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Stevia Challenge - Update / Back to Basics Challenge - Day 1

Thursday, December 01, 2011

November is over, and it is the end of the Stevia Challenge. This last week and a half has been a total bomb. Vacation threw me off of all of my plans. I went to bed late and slept too late (paying for that now that school is back). I started nibbling here and there on sugary foods (up 4 pounds - ugh). And, my workout schedule has been messed up (definitely affecting my mood).
I tried to ignore the scale for this month. It felt good. I wasn't judging myself every morning and basing my entire day on a fluctuating number. However, right before Thanksgiving I gave in and weighed myself. I was down 7 pounds. I celebrated. I was proud of how well I was doing with the clean eating and exercise. Then I allowed myself a treat. Then two. Then disaster.
I'm at the point where I am so in tune with my body that I know how certain foods affect me. I didn't have any major binges. That I am very proud of. But, I snacked here and there. I stopped eating mostly protein and veggies and added in more bread and wheat tortillas. It all had a surprising effect.
When I started losing weight, these foods were fine. I eat whole grain not white. That's healthy, right? Now, that I am trying to lose the last 20 pounds and sculpt my body, I'm finding that I can't eat too many of these foods or I balloon. I also crave more. After 2 weeks sugar free, I stopped craving sugar, but once I gave it, it all came back - and then some.
I'm not that upset by my weight gain. I know it will go away again. I know what I need to do to get back on track. It's a new day. A new month. It may be the most challenging month for me with stress, a crazy schedule, and endless holiday treats, but I think I can do it. Here are my goals for December.
1. Get the right amount of sleep emoticon
2.Eat better - no sugar/lots of veggies/low starch emoticon
3.Drink more H2O - seriously, I need 12-15 servings a day and have been struggling for 8 lately emoticon
4. Get back into my exercise routine emoticon (ahem, run your 10 mile run, already!)
5.Keep looking at the positives, enjoy life, let go of what I have no control over emoticon
6. Write! It's been too long, and it's like therapy - do it!! emoticon
7. Reward your achievements emoticon

Pretty basic plan, but I know it works for me. I'm going to keep up my weekly updates. it keeps me focused and on track. I also am motivated to lead a better life by my Zumba class. I feel the need to set a good example for those women and anyone else who may be a potential client. I need to use this as motivation to stay away from the sweet stuff.
My overall goal for December (let's call it my Back to Basics Challenge) is to lose the extra 4 pounds and maintain through the holidays. Losing would be a plus. Wish me luck!

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LINDYLIME 12/8/2011 6:05AM

    Looks like you are setting yourself up for success with some realistic goals. Way to go!

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Evil Grin

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I love Body Rock so much.
I just did this one www.bodyrock.tv/2011/11/21/hot-body-

and I am dripping after only 12 minutes!
I needed a workout like this today. I have been feeling tired and blah the last few days. Mild, but gloomy, weather and a vacation that reprogramed my sleep cycle are the causes, and I am trying to fight them the best I can. This did the trick.
Unmotivated? It's only 12 minutes!
Feeling tired? Not after the endorphins kick in!
Need something new? This is it, and it makes me feel super strong, too!
I can't do these workouts on a regular basis. I already train a ton every week, and most days are so challenging that I can't even consider adding more. Today, I just have kick boxing. It's a great workout, and I will be spent after class, but it isn't until 6pm. I needed something to wake me up and get me moving today. aka the perfect day for a Body Rock.
They also give me great ideas to add to my Zumba class. I love Zumba for cardio, but I am a firm believer in the amazing benefits of strength training. I introduced my Z-ladies to ST last week, and they LOVED it!! We couldn't be in the school last Friday because of vacation, so we went to one of their houses, and I put them through an hour and a half of ST circuits. It was completely different from anything they'd done before, and at the end (though totally exhausted and pouring sweat) they asked if I could incorporate it into Friday Zumba classes.
um, YES! Yes, I can. ST is my favorite workout, and I am so thrilled they want to keep it up. It probably helps that I babble constantly about the benefits of ST and balancing cardio and ST.
I can't wait for this Friday to see how they feel after shaking it and doing ST emoticon (pretend this is my "evil grin" that I apparently get in class when we're going to do something tough)

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HOTTEXAN 11/30/2011 10:21AM

    i want to try bodyrock. What do you recommend for a first timer? Also, what do you think of Zumba on wii? As always, you inspire me. What do you eat?

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GIANTMICROBE 11/29/2011 4:19PM

    I'm so happy you're liking Bodyrock!

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KELLEY106 11/29/2011 3:33PM

    Thanks for sharing. I can feel your energy through the page

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EMFRAPPIER 11/29/2011 2:15PM

    For that one, I think you do all of them 10 times which equals 1,000 reps. I haven't done that one yet emoticon

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ZAZAZU 11/29/2011 2:02PM

  I am so curious about BodyRock. I think it looks neat but... I'm also a bit confused.

Like, today, the challenge was to do 1,000 reps. Reps of what? Of these?

