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One month later

Friday, July 13, 2012

gosh slow and steady right? it has been one month, of not eating nuts, corn or popcorn.. my favorites for fiber. and my thyroid blocker has been decreased to a half a pill, and a IBS med added. and i do feel better, sort of. some days i feel weaker, really sleepy, clumbsy, headachey... some days stronger, like i could play all day, move couches, pick up stuff, clean house??? rofl.

And it has been one month since i started back at the YMCA. sometimes i am so sore i just don't wanna go, but i go to the water fitness class anyway. stretching in the water has certainly helped. and playing water volleyball on the weekends has too.

I had my annual test done this week to, by my family doctor. (my doctor left the area, so i have a replacement doc) blah he hasn't impressed me yet. he makes leave feeling like i am ok, but leter i realize so many questions went unanswered. not to mention he doesn't test as many things as my last doctor did. he only tested my chloestrol, and sugar. not CBC, calcium, the ac1. and my stupid insurence wouldn't cover another bone density scan even though i was in the negitive 1 range. and now i have more new crap to worry about.

well if i watch what i eat, not as much fiber at one time, more soluble fiber with fruits and oats, not as much coffee or none, and keep swimming, i seem to feeling much better and god the bloating has finally gone down. you know i went up 2 pant sizes, in like a couple of weeks. at least my big clothes aren't still tight. ''yay.

slow and steady, slow and steady...

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GINGERD03 9/4/2012 11:06PM

  The water fitness is wonderful -I'm trying to line up my own schedule for the Y classes for fall/winter. Water volleyball O'MY I would love that! Do you play at the Y? We do not have any such classes that I know of. I so love volleyball. emoticon

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DETAILDOG 9/3/2012 8:28AM

    Keep going. Never stop. You are worth it. So many of us value everything and everyone more than ourselves. It's time for ME!. We make time for those things we value. I am valuable and SO ARE YOU!

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BIBS4664 7/13/2012 12:46PM

    You are going and doing. That is great. I too have physical challenges that don't make sense when you look at the "numbers" on a test. I am impressed with your tenacity!!!

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update june 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

gosh has it really been that long since i checked in, logged in, weighed myself or tracked anything yes.. i guess so. I was diagnosed with graves disease a couple of years ago. at the time i couldn't understand why i was losing weight and yet to me, i seemed weaker. I could barely walk a block without getting out of breath. one step at time right. so i was put on meds that blocked all that thyroid stuff and of course i gained weight. then i went in remission, but my heart rate is still pretty high. they just keep telling me to walk more. but honestly with my bunion the way it is, its pretty hard to walk, and i developed buristus in my hips, incontinence (from the muscle weakness) in both my bladder and bowels. and still they say to walk. now my stomach hurts all the time. and they added IBS to my list of crap i have. I 'm not sure that is what it is. plus i developed internal hemeroids, and i sware it feels like my bladder is in my vagina or something is.

'sigh. I just needed to type it all up and get it out, so i can try to let the worry go. I am broken at 54, and i hope it is not to late to fix me.

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BIBS4664 6/15/2012 5:00PM

    Sorry for all the body challenges. Ugh...We do what we can. It helps me to vent too.

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GEECMOM 6/15/2012 2:04PM

    I have pretty severe arthritis in one knee, but at age 55 I think I'm still too young for a replacement. My doctor suggested swimming (walking being a little out of the question). At first I could only do a few laps at a time but now I am swimming up to two miles in a workout. When I'm out of the water I still have the knee pain (though it is less), but in the water I use it a lot and it never hurts. Swimming can be a great exercise when walking is too painful.

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Hot pen method of de-stressing

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Today's challenge for DC (daily challenges on meyouhealth.com) was to write continuously about one problem for at least 5 minutes.

So many problems. which one do I tackle first?

I have an appt with the orthopedic guy later in the week. I started the muscle relaxers my doctor had prescribed in spite of the warning do not use if you have HyPERthyriodism. it really helped so i can turn my head, it reduced pain and improved my flexibility. I went to the dentist last week , was fitted for an appliance for night time use, which reduced my jaw pain, now really the only pain left is in my cheekbones, so i think it must be sinus related. but antihistamines were just adding to my dry mouth, not really helping, same with expectorants. i need to call the doctor later and ask if i can use a decongestant , since my heart rate was so high before i wouldn't think of using any thing like psedofed.

the ymca opens their pool today. ''yay time to check the class time and take the step in to the water again, and just get started. i have a habit of not starting something , like i 'm scared to admit im not perfect, or i need help, or facing the people, music im not sure its definitely fear tho. the water will be cold but dang it will actually be good to be in the water in a huge pool around people again. i loved taking those classes before i am sure i will again. i took them 16 years ago or so, when i was diagnosed with fibromyelgia? i dropped my youngest to the nursery and had a whole hour of peace and somewhat quiet, where all my stress would melt into the water.

