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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The only one here to tell on me is Mia...(of course God sees all) and doesn't she look like that is what she is doing? She exclaims, "did you see her eating those wafers!!"

Waking to the phone call and my choice to put the pillow over my head or get up and answer it. I woke up and my neighbor wanted me to help with a run to the store for kitty food, milk and mail an ebay item. My neighbor is 89 and today was a Dr appointment for her. Of course I said yes and pulled on my robe heading for the shower. After finishing the errand I realized it was the one choice I decided to do that made my day.

Choices with food are like that. They can make or break the day with nutrition value. I chose eggs scrambled with turkey bacon, 50% less fat, (no bread) and an apple. Lunch was a Killer Dave sandwich with gardenburger, romaine & tomato inside. Using mustard instead of margarine or butter. Dinner was salmon baked with brown rice, green beans, and tea with honey. I got in my 7 veggies & fruit. Snacks were fat free plain yogurt with Nature's best flax granola & honey.

But, Kitty Mia caught me doing a snack of dark chocolate mini wafers.

Choosing to do 45 minutes on the treadmill and walk with pedometer brought me to the sofa and a quick nap before BSF. Some choices make a difference...in high or low BP, in good or bad cholestrol, in weight gain or loss. My heart reveals the choices I make.

In John 13:1-30 Jesus took the position of a perfect heart...he blessed the disciples with foot washing as he taught them what real love is. It is humility. It is acceptance. Each one knew theirs was an imperfect love for Jesus yet he forgave them...even the betrayer Judas, the holder of the money,made his choice to betray Jesus.

Yet, Jesus chose the more perfect way so we could have eternal life in heaven forever. And so, the washing of the whole body, salvation.

What cleansing do I need? I need to humble myself and admit that sometimes the choices I make are the result I get....and than move on to a more perfect way. What value do I place on my relationship with Jesus? Am I willing to confess my sin & come clean & serve Him with a healthier body. I need my feet washed!!! The guilt gone now I can move on to choices that produce the joy of seeing the scale going down not up and a healthy heart.

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FIDDLER4JESUS 2/9/2010 3:47PM

    Yes,we can learn a lot from you and thank you for this blog. God be with you on your journey. thank you for your honesty.PTL! emoticon emoticon

Look up Blessed Assurance on the team.I found in my concordance that assurance means quiet confidence. Learn something new every day!Amen!

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    The best part was,

What value do I place on my relationship with Jesus?

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Monday, February 08, 2010

This is the day the Lord has made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!!! Sundays are special and this one was even more so. My two grandaughters (17 & 15 )were serving in their church as the youth had the complete service. I was so proud of them as they served communion...praise God!!! And this came about with much prayers...of the church.

My friend and I went to Costco to pick up some veggies and walk...again those flowers were there tempting me, reminding me that at the end of the first week of blogging I will get the reward. We did a great deal of reading of nutrition labels....at a pancake house. We ordered oatmeal. It is so amazing how many calories are in a breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns & toast or an omelet & hash browns. (900 calories to say nothing of the sodium which on some items was 1,200 grams).

It is so wonderful to have a friend who shares my goals to get healthy...healthy together.

Walking today for 30 minutes, 6 f & v, dark chocolate bite size wafer cookies, stayed within calorie range, and the best part my BP was down from Friday. Yeah!!

Thanks for taking time to read my blogs and for posting a comment. I do appreciate it.

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FIDDLER4JESUS 2/8/2010 4:34PM

    Exactly the same chapter in Psalms 118 that I quoted to a friend to be of help to her.Wow! Verses 5&6"I called upon the Lord in distress;the Lord answered me,and set me in a large place.The Lord is on my side; I will not fear;what can man do unto me?" The Lord helps us ALL THE WAY! AMEN!

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LINDA25427 2/8/2010 12:22PM

    You are doing great so glad you have a friend that shares your goals with you .Hope you have a great week . God bless. emoticon emoticon

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 2/8/2010 3:21AM

    Praise God for our Sundays that we can come together and all worship Him as one. Praise Him for our youth that is growing up in the church!!! I can see you are very proud of your granddaughters as you should be.
You definitely had a wonderful day!! Glad to see your bp is down also.
Blessings and hugs, my friend.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Family is really important to me, and today was ear marked for just that. My eldest dd and I had lunch at Five Spice...crab cakes with tossed salad, and shared a creamy peanut butter thing...shopping until it was time to go to my youngest dd and do our John 13 study for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). My excercise was done inbetween. My calorie range was okay and water drank okay. Let's just say I didn't worry that much about it.

