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Friday 3/12 Time for TLC

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am trying to think of everything I can do for myself during this time of a "nasty back flare." I did call my doctor and got their first available appointment of March 26 (the same day I have a check up with my GP). It's a ways off, so I am trying to come up with my own game plan.

I need to spend as much time in the pool as possible to be able to be active--it helps to be on spring break right now, that makes this easier. Today was my last official day in pool therapy and I will miss the warm pool, but now that it isn't frigid outside, the regular pool should work out well. I have heat on my back now and will use my pain meds regularly to try to keep the pain under control. I will avoid extra lifting and bending and will continue working with my physical therapists in the gym next week. Theyare writing the report to my doctor and I hope she includes her thoughts that I am not ready to return to work full days just yet. Our talk resulted in her worries that the stress and business of being a full-time working mom would win over my time for rehab and that I am not finished yet. I have had the same worry in the back of my mind--good intentions are not enough. I do intend to do everything I can to take care of myself though.

Finally, I have prayer to fall on. I know that I have strong, gentle hands encircling me and they have protected me through all kinds of tough things lately. I am sure that He will help me to help myself as we explore what is going on with my wayward body now.

Thanks again for each note, prayer, and thought of support. I continue to be blessed in so many ways and am so lucky to have each of you helping me to get through this difficult time.

Love and gentle hugs all round,

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LOULOUBELLE2 3/13/2010 5:04PM

    As usual Sylvia, you have a plan that will help. I just wish you didn't have to wait so long to get to see the DR. But unfortunately that's the way it goes nowadays.
I hope and pray that you get some relief in the pool. If not try gentle stretches or heat pads and then ice...that might help.
Love Ya,

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MTNGRL 3/13/2010 12:50PM

    Grrr, I hate that your appointment is so far away. Now I know hate is a strong word and I don't use it often, but it is the only word for how I feel!

I will keep you in prayers my dear.

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MORTICIAADDAMS 3/13/2010 12:41PM

    You have a well thought out plan for dealing with this problem. I hope you get some relief soon. emoticon

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KKKAREN 3/13/2010 7:56AM

    Sylvia, Sorry you have to deal with this flare up but it sounds like you have a good plan in place. I'll have you in my thoughts.

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JHADZHIA 3/13/2010 6:36AM

    Hi Sylvia,
Its a shame that appointment is so far away :( Its good that you are trying to take care of yourself as best you can. If you can find it, one of those torso-sized safe for sleeping on heating pads might be a good investment. My sister gave me one, and I am thankful for it every time I get up in the morning. Its very mild heat, but it seems to keep my muscles loose and relaxed. I generally use it on the part of my body that feels tense and sore and haven't woken up with nocturnal cramps (I really hate those) since I have been using it. I think she found it at WalMart.
I hope you have a good restful, weekend.
My thoughts will be with you,

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Thursday 3/11 Spring Break is almost here

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi everyone,

It is hard to believe that we were down to the last quarter of this school year. The winter has been long and cold and difficult for everyone. Today was the most spring-like day yet. I was out in shirt sleeves. I had a tough work out at physical therapy and for the first time in a long, long time, I cried tonight because of the pain in my back. I know this means it is time to ask a doctor for help--but I am so scared.

We walked on land today for quite a while in small increments and I stood and lifted things weighing from 3 to 5 pounds up and down at varying levels that required me turning and taking steps so that I didn't twist at my waist. I could do that for almost 2 minutes before I had to sit. I have to focus hard and really work harder to stand up straight--but I gave it every ounce of effort I could muster up.

I am tired, sad and hurting right now. I am so fearful that I am going to have to deal with awful medical things again--or as bad, accepting the idea that this is as good as it gets and there is nothing left and no hope. I haven't taken any meds--some 20 prescriptions--except for pain meds since November. I don't want anti-depressants again because they totally hinder my weight loss. I don't want meds and hoped to get away from pain meds too.

it is probably time for me to let this go. I have heat on my back and am weary. I am expecting things to be more positive and bright in the morning, knowing that by noon, I will be on two weeks of spring break. I'll deal with the tough thinking then.

Hugs, Sylvia

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    Sweetie, I feel so bad for you. I know you are trying so hard but you need to let them know how much this is hurting. They may be able to try some other therapy that will help. emoticon

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MTNGRL 3/12/2010 7:44AM

    You said something very important:

"I am expecting things to be more positive and bright in the morning"

Expect it! It will be!! Hugs!!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JHADZHIA 3/12/2010 6:14AM

    Oh Sylvia,
I hate to hear you are suffering so much :(( Is there nothing the medical profession can do to bring you any kind of relief? In this day and age of modern medicine there must be SOMETHING they can do for you! Has physiotherapy ever tried a TENS device on your or would that not help? If there is some kind of treatment the Dr.'s can do to help, maybe you should go for it. This is no way to live life.
You will be in my thoughts, and I hope you get some bit of relief soon,

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Tuesday, 3/9--Deja Vu

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hi there,

I'm going to go to sleep early tonight if my brain and body will let me. I have fallen back to exactly where I was in early February. Another email and another meeting (tomorrow) except the topic is totally unknown to me. It is working with my back pain to make me emotionally and physically sick. I know that I have God on my side and things will be okay, so these physical reactions are not called for. I have a feeling this is God's answer to the prayers I have been making--and the answer may be very clear to me tomorrow.

