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My five decisions today ... and how I adjusted ...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It is my husband's birthday today. That means invitations to lunch, dinner, and a shopping trip to the nearest large city (45 miles away) - his choices for the day. It also means a difficult time finding the right foods, and more so, adequate time for exercise.

I decided regardless, I'd find the way to make this work for me, and so I had to fall back on some habits I started to form about 2 months ago, about the time I joined this site. I've not been overly consistent with them, but I have been trying to do them. Today, they had to work for me, I thought.

First decision: I ate a very light but nutritious breakfast (salad, egg white, and miso with vinegar dressing) - under 100 calories - I ate that lightly only because I ate a late breakfast and was facing lunch within 3.5 hours. Otherwise, I planned on adding a banana or apple and some nuts. This decision was early planning and adjustment for the day.

Second decision: I worked out early (treadmill for 20 min, weights for 10 - not much but 100% more than I've been doing with a foot injury. I'm trying to adjust to this injury but keep up the exercise. While I was working out, I was able to re-set the DVD players, so that will help insure better viewing on the treadmill. Another case of doing 10 min/every day and early planning.

Third decision: Then we walked to town to meet his sister for lunch and I asked for carrots to substitute for chips - the crunch of the carrots totally satisfied me (potato chips are my nemisis but lately carrot chips are satisfying me - but that sure hasn't happened easily) and I saved about 120 calories, I'd guess. However, I was surprised that while everyone with us ate potato chips with their sandwiches, I was easily able to order and enjoy my carrots. An "ah-ha" moment. Long long time in coming. So very welcomed!

Fourth decision: Now we will soon head out for the shopping trip. It will involve some walking because I don't like to shop but I do enjoy walking and looking while he shops. I won't mind so much now that my exercise is done. My ankle isn't sore so I can do the walking, in addition to my little workout. Yippee. The evening meal is a known Italian meal but I'll eat only half.

Fifth decision: I'm beginning to get into a new habit. I am taking my own carry out container to make sure of eating only half and I've learned a secret - taking your own insures you get the food divided before you even start to eat. Waiters are often too busy to remember to bring the box with the meal; none of them will do it in the kitchen, and I understand that. But putting my own container into my purse to use is also environmentally more sound and that is a value I care about. My containers are reusable and they seal tightly (with a recycled plastic bag) to avoid leaks on the way home. And I get it "my way" and at my timing without inconveniencing the wait or kitchen staff.

So, today has been a sort of gift to me as well - the "ah-ha" moment of realizing my carrot chips are (finally) going to take the place of potato chips and the new habit I've started of taking my own containers for leftovers when I eat out, plus now reinforcing the value of planning ahead (I only learned this morning about the day's plans but I was able to adjust).

Happy birthday to my best friend and happy adjustment day to me!

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EMJAYKAY 4/16/2014 2:40AM


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LIFECHANGZ 4/13/2014 3:34PM

    emoticon Sparktacular strategies! Thanks for sharing :)

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    Happy Birthday to hubby and Congrats to you! You made some great decisions today. I had never thought about taking my own carryout container. Thanks for the idea!

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Setting goals...again ...

Monday, April 09, 2012

I'm having some trouble setting my goals. There's no problem coming up with goals, very much the opposite. I am the "do or die trying" type; can't cut back to those baby steps easily, and then I miss the goal altogether because I give it up. So my only goal today might be to work on re-setting those over-reaching, failure generating goals around my exercises that don't let me work on the good habits at a pace I can incorporate and make into a daily habit. My couch potato habit has become stronger since retirement.

I'm still dropping a little, although so slowly I am super qualified for the slow losers site. I'm seven pounds from being within my ideal BMI. I'll be exercising a lot outdoors (gardening) pretty soon, and hiking a lot if my plans jell. But those don't qualify for building the day-to-day habits, since I've always done these every summer.

On the plus side, I'm having no trouble with good eating habits. Nor the water drinking, nor the veggie/fruit goals, nor the little daily habits, the ones that have eluded me for years, that I'm trying to incorporate. That is how I know this re-setting will work for me. So following all the advice on this web site has been very helpful, and I need to keep going to get the day it is actually a habit. And that means, today I will house clean my goals on this site, and re-set them again.

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CAKEMAKERMOM 4/9/2012 10:43AM

    You've taken a good step in resetting instead of giving up. You haven't given up on yourself!

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CARLAMERRELL 4/9/2012 9:58AM

  It's think its ok to reset! It shows that you are not giving up!

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My Easter Meal ...

