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Thursday, January 25, 2007

It was funny reading the reflections today. Friends are indeed important. I can confide anything and everything to my best friend Ana. I am closer to her than I am to any of my siblings. She is on judgemental, she listens without interruptions. I hear her when she gives me good advise. She is my tru blu friend. She is one of my supporters and helps me through and through!

I am grateful for the friend I have in Ana, she is family.


Frustration!! ARGH!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, I'm at work and I have a coworker that moans and groans over any little noise anyone makes. I sit infront of her. I was talking to my coworker who sits in front of me and commented that I was working on my spreadsheet and listening to music with MY HEADPHONES. The gal who sits behind says: Can you turn it down, it's too loud. I said to her, how can that be when I am wearing headphones I can't even hear it when I walk away and put them down, she goes oh I thought I heard something.... Yeah the voices in her head.... ARGH!!!! Very frustrating!!!!!!

On a good note I got a few books so I can understand my body and the meds I'm taking, because I am having a harder time losing weight since I got on the metformin plus my sugar cravings at night are so high it isn't funny, especially when I'm trying to reduce my carb intake. One of the books is called the PCOS-Insulin Resistant diet and it outlines all of the information I'm seeking as far as how not to be counter productive inmy weight loss. The water gain was killing me this weekend. I seem to be panning out but ARGH, I didn't go to my TOPS meeting yesterday because I didn't want to show a gain. I am trying to show not have anymore red marks in my book. I really want to get down these pesky pouds that I gained over the summer. Well, here we go pushing forward. I feel I am doing well in my choices today, shifting from anything goes to a low carb diet is hard.

Work is calling so duty and the need for the almight buck is calling. I saw a show on how to flip house, my girlfriend and I are looking at starting up a biz and that looked pretty cool. As long as we made 60k profit off each flip we would both would live as we do now. We are seriously thinking of it, especially since I want to be able to be home with kiddo if it happens.

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GWYNETHANNE 1/24/2007 6:58PM

  oy i hate annoying co-workers like how you mention below. i have had poeple like that to work with.

as to the meds--ytou have my sympathies. I can imageine it is frustrating.

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Healthy Relectcion--Who Stands in my way???? ME

Sunday, December 31, 2006

I must admit the times where I haven't succeeded is because I am my worst enemy. I am learning not to do the emotional eating but it is hard. I find that when anger hits me or frustration hits me, that is when I am the most dangerous to myself, I have to learn to write my feelings down vs. eating them.

So this year, I will learn to assert my feelings when others hurt my feelings, say what i feel not eat what I feel. I will also make sure to not let others actions interfer with me. I am a giver and sometimes me giving takes away from myself. So a little selfishness will not be bad as long as I am not abusing it.

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LIBRAGIRL2 1/18/2007 6:26PM

  Emmy you and I are a lot a like. I feel the same way about myself as you do about yourself. I too am my own worst enemy and when frustration hits thats's when I eat. I konw what to do--to find something else to do. I need to remind myself what to do.

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Day 4 Losing for Baby

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I went to TOPS on Tuesday and I gained a pound over the holidays, but I know it will come off because I did everything right, plus I weighed myself as of this morning and i'm down 2#. I got back into my exercise class yesterday and it felt so good. I really missed it. I paid for the month of January so I committed to it 3x a week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday am. She is even having a class on New Years Morn at 11am YEAH, which I am going to. I'm tired of teeter tottering this weight loss journey, I really want to push myself the next few months, and will do it. I have been cutting back my carb intake, and when I do eat carbs, I am chosing multi grained-high fibered items. Salads and me are making good pals, I am just changing it up every couple of days, I have soup with my lunch meals, and eating more fruit each day. I have been doing this on and off the past few weeks trying to get myself back in gear and so far it is working for me, this week I really stepped it up. Yesterday I came in on my low end of my calories and wasn't hungry, although this am, I was alittle more hungry, figured it was the workout.

On the fertility front, yesterday, my doctor prescribed my first rx of my fertility drug clomid-it helps stimiulate my ovaries to produce those golden eggies. So starting with my next cycle in January that is when it will be begin, I feel very blessed, I want to loss 30# before the pregancy begins, he also explained to me that if we succeed, my calories in will stay at 1800 which is where I am at now 1500-2000, he said we can adjust as we go and that I am not to gain more then 15# and should have a healthy baby. So, that is the game plan continue to lose so that I can feel healthier. My blood sugars are more in control now, I attribute that to the change in my choices in food. Becoming the pink team's leader was a great motivator as is my friend Marlee who renewed my spirit!!!

Let the pounds come off!!!! Will be journaling daily now!!!



Monday, December 18, 2006

Made it out to the coast on Friday for our honeyversary. We got to Seaside, OR around 1pm and there was no power and estimated time for power was 2-3 days, so they asked us if we wanted to stay in Astoria, OR at the hotel there we said yes-they had power. We had a great time, those little coast towns are still without power. People were so nice, alot of locals were staying at the hotels because they had no power or heat.

We went to Ft. Clatsop, Ft. Stevens and the Astoria Column. I climbed 164 steps to get to the top of the Astoria Column. I was proud of myself for getting up those steps. My reward was the view of the ocean and Columbia river where they both meet. It was awesome also the views of the towns, took pictures and had a great time, enjoyed our quiet time. On Saturday night we had a nice dinner prime rib. After 164 steps I figured I could have a nice dinner :) We did alot of hiking on the trails at the forts. There are alot Lewis and Clark trails and historical info, loved it. Overall it was nice just having the us time.

My mom did well on Thursday for her blood transfusion. Although I was irritated with my sister because she was to do half of the time with her at the hospital so I could get back to work and she called me at the last minute to tell me she couldn't show up. Oooh was I hot!! I lost a full days paid, but it's mom so I didn't let her get too upset about it. She must have had some guilt because my sister actually showed up on Saturday and took mom out while we were gone. That in itself was a miracle.

Made same great memories with my hubby. All in all it was a great trip!!! Didn't let the storm ruin it.

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LIBRAGIRL2 12/19/2006 7:11PM

  hi emily--sounds like your honeymoon anniversiay was great!! sometime I need to get to Oregon. My boyfriend sized me for an engagement ring

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