As always, I am glad to have you all as friends and for the support and kindness you show me. I am trying to focus on the positive in my world and push this negative stuff out.

God bless each one of you!
Hugs, Sylvia

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LOULOUBELLE2 3/10/2010 9:28PM

    Pray that things went well for you today 3/10. I pray that you will have the strength and determination to cope with the situation. God will help you through even though you may not feel Him, He will be there for and with you. Keep us posted.
(((((Hugs)))))from me....

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FUNNYGRANNY71 3/10/2010 2:56PM

    I am so sorry your back is hurting. I do hope you get better soon. I also hope your meeting will turn out how you want it. We are all here for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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    Prayers sent your way for relief of the back pain. Try a massage. The heating pad. Some BenGay. And rest.

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MTNGRL 3/10/2010 7:58AM

    God hears those who talk to him. I am so glad he knows your voice. Keeping you in prayers. Hugs!

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Monday 3/8 Five Back Breaking Habits

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hi there,

I got an email from "Everyday Health" today which included this list of five really bad things to do to your back. Some of them match up quite well with what I am doing and being told at physical therapy. I thought that I should share them with all of my friends who are as hungry for information to help improve their own painful back situation.

As for today--it has been a busy day. I seem to have a problem with one of my young adult children every other day anymore. (Maybe it is because I have so many of them, lol...) I think I have straightened things out, but it sometimes takes me behaving in a way that I don't much like or approve of to get the needed talking to happen. Oh my, at least nobody is going to bed not speaking to each other.
This can be found on "Everyday Health"

Back Pain Prevention: 5 Harmful Habits
Breaking yourself of certain bad habits can help protect your spine.
By Eeric Truumees, MD, for Spine Universe

We all have bad habits some of the time. But now is a good time to fix the bad habits that can be harmful to your spine and cause back pain. Here are the top 5 bad habits that can be harmful to your spine:

#1 Twisting when Lifting
So many people make this mistake! We forget to check our body mechanics while lifting, yet too much of this type of movement can be very damaging to your back. When lifting, follow these steps:
Get close to the object
Bend your knees and grasp the object firmly
Lift straight up (don't twist!) in one fluid motion
Hold the object close to your body
Move close to where you want to place the object
Bend your knees when lowering the object

#2 Bad Posture
How often to you think about your posture? If you're like most people, not often enough. But bad posture slouched shoulders, head down, knees locked places an enormous amount of stress on the spine. Good posture keeps your body in balance and helps avoid that stress. Here's what good posture looks like when standing:
Feet slightly apart
Knees straight
Chin slightly tucked in
Shoulders back
Be sure to check and correct your posture during your everyday activities. Soon you will find that you are actually more comfortable when your spine is in balance!

#3 Too Little Exercise, Too Much Weight
A sedentary lifestyle has become all too common in our society today. Eventually our spines will pay the price. In fact, research shows that people who do not exercise regularly and are overweight are more likely to suffer from back injures and pain. To keep that from happening to you, get up and get moving! Find a way to put exercise into your daily activities. Not only will it help keep your spine healthy, it will help you to shed those unwanted pounds and feel great, too!

#4 Ignoring the Pain
None of us like going to the doctor, but persistent back pain should not be ignored. If you suffer from persistent, chronic, or recurring back pain, see your doctor. In most cases there is an easy, non-surgical treatment that can return you to a pain free life. However, if left untreated or allowed to progress, back pain can lead to serious and severe disability.

#5 Smoking Tobacco
Among the many harmful effects of cigarette smoking on the body, early and more severe degeneration of the back is getting more and more attention. Nicotine in any form blocks the transport of oxygen and important nutrients to the spine's discs. Starved of oxygen, the discs are much less able to repair themselves and tend to collapse at a much earlier age than is seen in non-smokers. This painful collapse degenerative disc disease can lead to chronic back pain. Moreover, should any surgery be needed, smokers have been found to have much slower healing times and a high rate of failure to heal.

