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7/15/2009 - Crap

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crap. I forgot what exciting thing I was going to tell everyone...............

There was something worth it - I swear!

Um, I counted my steps today. Actually, I didn't do as horrible as I thought I would. Right now I'm at 4634 and I still have 3 or 4 hours left. Not too shabby considering I don't do anything. I know, I know. They say 10000 but, I'm just starting!! Give me some slack!!

I met my calorie range today, but REALLLLLY close. Way too close. Didn't get in all of my water.

Really good thing today: I re-organized my kitchen. MAN did it need it. After Josh and my mom finished off my kitchen all of my stuff was in the wrong spots! I've been going crazy!

OHHH, and I started playing piano again! WooHoo!! I haven't really played since I started college. It's been really nice and I've enjoyed it again. Now I just have to buy some better books!!

I've been ridiculously looking forward to going camping this weekend. Which means hours and hours of walks/hiking. Ohhh, I LOVE camping and was so excited. And I just looked at the weather. Isolated Thunderstorms the whole weekend. I think we have to cancel. I almost cried. I'm extremely disappointed. I was going to eat pretty unhealthy, but work my butt off! I'm sad.

Alright, going to enjoy my girlscout cookes (BRING IT ON NANCY!) and watch Americas Got Talent!


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    Exciting day Emily,

Way 2 go,
keep up with that new pedometer, they are amazing little tools
Be sure to drink the rest of that water with those awful cookies, LOL

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FITLIKENIC 7/15/2009 8:34PM

    Em your day sounds good! You have alot of steps in for just starting out, you could add in more by taking stairs (if you have any) for bathroom trips, laundry, etc or just walk on the spot during commercials, while posting, reading, etc... Hmm wonder what Nancy will say bout those cookies?!

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7/14/2009 - Grand-slam day

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This morning I actually got up at a decent time. Yeah!

Then I got ready very quickly and headed out to the local farmers market. It's pretty bare right now (I live in NW PA and our crops aren't ready yet). Then walked my dog for awhile. Only 25 minutes, but believe me, you'd give up quickly w/ him too. We're in the training process and walks are just exhausting right now. It's a mini run/pull/drag/exhaustion!

When I got home I had recieved my pedometer in the mail! Woooohoooo. Except holy crap I'm a sedentary fatty-patty. Now, I didn't get my morning 2 hours in, but even so. I'm not walking NEARLY enough. HOLY CRAP. I'm actually too ashamed to tell you my step count. emoticon

I made a yummy dinner, and had left overs for lunch. These left me with enough calories to enjoy girlscout cookies tonight! Yeah! Andddd, I'm so awesome, I ate two after dinner. And then "hid" them again and I'll get two later when I'm watching my show: America's Got Talent!!

I have a problem that I don't get rid of clothes. So, I have an extremely large tote of jeans/hoodies that I've kept that I haven't fit in in a long time. Today while attempting to keep my overly large jeans on my butt, I decided I was going to go try on my "halfway goal jeans." OHMIGOSH!! THEY FIT AWESOME!!!
So then I got into it, and got out ALL of the old jeans. Out of 17 pairs: 13 fit wonderful and the other 4 fit, just snug. HOLY CRAP. These jeans used to not even come up past my butt, and if they did the buttons were a foot apart! WOOHOOOO THEY ALL FIT!!!!!!! So, my "SUPER GOAL" jeans were one of the four that were snug, but I did button them! I can't wait to get there!! I'm soooooooooooo excited.
The only problem was, the jeans were ridiculously out of style. Haha. They're from highschool and middle school.

After all of my fun I sat down at the computer and saw online (facebook) another highschool classmate passed away. We just lost a girl about 6 weeks ago. Now Dustin. Rumor says it was suicide, but I don't know anything else. Although we weren't close it always upsets our little town greatly. Literally, in our town, everyone knows EVERYONE. So....this kind of thing is huge. Just so sad.

Wow, this blog is too long. I'm going to let you go rest your eyes!! emoticon

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ARARAIDER 7/15/2009 9:22AM

    Even just a little bit of exercise per day can make a difference. You may not be stepping as much as you want to but it seems like your results are showing and feeling really great!!!

I can't wait to have my pants start falling off my butt too! I'm super excited to begin my bootcamp madness today!

Good luck and keep going! Never give up! If you're having a blah day just come back on spark and read some blogs or motivational entries! It sure helps me when I'm feeling under the weather!

We can do it! emoticon You're doing awesome so far! emoticon

Sorry to hear about your classmate passing away...there has been a few losses in my area recently as well.


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BUTTERFLYROSE1 7/14/2009 11:12PM

    Yeah! You can fit into your high school jeans awesome!!!! Keep up the great work.

Sorry to hear about your classmates passing.

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GERRYD8784 7/14/2009 9:26PM

    That's quite a mix of good news / bad news, Em. The news about your two classmates is so sad. They're much too young to be gone.