10 Burpees
10 Squat Jumps with the Sandbag.
10 Push Ups
10 Toe Touch Sit Ups
10 Dips using the Dip Station (or Bodyweight alternative see the video)
10 Tuck Jumps
10 Plank Jax
10 Split Lunges
10 Leg Drops
10 Squat Thrusts

How is that even possible?

I might be making this harder than it needs to be.

msred5 at gmail dot com

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KIMMARIE11 11/29/2011 12:17PM

    Thanks for the link to a new site and new possibilities for working out.

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Red Jacket

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yesterday we had our first snowfall, and we immediately took the kids outside to play. While they rode their sled down the hill in our backyard, my husband and I built a huge snowman. I made the middle section a little too big, and he was convinced that we wouldn't be able to lift it.
We did, and it was easy. I love how surprised he gets when he sees the results of the weight training that I've been putting him through. It's awesome.
Anyway, we took pictures of our snowman, and this one really affected me.

I am bundled up in this picture. I have on two pairs of pants (including my huge pants that I only wear in the snow). It still surprises me when I see how far I've come.
I love my new coat. I needed a new one this year, and I chose the red one after a lot of consideration. I almost went for my usual choices; black, blue, dark green - but I kept looking at the red one. I knew I wanted it, but I doubted whether it would look good, draw too much attention, etc.
Anyway, my love of bright colors won in the end, and I am so glad I bought it. I've gotten a lot of compliments, which is great. Now, seeing this picture, I feel so good I don't care if I attract attention. I'm going to keep this image in my mind today as I go through two Thanksgiving dinners, and I know I will be successful.
(oh, and the coat is a medium - first time in 15 years - woo hoo!)

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HOTTEXAN 11/29/2011 10:59AM

    I love that YOU love your new red jacket! My son wears a red jacket all the time! It drives us nuts, now he is writing a "comic book" called: you guessed it RED JACKET. Thank you for all the ways you support me.

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CATHEMARIE 11/24/2011 9:10AM

    emoticon You look great! So glad you got the RED Jacket!


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GIANTMICROBE 11/24/2011 8:32AM

    Awesome jacket! I got a white puffer coat several years ago, and I LOVE it to death. The colors available were black, white, and red and I chose white. To this day I still wish I had gotten the red. LOL

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JESSNSTONE 11/24/2011 7:55AM

    Yay, Love the jacket! What a wonderful feeling!

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LATTELEE 11/24/2011 7:21AM

  Love it!

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It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The holidays are here. I've already started thinking about Christmas and doing some shopping, but I didn't really feel in the holiday spirit until today. We finally had our first snow storm of the year. Normally, we have snow by Halloween, which I hated as a kid b/c I had to put my coat on over my costume.
This year has been really strange. I do not remember it ever being 70 degrees in November, but we had several gorgeous days when this was true. I loved an extra month to exercise outside. I started doing distance running and loved it - so thank you, November, for being extra wonderful this year.
It's cold now, and I just woke up to find everything covered in a beautiful white blanket. I usually don't get excited about snow - and, I know by February I will be cursing the white stuff and the following bitter cold - but right now I'm excited. Mostly because of my kids' reactions. They were so excited to show me the snow this morning. How could I not get excited?
It also makes me feel more in the holiday spirit. I'm used to a white Christmas and can't begin to think about the holidays until it snows. Today, we began our yearly ritual of incessant holiday movie watching - I will be spending the first morning of school vacation sitting on the couch watching Christmas movies with the kids.
Another (somewhat strange) reason for my excitement this holiday season is that I am excited to get through the challenges of sticking to my calorie range and exercise routine. I feel prepared this year. I have a plan for getting through to 2012 without gaining - in fact since Halloween I've actually lost weight (no official number until the end of the month). I'm going to exercise tomorrow morning before we leave for a day of sitting in the car and eating. Friday I will just continue my usual routine. I'm not going to get off track this year. There's no reason to giv myself a free pass and make myself ill. I'll feel better if I just stick to what makes me feel good and healthy.
Happy Holidays!!

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JESSNSTONE 11/23/2011 2:37PM

    Ahhh snow! I am jealous! It never snows where i Live! Happy Holidays!!

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FCARMICH 11/23/2011 9:29AM

  good wishes going your way

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TBRANTNER3 11/23/2011 8:55AM

  I'm sure you'll stick to it, and writing it down helps keep those goals in mind.

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Stevia Challenge - W3 Update

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Still doing pretty well. I've had a few minor slips, but I've been eating clean about 85% of the time, and that is a major improvement. Working out has been great. I already wrote about my week, so I won't repeat myself here, but I had some great moments this week. I feel like I am back on track.
I also love that I do not have to weigh myself every week. Sometimes I panic, but I've gotten good at convincing myself that I don't really need to know that number. I feel great. I have a ton of energy. I'm happy. Why does it matter what weight I am? I got some new clothes this week, and I am comfortably a medium. It's been well over a decade since that was true. I'm trying to decide if I will go back to weekly weigh-ins after this month. I thought so at first, but now I'm not sure.
Feeling great overall!

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FANCY-PANTS 11/19/2011 7:05PM

    emoticon emoticon

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