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Further Good News!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weight has begun to drop again, slowly.

Today I was eyeing a dress hanging over my closet door. It's a lovely little black and silver thing, I bought it when I was in my teens and I still think it's very pretty. I grew out of it, and thought I'd never fit it again, even if I lost weight, so I've been trying to give it to a good home for a couple years, without success. I tried it on. AND IT FITS! It's snug, and will fit better when I reach my goal, but WOW. Glad I couldn't get rid of it, now!

I've lost an inch off my waist and hips since mom measured me last.

Went for another run, and kept on going. Ran 5 miles, nearly, and could have done more.

I feel GREAT about myself. I love that feeling.


Good news time!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weight has been holding frustratingly steady. Could be worse.

I've really gotten into biking. I bought a bike and figured I'd have to really work at it. To my immense surprise, I'm just loving it! Loving it! I love the challenge and the thrill and the feel of the wind. I love how I feel when I get home from work. I started at 40 painful minutes each way, and now I'm down to 25 minutes of challenge (but not torture). And I feel great.

No less than 3 co-workers have commented that I look like I've lost weight.

The biking has increased my wind and endurance. I can run/jog faster and longer than I ever have been able to before.

And best of all, it's exciting. I'm motivated, enthusiastic, and I can't wait to get on my bike or go for a jog. I've never been so enthused about exercise before. And I love it.



Friday, May 25, 2007

I have spent what seems to me to be ludicrous amounts of money (~600$ CAD) on a bike and accessories, but today I rode it to work for the first time and I feel awesome about that. I want to do it whenever I can, all summer. I WANT to bike. I ENJOY it. It is FUN. This is big, since my previous experiences with biking were painful - my poor, poor knees. The money seems to be well-spent, since this bike I can ride with minimal knee-pain. It seems like the normal pain of a newbie, rather than real pain.

Food is going to be a struggle, and I'm re-learning the good habits after a month and a half on hiatus. But I can do it, right?

And man, I'm gonna look AWESOME when I go to the cottage in August, right? :D