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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Had a session with Tony yesterday & will have one tomorrow. I think tomorrow's my last, but I'm not sure.

We did all upper body yesterday, with a lot of scapular stuff - my upper back burned like crazy.

Today I did 15 minutes of stair sprints, getting my HR extremely high. But it was OK. I think my heart is getting stronger


Better today

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm feeling a lot feistier today, despite the fact that I was at a party till about 1 am last night where I had a bit too much wine (4 glasses) and a fair amount of junk food (about half a dozen pretzels, and some chocolate wafer cookies). But it was very fun & worth it - and seems to have done less harm to me than the 3 days of GS camp. I'm back down just under 150, despite the pretzels & wine last night, so I think I was holding a lot of water thanks to all the sodium in the processed food at camp.

I did an upper body work out today, even though I did weights yesterday because I'm trying to get back on schedule with my workouts. I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze a couple in at dance camp!

Push-Ups, low bench 11 10 7 (much better, going all the way down!)
Cable rows 8x70 6x80 6x80 4x80
Incline DB Press 8x20
Incline DB Fly 6x20
Flat DB Press 10x20
Flat DB Fly 7x 20
Skullcrusher 11x12 10x12 9x12 9x12
Assisted Chin-ups 6x80 4x80 4x80
Military Press on BOSU 11x15 7x15 (some guy on the curls bench looked very impressed and gave me a thumbs up)
Crunches on the Swiss ball, holding bell 12x12 12x12 11x12 10x12


GSUSA is not good for your health

Friday, June 15, 2007

Three days at Camp Little Cloud was a lot of fun & I got good data, but man it was tough physically. The food was extremely unhealthy (no whole grains, few veggies, lots of high fat meat & cheese, sweets with every meal). And I didn't have time or privacy to exercise much. I seem to have gained 3 pounds & lost definition. My workout today was very tough.

Single leg squats (back leg on ball) 8x0 10x0 (getting lower finally)
BOSU squats 11x22 10x22 - balance is a bitch
One Leg Dead lifts 5x25 8x25
Step-ups 8x10 7x10 7x10
Dynamic Lunges 8x10 6x10 7x10
Reverse crunches 8x15 10x15 9x15


Monday, June 11, 2007

I went to a mess of parties this weekend and didn't eat anywhere near as well as I should have. I tried for most of them, but it was difficult as they were potlucks where people tended to bring starchy stuff and desserts. Friday I had way too much to drink and I was pretty unhappy most of the day on Saturday. Oh well.

I'm going to be in Dubuque tomrorow through Thursday & won't have access to a gym. I may not have access to any time or privacy to work out, and will probably have little or no control over what food is available. I'll do my best to eat reasonably & will try to find a way to exercise - at least with body weight - but it may be challenging.

Today I did a full body workout because I likely won't be working out again till I see Tony on Friday.

Incline Press, narrow grip 10x20 5x10
Incline Flies 5x20 10x2 0 (SUPERSET WITH PRESS)

Seated Row 12x60 13x60 9x70
Squats on BOSU 20x12 18x18 12x22 (!!!)
One leg DL 8x20 8x20
OH DB Press, kneeling on BOSU 11x15 8x15
DB biceps curls kneeling on BOSU 8x15 6x15
Skull crushers head on BOSU supporting rest of body off floor 11x12 11x12
Swill ball crunches, holding medicine ball over head 14x10 15x10


...and boy are my legs tired

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I just biked to Trader Joe's. It's only about 5 miles each way, but for some reason, my legs felt like lead. I was going to try to do 25 miles total, hitting TJ's on the way back, but I scrapped that. The whole thing took me about an hour, and my HR was between 130 and 150 pretty much the entire time. I did recover reasonably fast once I got out & started walking around the store.


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