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Kitchen Advice Needed

Monday, December 15, 2014

Being on a Real Food diet takes a lot of pots and pans, food processor, crockpot and other bulky items.

During the summer, I would just let everything air dry.

During the rainy season, it doesn't work.

So, how to get these items dry? No dishwasher. Towel dry, but then what to do with wet towels? No washing machine nor dryer close by.


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    I can relate to the problem of lots of dishes etc on real food diet.

I think a large part of it is just adjusting to it.

Having a dish drainer that you leave out on the kitchen counter top (or table if there's a lack of counter space), full of dishes that you've washed that are air-drying, is something I grew up with in the 70s, before there were dishwashers, and it's something I dislike intensely. Just the sight of a dish drainer full of clean dishes sitting out in the open, makes me unhappy.

However, study after study has shown air drying dishes on the dish drainer rack, is MUCH more sanitary than drying dishes with clean dish towels and putting them away.

Sometimes the old ways work best. It is low-tech, cleaner, and in the morning when you get up you can put them away in the cabinet. Friends who have allergies to automatic dishwasher detergent, wash them by hand and do this. The lack of exposure to dishwasher detergent is an added health benefit. And of course, people without dishwashers do this.

For drying towels do you have a garage, basement, lean to, shed, or utility room nearby that you could string up a clothesline in? Any indoor space, where if they hung there for 2-3 days they would dry?

I had a clothesline in my bathroom and/or bedroom, for years. It was unconventional, frugal, unsightly, and convenient. I would do it again. It was an evening tradition to hang up wet stuff.

When in an apt, I'd hang wet stuff up on Fri nights b/c I knew there would be no snooping apt mgmt spies to meddle in my private business until Mon morning, and the stuff would be dry and put away long before then.

I also used to not dry clothes at the laundromat. To save money, I'd bring them home wet, put them on hangars, and hang them up over the door frames throughout my apt. I filled every doorway and used every door knob. Made the apt smell good! When plastic hangars wouldn't hang up over the door frames, because they were too fat, I switched to old fashioned metal hangars that were excellent at fitting over the slender wood slat of the door frame. I wasn't dealing with the "rainy season" you are, so by morning they would usually be dry and I'd put them away in the closet. Until they were moved to the closet, I'd just duck under the hanging clothes when entering or exiting a room. Sometimes during the muggiest part of summer with the highest humidity, if I didn't have the AC on (to save $), then they would take longer than one day to dry. Dishes in the dish drainer dry overnight and are more sanitary that way; but clothes sometimes are not quite dry by the next morning.

I imagine you could dry wrung-out towels by hanging them over the back of a chair, or clothes-pinning them to a hangar and hanging them up over an open doorway. I also like the oven idea of the other poster - just be careful with temps & synthetics until you get the knack of it. I've never done that and it would cost a little in utilities, but if your air is very humid and you don't have a dryer, it'd be better than waiting 2-3 days for towels to dry.

I also hung up wet clothes (in your case, towels) on hangars on the shower rod in the bathroom.

Basement clothesline clothes, I know take 2-3 days to air dry. I've done that. Not speedy. But doable. I don't care for basement drying; even if there is no basement musty smell, I still think there is one and wrinkle my nose. I just don't like it. Using open door frames is more unsightly but a shorter drying time and preferred. Everyone is different so you will have to go with what you prefer.

Another idea: do you have the kind of air vents that have a grate/cover over them that the air vents are located in the floor of your apt or house? If so, you can get an inexpensive folding wooden clothing drying rack, set it up over the air vent and put clothes and towels on, to air dry.

Wherever your air vents or open doorways are, wherever air movement in your home occurs, use those spaces creatively to dry fabrics. Wherever you have a bed post, door knob, or shower rod, you can string up clotheslines indoors. You can get tension rods (like shower rods; look in bathroom section and curtain section; get heavy duty thick ones tho not the lightweight ones in the curtain section) at the store and put them in open spaces, (between two pieces of furniture or between doorway frames) and hang clothes or towels on hangars, on them. Most apts have the tub in the bottom with only a single long shower rod in front. But in one apt that had a square shower, I had 3 shower rods inside the shower. Kept them in there year around, with hooks on them.

I have a plastic hanging dryer for small things like bras, underwear, socks. I used it all the time in my apt. The top is a large sturdy plastic hook. The middle has folding arms that when unfolded, extend out. The middle part is similar in function to an umbrella, without the cloth. Attached to each arm, are pincher clips that hang down, to put clothes on. You can hang anything you want - towels, etc., in the pinchers. I always filled up the arms of mine with small clothes, then hung it on the shower rod. I had to move it when I took a shower, of course. If you have a plant hook in the ceiling, you can hang it up there, etc. On the side of a baker's rack . . . anywhere. It didn't fit on the door frames over open doorways, tho.

If you don't have sufficient air movement, no vents in the floor, no door frames to hang hangars on, then create your own air movement. Try the folding rack the others described, with a small fan on low about 3 feet away, overnight. Lower speeds and smaller motors take less electricity, so do slow and low and small on the fan.

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DJ4HEALTH 12/15/2014 9:47PM

    they do have drying racks too or you can make them from plastic pipes that you get from Home Depot or Lowe's, that way you can make it as big as you want or small too..

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KATIAT325 12/15/2014 7:32PM

    I usually just hang the damp towels up on a towel hanger, and they air dry. It also helps that mine is located near the oven/stove. Also, you can preheat your oven to 200, turn off, Let stand for a few min, put towels inside, and leave a crack open so that way they warm up in the oven. The oven can be your best friend for drying anything damp (like shoes). Or alternatively, if you're super concerned, try a hair dryer?