But emoticon on those old jeans that now fit! Even if they're not the most stylish, it's still exciting! And Nancy is right -- get the "fat" pants out of the house. You won't be needing them again! Keep up the good work!


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WOW mostly great news.
i'm happy that you got a new pedometer. i think they are an awesome addition to our fitness routine. almost as good as those "skinny pants"! way 2 go on your plan getting in shpae enough to wear all those old clothes. aren't you glad that you did NOT throw them away NOW?

Sorry to hear of the other loss, your class mate.
keep working with the dog walks. it will help you both
kudos to your efforts
hang in there


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JENNMOMX3 7/14/2009 8:39PM

    Yippee, Yahoo and all that stuff...You go girl and keep on losing the weight!!!!!!!!!!!I am very proud of you. Fitting into the tight jeans is such a great feeling!!!

Sorry to hear about the classmate...prayers to the family. J

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NANCY-GIRL 7/14/2009 8:33PM

    I could have sworn I already replied to this...

Congrats on fitting into your old skinny-girl jeans!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Now, bag up those old baggy clothes & give them to the thrift store!! They don't belong in your house any longer!!!

I'm sorry about your classmate. That's really sad.

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LEONALIONESS 7/14/2009 6:54PM

    Congrats on the NSV! All my old skinny pants are now falling off my butt... and man, that's a pick me up. Except I really LIKE these pants and it makes me sad to know I won't be able to wear them much longer. Weeeeep. I also need new bras as my girls have shrunk to a 34 B from a 36 C. Whyyyyy? Cruel world!

I'm also sorry to hear of your classmate passing. Even if you don't know them well there is a sense of loss. *hugs*

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7/12/2009 - Yumm yummers

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today was a wonderful day. Breakfast I only had an activia yogurt.

Lunch I made my own little "tuna helper" - egg noodles, cream of mushroom, mixed veggies tunafish and cheese. Yummmmy.

Dinner was wheat spaghetti with some sauce, diced tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and orange pepper. (Forgot the meat! haha).

And because I had such wonderful lunch and dinner


And holy crap did I enjoy it!! YUMMMM YUMMMMERS!!!! I waited a week until I had enough calories to enjoy it. And man I did!

What a great end to my day! And I got it in before 9:00 (which I don't eat past nine).

Now I'm going to go plan for my week meals. I REALLY struggle with lunches. So, I need to go think long and hard about what I'm going to eat.

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So that's one of your tricks to your success.
You plan your meals for the week. Smart thinking. Shoot, I try to shop for stuff that I might like to have and then have to try to eat them BEFORE they spoil, LOL

Kudos for your planning.

Cya later gator

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7/12/2009 - vent

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My emotional eating last night was because of Josh. No, we weren't fighting, but we weren't agreeing either.

Our friend was having a campfire/party. It had been BAD thunderstorming all day, the weather was crappy, there was supposed to be a lot of people there we're not really friends with, tent camping in the rain, and frankly I think "party parties" are stupid. I've never understood drinking solely for the purpose of getting wasted and blacking out. Sorry. It's dumb.

So, after a heated debate, Josh decided to go without me. Leave me and Jackson home. What did I do while he was home? Clean, clean clean, work my butt off.......and think about ice cream (as you read last night). He was supposed to text me three times. Once when he got there, once before bed, and once when he was leaving. Well...........I got my first text at 7 this morning. Awesome.

So, I'm already a little peeved that he's coming home so stinking early since I had gone to bed late and hadn't finished the dishes. Then when I told him I wasn't done yet, he said "he'll drive slow so I can finish." Excuse me?! How about you just deal with the fact there is a dirty pan. (by the way I finished everything before he got home).

THENNNNNNNNNNNN. Here's my main vent. The party was great (given it was a booze fest, again, which I hate.) But my best friend was out for the first time in over two years (she had a kid). It was the first time she's drank in two years, and she had a blast. I'm upset because I couldn't get her to go out for my 21st for the life of me (even though she was done breastfeeding and could have had a babysitter). So, that makes me pretty upset that I missed being out with her. On a positive, she's a ridiculous light weight and had to be carried into the house and put on the sofa. Thats pathetic and I probably wouldnt' have enjoyed much of her company. Topping that, most of the people we didn't know/like - didn't come. Quite a few did, but nearly 2 dozen didn't. So it was mostly our friends. Great.

Wait, wait, here is the kicker. Josh's ex was there. AWESOME. JUST AWESOME. I know it's been a long time. I still don't like her. I still don't like them talking. Yep, I'm that jealous crazy girl. (There is a little history here....).BUT I NEEDED TO BE THERE. First of all, I've lost 31+ pounds and I'm lookin' pretty good. I needed to rub that in her face. Yes, this is all vain, but true. Now that I wasn't there I look like a jerk. Great. GREAT. Wheres Emily? Oh, at home sulking. Awesome.