Saturday, April 07, 2012

I love holidays, mostly because of family. This one has some troubles associated with family - a brother with cancer, and he's facing his 5th or 6th surgery soon. He has other disabilities and he will not fully understand what is happening to him. I'm a guadian, and I'm worried about him, but despite his cancer and his many disabilities, he's in good form. He's happy. He's visiting - he's always here on holidays - and he has his own room, his own TV, easy chair, etc. He's quite big but he's lost 60 lbs by just switching some of his unhealthy foods (apples for fries, fruit for pudding, less bread and butter for breakfast). Now he looses one pound a month, not much, but still on the downward slope. He has not missed his negative foods but he'd eat them if he could; his caretakers watch him without restricting him much. Other than cancer, he has been blessed with good physical health and a sunny outlook on life. So tomorrow will be another fun day - I will make devilled eggs with hummus (Chef Meg's idea), ham, scalloped potatoes from a recipe on site here, and pumpkin pie, plus salad and fruit and veggies to go with the ham; I'll see what the freezer holds. No rolls or breads because they are not needed. My brother and I will do eggs today, and his basket will have more treats of a non-candy kind (toys he likes, a card, so forth); I have bought almost no candy. My son in law will take home half of everything left over, they are busy and I like to share because they both work but even more importantly, we are not eating pie and potaoes beyond tomorrow's meal. I cannot go to church as my brother's problems would not make him comfortable, but we will enjoy the day anyway, as a cheerful way to prepare for the hard surgery coming up. And this will be a wonderful day without too much to eat - just enjoying my brother and daughter and her family.


I finally figured out what my focus is ...

Friday, April 06, 2012

My biggest motivator occured to me this morning. I take care of a pre-schooler grandchild every Friday, and I especially look forward to it. This morning we walked to the local diner for breakfast (lesson #1 - walk) where I ordered a veggie burger loaded with spinach and onion, with carrot chips instead of potato chips (lesson #2 - substitute to eat healthy); I also drank water with my coffee. She ate half my carrots (lesson #3 - share) but I told her I got the last carrot chip because that's the last taste I wanted in my mouth since I really like them. We walked home and I worked out to her Sesame St. video (lesson #4 - her grandma can lift weights and not sit during a video). Then we each had a big glass of ice water (lesson #5, water is good) and later, a lunch of rice and beans (homemade is best - lesson #6).

Actually, this is our normal routine. If I'm not exercising, we walk, garden, feed the fish or ducks, play, or whatever is active. We cook our food and share it each Friday night with her parents. And truth to tell, she aborbs this all and repeats some of it at home by stretching, lifting pretend weights, and so forth (so I hear).

But it is a motivator for me to CONTINUE to do these things and to think of every little thing I do as something she is watching and absorbing - and I didn't realize that until today, for some odd reason. I knew she was absorbing my healthy habits, but I didn't know how much doing them FOR her observation could mean to me. All of a sudden, I want her to learn how to age well, how to be healthy, and how to live well. I don't need to give her a lecture, she just gets it by watching me. She has parents who do these things too but I want her to see it all around her before she gets to school.

Now I can think of her as my reason to get up and get moving when it would be easier to forget the exercising. I don't know why this is my motivation now vs. the 6 or so weeks I've been trying to do this, but it probably coincides with reading The Spark, Chap. 2, and trying to carefully absorb all the guidance on focus.

So before her nap, we picked lilacs for her bedroom nap spot, we turned off the TV to do a little cooking, and she read to me after I read to her. When she gets up, we'll have more water, a cut up apple, maybe some nuts or cheese as a snack and she'll help me make a very healthy meal we'll all share. She'll go home and sleep well, as I will.

Now I have my best motivator, one I had not even anticipated prior to today.

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ONUTHIN125 4/6/2012 1:36PM

    emoticon emoticon Spark On! emoticon

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I'm setting another goal ..

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I've not had my heart in this, although I'm tracking almost everything I can. I have tracked goals and I am changing my habits, including the food choices. But I'm not hitting the exercises, and I'm not putting my heart into hitting some of those goals that I need to start. I don't feel I'm doing good enough for my self.

So, I want to change that. After all, I don't hate exercise but I haven't put much time into finding ones I can do.

Last night I read some of the Spark articles - and I began to think that maybe this will work for me if I appoach it slightly differently than I have by setting simpler exercise goals. I don't have much to lose, but it won't budge despite some good food choices and better but not great exercise habits. Despite a very crowded schedule over this week and especially this next few months, despite the care of a critically ill person in my life, and despite a bum foot that keeps me from most workouts I like, I'm going to try to find some tools I can use to meet a new exercise goal.

And so I commit here and now, my goal is 10 minutes a day, four times a week. First I'll try some of those great Spark exercises that are emailed to me and try to find ones I can do for the 10 minutes, and I'll do that until I think it is a habit - then I'll up the walking outside and set a doable but simple goal to add to the indoor exercises.


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