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Spring is nearly here

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not really been up to much but did lose 1 and half pounds last week at WW, my weight is going down so slowly but at least it is downward.
I did have a lovely day out in York last Monday and we went to the railway museum and had a meal out, it felt like spring.
I have not had a very good time with Michael but I am trying hard not to let it get to me. I will have to leave it there as I am running out of time emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BAGGYPANTS5 3/15/2010 9:23AM

    Glad to hear you're a bit more positive and that you had a good day out. Well done on the weight loss.

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I have a bad cough

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am not doing to well at the moment as I have a bad cough, I have had it over a week and it has now developed in to a cold. Michael does not even ask how I am feeling, as usual he is in bed again.. emoticon

It is WW tonight and I am hoping for good news as I have done well with the diet this week. I have not really done much this week as not really felt like it, I did go to yesterdays craft group but that is all. I am reading and watching telly most of the time.
emoticon emoticon

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WORKTHEGOAL 2/25/2010 12:52PM

    Coughing and colds are a pain in butt! Any exertion sets of the coughing and the nose running too! Take some medicine and eat lots of garlic - fab for fighting colds and flu!

Maintaining a good food diet is so crucial so well done for staying on track - especially when feeling under the weather, its so tempting to comfort eat - but you didn't emoticon

I, too had a cough for about a month, but its finally easing off, its all this damp cold weather that seems to prolong it.

As for Michael being in bed - just remember women are STRONGER when it comes to our health, we just fight through it, so keep telling yourself you are STRONG. Where loved ones fail us, friends step in!


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GILLYWEED 2/25/2010 10:51AM

    Hope you feel better soon. All we can do is try to do out best! emoticon

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BRANDI1809 2/25/2010 10:10AM

    Hope you feel better soon & that it's good news at WW

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MOLS626 2/25/2010 9:57AM

    sorry to hear you're not feeling well. good luck getting back into a groove.

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Hi Everyone

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry not been able to get on the computer too much recently but I do miss SP emoticon it is good therapy coming on here and it really helps me. Well the reason I have not been on is the usual. Michael has taken to bed again, he has promised the leader at MIND that he would be there on Monday when we are due to start script reading, I cannot see it coming off.

Not been up to much myself apart from shopping, reading and stitching(not much as I have not felt like doing it). No school as it is half term this week and I have really missed the children.
emoticon emoticon
Good news I lost a 1 pound this week at WW so will try and be just as focused this week.

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MOLS626 2/22/2010 2:24PM

    Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep up the progress.

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DONNAEDA 2/20/2010 9:45AM

    Congratulations on your 1 pound weight-loss. You are doing what you need to do. Just keep on truck-in and doing what your doing.

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YUBYUB31 2/20/2010 5:39AM

    well done on loosing weight ............. I am sending good vibes for Monday ...... my DH has an appointment with Sandwell Mental Health Services for an assessment next Friday, but I know he will go cos I am taking him ......... all the best

take care ....... emoticon

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BRANDI1809 2/20/2010 5:28AM

    Well done on the 1 pound loss.

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It's snowing again

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I do hope we are not going to have another week of snow.
I went to craft group this morning but felt so tired did not feel like doing much, at least it got me out. I went out again to the library but got caught in the snow, Michael always wonders why I go out so many times, mostly it is just so I can get some fresh air and see and talk to people but sometimes when he is up he is up and on the computer he is always on at me to look at something or he reads everything out to me, this is alright but gets very wearying after a while.

I picked up a book on beaded bags at the charity shop yesterday for a pound and it looked new. I have so many craft ideas going round my head but hardly seem to get anything done, craft. I are what does keep me going, I used to go to college for needle work course but we got messed about a lot but I do miss the friendship and the variety of projects.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AUNTYT67 2/12/2010 4:35PM

    It's good to get out, I know I'd go stark raving mad if I didn't, you need the company of others and outside interests too, carry on doing what you're doing just don't get stuck in bad snow conditions it it's bad, it hasn't been where I am.

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DONNAEDA 2/10/2010 3:00PM

    Its important to have personal contacts with real people other than your dh. Just keep going out and getting healthy.

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MOLS626 2/10/2010 2:28PM

    Hang in there. It's nice to hear that are getting up and going out to socialize. That is the first step - keep it up!

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Monday 8th Feb

Monday, February 08, 2010

We had a very quiet weekend, Michael had been down but it only lasted just over a week.
We went to MIND this morning and had a good morning. We have just comeback from the doctors and I am going to have a small op to have my toe nails taken off, they have some sort of fungus in them which won't clear up, I am not looking forward to it but will be glad when it is done and I can show my toes of again.
I am doing a cushion which I am rug hooking, the pattern is a butterfly and is rally easy to do.
I am finding it quite difficult to concentrate on my crafts but it does help me keep going, I feel really tired but won't give in.
emoticon emoticon
I lost 3 pounds at WW last week but don't think I will do so well this week emoticon

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YUBYUB31 2/8/2010 3:56PM

    emoticon 3lb is great .....

Pleased you had a good morning ... you will both get there I am sure ........

Take Care ........ emoticon

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OPHELIA105 2/8/2010 2:34PM

    Hi Elaine - well done on the 3 pounds! emoticon

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    Wow! Three pounds, that is awesome.

I am recovering from foot surgery (an atypical mole removal)...it makes it more difficult to walk around/exercise. But I am hoping to go to a studio cycling class at noon today.

Take care. And hang in there. You'll do OK this week. I can tell by your positive attitude.

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BAGGYPANTS5 2/8/2010 12:44PM

    Hi, good to hear from you again. Well done on the weight loss. The toenail thing sounds a bit bad. Good luck with that. Will you have to wait long?

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MOLS626 2/8/2010 12:39PM

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I agree with MRSROCHELLEL, focus on the positives and they'll happen more often =)

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MRSROCHELLEL 2/8/2010 12:36PM

    Cheer up and keep acknowledging your accomplishments! Keep focusing on everything you are doing right and enjoy that weight loss!

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