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Went To Derby

Friday, October 16, 2009

I have had a good morning in Derby. I went for the carers forum meeting but got there early so could do some shopping, did not buy much just some cheap Weight Watchers food( from a shop) and had a look around the charity shops brought a lovely calendar with puppies on and a pearl necklace for 3 from the PDSA, I also went to the cathedral which I think is lovely and very peaceful.
The meeting was in a new place but they messed us about and the usual food people were on holiday but apart from that it was a good meeting.
I forgot to take my phone so Michael panicked and met met of the bus telling me just about everything he had done in about 5 minutes.
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BRANDI1809 10/17/2009 3:27AM

    Well done you.

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DONNAEDA 10/16/2009 3:21PM

    glad you got out of the house. You need to put yourself first.

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D2SHELTON 10/16/2009 3:21PM

    Sounds like you had a good time. Hope you found some relaxation along the way. emoticon emoticon

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SMWALKER1210 10/16/2009 11:55AM

    good for you !!!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things are just the same here as Michael is in bed again (nearly two weeks) I'm not really coping that well even though Our friend Des has been here, he says not to worry but it is not right that he come to see us both but he won't even talk to or see him, I do my best but feel as if I should do more for Des but not sure what. I wanted to go shopping this morning but he kicked up such a fuss I only went to the local shop.
It is my carer forum this Friday and I really want to go but don't know whether I can cope with the tantrum he will have when I tell him.
I may ring the doctors tomorrow as it does help to talk even if it is only for a couple minutes.
I have two other things planned one is a crafts show which I can go to completely free and the other is a carers course but I've not told him yet.
I hope you don't think that all I do is moan because that that is not really me, I am an happy person who likes to make friends and go places.

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TEXASLYNN 10/13/2009 7:56PM

    I've been a long term care administrator and a nurse for 30 years before I taught school, and I will give advice: You have to take care of the caregiver first. Think about what they tell you when you get on a plane with young children: put your oxygen mask on first so that you can take care of the kids. You have to have Elaine time in order to put in Michael time. So he has a fit-so what? Isn't he likely to have a fit regardless of what you do? You can't live without a break unless you want to break, my friend.

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D2SHELTON 10/13/2009 3:24PM

    Everyone vents sometimes. Have fun at your craft show. You need a little time to yourself every once in awhile. Take care of yourself and don't let Michael make you feel guilty. I'm praying things will get better for you both.
Deanna emoticon

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MOLS626 10/12/2009 12:19PM

    Good luck! You will be able to make it through this difficult time. I'm thinking about you!

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DONNAEDA 10/11/2009 10:53PM

    good luck to you. I really can't comment and give any advice since I have never been in your situation. So all I can say is my prayers are with you during this difficult time

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On my own again

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I am on my own again as Michael is yet again in bed, everytime he says it will not happen again but it always does.

Just finished watching a Columbo movie ( TV is mostly rubbish on Sunday after noon ) and I have been cutting out some card making bits and pieces, I am trying hard not to let it get to me because if I do I shall start eating to much and after last weeks weight loss I want to keep it up. Made a lovely cauliflower cheese for my lunch and had sprouts and carrots, I am usually lucky at our CO-OP to get veg that is just out of date so I eat plenty of veg.

I have found a wonderful web site about meditating www.meditations-uk.co.uk there is alsorts of info on stress and what to do about it.

I collect postcards and I am trying to get one from as many places as possible so if anyone would like to send one I would be greatfull.
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TEXASLYNN 10/11/2009 2:42PM

    You're a very special person to live with Michael and I'm sure he realizes that when he is at himself.

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MOLS626 10/5/2009 9:38AM

    Stay strong! You can make it through this. I'd love to send a postcard - what is your address?

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OPHELIA105 10/4/2009 3:01PM

Hi Elaine - sorry to hear Michael is feeling out of sorts again - send me your address via email and I'll send you a postcard from Canada..

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MIZANGELWOLF 10/4/2009 2:11PM

    Hi Elaineanne, Glad you are finding things to do to keep your mind busy. I would be happy to send you a postcard or two if you email me your address. I have a couple online friends that live in UK. Have only visited London one time but was impressed with all the vegetarians that live there, quite a lot! Keep yourself happy making your crafts, that is calorie free fun! emoticon

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WORKTHEGOAL 10/4/2009 12:40PM

    Not on my own, but did watch the Columbo film too!!! Stuck in bed with a back injury - 5 days now, so just bored stiff!

Stay strong, you are doing just fine and this is for you and your personal future health, keep up your focus and rely on your friends for that closeness you need right now. Hugs and cuddles work wonders! emoticon

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LADYIRISH317 10/4/2009 11:58AM

    I live alone as well, but it was much harder when I was with my husband and he would close himself off from me. There's nothing lonelier than being in the house with people you can't reach.

Sending you tons of hugs and support.

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PAT52347 10/4/2009 11:29AM

  I understand what you mean by being alone.I live alone have been widowed since I was 40.so know what you mean about tring to keep from eating when you get bored or lonesome.keep up the good work

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Back on Track

Friday, October 02, 2009

I went to WW last night and found I had lost 2 and a half pounds which was good as for the last two weeks I had put weight on. Just hope I can keep this up as I get bored and lonely in the evening and tend to eat more than necessary, I try and keep busy but it is not easy.

I had a lovely day at school yesterday, I really enjoy being with them. I have several stitching projects on the go but find hard to do them when I feel low (Michael is feeling low again after being up for only a week again, he mostly causes his own stress as he gets very worked up about so many small things and some problems could be avoided if he dealt with them).

I have nothing planned for this weekend, Saturdays are not too bad but Sundays can be horrible as I do not see many people especially when the weather is bad.
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BRANDI1809 10/3/2009 6:53AM

    Hey Elaine, have you seen that I am trying to organise a Sunday lunch get-together on Sunday the 1st November somewhere over the Leicester or Nottingham area. Take a look at the UK Midlands page.
Jude x

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DONNAEDA 10/2/2009 6:38PM

    try logging onto sparkpeople on Sunday and ask for help. We are here to support and encourage you. Congratulations for your 2 pound weight loss.

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MOLS626 10/2/2009 2:37PM

    I find that keeping my hands busy in the evenings helps to eliminate eating - I've learned to knit so I do that a lot.

Try something new this weekend - that helps keep busy AND gets you out and about.

Good job with your weight loss - keep up the great work.

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AQUAKWEEN 10/2/2009 2:10PM

    Hopefully you will get more energy on the weekends. I usually set a goal and try my hardest to keep busy with that. Sometimes the smallest tast can take up a whole afternoon. Bad weather usually is a great excuse to stay inside and do those unwanted, but much needed tasks.

2 1/2 lbs is great! I barely lost 1 in a whole month. Good for you!

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Good Weekend

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We had a nice day on Sunday at Nene Valley Railway and Ferry meadows Country park but sorry to say it has been downhill since.
We did manage to go out yesterday to MIND which was good as I am taking a course there, Actually it is not that good as all she seems to do is read from a printed sheet but at least we are out. The course is for stress and relaxation and would you believe it but the tutor smokes.
Went to my art group this morning but after an upset with Michael did not feel like doing much but enjoyed the company. School tomorrow but I have a feeling Michael will have a tantrum in the moring.
Iwas going to do a Yoga class but it was cancelled due to lack of interrest.
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