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Monday, January 18, 2010

Things still are not going well here but at least the snow has gone. Michael has been in bed nearly a month now but I am doing my best to keep going. while the snow was here it was not easy and last Friday was the first day out of the village since christmas, I treated myself to a new cardigan from Asda and I added a new jug to my collection (it is in the shape of a cow ).
This week will be my first day back at school and I am really looking forward to it as I have missed the children.
I am working on some UFO's, I started a tablecloth some 5 years ago so would be good to finish it.
I will try add to my blog again on Wednesday
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DONNAEDA 1/18/2010 11:53AM

    Congratulations on coming back. I'm am glad you are finally getting out with others.

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to my Sparkpals

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I did not realise it was so long since I last posted. I hope you all had a good christmas and wish you all the best 2010.

My Christmas was a none starter, Michael did get up only to lie on to sofa and mostly sleep, this really annoys me as he will do a lot of moaning. It was not until the Saturday afterwards that he stayed in bed and he is still there, he got really uptight on New Years eve about the noise from fireworks (the ones set off by yobs) and also last night.
I spent my time reading, stitching and watching TV and when on my own did not feel too bad but I am finding things a struggle. I will leave it there and try and post again on Monday. emoticon emoticon

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BAGGYPANTS5 1/3/2010 4:00AM

    Hi, you really have my sympathy. I know how it feels to be in an unrewarding relationship. I don't have a solution, but I'm thinking of you and I hope things work out better for you in 2010.
Best wishes

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SHAY72 1/2/2010 6:22PM

    hope that u have a better 2010 7 that things get better for u & michael

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BRANDI1809 1/2/2010 11:49AM

    All the best to you, I just wish I could wave a magic wand to find a solution for you & Mchael.

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YUBYUB31 1/2/2010 7:02AM

    Wishing you an ever improving new year, that blossoms as the days grow longer, to bloom eternally from summer onwards.

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Having a good day

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well it seems as if things are not to bad at the moment. We have had a good day as this morning we have been at MIND and this afternoon Michael went to a christmas party so I went to the library and had an hour on the computer, I found some lovely cross stitch bookmarks.

Tonight I am going to a fuddle ( a get together with drinks and food ), it is at the church craft group. I have not been for a few weeks so I am looking forward to seeing friends.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see my GP, I still feel tired, tearful and stressed. I do not mind the christmas period but it seems as if everyone is rushing about and buying things they cannot afford, also most people seem to buy food as if the shops will be shut for a month.

It is so dull, wet and miserable and hardly anyone smiles at at you.

I would like to wish all my sparkfriends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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SHAY72 12/16/2009 6:56AM

    yea i hear about the people buying things, so many people have forgotten the reason for the season, JESUS, not overly priced gifts & all that, it's about getting together with family & sometimes friends (cause they are family as well) having a nice meal & enjoying each others company not about hopeing aunt Sue did'nt buy me that god aweful gift again this year( they best be thankful aunt sue thought enough of em to spend to spend a dollar on em). People need to be thankful for the gifts in life that are priceless like health, happiness & being able to see & be around their friends & family & not so much the material possesions which material eventually wears out & not good anymore & then what are we left with nothing. I guess what i'm trying to say ,cause ur proablly yawning & about to fall asleep over this is when we take
CHRIST out of christmas all that's left is a mess(mas). would love to add u as a friend on my spark page, u can let me know if u would like to be my friend check yes or no (lol on the cking yes or no )my sparkpage is shay72 emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DONNAEDA 12/15/2009 11:21PM

    Don't give other people the power to determine your outlook on life. You can't control what they do, so don't let them control how your feel. Enjoy your friends and be happy during the Xmas season. This is a happy time.

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CONNIE1-11 12/15/2009 1:49PM

  I often wonder why people buy things that they cannot afford...what could be their motivation for such a thing?

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TRON2007 12/15/2009 1:48PM

    Happy Holidays. Try to stay positive.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am finding things very hard going at the moment (I am a happy sort of person really ), it is over 3 weeks since Michael last had a proper meal or even got up. I am finding it so tiring as he as regular goes at me (not being tidy enough, going out too much) and has regular tantrums about about all sorts of small things(road signs, fireworks, to name just 2).

I have not done much myself apart from Wednesday craft group and going to MIND on Tuesday to see a befriender. Sorry I have not been in touch with my sparkpals but you are all great friends and this helps me lots.
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GIRLSCOUT4LIFE 12/10/2009 12:15PM

    Sorry to hear it's been hard going lately! Keep your chin up and know that your Spark friends are here for you.

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JESSIE_130 12/10/2009 10:30AM

    I'm here with emoticon

Friends and family make life worthwhile.
Enjoy your day!


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SMASHKIWI 12/10/2009 5:29AM

    Hang in there....we are all right her with you. emoticon

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It seems to be as if everything is just one big struggle. Michael is low again but he is only staying up a week. I have been told to see my GP but don't know what she can do, I know it is partly my fault but I don't think I can change. Trying to tidy all my craft stuff (so I can keep busy) but I am not an organised sort of person but hate things to be in a mess. We are having a fashion show on Friday Night (organised by a craft group friend) looking forward to it but thing I will give in to Michael if he has a tantrum. I have not have had much chance to get on the computer recently. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JESSIE_130 11/25/2009 5:45PM

    Hello SparkyFriend. We're here for you. Let me know how I can help.

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JACKIE4019 11/24/2009 11:31AM

    Things come in waves. It will get better and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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JULIAOAK 11/24/2009 6:54AM

thinking of you and hoping things pick up soon.

Julia emoticon

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BRANDI1809 11/24/2009 6:48AM

    I'm sending you warmest thoughts.

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JAZZYJAS 11/24/2009 6:16AM

    like Shay said, take it day by day and if that is too much then taken it hour by hour. As for the organizing -- do you know about flylady.com? she breaks everything into 15 minutes and routines -- maybe this would help with the craft stuff?

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DMSILVIANO 11/24/2009 6:04AM


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BLUE97HARBOR 11/24/2009 5:53AM

    Sending warm thoughts your way today....

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SHAY72 11/24/2009 5:52AM

    Keep you head held high & take it day by day & when u think ur all alone just remember god is always with u wheter he's standing right beside u or on the side line secretely cheering u on or walking behind u pushing u when u don't think u can continue.Hope that brightens your day & u can always talk to us we will always listen or u can't get online to talk with us god is always listens 24/7. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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