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Dual/Dueling Bootcamps - Day 1

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

So the wedding is getting dangerously close and I have yet to "lose" any of this excess physical baggage I've been toting around. Now I could go crazy extreme and head to the Biggest Loser ranch but I'm going to try something potentially harder... self motivation and kicking my own butt. I plan to average a minimum of 2 lbs lost per week and then I think I can deal with myself come September 10th.

Today I committed myself to both the 28 day Bootcamp workout Challenge and the Spring into Shape bootcamp challenge. Which will have me doing roughly 20 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio daily for the next month, with one day of rest per week... I'll keep you posted on progress. Today is day one and I am currently on my first 10 minute cardio high, rehydrating and then heading into the next 10. Cheers!

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KLAISAWESOME 6/6/2012 1:41PM

    Good luck! I have a good bootcamp workout that we do in one of my classes. You take a deck of cards and assign one different technique to each set of cards then go through the whole deck... for example: 10 bicep curls for black cards, 10 push-ups for red cards, 1 min plank for face cards and 10 burpees for aces. It's a killer work out and you'll feel miserable when you're done but all in all you'll feel amazing!

Good luck with the 28 Day challenge! You can do it!

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SABRINALONDON21 6/5/2011 7:42AM

    Good luck Eileen! You can do it!!!!

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Fear of Photography

Thursday, January 06, 2011

This year I'll be getting married and the fear of photographs of this eventful day existing into perpetuity has me scared enough to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I discovered this as the root and ultimate motivation behind my committment to a healthier Eileen in 2011 and couldn't help but find it ridiculous.

Honestly, I know I haven't been living healthy: no exercise, eating junk regularly, garbage in/garbage out the whole 9 yards. What is motivating me? The joy of living longer, better, happier, of sharing more moments with my daughter and family... in addition to a better overall life... nope. Fear of a picture existing for eternity of me fat. Yup, ridiculous!

But I'm not alone. I was talking to another woman yesterday, and her motivation was roughly the same. Her son is graduating from high school and she wants to be skinny in photos! What?! Have we all lost our minds? She was skinny at her daughters graduation and can't bear the thought of herself fat in pictures.

As long as I've been a member of this site, I've been constantly impressed by those who post their "before" pictures, especially those who post them in blind faith that this is the heaviest they will ever be and their journey will lead them to an improved after photo. How brave! To put themselves out there.

But seriously, if I avoid mirrors and don't take photos of myself... does that really prevent anyone else from knowing that I'm fat?! No, of course not... and yet we seem to be able to convince ourselves otherwise. What a weird fallacy!

So today, I challenge you. Take a picture of yourself! Put it somewhere you will see it, on your fridge, computer monitor, the fridge, whatever... and stop avoiding mirrors. Do you like what you see? If so GREAT!! Keep up the good work, I hope to join you in that joy one day this year. If you don't like what you see... take one step today to put yourself on the right track and maybe another step tomorrow and... continue until you do LOVE what you see. So many of us are beautifull on the inside, but are we showing it to the rest of the world? We should. I intend to. I hope you will join me.

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TVREADY 1/22/2011 3:25PM

    I do the exact same thing...I need to have new headshots, promotional shots etc... taken and I am horrified of how much I've gained since my last ones -- at least 20 pounds. And I refuse to get them taken until I lose the weight!

Truth: I don't have any mirrors that are full length and the other day I'm in the dressing room just thinking...OMG I am going to have an anxiety attack...it was the first time I've seen below my waist in two years....horrifying.

Know that you are not alone!

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KLR7399 1/6/2011 9:27AM

    Loved your blog! I think it's so true, I look at people who post pics and think 'God Bless' I wish I had it within me to be that brave! I love the idea of taking a pic for yourself, it's time for me to stop avoiding what everyone else can plainly see!!

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My Yogurt is Shrinking!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We can't help but notice that within the last few years, grocery products are shrinking. It's some psychology marketing reasoning that increasing prices modify purchasing behavior, so if they can keep the price of their product stable you will continue to purchase it. How can they keep the price the same and maintain their profit margin, shrinking product size.

