You are an amazing woman, capable of accomplishing great things.

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    I'm sorry that you're so battered. I know that you'll be glad to be finished with this moving project and to be able to get some much needed rest. Glad that your family is being so helpful. Love ya, Dawn

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Wednesday, 5/26 More Boxes and a Great Activity Conversion Chart

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hi Everybody,

Today was the day that I got to work on packing all day. I had some help for about half of the day before she had to go work in classrooms. I was told today that none of my nice metal bookcases could go to the new school. I was also told today that I had to go spend tomorrow out on the playground during "Field Day" rather than packing. Grr-rr. That happened after I fell this morning--I was trying to catch a stack of books that were falling, I tripped ont he chair next to me and hit the control to my wheelchair and it trie to run over my ankle. It wasn't very pretty and the bruises and scratches that I am now sporting aren't pretty either. I approached her at lunch time (which I didn't take so I could work) about staying at my morning school because I have a lot of work there. I spent the biggest part of the day emptying out the kids book baskets and sorting them to go back to where they belong--big job considering that eachof 37 children had at least 30 books in their basket for independent reading. Anysay, she was eating a cupcake when I approached her--it had blue frosting on it and she had gotten some on her face. I told her that she had blue on her face and she sarcastically answered me, "Well, of course I do." I wasn't trying to be rude or unkind...Anyway, then she commented on my haircut and then asked me if I was still going swimming. I told her that I was--everyday. Her answer was, "Well, you look like you've lost some weight." I was so underwhelmed that I asked for permission, got it and got out. I have worked for this woman for 5 years and I have lost 90 pounds...a little weight, okay, then.

The pool has been nice, warm water, and good behavior for the past two nights--Hooray, my body and brain has needed that. I believe that I could sleep in the pool, it really makes me feel so comfortable. I tried to do my water exercises on land while I was waiting in that library on Monday, and at first, it didn't feel like much, but I quickly learned that I needed that water resistance to be able to move like that. It was another "aha" moment for me.

I want to share some information from our report form for the "Moon Walk." It gives conversion factors for changing exercise into "miles walked" equivalents. I realized that there are others here who could use this information...

Reference pf some conversions courtesy of "Walk the Four Seasons" by Robert Sweetgall
From the Participant's Mileage Log from the Quad City Health Alliance and the Wellness Champion

Activity CALCULATOR Formula
Steps / 2000
Biking miles (on road or paved trail)-(miles) x 0.3
Off-road biking miles (rigorous terrain)-(miles) x 1.5
Aerobic Dancing (hours) x 3.0
Water Aerobics (hours) x 1.5
Canoeing/ Kayaking (moderate)-(hours) x 2.0
Canoeing/ Kayaking (vigorous)-(hours) x 3.5
Hiking miles (5% grade)-(miles) x 2.0
Running (miles) x 1.5
Swimming (miles) x 3.0
Rollerblading (miles) x 0.5
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I hopethat some of you can put this info to good use. Have a great week and holiday weekend!!
Gentle hugs,

PS I couldn't get the chart to stay in the form of a chart. The figure that begins with either / or x tells the math function you need to use and the number afterwards tells you what to do. Forexample, if you swim for 3 miles, you multiply that amount by 3 to get the actual amount of distance that would be if it were regular walking.

I'm going to sign out again, Good night, my friends!!

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    It sounds like you are making great progress buy I am very concerned that you are working too hard. Please be careful so you don't seriously injure yourself. Over work and stress are a dangerous combination.

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JHADZHIA 5/27/2010 11:38AM

I am so glad you weren't seriously hurt in your fall, they can be so dangerous to people with our condition! Books are sturdy, they can take a fall, you can't afford to, so please be more careful with this next time!
Your boss doesn't sound like much of a human being. Best to deal with her quickly, all business and get out fast.
That is an interesting conversion calculator!
I have got to admit, I don't agree with their values on two activities. Running is a far more vigorous activity then swimming. Running means hauling your whole body weight, while swimming, your are skimming on the top of the water, with your weight supported by the water, gives the arms a great workout, but you burn far more energy supporting your whole body weight. Lower body workouts always burn more calories then upper body.
I wonder how they arrived at these values.
Thanks for sharing it with us!
I hope today is better for you. Always that wonderful pool and sauna to look forward to!
{{{{gentle hugs}}}}

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BLESSED2BEME 5/27/2010 1:50AM

    Sylvia, just be glad you are not the person you work for...she must not be a very happy person.

Thank you for the conversion chart!

