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Another Jared here!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Since my last blog post I have joined Curves on March 30th. I weighed in at even 3 more lbs than I did at the doctors! I don't know if it's the scales or if my body is going nuts.
I put pilates to the side and am concentrating on Curves training 3x's a week and water aerobics for 5...well I always shoot for five.
I started a 1200 calorie diet the following Monday and it has been a Godsend. I weighed myself at the beginning of last week and have lost 11 lbs. I feel like I'm on the biggest loser! I feel good but am getting hungry later at night when I stay up late like this.
Here's how I'm keeping my 1200 calories in check. I have a whey protein shake with 8 oz of skim milk right after I wake up. For the rest of the day I split a 12" sub between lunch and dinner. I love the roasted chicken on wheat and I do add cheese and light mayo to it, along with lots of veggies.
I never feel hungry unless I'm up too late and I never crave sugar or carby things. This is working for me and I'm sticking to it till I'm at least45 more lbs down. I get everything I need and I don't have to count those darn calories everyday. I don't have to count anything. I come in at a total of 1192 calories everyday. There have been a few day when I've done water aerobics for 1 1/2 and 30 mins of curves that I'll have another whey protein shake after dinner.
I drink coffee and water water water which is quite normal for me.
I'm just so excited and happy that I've finally found something that is going to work for me. I tossed so many diets around in my head and just kept working out....not losing anything, as far as weight goes.
I'm happy and am happily using the food, exercise, water and weight tracker on my Android which is why I haven't been on to post like I want to.

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GOODGETNBETR 4/23/2012 4:54PM

    emoticon on the newfound success! Glad to see you created a program that works for you. Good luck reaching your goal. emoticon

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FEDGIRL4 4/23/2012 12:55PM

    Your fortitude is admirable.

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Reality Check!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Boy did I get a blow Thursday when I went to my family doctor. I weight 18 more pounds than I THOUGHT I did. How can something that substantial pass me by? Am I that disassociated with my body that I can't notice an 18 lb difference? I'm just getting over a real bad upper respiratory/allergy illness (hence the dr appt) and have only worked out once in the past 2 weeks. But I'm doing a reality check here and am going back to the gym Tuesday to pick up where I left off, pilates and water aerobics 5 days a week. I actually miss it but that's all beside the point. I have to decide and stick to a weight loss program instead of dilly dallying around and thinking that working out is all I need to do when I know for a fact that that's not true!

I've narrowed it down to two...either the Dukan or Weight Watchers. I really don't have the $$ for Weight Watchers at this time. I thought I could start on the Dukan and get motivated by the quick initial weight loss then switch over to Weight Watchers. I just need to do something. I'm disgusted with myself and I don't like to feel this way about myself.

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MARMEER 3/26/2012 8:33PM

    I've tried a few programs out - WW included - and they all ended up costing me money with no lasting results. Why? Because the willpower and drive have to come from within me.

The few people I know who has lost a large amount of weight and kept it off didn't follow any programs . . . .they just exercised more and ate less.

That's what I am going to do, and it will last. I think the free Spark page gives us all the tools we need to make these types of healthy choices. And then I will take the 100's of dollars I have saved and buy some pretty clothes (hehe!!).

The one big benefit about joing a program is personal accountable and community - so I can see the positives there too

Good luck . . . you can DO this!!! emoticon

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SLFGOLF 3/26/2012 1:00AM

    I'm not familiar with Dukan, but I do know that going through this site and one other site where I track all my calories and track my exercise has made all the difference. I make sure that I stay within my calorie range each day and hold myself accountable. It didn't cost me anything, and it really worked. I worked this out with my doctor and went in each month to weigh in.

Whatever you choose, commit to it, and give it a chance. Set yourself with small goals. You can do it.

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Putting the "I" back into your vocabulary

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This is by far my favorite article that I have read here so far. Today I had to go back and read over it again because lately I've felt like I've been slipping back into the "victim" mentality and wanted to get a grip on things before they got out of hand again.

If by chance, this article has passed you by, I ask you to give it a few minutes and read it or save it and read when you have time. This article is 4 pages, but it's a fast read because it's truly an eye opener. It leaves you wanting more...and VOILA...you get more. This is just step 1 in SparkPeople's Mind Over Body series, a 10-step program to end emotional eating and creating a permanent healthy lifestyle.

This article," Putting the I back into Your Vocabulary" www.sparkpeople.com/resource/wellnes

end emotional eating and creating a permanent healthy lifestyle by Dean Anderson.

The Author starts off by saying that "knowing the answer to one simple question could improve your chances for weight loss success by up to 100%"

(my inner negative voice's response)...here we go again.

So what is this question? We all wanna know! Well, it is simple, He say starting all of your sentences with the pronoun "I".

(my inner negative voice's resonse)...Hmmm I was taught that you should never-or very rarely start your sentences with "I", that it was rude. Maybe that only applies to writing and not inner talk?

The Author explains that by doing this we are taking responsibility for our decisions and dealing with the consequences of our decisions. He goes into some depth in the subject and gives examples so it make sense to me and I'm able to understand immediately what he was trying to tell me.