UGHGHGHGHGH. Can't go back in time. I just wish I could for a minute. I know I wouldn't have had that much fun, but at least I could have been present for all the stupid crap everyone else did. (Several pass outs, singing, dancing on people....etc). So, Josh just came home. BRIEFLY told me about the party, and went to bed. So I'm sitting here attempting to deal with my emotions.

First: Angry
Second: Cried
Third: Disappointed
Fourth: Accepting, thinking I'm over reacting
Fifth: Upset
Sixth: Blogging

Oh, I hate dumb crap. This day is going to suck. Maybe I can convince possibly hung-over boyfriend to drive 90 minutes to my aunts cottage on the lake to take our dog for a walk on the beach and a dip in the pond. We'll see.

***UPDATE*** Since this blog I have gone outside and did some training with my dog. This really relieved some of the stress. I then filled his pool and we played in the water for quite a long time. Josh woke up and was in a good mood. We sat and talked about the party for awhile. He told me who all was there, whats new with them....etc. I'm far less upset, but still not pleased. I don't know. Just made a yummy 300 calorie lunch and thinking about what to do the rest of the day.

This'll likely be the last party like this for quite a long time. So, I'm just going to put it behind me right now, move on, and ENJOY my day!***

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    Way 2 Go Emily,
at least you did not go and consume a bunch of alcohol that you did not need or want and did not need the extra calories either, LOL

I feel for you.
I did a fantastic job.
I might have stayed home and eaten ice cream and bon bons, LOL
You did great by working off your frustration by cleaning the house, too bad he didn't RUSH home to help you finish. did you hear that from a guy? LOL

Glad you had the update too.
also glad that you got some frustration off by working with your dog. The dog loved that too,I'm sure!!

Hope your week is a good one
You are doing an awesome job!!!!! emoticon

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FITLIKENIC 7/12/2009 3:17PM

    Em, I like the update part and seeing you use that bit of anger/ sadness for a positive (puppy)... I have so been there with my now hubby heading off while I choose to avoid the silliness (or silly people) then ME regretting it later, BUT I look back and know for me I made the right choice. Josh may not have texted you as promised, but he did text, and more importantly the ex may have been at the party BUT YOU ARE IN HIS LIFE! (((HUGS)))

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BUTTERFLYROSE1 7/12/2009 1:07PM

    I can understand your frustration and anger defiantly, stupid boys. Although perhaps a little tip, do you guys alternate on house chores? If not perhaps you should. (Even if you don't have a job) a home is shared. Funny, the last time I vented on SP I got a notice from them saying that members found it to be "inappropriate." On a good note I'm glad that you didn't gorge yourself on food, I'm proud of you!

........Stupid boys emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/12/2009 1:09:14 PM

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7/11/2009 - Emotional Eating Champion

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crap! Alright, so at least I knew what I was doing - and know I did but DANG.

Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites with red and green pepper, mushrooms and turkey bacon. And an activia drink. (400 calories. Great meal!)

Lunch: 2 manwich sloppy joe sandwiches and some doritos, I counted them out! (Lunch 650 calories)

Dinner/Emotional eating bonanza: Four cheese alfredo sauce with fettuccini and broccoli. I ate 2 servings totalling 750 calories. Bad deal.

But then I kept going because I was basically not getting my way..........and had myself 5 hersheys kisses (plus 215 calories).

But wait - I haven't yet...........but can't stop thinking about Ben and Jerry's freakin' ice cream (540 calories). If I don't control this I'll have a grand spankin' total of 2560! Greeeeaat!! emoticon

Either way I'm over range, but we'll see what happens in the next 5 hours before bed.

On the brighter side Josh and I rearranged our living room today!! We hung our tv on the wall and totally and completely rearranged everything. It looks SOO different and good! Ohhh, and I had to move the fish tank aka empty the whole thing - BLAGH!

So I'll go move some more furniture and burn a few more calories. (While watching Field of Dreams).

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NANCY-GIRL 7/12/2009 12:48AM

    I don't think I can compete w/ bigdog's windshield/bug comment...

Sometimes we control what we eat, & sometimes we let it control us. Who's the one w/ the brain? Who's the one w/ the power? Who's the one who can make the BETTER choice???

I know, I know, easier said than done. I have really bad nights, too. Remember earlier this week when you MADE me count my cal's anyway??? Good for you for counting yours. Now you know what it looks like on paper.

Now, pretend you're on one of those weight loss shows, march into the kitchen, grab a garbage bag & start tossing the stuff that's not healthy or on the plan. Don't worry about the money. It's garbage anyway. I wouldn't do your body any good, & if you ate it, you know where it would end up... (*flush*).

Great job on the housework!!! You guys are on fire!!!

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    Entertaining blog Emily,
Sometimes you're the windshield
sometimes you're the bug
WE ALL have those days.
Just think of all the calories that you killed working around the house!

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