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Getting into Tracking food

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I haven't been regularly tracking food for months. Some pounds have crept back on.

Trying get back into good habits now, and one thing that's become easy for me these days is tracking my food. It's kind of like a game. It also doesn't take as long as you'd think it does.

Also what's fun is that I know for sure I've been within my range for the past 5 days. It's nice to know that you've been doing right by yourself.

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VENISEW1 1/29/2012 8:30PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Sad - up a lot of pounds, but I don't look bad.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Back home after visiting my parents place. Up nine pounds from GW. OMG, how can this be true?

I fit into my skinny pants. There is a teeny bit of love handle on the side that wasn't there before. Yucky, but how does that amount to 9 lbs? I don't get it. I think overall I look the same or better than I did before I took a Thanksgiving to New Year scale down of my efforts.

Guess I'll have to just redouble my efforts.

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MISSY994 1/9/2012 4:51PM

  I agree, it could be water, sodium, and losing them right back is always much quicker.

I dont think you have to re-double efforts. Youll get there, slow and steady. Re-double effort risks burn-out, and that is the last thing we want!

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CASSIECAT 1/6/2012 10:24AM

    I was thinking that too. Keep at it!

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IAMZBEE 1/5/2012 9:57AM

    Maybe it's just water bloat.

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Momentum, maybe.

Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm eating well and have been exercising every other day this past week. No tracking yet, but...I'm getting there.

Today I did Jillian's new Thighs and Butt workout in the morning. It's got some really good strength in there (can still feel it now), but it could stand to have some more cardio. i'm trying to figure out what I should pair with it...maybe 10 minutes of light pure cardio beforehand.

I'm home for the holidays, so I went out to lunch with a friend and was around for dinner with family friends. I did pretty well, all things considered. I had whole wheat frozen waffles for breakfast, sashimi with just a little white rice, miso, and a salad for lunch, and fish, salad, and a little potato for dinner. I had a tiny bit of chocolate cake for dessert, and a cheese sandwich and three graham crackers for snacks. All and all, a decent day all things considered.

I am feeling lazy -- it's break (I'm a student), and I just want to veg out. However, I actually have a ton of work to do and a ton of thinking to do about what I want to do with myself. But it's so much easier to fill my mind with nothing; browse the internet, reading about politics or celebrity gossip. I need to get at least two hours of actual, focused work in each day. Part of me is afraid to work, part of me is just straight-up lazy. I just need to remind myself how good it feels to be consistent and get in the habit of being good (i.e. spending time thinking and writing, spending time doing school work, getting in exercise and logging, plus eating well -- these habits aren't that hard, are they?).

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FAITH2BWELL 12/31/2011 2:04AM

    You can do whatever you set in your mind to do. Too much at a time is not good, just sort it all out and do what you need to. Come on and let slide into 2012 with great things happening for us. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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3RDBABYWEIGHT 12/31/2011 12:55AM

    It sounds like you're making a great start on nutrition and exercise!

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3RDBABYWEIGHT 12/31/2011 12:54AM

    Relaxation is good also but it's much better after working hard!


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Back to Basics

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I need to start writing again.

I have been faithfully spinning the SparkWheel for 82 days now. It's my longest consecutive streak ever. I can't wait to reach 100. And yet --- I haven't really been that consistent these past few months. i have been working out erratically and not tracking. I have not weighed myself in a while, but I know I am getting softer; I may not even be gaining weight, but I was doing strength consistently for a while there, and I know I've lost muscle since the summer and early fall.

I miss the warm, welcome competent feeling of having one aspect of my life under control.

So, I am going back to my old goal: 10 min of exercise every day. And track exercise and food. I worked out today (I am referring to Monday). I felt proud of myself and happy for the first time in a while.

I don't wanna. I feel like I don't have enough time to track. But I do have the time. It doesn't really take that long. And there are huge benefits. When i track, I do better by my body. Don't get me wrong; i have been on Sparkpeople for 5 years and some change now, so my habits are pretty healthy in general. But I want to be better. I slip and slide; when I don't track my habits get slightly worse and worse over time. I almost think I'll always need to spend a few months a year tracking to maintain my weight around where it is now.

I need to break out of the mentality that is afraid to do what I know I can do, because I am a little bit afraid to succeed I think. Or maybe it's that i'm afraid to fail after trying my hardest.

It's been a hard day. I am having a bit of a quarter life crisis. I ate three pieces of white bread. I was hungry, but...it was an emotional choice. (And I'm not even an emotional eater! I used to be heavier because of poor appetite management and mindless snacking, not emotional eating.) What am I doing? Where am I going? How am I going to be happy for the rest of my life? What's to become of me? This isn't a game.

I have always been drawn to writing and entrepreneurship, separately and together. I need to do what I am drawn to though, somehow, not just talk about it, think about it, and know vaguely where I probably belong. I need to come up with small career goals, mid-sized goals, and the like.

With respect to writing, I just need to start writing every day, for one. So I need to blog here, as it's critical, both for my physical health and my mental health. I need to get out of this rut. Health is a place of relative strength for me. Hopefully I can record moving forward in this part of my life and others in a series of blog posts over the next few months.

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IMREITE 12/27/2011 8:25PM

    my basic goal is going to manage my time better, i have a lot of time, but i just don't use it very well. I waste time making plans and then not following through with them. i put more energy into my complaining and making up excuses instead of just doing what i should.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am super busy doing interviews and preparing for the next school year. I am struggling to stay consistent. I am eating out for every meal and doing good but not great. I am making good choices, but sometimes, with my very long days, I make too many of them. I had four meals of around 300 calories, plus snacks. I tracked today and I got 1850. It was the wine that got me there (I had three glasses tonight). But i needed that wine - I was out with a friend and it's a rough time! I have been doing a good job picking meals and eating when I am hungry. But I want to do better. I want to be more consistent. But it is a very difficult time for that. I am in transit and I have a travel yoga mat -- and I have used it to work out twice. One step at a time. I am hopeful that I am not gaining. School starts next week and I will be able to get into a real routine. At that point, I'll be able to really hone that habits I have been striving for. In July I exercised regularly-- 6 or so days a week. I also stayed in my range and drank enough water. That felt great. I'm not really doing that now. Hopefully as I continue onwards I will build upon my already decent efforts to stay consistent.


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