Mr. skunk
what can i say, i've been reading up on skunk since we seem to smell it a lot lately, and it has been spotted in our neighborhood. It said it walks very slow, and would have several dens between a 2 mile radius. but where? i am hoping it is not under my deck out back , but i think it was out there during the pool party with my in-laws this past weekend. peeyooo stink would just waif up at us just every once in a while. as if to say be quiet im sleeping here, but there is only like 4- 6 gap in the boards for the electric conduit to come into the house. i would not think thats big enough for a skunk to get threw esp not the one we saw. im going to see if the wild animal specialist can check for a den, on our property before i pay to have it removed for the whole court. its a big wooded area behind some of the houses i would think it rather live in there. not under a deck where dogs hang out. but who knows.

time's up. hot pen method was to write continuously for 5 min then stop and read what you wrote. lol at the trivia mentioned. They talked about the pen NASA paid to have developed to write in zero gravity. funny thing is I have a couple of those fisher pens.. I love them! I lost my favorite astronaut pen 'sad it had a picture of star-trek stamped on the side.

have a nice day to anyone that reads this :)

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BIBS4664 9/6/2011 11:55AM

    Hot pen, wow.
I saw a show on PBS about skunks. We have em too. It sai,d to get rid of them to play music with deep bass loudly. They don't like it and move on. LOL. Haven't tried it yest, but we will.
Hope the pain lessens.
We will do this...in time.]

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A letter from my future self...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Per the Daily Challenges...
Write a note from your future self to your current self, and describe what you've accomplished.
https://challenge.meyouhealth.com/ https://challenge.meyouhealth.com/

Hey Rhonda,
I just wanted to give you a shout out for all your hard work! I knew you could do it. And I bet you listened to yourself and did it all your own way.

Being healthier is so much better then struggling to get out of a chair or not being able to do the daily things people do. right?

I bet you never gave up on losing the next 50 pounds! and you exercised almost everyday like we talked about.. you paid no attention to that pain in your right hip, and in your upper back while you walked and eventually it went away, as well as the weight. After a while those Doctors wised up and found the right balance of thyroid blockers and thyroid meds not to mention calicium etc. your bone density went up, water % up, strength up, weigh down, sugar down, heart rate down, and fat % down.

you are one hot momma now, so I am so glad you never gave up on yourself.. because it sure paid off! remember just one step at a time..

I believe in you!
from the future Rhonda

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NPA4LOSS 6/21/2011 7:01PM

    emoticon You have given your present self great goals for you future self. I am anxious for you to read your letter again. I am loving writing letters to myself. emoticon

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UMTALA 6/21/2011 6:22PM

    Good idea. Believe it and do it emoticon

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CHERRY36344 6/21/2011 2:40PM


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a new start.. I think I can!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My weight went down down last year, picking up speed, losing 3 pounds a week easy. but i was getting weaker every day. I could not explain it, and i could still swim so who cared right! but when summer was over, i started realizing just how weak i was. I was getting out of breath going up the stairs all over again. it was like i was back at 230 pounds. the kicker was when i started having incontinence and gas like you would not believe and sweat was pouring off me even while i slept. I thought i was going through menopause all over again. but no.. it was my thyroid.

It got so bad, my hands would shake for no reason and in the end i was hospitalized due to such a high heart rate. I have finally been diagnosed with graves disease/Hyperthyroidism. and have been taking thyroid blocking meds. The meds are working, in fact lately i'm sleepy and gaining weight

Today the doctor said my last test results are showing i am normal or so, maybe even a little hypothyroid. I can deal with that. back to cold hands and feet for a bit, as he adjusts my meds again. But i got the his approval to go back to restricting my calories to 1200, and the ok to exercise.

I won't go as far as 1200, but here are the changes i plan to make..

1500-1800 calories
no more diet foods,
* just say no to aspartame, and sucrose (sp?), and other sugar substitutes
starting with short walks again and /or daily short swims.

I did lose to 174, but currently am 191
and was down to size 18, but i think i am safely a 20 - 22

measurements TBD after i locate that darn tape measure..

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NPA4LOSS 6/2/2011 4:48PM

    I understand about the thyroid. I have to change my meds about every 2 years although I still read in the normal range. The rapid heart beat is the scariest of the lot. Glad to see you back! Take care of yourself and we will see you on the threads.

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JEFALLEN 6/1/2011 7:36PM

    I know you can, ... I know you can, ... I know you can! emoticon

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BIBS4664 6/1/2011 5:02PM

    Rhonda, you can do it. You had a very dramatic year with all the hormonal stuff. Glad you got the okay to re start. I'm with ya kid!!!

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MARITIMER3 6/1/2011 5:02PM

    Remember the little steam engine... he kept thinking, "I think I can... I think I can..." until he reached the top of the mountain.

You can be that little engine. Believe that you can do it, work hard and you will succeed.


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