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More Than Enough

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I was reading through the blogs this morning and I came across one about how we use the word enough in our lives. We talk about having enough money, enough to eat, whether we've exercised enough, whether we've lost enough weight, but what does enough really mean?

We seem to live in a society where even enough isn't enough! We're urged to want a bigger house, a newer car, a higher salary. Why isn't what we have enough?

When we stop to consider the alternatives, then what we have is more than enough; it's a blessing. Our house may not be a five bedroomed mansion, but it keeps us sheltered from the weather, and safe from the outside world; isn't that enough? Our car may not be the latest model, but it transports us where we need to go efficiently; isn't that enough? The money we earn may not pay for numerous vacations, or diamonds, but it pays the bills and keeps us fed; isn't that enough?

Too many people seem to focus on scarcity. The law of physics says that like energy attracts like energy, so if we are focused on what we don't have, we draw more of that longing and that scarcity into our lives. We can immediately rectify that by flipping it into appreciation.

It may only be a pound on the scale, but it's going down, rather than up, and we appreciate that. It may only be a bowl of low calorie soup for lunch, but it is helping us to our goal, and we appreciate that. It may only be second hand jeans from a yard sale, but they are a size smaller, and we appreciate that.

I for one am going to choose to live out of enoughness, rather than the need for more, and let it create abundance in my life. Who's with me?

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EMPOWERED_LIFE 2/11/2012 11:01AM

    I think that is the key, Dec2Dec. I think it is great to have goals, but to not obsess about them. What is the line from the old song, "You've got to stop and smell the roses, you've got to count your many blessings every day, you're going to find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road if you don't stop and smell the roses along the way."

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DEC2DEC 2/11/2012 10:43AM

    I already have abundance. I know I'm blessed beyond blessed. I don't take it for granted -- not for one minute. I say thank you a LOT. Are there things I'd like to change or have that I don't? Sure. But they'll happen when they happen. I have what I need; I'm happy and healthy; and my family is happy and healthy.

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The Importance of Empowered Language.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Y'know, everything in me wants to scream about how bad a day yesterday was. I did too much overtime, there was an altercation at work, I didn't have time to do what I wanted to do (like blog and play around on Spark people!) and the day left me feeling crabby, tired and drained. I wanted to gripe. I wanted to update my status about how lousy it all was. I wanted to vent on Facebook. But what good would that have done?

It's very hard to stay positive when we feel like garbage. It is very hard to rise above it all. After all we are only human, right?


We're not human. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of that experience is to feel the lows as well as the highs, to take the pitfalls as well as the pinnacles.

When we start to realize what awesome control we have over our destiny, then we can start to create the world in which we live. Part of that process of creation is in the language we use.

You see, ever thought that we think creates a possible outcome. Every word that we say strengthens that thought and gives it power. Our words are carried on our breath, and our breath gives us life. When we speak our thoughts, we breathe life into them. Then the choices we make brings those thoughts and words into reality.

I could have really gone off on one yesterday about how downtrodden I was feeling, but what good would it have done? It would have perpetuated the negative energy and birthed it into being in my life even stronger than it already was - and I sure didn't want that!

It's important for us to always remember that our thoughts and our words become things, and we need to choose them wisely. When we blog that we've had a bad day, that's what we create. When we say how hard it is to stick with a diet, that's what we create. When we say we don't enjoy a workout, that's what we create.

We need to make sure that what we say is exactly what we want to create -- and I realize my own folly here, opening this blog with how hard it was to stay positive! I sure don't want to create that in my life! I want to make everything I think and do and say positive and uplifting, not just for me, but for all of those whom my life might touch.

What is it Winston Churchill said? "In the course of my life, I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet."


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DEC2DEC 2/9/2012 10:34AM

    "We're not human. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."


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EMPOWERED_LIFE 2/9/2012 9:22AM

    Bless your heart, thank you for taking the time to comment!


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MEGSINTEXAS 2/9/2012 9:17AM

    Staying positive is extremely hard.... but you got this girl... keep up the ggod work....

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IRISHCATHY1957 2/9/2012 8:59AM

  Thanks for your inspiring words - I too try to stay positive and find that sometimes I slip. Your words really hit home - we do not want to give life to negative thoughts about ourselves or life. I try to keep my mantra as "it is all good"

I hope that today is full of light, joy and blessings!!


