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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey ya'll ... whoever actually reads this LOL I think its just a way for me to get stuff off my chest instead of being some sort of entertainment to someone. Oh well ...

So, Yesterday I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12 Week Training Program. So far its going really well! I kind of screwed up yesterday and did cardio (C25K) but today, day 2, I did nothing but lift. I love, love, love lifting weights and could seriously spend 2 hours a day in the gym lifting weights, but alas, this only took me 30 minutes. Today I worked my back and biceps and halfway through my biceps were KILLING me! I could hardly squeeze out the last set on them ... oofta, I need this program!

I mentioned the other day that I had to get my eating under control because I was just so incredibly hungry all the time, I couldnt stop munching and I would grab junk, mind you .. healthy junk, but like gluten free, all natural crackers ... see, not horrible food, but stuff I shouldnt be munching on constantly! Its a bit better today ... drinking all water, actually about all done with my "requirement" and its only 330pm! Much better than drinking soda all day ....

So yeah, thats the gist of today ... I think I'm finally getting the hang of things again, so thats good! Cant wait to see all the changes coming!

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K-GETTING-FIT 3/28/2012 5:25PM

    Congrats on day 1 & 2. I did the same thing and was doing cardio (had signed up with the rookie running team). Confession...I sneak it in occasionally. Loving the program too. As for biceps, I was doing 15lbs but in the last session had to drop it down to 12 and then 10 for the last set. The last few reps were killers. The payoff is that they are remaining hard all the way to the next week:)

I did sneak a couple healthy crackers in last night. I just "needed" that crunch:)


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Renew your mind

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today has been very difficult for me ... Being a divorced/single mom without the support and love of a spouse is very hard. I dont even really know how to put all my thoughts down and have them make sense. so excuse me if you are reading this and it is all jumbled LOL.

I don't miss HIM (my ex) ... but I do miss having someone to share things with. Which is very odd to say because he was never one to be there for me to "share" with. Everything that I "miss" about him is actually everything I just want out of a marriage ... ya know, someone to talk to about my day, my fears and joys. Someone who can help me with my daughter, be there as an encouragement to her and to me. Someone I can encourage in all of his trials, someone I can build up and support in everything. Someone I can work out with, someone that wants to take walks with us and cook with us and clean with us .. just basically someone that will be there in all things, through all things, no matter what. Someone that will love us the way God intended him to. So we can love him the way God wants us to love him.

It seems like everytime I become "okay" with the fact that I dont have that someone, something happens to make me really focus on it. Something that makes me think, my life would be so much better if only .... if only I had that husband, if only my daughter had that amazing father, THEN it goes into more if only's ... if only I was skinny, if only I was fit, if only I had a job to support us ... things would be so much easier.

I have to remember that those if only's turn my focus from the ONE who loves me and my daughter more than anything else .... from the ONE who provides every single thing we NEED and provides ways for things to happen ... from the ONE who will never NEVER leave us or forsake us ... when I lose my focus from that ... that is the time I need to sit down and remember all the good things the Lord HAS given me. He gave me the most amazing daughter in the world, he has given me amazing parents who support us during this time, he gives me certain friends that help me and love me just at exactly the right moments.

I dont need a man to complete me .... I already have him ... Jesus! But I do want a man to compliment me here on earth ... I have to refocus my mind ... I have to renew my mind to heavenly things ... to things not of this world, to things that God wants me to focus on that will lift me up and encourage me instead of the things Satan wants me to focus on that will bring me down, discourage me and get all depressed.

Renew your mind ... it really will allow you to renew your body as well.


Starting out .... again

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hey ya'll ... Okay so I've done this whole thing (try to lose weight, workout, eat healthy) I don't know how many times. But here I am again ... I've worked out 3 or 4 times this week, not exactly sure. I guess I should really start keeping track on here, huh? Anyways ... I always want to do well, I always want to succeed and become the healthy, fit, strong girl I've always seen myself being. So this is it ... I'm doing it ... I'm working out, now I just have to keep my food in check and not snack all day since I'm burning so many calories.

The other day I worked out, did a full blown cardio and strength day ... did a run/walk interval on the treadmill, did the bike and then weight trained for about 30 minutes. After I did all that, I came home and cleaned my house .... When I entered my exercises into the tracker on here it said I burned like 943 calories ... WHAT?! Does that seem out of the ordinary? I have no idea how many calories I should have lost but that seems a bit extreme ... now if it was true ... WHOOO HOOO!! Way to go me!! I could handle losing 943 calories a day that is for sure :)