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Accountability Day 3

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ok, here it is... a little late, but I was working most of the day. No cardio again today. I'm starting to feel it.




Not pictured... snack was supposed to be spinach and veggie bacon salad... I had the veggie bacon. I was saladed out.

I am going into the office tomorrow.

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2WHEELEDSHARON 12/8/2010 8:13PM


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APPLEADAY2010 12/8/2010 6:56AM

    I am loving your picture blogs and you are eating so well! Very impressed - well done! :-) Thanks for doing my yoga on monday emoticon I don't know what got in to me - I think I was worrying about the dentist! I am pleased to report though that I got through it and am all smiles emoticon hehe. Sending big hugs and hope you have a wonderful hump day emoticon

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MOMKAT4310 12/7/2010 10:14PM

    Up here in the northern panhandle, our wind chill has been running about 9F to 11F and actual temperature about 21F in the heat of the day and 15 to 17 F at night. With the wind chill, I cannot make myself go swim. So Walking tapes in the evening. Not the same. I try to go to work extra early, like at 6:30 AM instead of 8 AM so I am ahead of much of the traffic. Two cars passed me this morning on a paved road with a visible sheen, and I watched them do donuts in front of me. As soon as they were straightened out, they hit the gas like they were going to a fire. And I can usually avoid the early winter crazies. Just came home tonight. I baked so I can take goodies to work. Save a little for DH and the rest leaves the house. Be safe.

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Accountability Day 2

Monday, December 06, 2010

Ok, well, I don't have pics for all my meals, but I will edit this throughout the day.

I am working from home. There's tons of white stuff falling out of the sky. I am going to do a yoga tape later and set the bike trainer up for the afternoon.

Ok, by request, here's a pic of my new haircut. This is literally rolled out of bed, no brush, no goop, no nothing. I LOVE IT.

And keep with my accountability, here's breakfast... (there are flax seeds in the cereal)

More updates later. Until then, love to all my sparkfriends!

Oh the weather outside is...

But the...

is so delightful...

and since I'm working from home...


Even my Tua is enjoying the fire today. :)

More later! :)

Lunch and snacks...

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APPLEADAY2010 12/8/2010 6:59AM

    I love your new hair! Looks great and you look ingreat shape too. I want your toned shoulders :-) I also want your dog, your fire and your lovely views haha. emoticon

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WVTXPEN 12/6/2010 11:38AM

    Oh, how nice to work at home on a cold day and sit in front of the fire...Enjoy and nice haircut.

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JOHNTJ1 12/6/2010 10:48AM

    Nice hair cut emoticon

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

I guess I have to go to extremes for a week or so. I really have fallen off the wagon these past few days. I admit, these past few days have been extremely hectic, but I don't believe that is an excuse to neglect my body and my mind.

So, here it is, my accountability to sparkworld...





I can't cardio today because I'm on duty at the station, but will do some strength training after lunch.

I am not weighing myself because I know I will be discouraged and beat myself up. Today is the first day of the rest of/best of my sparklife.


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APPLEADAY2010 12/6/2010 6:47AM

    Hello xx emoticon I love the pictures in your blog and I really admire the foods you chosen - they look really good! I have been trying to eat more blueberries lately - I quite like the dried ones emoticon It sounds like you are really focused at the minute emoticon Big hugs and happy Monday - hope you have a great day! xx

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2WHEELEDSHARON 12/5/2010 4:06PM

    I'm right there with you. I've had a crappy couple of days too, being out of my regular routine. What's up with that throwing me off SO much?!
Love the pictures. And guess what - I checked out your Sparkpage for inspiration because I think of you as the exercise diva! I don't run, so reading about your miles, even during sickness, makes me try to keep up my cardio.
So just know that I'm thinking about you and looking up to you!

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JOHNTJ1 12/5/2010 3:50PM

    Dont beat yourself up, LOL. It is just a waste of precious positive energy. Everyone stumbles a bit. I am starting to believe it is those little stumbles that remind us how challenging this journey can be some days.

You are a winner. You know it, I know it and a few miss steps dont negate any of that. You will do what ya have to do and all will be right in your world again.

Much Love


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Bridge Freezes Before Roadway

Thursday, December 02, 2010

please please please when you see a sign like this on the roadway, believe it!

I watched three wrecks happen this morning on the interstate... two in front of me and one behind me that almost hit me when I had stopped on the berm to call 911.

*end safety weinie rambling*

I can't believe I actually ran in the snow yesterday. It was coooooooold. The roads were wet only, so that was not a problem. It was 30F and windchill of 20F. It was so windy. However, my ankles wouldn't warm up, so they wouldn't bend and I ended up running pretty slow. I still got 4+ miles in.