Last Updated: 11/24/2008 Content provided by Spine Universe.
I am guilty of breaking numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. I have been working hard on how to lift without that twisting. It seems as if I am making things easier and faster by twisting, but I now recognize the pain that it causes in my back. I have so much trouble standing up straight, especially if I am in any pain, that I have to conscientiously push my back straight--and at the same time, I pull my abdomen in to strengthen my core. I am trying to correct things with too little exercise and too much weight--enough said on that topic for now. As for the fourth item, ignoring pain--I am guilty of that most of the time and have been for a long time. I know that there is a reason for most of my pain, but I haven't dealt with the recent increase of pain I have been dealing with. I think I have long since been at the severe disability stage with my back anyway.

This is important information, and I want to make all of my friends who are dealing with their backs to be aware of what they might be doing to make problems or bigger problems for their backs, so they can fix those issues and protect themselves.
Take care, Sylvia

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FUNNYGRANNY71 3/9/2010 2:59PM

    I loved your blog. If you have ever had back pain you will do almost anything to help yourself. Thanks for sharing the information.

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LOULOUBELLE2 3/9/2010 10:18AM

    Great info Sylvia, now if we all could do as it says we'd be better off. My biggy is #2. But 1&4 are always a bit of a problem to. I'm so glad that smoking is NOT one of my habits....gave that up years ago, thank God.
Thanks for posting it's great information.
Love Ya,

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MTNGRL 3/9/2010 10:15AM

    Wow, I love this article. I think the author must be watching me and my bad habits. I used to have good posture but not anymore. Better work on that.

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    I break the same 4 too. I better straighten up........literally. LOL. Thanks for the info.

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JHADZHIA 3/9/2010 5:17AM

    #2 is my biggie which I can't seem to break out of. I spend a lot of my time on the computer, playing bridge and reading that I am always hunched over. I am worried I will become one of those with a dowager hump. When I last saw a physiotherapist, she commented how tight my neck muscles were as a result of my bad sitting posture, that my head is out of position as a result. She did give me some exercises to alleviate this which I confess I am not consistent enough on doing :( I am okay with the rest of the list. One of my first jobs involved heavy lifting and I already knew how to lift properly. How I hurt my back was when I had an extreme arthritis flare up onc in my 20's. I woke up one morning with my shoulders, elbow, hands and knees so badly swollen, I struggled to get out of bed and hurt my back as a result. Had trouble with it bothering me off and on since. It doesn't seem to take much to make it hurt, especially with a chore like vacuuming.
Thanks for putting this info out here!

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Sunday 3/7

Monday, March 08, 2010

Hi Everyone,

It is hard to believe that the weekend is already over. We did a lot and it was a good family time. I love family time more and more with each passing day. I don't know if that is maturity or common sense on my part, but it is true. It was a pleasant weekend and although we had some rain, it wasn't as ugly as I was led to expect.

I worked with my husband on using the computer and updating his email for the first time in over 4 years, lol. He needed some help in managing our Mac, but he did a good job. We got a router yesterday and now, we can have more than one machine online at a time. Hopefully I won't have to wait until it is very late to get to come to SP and read my email each day. (I always let the kids do their homework and other stuff first.) Maybe I won't be so tired this week.

Church was lovely today--we got to think about the Ten Commandments and forgiveness through the sermon and the music and communion today. Those are important things...and I need to be able to forgive myself more freely. It can be the hardest job I have.

Have a good new week everyone. SparkPeople are the best!!
Take care of yourselves,
Sylvia emoticon emoticon

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BLESSED2BEME 3/8/2010 9:53PM

    We upgraded this year and no longer have to "fight" over who gets the computer. I have a laptop and my 18 year old has one for school and college next year and that leaves the desktop for my daughter so we all can be on line and they have more time to devote to their homework and then their facebook pages. It's amazing how much more peaceful it is now that we can share computer time instead of fight over it. Now that the weather is improving though, we will be getting outside more!!!!

Glad your Sunday was enjoyable. Family time is extremely important. Especially with teenagers.

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FUNNYGRANNY71 3/8/2010 3:07PM

    I am so glad you had a wonderful Sunday. It is the hard times that makes us appreciate the good times even more.

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ENUFF81020 3/8/2010 1:24PM

    The nice member of the "Geek Squad" at our Best Buy had us get a "nice" router so we could run up to 4 computers even as far away as 3-4 rooms. I was amazed that it was only $69. We went far too long without one of those things. Last night, we had 3 people in 2 rooms online and it was so peaceful!

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    It is nice to see someone enjoying quality family time!! I enjoy being with my son and husband when they are home.

We bought a router but ours didn't work well for us so my son and I take turns. It keeps me from wasting too much time online. LOL.

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LOULOUBELLE2 3/8/2010 9:47AM

    emoticonSo glad you had such a lovely weekend and got your 2nd computer on-line. Hopefully now you can get a few more time in snoozing.......Love Ya.

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KKKAREN 3/8/2010 7:04AM

    Sounds like you had a great Sunday, I hope your Monday is great as well.

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COLDWINTER2010 3/8/2010 1:21AM

  Thanks for sharing your day. Hope you have a great week!

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