(me) Ohhh...lightbulb moment! I've always heard about this notion of being responsible and accepting consequences and I thought I was but now see that I really wasn't at least 3/4 of the time.

Basically when people make excuses for what they know they need to be doing we aren't using the pronoun "I" in the excuses were using. It's the helpless thinking of a victim.

(me)...(hand held high) GUILTY...

This article explains that when you use "I", it defines your excuses more accurately rather than putting the blame onto something else and you also bring the only realistic solution to your problem into sight.

I immediately realized that I could put this to use in all of the areas of my life. I realized a few things along the way after using the "I" pronoun:

1. I'm really good at the helpless thinking of a victim and really didn't realize it at least most of the time...I was aware of it at times.

2. Wow, it was really easy to build the foundation and change my way of thinking and talking to myself. I didn't expect too much from myself before I read this and implemented it into my life.

3. I can now "smell" an excuse a mile away! (watch out kiddies)

4. I feel awakened and empowered and I feel great about myself, even though I didn't feel bad about myself before. But I have went to at least 2 years of therapy working on filtering my thinking and didn't feel like I got very far at all. I feel like I have a secret weapon that I can pull out AND I know how to use it!

5. Anytime I start to come up with some type of an excuse-even a legitimate one, I stop and re-word my inner talk and realize that I totally have control over this if I want. Even if I have to juggle and work a little bit to get it done. If even after all of that I realize I still can't do it, I just tell myself that it was my decision.

It would go something like this...I've decided that it's more important to go to the kid's spur of the moment ball game and spend an extra 20 mins at the gym tomorrow. This sentence replaces one I would previously use that would go something like this...I can't go to the gym today because I have to go to the kid's game. It might not seem like that big of a deal but it's huge and it's empowering. You are telling yourself that you are the boss over yourself, so here you have made the choice and also came up with a resolution by promising yourself you will do 20 extra minutes in the gym tomorrow. And when you make a decision it's your choice, not someone or somebody else's.

He has a writing assignment that you can use. I've set up a paper to do this and have completed one paper for "my reason for making bad food choices" and taken pictures of the the paper through the stages of me doing the assignment. I'm going to post those tomorrow so you have a change to read the article, I don't want to be a spoiler.

Here are some other issues that I'm going to do the writing assignment on:

why is there dog hair everywhere?
why I'm not getting to the gym on the days that I promised myself I would go
Why I'm not working out (at home) if I don't make it to the gym
Why is that room upstairs still cluttered (I mean really cluttered)
Why am I not walking my dog especially when I have it added to my personal goals
Why am I not going to bed on my previously agreed on bedtime? Therefore causing me to sleep in longer that I also previously agreed on.

I could probably think of many more but that's a pretty good start for now. I hope this helps some of you that have commented on needing motivation for exercise and will power.

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MZZCHIEF 3/18/2012 1:36PM

    Good to hear you're getting out of the victim mentality!
Never underestimate the value of getting out of your own way!

: )

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almost midnight

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We had to get the association newsletter together and it's been an all day thing. Thank God for friends because my friend helped me. I didn't realize what almost 200 3 page newsletter took to get out. I will be more prepared next year.

I haven't been to the gym today and I probably won't be able to make it tomorrow. I'm feeling it too. I'm up way to late to make it on time tomorrow but I will be there Friday and maybe even find something to do on Saturday:)

It was another beautiful day here in Indiana, almost 70 and sunny! I love Spring and I'm getting the fever!

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NYKIMMIE 3/15/2012 8:38AM

    This spring like weather is awesome!

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Out enjoying the day

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just wanted to touch base and make some kind of a post. I'm not real happy with myself since I haven't been to the gym in 4 days. But I'm on my way tomorrow. I've been going past the point of making it a habit and I can really tell in the way I feel if I don't go. I've wanted to go but the price of gas has literally kept me at home.

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MOUSE140 3/14/2012 10:00AM

  I'm sorry to hear you're in a situation where you have to choose between gas and gym. But I will say that the area around you looks beautiful, and the weather looks fantastic! I much prefer doing stuff outside than hitting the gym anyhow. I think you can get a great workout just by doing some brisk walking and busting out some squats and pushups, if you can't make it to the gym. If you wanna sweat using nothing but bodyweight, try this: 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 crunches. Bust 'em out fast, one after the other, with no rest in between. Repeat 10 times, no rest. Your heart rate will definitely be up by the end!

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SLFGOLF 3/14/2012 1:00AM

    I'm getting my exercise by walking around the neighborhood. That way I don't have to drive anywhere. I'm also enjoying the weather this way. Is this a possibility for you? Then you don't have to worry about gas money.

Also, I have decided that my workouts are 5 times a week. I allow myself 2 days off a week and not feel guilty about it. Make sure you do give yourself a little leeway so that you don't expect perfection.

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SUNSHINE084 3/14/2012 12:43AM

    Love the woods in the background. Don't worry about not getting to the gym, do what you can at home.. Have a great day.

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