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5/25 Tuesday Morning--After I fell asleep and lost my blog

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Morning,

I think that I am running on empty between all of the activity I have been involved in and the stress in my life. I had a blog started last night--actually almost finished, and I fell asleep writing it. It disappeared when my laptop turned itself off when the power cord got disconnected. Go figure. It was 94 degrees here yesterday, broke a temperature record. The pool was especially relaxing last night--and since I turned in my letter to the management about some of the problem youth in the pool, I was able to tell this froup of 3 very naughty boys that I had done exactly that. One of them left the pool and the other two became civilized after some 40 minutes of breaking every rule int he book--even after the life guard took them out of the pool for a time out. I suggested that certain repeat offenders could only be at the fitness center a limited amount of time a day unless they were with their parents. You wouldn't believe how many kids get dropped off at the fitness center around 5 PM and aren't picked up until well after 9 PM. I don't know what happened to the idea of family dinners and homework and reading, because these kids aren't doing any of that. The fitness center is being used as a place for parents to throw away their adolescents who aren't old enough to drive. These kids terrorize other patrons and ruin family fun and fitness activities. Most of them don't come to the pool, but hang out in the shower room and the basketball courts and the snack room. I wrote a letter and detailed the issues with the lack of handicapped shower space and these problem kids who take up all of the staff's time and are so disrespectful that their comments and actions are offensive.

On a different note, yesterday's Book Brigade went on as "planned." This "memorable event" blocked off several roads, including one well traveled road. The children from one building were picked up by buses at 9 AM and the kids were taken to a field/ park half way between the other school and the new building. They were lined up when they got there at arms length--and then they had to wait until the starting time at 10:00. I went tot he new building as assigned in order to find out that the contractors had these big pieces of equipment in the front doors and it wasn't accessible by the librarian or children. A decision was made to have the kids line up to the back door of the library to pass the books, but it turned out that there weren't enough kids to cover the distance between the schools. I was assigned to go into the new library and wait there to "open the door for the cart as it came in with all of the books." That kept me occupied for an hour and a half where nobody could see anyone who looks like me, in an empty room with nothing to do for an hour and a half. When the librarian got there with the cart, her comment to me was that "kids were out there dropping like flies." I heard a similar comment when I got to the other school as well--and it turned out that parents who went to this event went and got water for the children. On top of it, I understand that the principal rode on a "gator" with a driver and spent her time blowing an airhorn in everyone's faces. I saw a number of people with sunburns and who were pretty frazzled at the entire event. Then for more logic, they held an all-school outdoors recess afterwards in order to give the teachers their prep periods--and right after that was recess and lunch time.

I also found out that my helper from downtown was out of the office on Friday. It was a good time for someone to deny my closing the reading center and to cancel my moving helper from coming. That has been corrected and will start this afternoon. I actually almost finished my packing at one of my schools yesterday when two of my reading groups didn't bother to show up. (I didn't tell anyone that the reading center was closing, because I hadn't received permission yet. I know better thant o do things without a clear approval on it.) My friend from downtown also made arrangements for me to have help moving my things that are going home. He doesn't know that we have already moved some 60 boxes of books and materials home already. I will let him know that today. I was touched by that thoughtfulness though.

OK, I should have gotten ready for work about a half an hour ago. I need to scoot and get going. Take care everyone and have a spartacular day.

Gentle hugs,

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 5/26/2010 12:51AM

    I would definitely report the hoodlums at the pool. There is no excuse for that. I'm sorry that you're still having issues with your workplace as well. Sigh. At least you're tenacious and I KNOW that you're going to do what is right for YOU. Keep on sparking along my friend. I love you dearly. I'm so grateful that you're my friend. Love, Dawn emoticon

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NICOLEET 5/25/2010 5:29PM

    Hi Sylvia,

I am sorry to hear about the issues at the pool. Fortunately I am able to use the university gym, so everyone is traditional college age or older. 94 degrees makes me feel so tired it is difficult to even get going some days. It was almost 90 in Chicago, but I live very close to the lake so the breeze helps :)

Have a great week!


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JHADZHIA 5/25/2010 11:10AM

    Hi Sylvia,
The only good side of those youth in the pool at least they are not out on the street joining gangs and terrorizing people or shoplifting. Their parents should all be contacted though. What a nuisance!
Poor kids what they had to deal with in that Book Brigade! At least you didn't have to stand in it as well, small favor. That principal sounds like a real b**. It always seems like the worst kind of people get in the administrative positions.
Hope your week goes better with all that out of the way now.
As I hear the howling winds rattling my windows, and the rain drilling on everything, I have to look forward to walking in that cold rain, but that is my only way to get to the club. Kind of forces you to get exercise when you don't have transportation lol.
I so wish I could have a very hot soaking bath. I used to love my bubble baths, which I had before the arthritis got into my knees and elbows and I could no longer get up and down out of a bath tub. That was some 23 years ago! This is why I love hot tubs at pools so much!
{{gentle hugs}}

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