Tomorrow's goal is to put on my pedometer first thing on rising, aiming for 12,000 steps because I learned that fat burns after 10,000 steps. Sleep 8 hours.


“Too busy” to eat right. “Too busy” to play a board game with your kids. Perhaps you need to refocus and start putting some energy into what is really important to you. Figure out just what that might be. Who wouldn’t love to have more than 24 hours in a day? But, you have to work with what you have. Make use of the time you have to spend with the ones you love. Be productive at work. Set aside some time for exercise. You can make the time to spend doing what you love, even if that means getting up an hour or two earlier. You’ll soon reap the benefits.

emoticon READ THE SPARK!!!

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MOMMA_BEAR_69 2/8/2010 3:24AM

    Family is and should be very important to all of us!!! May you have a wonderful week.
Blessings and hugs,

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    I love your ped goals; me too! I've just started walking tho, and am working up to 10K, then will work on walking faster and intervals, then will add ST, then will up my steps to 12K. I want to be 12K before Dec 31st, and 10K by the First Day of Spring, Mar 20!

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SEXYCOCOA121 2/7/2010 4:57AM

    Good for you, sounds like you had an awesome day.. That's so true enjoy your family you only get one. Have a super week!

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Day 3

Saturday, February 06, 2010

This day has been different than anticipated. The Lord gave me a pleasant day with a friend shopping for shoes (neither one of us found any), lunch at PF Changs, chatting, Trader Joe's than eating our dinner together at my place. I had Trader Joe's Indian Fare Madras Lentil. Really tasty. I saw some beautiful flowers at Trader Joe's so know where I can pick my reward after 1 week..

I did not stay within my calorie range (1428), 6 f&v, 8 water and my excercise was some vacuuming 30 min, walking the stores & mall 45min...so I got my excercise in although it was a different kind. Watched a movie...this was a day off from my normal routine.

"There is no such thing as failure - only feedback; as long as you're taking action - you will produce performance feedback...valuable information. The only failure is to quit. _Unknown

emoticonReading myself to sleep with The Spark!

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PARAEAST 2/6/2010 4:35PM

    Sounds like to me you had a good day! Give yourself some credit that you are working at it. If not today then tomorrow is always another day!

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SCORPION1352 2/6/2010 4:11PM

    A great day had by you and your friend. That is very important to enjoy yourself and sometimes just forget the half to's.

Every one needs those days for sure.


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LINDA25427 2/6/2010 2:52PM

    Absolutely correct quiting is the only failure and you are not a quiter.

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    Elaine, you've considered your day as a whole and that's important.
We all have days that we can't exactly 'control'...so it's better to enjoy the company of your friend and maybe not worry about the calories for that day.

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GRANDMANANCY 2/6/2010 10:19AM

    you had a great day! Every day you are more and more aware of your HEALTH !!!!!

Go Elaine !

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Friday, February 05, 2010


In my estimation this journey, at least at this point, is like a two sided coin. There is nutrition and excercise. I will compare it to love this being the month of love. In a love relationship at first meeting there is an initial spark. As the weeks and months go by it becomes more familiar with ups & downs. As the years go by there will be stages that you will take actions steps from. You will have learned key habits and behaviors that will lay the foundation for success and they will sustain you once you have reached your goals. If you can raise to the challenge of 28 days of these consistent actions, you will feel more energy, lose weight, and create a momentum that will let you spring forward toward your goals and a new sparked life. It will be a lifestyle versus a diet. By the end of your time on this program, you'll never need to "go on a diet again". By then you'll realize that tradition diets are an outmoded concept, destined to fail in most cases. Instead you will be a SparkPerson, ready to reach amazing goals you never thought possible. (taken in part from Part II of The Spark.)


GOALS FOR TOMORROW: Excercise 45 min

BIGGEST CHANGE TODAY: Success with excercise

BIGGEST CHANGE SO FAR: Getting into The Spark book and thinking about goals and making a plan. What drives me? Is there a clash of real beliefs & what you are trying to accomplish? Are you working towards what matters to you, each day?

"Sometimes getting in shape is like watching the grass grow - it really tests your patience. Don't EVER allow that to discourage you! Keep advancing confidently in the direction of your goals."
-Tom Venuto


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