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My Birthday Gift to Myself

Thursday, January 29, 2009

09 is the year for change. I'm 56 years old. A couple of decades ago, after some soul searching of a much needed change in my life, I became a single mom of two wonderful daughters. I was also in college seeking a degree in Deaf Education. Somehow, I managed to work 3 part time jobs while finishing my full time coursework and still be there for those two precious girls.
Now my path is one of taking better care of my physical body. I'm learning about percentages of different nutrients needed to not only be healthy but to lose weight. I am so grateful for all of the member's postings, the recipes, the tracking tools, the videos etc, etc, etc. What a great gift. Today is 1/29- it's my birthday and my gift to me is to be more gentle, kind and a great friend to myself and others. emoticon


How do I balance when I'm needing to rest?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This week I've had unexpected dental work and some medical stuff so I'm down in my daily exercising. I'm "working out" the mental balance of knowing I need to rest and take care of myself and yet feeling guilty that I'm not meeting my daily walking goals. (although I'm keeping my calories at the lower end of the suggested intake- that's not been easy either since I have so much down time). It's the first time I've had to deal with this type of interference - so I just need to do all the mental gymnastics to get it in a place of balance. Instead of thinking "I haven't met my exercise goals for 2 days, I decided that this Sunday when I usually don't work out, that I can use that day as an exercise day.


Just have to love Sparks People! Just after posting, I read an article entitled Can You Do Too Much Cardio? not only did it have great information, it also talks about not feeling guilty if you need to rest and take care of yourself. an accidental reading? I think not! emoticon