I found this most noticeable in what appeared to be an overnight switch by the yogurt demigods from 8 oz. single serving cups to 6 oz. cups. A few companies held out, but I don't think anyone is selling 8 oz these days except maybe the store brand, uniform flavored brands. But I digress...

I was annoyed, I was irritated. I wanted my 8 0z. of yogurt!! I'd pay more for it, but I wanted it. So in rebellion, I switched to purchasing the 32 oz. yogurt containers, so that I could have my 8 oz. daily without having to eat 1.33 individual cups. But while I tried desperately to make the 32 oz. tub work for me... it didn't. I couldn't throw it in my purse, briefcase, or lunch tote for an on the go, or at work breakfast! I had to eat it in my kitchen.... convenience won!!

Not that my stubborn Irish Taurus personality didn't try for at least a year to make it work for me, but alas I conceded. This week in fact I went back to the individual, shrunken serving... and much to my SURPRISE: 6 oz. was perfect, plenty, I didn't even notice the missing 2 oz!!! I'm not sure what the lesson I was supposed to learn except maybe trying for over a year to make something work that didn't was a big waste of time....

So, the next time you find you are irritated that some grocery item is shrinking, try it in it's new size before you angrily try to thwart it, you may find you don't even miss the extra!!

And let's be glad that some things are still shrinking it our mostly super-sized society. P.S. Can fast food franchises bring back smaller drink portions. Whenever, I order a medium (which is rare because I rarely order a drink FF, try to rely on my water bottle), I am always shocked when it comes and appears to me to be an XL. Do these franchises own stock in how many flushes a public rest room gets?!

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MYMARMEE 10/21/2010 7:17PM

    From one Irish Taurus to another...

lol...loved your comments and learning from this. i am eating Greek yogurt these days for the extra protein (also 6 oz) and agree it seems like the right amount (and also the quantity i notice listed for milk exchanges) .... don't even get me started on the fast food drink sizes at different chains ... I need 2 hands for some of them.


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KITTYF54 10/21/2010 9:48AM

    Order the child size, or ask for the 12 oz size. that's the only size they offered in the 60s and it was plenty. I think they call it regular at mcdonalds.

I too carry a 24 oz bottle of water with lemon and stevia so I'm drinking stuff that's good for me.

If I want a soda, the FF joints don't even carry my favorite, diet A&W root beer so why bother.

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Quitting the Gym = Progress

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Huh? How? Let me explain.

I joined my latest gym years ago with good intentions, in fact I switched from another local gym because it didn't have 24 hour access during the week and I thought such access would be less restrictive and allow me to increase my attendance. It didn't. I fit in a couple workouts over lunch and just couldn't get over having sweat and then returning to work.

So for at least the past two years and probably longer if I was willing to be completely honest, I have been paying monthly for a membership that I am not using. As a frugalista, aspiring CPA, minimalist and realist; logic is completely disregarded.

I balance my checkbook monthly and am cognizant of this slow bleed from my financial wellbeing. Now granted I'm not going broke by keeping the gym doors open and the opportunity available for divine intervention to make its way to me an allow me the time and freedom to use my membership.

Rather, I daily cause myself mental distress and anguish above and beyond the everyday simply because I am unable to squeeze any significant time out of my life to get me to the gym (I would consider 30 minutes to be acceptable to begin).

My problem is I have too many priorities: working full time, studying to become a CPA, taking care of my precious daughter complete with ballet, soccer and PTA, planning a wedding, and.... others.... such is life.

So, I've realized my gym membership is causing me additional stress and mental anguish (not good). Plus it is an economic deficit from which I am not recieving any benefit (except if you count lying to myself that I am healthier having one than not). So.... STEP 1 of committing to getting healthy is cancel the membership... get my fanny to the gym and sign off!!

Then I can focus on getting some exercise around the house after I put my daughter to sleep and while I study!!


Repaired car

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's only fair that after I shared my damaged car pictures, I show you the repaired vehicle. I know, it was keeping y'all up at night! And.... after all that time and effort (3 weeks in the shop and $$$). I traded her in for...

While Daphne will always be my first.... I love my new V6.


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