In case any of you ever want to check my training/training blog out, I keep all of that here http://www.dailymile.com/people/janette_ba

I decided to run with my satellite radio. Its not really all that heavy, but compared to my ipod, it was like hauling a brick around.

My walking friend was out too, doing his laps. I still don't know his name. All I know is he walks a lot and he referees soccer. He saw me and said "now THAT is dedication". When I lapped him later on he waved and clapped for me. That made me smile.

Its stopped snowing, but its chilly out. I came prepared today with thicker socks and a windstopper jacket. I did, however, forget my gloves in husby's car. I ended up taking my gloves off yesterday anyway, so I figure I'll be cold for a half mile or so then I'll be fine... just gotta suck it up til then.

I got all my errands run that needed done last night INCLUDING a haircut! When husby and I met, I had short hair. He said that someday he'd like to see me with long hair, so I let it grow out. Our deal was that if I couldn't stand it at any time I could get it cut. I was starting to get frustrated with it being longer because all I ever do with it is tie it up, but I didn't say anything to him about it. A couple of days ago, he said, I'd like to see you with short hair again and my inner self said OH THANK GOODNESS! AND to make things better, I had a 10 dollar off coupon, so my haircut was 3 dollars. :) And I LOVE IT. And its easy to take care of! And husby loves it! Win Win!

Ok, have a great Thursday and try to stay warm out there!


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ALL4MYBOYS86 12/3/2010 6:41PM

    Awesome job on your running! Bridgeport reported day before yesterday having 30 wrecks just in Harrison County so your warning is important!

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VEACHXCL 12/3/2010 4:10PM

    We need pictures of the hair!!

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APPLEADAY2010 12/2/2010 10:13AM

    Yippee for new hair! Sounds great and well done for getting your run in the snow. I was walking in it this morning and it was really beautiful but very cold lol. Big hugs and enjoy the rest of your day xx emoticon

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BURGHGIRL 12/2/2010 10:11AM

    Doesn't it feel great to get a new, fresh cut?!

Great job getting out there to run in the cold!!! You should be proud!!!

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JOHNTJ1 12/2/2010 10:11AM

    Ahhhhhhhhhh WVA winters, LOL.

I am scheduled to be in Weston December 11 and 12 and I am already watching the weather updates and praying for good weather. I agree with you 100%. I have driven between Weston and Charleston on I-79 and seen some really horrible wrecks by people who think they are stunt drivers in movies.

Keep up the good work. You are one of my heroes. Anyone can excercise when its 70 and sunny. Real warriors can do it in all kinds of weather.

Much Love


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Hump Day!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Well, its cold and snowing today, but not sticking to the roads, so I guess I will run in the snow... its amazing how that sounds better than the dreadmill.

I did not do my bike workout yesterday. I loaded and unloaded the truck with firewood and stacked it. I believe that's enough of a workout to compensate for the bike.

I feel very discombobulated today... I left early this morning figuring people would be driving like idiots on the interstate. Well, I didn't make it very far before the low fuel light came on, so I had to fill the truck up. That pretty much burned all of the time I had left early. Right about then I realized that husby's Blackberry is in the truck with me. I don't have the time to go back to the house to drop it and he wasn't answering the house phone to come get it, so I still have it. About 50 miles into my trip I realized I left my iPod at home... so I downloaded the podcast for today, but left it at the house... no music AT ALL for my workout at lunch. :( Oy, oy, oy.

I have pain in my right side today. I'm thinking I pulled something moving firewood yesterday. I'm eating now so I can take some pain meds in a bit.

I am going to turn this day around and make the best of it. Everyone have a glorious Wednesday!

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VEACHXCL 12/1/2010 11:20PM

    50 miles into your trip??? How far do you have to drive? I feel for you and the no iPod to work out with. My battery died when I was doing my workout, and seriously 20 minutes turned into 3 hrs!! Ok probably not, but it sure felt like it did! Hope your day got better, and have a great day tomorrow.

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APPLEADAY2010 12/1/2010 10:02AM

    Hiya, Happy Hump Day xx Sounds like you have had a few set backs today - well done you for your plans to turn it around. My MP3 player ran out of battery last night too! I was only about 5 mins in and it is just the worst feeling... I find it so hard to work out without it. I got my workout done and then realised I had forgot my bikini for the steam room :-( haha

I hope you enjoyed your snow run - I bet that was pretty. Sending hugs and thanks as always for a lovely blog and making me smiley :-) emoticon

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JOHNTJ1 12/1/2010 8:38AM

    Hope your Wednesday gets better. emoticon

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