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The Past Has Created Me

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I was going about my daily chores this morning, thinking about my current journey to fitness; and then it hit me. Thirty years ago I dreamed of a 'little house on the prairie' lifestyle. I pictured myself in a very simple house on a postage stamp of land. I wanted to make my own herbal remedies, pick and preserve my own fruits, grow my own vegetables. I envisioned myself wearing long gowns, wrapping myself against the cold with a shawl or a cloak, rather than a coat.

In my vision I had a goat, and some hens, and a Great Dane who went with me everywhere. I wrote or did something funky for a living, something where I could work from home. I was quite solitary, but I had a core of good friends, and a loving husband.

This morning, as I took off my shawl while lighting the wood stove, I looked down at my long gown, my feet in handmade shoes, and I realized that much of the vision I had thirty years ago of who I wanted to be had come true. No hens, no goat; but I saw so many aspects of my dreams in the reality I am living. I also realized that the lifelong fear I have had of being a fat old lady is also coming true.

The wonderful thing about putting the pieces of all of this together in my head this morning was that it brought home to me what I have said time and time again; what we think, we create. I thought about a life that was more like my grandmother must have lived than that of today's modern 'career woman,' and I created it. Sadly, I also created the extra pounds, using exactly the same law of physics that like energy attracts like energy!

I'm not going to let that fat get me down, though. Far from it! This is a reason to celebrate, for if thoughts become things, then I can think my way into a better lifestyle and a healthier body just by claiming it as mine, and knowing that it will happen. Think about it, talk about it, birth it into being with the choices I make. It's time not to make a difference, but to BE the difference. Today really is the first day of the rest of my life. I'm excited about the journey.

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EMPOWERED_LIFE 2/9/2012 8:56AM

    Melissa, I think if I was going to get anything, I'd get a British milk sheep; then I could have milk AND fleece! The issue is, I'm a vegetarian, and unless I want a whole herd of them running around, it's not possible - I'm too soft to sell the babies LOL!

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DEC2DEC 2/7/2012 10:06PM

    What a neat realization! (Get a goat. They're my favorite.)

It will be fun to follow your journey as you live your way to a new picture.

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Wow, Is That Me?

Monday, February 06, 2012

So, I've been exploring all this barefoot running thing, looking at websites, reading blogs and articles, prancing about a bit like a dork, and last night I decided to try it. I mean, REALLY try it.

I waited til it was dark and I went out into my yard in my socks (because it was dark and I have dogs and, well, no words needed, right?) and I jogged. Only down the grass next to the drive and back. For one, I didn't want the neighbors to see me, for two, it was cold, and for three, I wasn't wearing a bra and nearly gave myself black eyes. BUT I DID IT.

And you know what I found? I not only did it, but I LIKED it.

There's something very liberating about going toe-to-heel rather than heel-to-toe. It's light, It's graceful. For the first time EVER I did not feel like an elephant in work boots when I tried to move. I felt light, and free.

Of course, now I'm prancing from room to room in the house, delighting in re-discovering my feet and toes. I've always been a barefoot junkie, but now I am noticing my feet and all their little nuances. The dogs and the hubster think I've gone crazy -- well, crazier! -- as I extend my toes when reaching, ballet toe to heel to the bathroom, dance toe to heel into the kitchen and just generally enjoy MOVING for the first time in eons.

I feel really good about this, and think this is going to be an interesting journey. Anyone care to join me?

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DEC2DEC 2/6/2012 11:24AM

    Yayyyyy! I'm glad you had fun.

I love being barefoot, but I've gotten out of the habit here, because it's cold so often -- even inside.

I empathize with the lack-or-bra-equals-potential-black-
eyes issue too!!

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If It Doesn't Have a Label...

Sunday, February 05, 2012

This information disturbed me.


I like following a fairly natural diet, and as soon as I've lost my weight it will be even more so. I take a supplement at the moment, but as we expand the garden and add more of our own produce, I am going to become more self-sufficient in my nutrition.

I've never been one for sodas, or packaged foods, we've never depended on things like hamburger helper or boxed cereals. I make my own bread with organic GMO free flour, and my grocery cart is full of ingredients, not packaged food.

I for one cannot stand Aspartame. I can taste it when it is in foods, and the effect it has on me is one of nausea combined with a headache. There are also other things -- colorings and preservatives -- that set me off. The thought of the government being able to add a neurotoxin into our food supply -- even the organic one -- without it informing us that the product contains this substance appalls me.

I'm not a Dr. Oz fan as such, but I do think he brings some informative topics into the living rooms of mainstream America. I caught one of his colleagues on the show last week, and this guy said that if a product had a label, he didn't eat it.

I'm beginning to agree with him....


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