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What to do with Potato Starch?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I purchased a big bag of potato starch (that I cannot return) BEFORE I found out that I can no longer ingest it.

So, are there some crafts I can make using it?


Any suggestions??

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DJ4HEALTH 10/26/2014 8:28PM

    Can you donate it to a food bank or a homeless shelter? How about the food drives?

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VALLITTLEMAMA5 10/5/2014 10:44PM

    Is it goopy when wet? Could it be used as a sort of glue?

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CLAIREMZM 9/22/2014 9:36AM

    Wow, that's a tough one. If I lived closer, I'd say I would come over and pick it up!

You've probably looked it up and found as much as I have. Perhaps you could experiment with crafts that use cornstarch and substitute the potato starch. Or maybe there is a gluten free exchange (like a co-op) in your area that you could give it to, or perhaps trade something for it. I honestly have no idea if such things exist, but being a Midwesterner, we all think California would have all that kind of stuff. In any case, I hope you figure out something! emoticon

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Good things!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wearing my 'skinny' shorts. emoticon
emoticon Lowest weight in three years (before health crisis).
BP meds cut in half. (readings were 'good') emoticon
emoticon Jenny-cat acclimating. See improvements daily. (still have a ways to go)
Actually LIKE my new doctor! emoticon

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OPALMOON 7/29/2014 1:53PM

    Absolutely wonderful news! So glad to hear all these things are going well.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEBBYFROMMT 7/28/2014 1:00PM

    Very good Elisa! You must be so proud! We're proud of you!!!

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LNSYLVSDOGS 7/26/2014 5:57PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon WOOT WOOT! Very good, my friend!! Glad the kitty cat is doing a bit better, too. emoticon

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MEMEEMEEE 7/26/2014 1:57PM

    Fantastic! Way to go! emoticon

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SHAWFAN 7/26/2014 10:19AM

    Great work!! Keep on going!! emoticon

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_RAMONA 7/25/2014 11:10PM





...did I say, emoticon ?

I really am so very happy for you!

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UKNOWITNOW 7/25/2014 10:26PM

  Great work. emoticon

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Cat Adoption Update

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yesterday I blogged about our new cat.

Thank you , my SPfriends for your input and prayers.

Today, she actually came out of hiding, sat on me (ugh) and purred for a bit. :-)

Weighs in at 11 .2 pounds!

Changed her name from Lilly to.... Jenny Lillyanna Hidee Patience Meow.

AKA: Jenny-girl, Jenny-cat, Cat

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CAMEOSUN 8/17/2014 12:18AM

    Cute. emoticon

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OPALMOON 7/22/2014 11:00AM

    Glad Jenny came out of hiding! She will settle in more over time.

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NELLIEC 7/21/2014 4:24PM

    Be glad it is not my cat Stratus that sat on you. He is about 20 lb.

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SHAWFAN 7/20/2014 9:53PM

    Lovely. Have fun with her.

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DEBBYFROMMT 7/20/2014 6:31PM

    Sounds like Jenny-girl made up with you! She will know she is loved

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I gone and done it!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Remember, after Nicky passed onto Cat Heaven in December, I decided that Jasmine cat was plenty? I quickly discovered with delight that taking care of one cat was much easier.

On and off through out this time, I would look at the free cats and dogs on CL. Just for fun.

Well.... this last listing was of a cat named Lilly. Didn't think much of it. But when an hour later, I couldn't get her out of my mind, I decided to find out more info on her.

But this time DH came home. After a flurry of activity, he sat down in front of the computer showing Lilly. I was finally able to ask him his opinion. He shrugged.

So I replied to the Listing. We discussed it a bit more. Pros and cons. I prayed about it. Received God's assurance. Then the foster mom called. Lilly met most of my criteria. I told her I'd call her back after discussing it with DH.

DH shrugged again but came up with a solution to a few hurdles.

I took that as a Yes! Called foster mom. Ended up she, her son and Lilly drove up that night arriving around 9:30 p.m.

3-yr old Lilly has lived a difficult life. She is a scardy-cat (with good reason) and is overweight (people before foster mom didn't feed her much), so now Lilly is making up for it. She has green eyes, a nice meow and is currently hiding under the bed. (I made sure there was room for her before she arrived, knowing this would happen.) She hasn't eaten yet. Would appreciate prayers for all of us.

Dilemma: DH wants to call her Jenny. Jenny fits her better, but she already knows her name is Lilly. Any suggestions?

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OPALMOON 7/22/2014 10:58AM

    Congratulations on your newest addition to your family!

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SHAWFAN 7/19/2014 10:15PM

    Congrats on your new kitty. I hope she gets used to you and her new home quickly and without too much fuss. Prayers for a smooth transition. emoticon

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_RAMONA 7/19/2014 4:20PM

    Enjoy your new kittypet!

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LNSYLVSDOGS 7/19/2014 2:49PM

    We changed our Betsy's name. Think of it as the old name being associated with a difficult life & new name with pleasant association. I think it takes them a day or two, to try eating @ a new home. Betsy went a day without eating & throwing up (just from moving with us across town.) Changes are scary things. Congrats on your new kitty! She will learn what a nice secure home she has with you. emoticon

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DEBBYFROMMT 7/19/2014 2:33PM

    Any name that you call her with a loving voice will be right. Congrats on your new cat!

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