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How many laps around a circle!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I live in a trailer park with a circle that is 2/10 of a mile, Does anyone know how many laps
equal 3 miles ( also how many steps in this too!!) Please let me know as soon as possible
Thanks a bunch!!
Have a good day!!!
~El - Zorro



Friday, July 19, 2013

I joined a fitness gym, the first day I had a 30 minute consultation free with the trainer I told
him I needed to lose 157-160 lbs. he asked how fast?? I said ever how long it takes. I started going every other day, then I was going to go every day this week but I had a bad headache on Tuesday
so I'm gonna try to go every day next week, The fitness gym is about 15-20 minutes from
where I live and I really,really like it for one who did not lie to exercise!!!!!

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Green Pea salad!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This is one of my favorite recipes. 3-4 bags of frozen green peas thawed, 6-8 radishes chopped fine, 1 medium onion chopped fine 3-4 boiled eggs chopped and 4-6 bags of real bacon pieces
and about 4 tbsp. of Duke lite mayonnaise mix all together and chill before serving its really good!!!! I done something different with meat loaf when I made it I added Italian cheese and Mild cheddar cheese in it, about 10 minutes left of baking I added mild cheddar cheese on top
of the meat loaf it was excellent!!!


Still loosing weight!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am down to 269lbs. I still have a long ways to go it's very,very,very slow. I still walk also
Some day I hope to get down between 160-140lbs. And boy oh boy will I be glad!!!


Going to a Chiropractor for electronic acupuncture for weight loss!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am seeing a Chiropactor for Electronic Acupuncture 3 months ago when I started on the boot camp diet for electronic acupuncture, I weighed 308 lbs. Now I have lost a total of 19 lbs.
and I have 115 lbs. to go to get down to 160 lbs. I'm not allowed to have any kind of flour,white
potatoes, breads, or any kinds of pasta,sugar,splenda,or sweet-n-low,or anything with aspertame. I use Stevia in the raw, and I can have all the green tea,coffee I want and I drink Deer Park filtered water. I found a flavored water that I can have SoBe Life water,because it has stevia in it except for strawberry-kiwi,it has sugar in it so I don't get that one or coconut water flavor. I have 2 real small patches with tiny needles on them one in each ear, and when I get a craving or want something I can not have I pull on both ears 5 times and it sends a signal to my brain that I do not need it. I can have fresh sweet potatoes,baked @ 500 in the oven for 1 hour, cut it open and use real butter and cinnomon on it and it is real good. Also I can not have can soup I have to make my own with chicken broth or beef broth.A while back I made home made chicken soup, I boiled boneless skinless chicken breast and used home made chicken broth,v-8 juice,crushed tomatoes,frozen corn,frozen peas and frozen brussel sprouts and 3 bay leaves in it. I diced the chicken up aned let it cook in the slow cooker over night and it was excellent!!!!!!!!!!


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